(121-07-13) Well Met at the Quill and Tankard
Well Met at the Quill and Tankard
Summary: Alaeyna, Peri, Carolis, and Malcolm chat in the Quill
Date: Date of play (13/07/121)
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Peri is settled in near the fire place, with a basket infront of her, she has a small book infront of her - she is sampling oils. A plate of pasta and shrimp is infront of her, her dress making her look chubby as she shifts. A mug of cider, is in her hand that isn't writing. The woman is however absolutely radiant and content with th goings on despite it all.

Malcolm is a little wary on entry, this being only his second appearance here since "the incident" months ago. He talks quietly to the bartender for a bit, at which point his shoulders relax. He moves back into bodyguard position for Lord Carolis.

Carolis steps in without a lick of wariness. He's outsourced that to Malcolm, apparently. He's finally wearing a blade these days, and it does look rather find on him. That's the important thing, right? "Ah, Ser Malcolm, you compensated them well. I'm sure it's fine."

Peri watches Malcolm "Hello ser." she offers "Would you be willing to help me with something and tell me what you think? I'll buy you a round my lovely friend." she offers, even though she doesn't quite know Malcolm. She chuckles "I broke an entire table on Lord Blacktyde's face and they let me back in." she admits, smiling faintly.

Malcolm smiles sheepishly, "It seems my money is still good here. I… never felt right about what I did." he bows to Peri, "The Lady of the Bath house, I believe. What might I do for you?" he snorts, "If I remember correct, Blacktyde is barely house trained, so a table to the nose might have done him good." He has just arriverd escorting Lord carolis stark.

When Alaeyna enters, it's enough to prompt stares from the more xenophobic of the establishment's patrons, for to look at her is enough to know her to be Dornish. Her skin is dark, baked bronze by years under the desert sun, and she wears the loose, flowing, scandalously revealing silks typical of those scorching southron environs. She travels alone, but her very carriage is purposeful, and on stepping inside the legendary Quill and Tankard, she takes her time at glancing around and making its measure, oblivious (more likely indifferent) to the attention her presence might draw.

"From what I heard about the man, good woman, you're probably entitled to an award," Carolis says as he follows after Malcolm. Upon reaching her table, he inclines his head to Peri. "May I introduce my Knight, Ser Malcolm Storm? Ser Malcolm, this is Peri, and she is delightful. She might help us civilize Tellur yet." His attention is drawn away by the glances and murmurs, and Carolis looks at Alaeyna. His attention lingers, though without animosity. The Northron is as pale as she is bronze, but he never got the memo that he's exotic, too.

Peri is quiet "I was his salt wife for ten years. I deserve more than an award, lovely Lord Carolis. Hello ser Malcolm." she offers, she glances at the Dornish woman "Hello my lady." she offers politely. Her skin is Essosi for sure, but she's started to pale up a bit from working "Did I tell you Lord Carolis, I'll be taking time off from my bath house fairly soon for a few months and only handling exclusive clientelle." she offers, cheeks getting pink. Alaeyna is welcomed it seems "I'm testing new oils, Lady Thania Sand is impossible to get ahold of these days so I need to know what I want to order." she admits. Yes. Even Dornish Bastards get respect from the Essosi beauty.

Malcolm is pretty exotic looking himself, given his flamboyantly striped hair. He bows again to Peri, "I believe you were the second person I met on arriving to old town. you were kind enough to feed me some of your delicious cooking." His lips quirk up, "Are you responsible for his new found interest in Southern fashions in clothes and grooming?"

Malcolm is pretty exotic looking himself, given his flamboyantly striped hair. He bows again to Peri, "I believe you were the second person I met on arriving to old town. you were kind enough to feed me some of your delicious cooking." His lips quirk up, "Are you responsible for his new found interest in Southern fashions in clothes and grooming?" Seeing the turning of other heads, he checks the door in case of trouble, but doesn't seem bothered by what he sees there.

Carolis is but one of the features of the joint that Alaeyna's gaze happens to light upon, and she regards him with open curiosity; indeed, his pale, pale skin is a novelty to the Dornishwoman. Her attention caught up by he and the pair in his company, she chances to overhear something that Peri has said, and it's enough to prompt her to decide that this trio is the group she shall intrude upon. After all, they are a motley crew themselves, and the Essosi beauty's direct greeting is all the invitation she needs. "Hello," she returns in kind to Peri, skirting her gaze to the other two to extend it to them, as well. "I realize I intrude, but I heard the name Sand on your lips, and it's a Sand who prompts my visit here today, though not the very same." Her every word is couched in a Dornish lilt, but a discerning ear will source her accent to one of the mountain houses.

Carolis glances to Peri, and his brows lift. "Is that so? You deserve five minutes alone in a room, armed with a serrated knife, and an alibi." Then, "I hadn't heard. I hope I might still bring Tellur?" Alaeyna's movement brings his attention back to her with open fascination. When she speaks, he smiles and lower his gaze as he says, "It wouldn't trouble me any, though I have only just imposed upon Mistress Peri, myself." He looks to Malcolm, then to the Essoi woman. "Do you mind if we sit?"

Peri smiles faintly "Perhaps yes, perhaps no good ser. I think we all benefit from people grooming themselves and a bit of pampering. You do not intrude, this is an inn and tavern open to all who have coin. Come, join me all of you. perhaps I can help, yes?" she asks, swaying her weight as she shifts to take a bite of shirmp. "Of course you may bring Tellur, I like him. Perhaps I'll marry him someday." she jokes to Carolis, testing his humor it seems. "In seriousness though - I have a health concern that needs a bit of my attention I will still be available for massages, but the bath house in the day gets so hot I got ill the other day." she pauses "No one is imposing on me. I welcome you all but I will not pay your tabs - but a round for you this time yes." she waves at the wench, gesturing for a round of whatever they want in a quick efficient motion. Her cider taken up to take a long draw from

Malcolm snarls, "Then the Blacktyde cur deserves all he gets, Mistress Peri, serrated knife and all, as my lord says." He bows to the Dornishwoman, and pulls out a chair in case the lady might want it. "I hope recent dark events did not touch you close. If they did, my condolences. To Peri, "I am sorry you are in ill health, and hope you do better soon.

Though they tread on personal conversation, the finer points of which are lost on her, Alaeyna does not seem ill at ease. Instead, she merely regards them each in turn, flashing an appreciative smile at Malcolm when he makes the chair available to her. She takes it, and remarks, "I confess I heard a tale that led me to think I might not hope for a warm reception under this roof." And indeed, if any of those background patrons are still throwing the odd hostile look her way, she pays them no mind; present company is pleasant enough. Carolis' fascination seems to amuse her, and she tells him, rather unabashedly, "You're a beautiful boy. What are you called?" Peri's intimations of being in ill health make her the subject of Alaeyna's curious study, but all she says is, "I rather hope you will indeed be able to assist me. And if not, I shall buy the wine besides, for what makes friends as swiftly as wine?"

Carolis grins at Peri and says, "I enjoy the idea of watching him contemplate that. I'm not sure he can hear the word without breaking out into hives. He would have to become civilized." He grins, then considers Peri, then he says, "Of course, if you need anything while you're taking care of yourself, you've but to ask." He bows to Alaeyna deeply, then, and he waits until she takes her seat before he sits, himself. Though at her words, his cheeks darken, and he grins so broadly there are dimples. "I'm Carolis Stark, My Lady." He bows again, and though he's got too much poise to fidget or look completely abashed, he does look a little bit on the giddy side. "If I may say, your beauty has robbed me of what little eloquence I had."

Peri frowns "Princess Ashara looked at me like an equal despite my slave origins. I respected her deeply and admired her, ser. I am glad the Hightowers were kind and wise enough to prevent similar acts on other foreign folk. I put flowers at the tree for her." she offers honestly, sighing "My health is fine, Lord Carolis, or rather will be. The heat is just too much for me right now, I'm getting heat rash. Can you imagine? A lysene woman getting heat rash! It'd be like a Dornish woman being allergic to sand, yes?" she asks towards Alaeyna. she addresses Malcolm carefully "Cur or not, I was Riker's salt wife for ten years and somehow, despite myself am still hurting from the loss of his heart from mine." she offers a slightly weak smile on her face. "I can help you, perhaps. I am Peri, owner of the Lysene bath, finest cook in old town." she jokes, warmly "By the Mother's decree." she pauses "The next person to insult the Dornish woman is banned from the Lysene bath and may get whipped with a fishing net full of hooks." she yells out, in a shockingly rough voice. The voice of a sailor for once. Alaeyna is warmly regarded "They will grow used to you, and I will not allow injury to you while you are with me." she whispers, warmly "Why would I want him civillized? I like him, he's sweet, warm, and I feel if I was injured he would hold my limb while I stitched it and then coddle me." she offers, fluttering her lashes at Carolis with a wide grin. "A civillized man would flinch and get in my way or try to give me milk of the poppy."

Malcolm's accent is not particularly posh South Coast Stormlander and his tone kind. "The guards keep the peace here very well, and while some folk are ignorant, sensible folk wish for peace and closer ties between our folk and yours. Do we not fish the same seas? It seems to me a good many folk could do with more travel from their home places. Keeps the mind flexible." He waits for his Lord to sit before sitting himself, positioning himself so he might watch the other's backs. He looks amused by the idea of Tellur marrying. He eyes Carolis with even more amusement, then leans back the better to keep an eye out for threats. Peri's mention of the dead Princess soobers him, however, "I am sorry for your loss, Mistress Peri. It was a terrible thing. At least the culprit died a painful death." He looks on her threats to those who insult Dornishwomen with approval rather than alarm. "Our tellur is a fine healer in his own right and my Lord and I have both benefitted from his stitching.

Ashara's name briefly clouds Alaeyna's otherwise sharp, fierce stare, and she's grateful when the drink comes to the table and is quick to slake her thirst on it, a drop spilt in libation for the slain princess. Either it or Carolis' charm restores her good humor, for she smiles brilliantly at him, even if she does somewhat regard him like a cut of meat she might delight at sinking her teeth into. "Alaeyna Fowler," she tells him in turn, not yet quite done marveling at him. "When I left Skyreach for Oldtown, it did not occur to me I might have occasion to meet a scion of your great house. You must allow me to host you one evening at the Dornish hall." And then Peri threatens the entire tavern in her name, and her smile deepens, and she says, "And you as well, darling, any time you might like," to the Essosi woman. Her gaze lights with a ferocious sort of glimmer when Peri foreswears injury to her, and the fire is still in it when she looks to Malcolm. "Indeed we do. And yet I am told one of my countrymen was threatened here not long past by a Lannister lordling."

Carolis nudges Malcolm and says, "Have you a knife, Ser? Mistress Peri mourns the loss of the man's heart, I say we give it to her." Just imagine what it must be like for any of the lords who woo his sisters. He does hold a moment's respectful solemnity in the Princess' name, though the loudly spoken threat Peri issues earns a broad smile from him. "Who was this Lannister lordling," he wonders aloud. "Perhaps we can find a kind, sweet lady mourning his heart, too." His eyes are bright when he looks to Alaeyna. The color is that chill, Stark grey-blue, but there's warmth in his regard. "Lady Alaeyna, you do me honor. It would be my pleasure to visit your fine hall."

Peri smiles "It is entirely possible that some of the blood of Rhoynar people runs through me, as I'm not sure where I was born, and my features are not so different." she jokes, warmly to Alaeyna. Some of the Ironmen that had been drinking head on out, apparently not wanting to have any of Peri's whoopings. "No such honors are owed me Lady Fowler. Come to my bath house and enjoy a proper pampering, we even carry sugar wax - I know you Dornish enjoy it." she offers with a wink. She considers the Dornish woman's words "If he starts anything, he'll have a hard time getting appointments in my bath with the lovely attendants and massage artists or I'll treat him to a complimentary dose of sugar waxing. Above his root." she moves her skirt to reveal perfectly hairless legs to her friends, plopping her ankle on the table, sticking her tongue out for a moment "You can not buy your way out of pain, afterall." she brings her second foot up, folding her feet on the table, the intricate tatoo work visible along her bare feet and ankles "I suppose I can't keep it quiet much longer. I'm taking a bit of a leave from the bath house - but still managing it part time out of the heat due to carrying my first child. Please do not think me a whore or any less of me. I've already enough for my child's education squirreled away, and enough money for us to leave for as far as Yi Ti should we ever need to flee. "I've seen the ruins of Ny Sar, they are absolutely astonishing even in this age so far from your first Queen's age, Lady Alaeyna." she offers with a warm smile.

Malcolm tips his own libation and takes a careful sip of his wine. "That is unfortunate. I had not heard and know know Lannisters." His tone darkens. "It is a shame not all Lords have proper manners and nor all knights take their vows seriously." He takes a breathe and calms himself, "I have a great admiration for your Prince. From what I have seen he is a man of honor and wisdom. I would wish all of my country men could see and understand that there are good and honorable men on both sides, and emulate them, rather than the courser minded element amoung the nobles." Ser Macolm always has several knives, but rather than going out to hunt anyone with it, he smiles wickedly, "Say the word, My Lord. My sword is always sharp in your service and that of any Lady in distress, but it sounds like she is not wanting his heart on a plate, but rather an apology, which can not be forced from any man, much as I would like to." He innocently asks, "What is sugar wax?" He looks away quickly as legs are being revealed, thorough he does not blush or seem embarrassed. "Ah! Then congratulations on your coming parenthood, Mistress Peri." The Storm does not seem at all judgmental about the birth of Flowers.

"I sense that you are a kindred spirit indeed," Alaeyna assures Peri, "and so it should not surprise me if Rhoynar blood ran rich in your veins as it does mine." The invitation to visit the bath house is well received, and a nod of her head indicates it's like to be indulged before long. When she confesses to be with child, the Lady Fowler's smile but deepens, and she leans toward the woman conspiratorally. "It has been my experience that husbands are rather an unnecessary thing where babes are concerned, and like to bring you much more joy besides." She drinks of her wine, and then says, of the other subject at hand, "I am told he's called… Well, I do not recall entirely, but I think it may be that he is heir to Casterly Rock." At Malcolm's mention of a prince of Dorne, Alaeyna smiles and says, "You speak of the Crimson Raptor, I presume. We have a great many princes in Dorne, and most of them are fine, indeed, but he is among the finest."

Carolis takes the news of Peri's impending motherhood with not real surprise, actually, though her saving money to flee? That gets the Stark Brows furrowed. "Mistress Peri, if you find yourself in any danger, come to my house and tell us the threat. I would strenuously object to anyone trying to harm you. Please, flee no further than Weirwood Manse. You will be safe there." He manfully thinks not upon sugar wax. Oh, he's worked out what it is. And if one looks closely, one can see him tucking that nugget away into the kill file of his mind. The mention of the Crimson Raptor causes him to glance away toward the bar, rather airily actually. "He's all right," he says. "When I met him, I mean. He seemed all right."

Peri waves a hand "No apologies, he'll lose his tongue before you get it. I would much rather happily live my life to spite him and raise my child to be a better person than him." she chuckles "Sugar wax is used to remove hair. It is a ritual in Lys for the concubines and bed slaves. It is not favored by Westerosi." she smiles "The bath is too hot for me, and maks me dizzy and a bit sick and the standing makes me miserable." sh pauses "You let me talk to him. I can make a man stupid without the use of my greatest weapon." she pats Alaeyna's wrist gently. "I speak of Queen Nymeria's castle my fair lady." she offers "I have sailed the Rhoyne, there are turtles everywhere along Ny Sar. It is beautiful." she pauses "I always have an exit strategy - I'm not ending up on an Iron man's long boat for another ten years. I want to see snow! I want to build a snow man - I hear it is great fun. Someone once told me about a game involving planks of smooth wood and hills. I should like to try that too. I already have waterproofed otterskin boots." she offers chipperly.

Malcolm smiles back at the Dornish women, "The crimson Raptor is the only one of your Princes I have had the honor of meeting in person, alas!" He touches Peri's hand, "We have skilled swords at Weirwood and the walls are think and the windows defensible. It's a good strong house with men to defend it and those who rest within." Carolis's talk of the Raptor earns an amused grin from Ser Malcolm. Then he is looking at Peri in horror. This from a man who periodically bleaches his hair with concentrated horse urine. HYe siezes on a new subject, "I admit, I long to see the Wall for myself."

Carolis' reaction to mention of the Raptor earns him an indulgent smile from Alaeyna, who makes open study of the son of House Stark even as his own attention is volleyed towards the bar with that non-committal air. Peri's hand at her wrist draws her attention back to the Essosi woman, and she briefly places one of hers atop it for a squeeze of solidarity, but it falls away to take up her cup of wine again. After a rather hearty, unladylike draught, she says to Malcolm, "He is one of Dorne's finest sons." And her eye cannot help but stray back to Carolis, staring at him brazenly.

Peri is quiet, leaning over Malcolm "You aren't even going to ask what my best weapon is? You have such handsome features." she whispers, she leans up, wrapping her arms over the bastard's shoulders, pressing up against the man firmly "Perhaps I should take you pearl diving. or take you instead of Tellur." she jokes, brow raising at Carolis with a slight grin before she presses her lips to Malcolm's jaw line once, teasingly. "If things go sour here, I intend to go perhaps to Dorne and if need be take a job in a pillow house. I'm pretty yet, with my looks and accent I could make gold coin." she admits.

There doesn't seem to be any active dislike regarding the Raptor in the Northron's regard, but there is an aloofness to him, a glimpse of the quiet, stoic dignity more familiar to his House. Because for /that one topic/ he decides to be as taciturn as his kin. He's well suited to the look. Those features were made for self-assured arrogance. However, at the staring, and at the others' words regarding the prince, he relents with, "He does seem like a fine man, indeed, and quite friendly and gracious. I haven't spent a lot of time in his company, to tell you the truth." Peri and Malcolm are regarded sidelong. "If you end up taking refuge with us," he says, "I would take you to see Winterfell, or even if you didn't." He extends attention to Alaeyna as well. "I think you would find it quite alien, but lovely."

Malcolm smiles wickedly, "Shall we toast your Red Raptor then? Or perhaps a toast to you, fine Lady is in order. What think you, Lord Carolis?" He does not blush as Peri drapes herself on him, "I assumed your best weapon must be your mind as you were clever enough to win freedom and create a successful business." He looks her boldly in the eye, clearly aware of more than one way his next words might be taken. "Mine is my tongue, by the way, for all I love to ply my sword. However, I fear my heart and tongue are pledged elsewhere at the moment, so I must humbly reject your offer, for all it's charm."

Alaeyna only smiles to watch him brood, and at the Stark's concession, she tilts her head in knowing agreement, but says no more of Alaryn and does not hazard to press Carolis on the matter. The glimmer in her dark, black gaze reveals her own affection for the prince in question, and she drains what's left of her wine to clear her head, focusing her attention instead on the effort Peri makes at demonstrating her weapon of choice to Malcolm. The Lady Fowler seems well enough amused by the showing, but Malcolm prompts her to say, "A woman is not just her mind or her sex or her tongue or her heart. She is herself the weapon, and she always strikes true."

Peri chuckles "Mine is my lips, the set I mean is up to you. It is a shame, I can't even flirt with you." she whispers, shifting to pull back in some respect. She watches Carolis for a long moment. "I would like to see Winterfell, however." She shifts, whispering to Carolis, brows showing a bit of worry, her hand touching his shoulder "My business was able to start because the Tyrells gave me a pittance after freeing me and firing me from their kitchen." she nose scrunches a little "I'm ill suited to the kitchen, despite my talent there. I prefer to be with people. I was a concubine, to put me in the kitchen would be akin to putting a farrier on a ship." she offers with a laugh "Ah the lady is correct. Everything about me is a weapon. My mouth, my less modest parts. My fists at times." she offers with a chuckle."

Malcolm makes a seated bow to Alaeyna, "I bow to your superior wisdom in these matters, My Lady." He does another seated bow to Peri. "Still, you made much of what you had. That takes strength of will, intelligence, and skill."

Carolis inclines his head to Alaeyna in silent agreement on the matter of women being a weapon. Though his cheeks may flush, in his defense, it is hot in this gods-forsaken part of the world. "Ser Malcolm, is your heartsworn so jealous that harmless flirting is forbidden?" He clucks his tongue. At Peri's whisper, he lays an hand upon her arm for a reassuring squeeze, and his low, sweet-toned voice carries just a little despite his near-whisper. "Mine as well. I would never do such a thing." He offers her a small, but terribly kind smile. That said, he takes up his cup and says, "I've been told my mind is a weapon. My mind and my voice." His brow furrows at that last, and he gives a small shake of his head. Then he raises his cup and says, "I propose a toast to the beautiful Lady Alaeyna Fowler. My Lady, to your health, and your wit and beauty. And to the Red Raptor's poise and skill. It is an honor to have the best of Dorne among us."

"Only your mind and your voice? But you are a beautiful boy indeed, and a gracious one besides, and I would hazard to guess that hearts sigh, if they do not break, to be in your shadow and not in your sights." Alaeyna teases him outright now, bothering not to temper her tone with anything other than the flirtatious edge it carries, and when Malcolm and Peri both concede with her where a woman's weapon is concerned, her smile deepens further still. Luckily she's a fresh cup of wine already in hand when Carolis calls for the toast, because what better to drink to than your own damn self? She shies not from lifting her cup, and offers Carolis a fleeting wink as she drinks to his words. "And to new friends," she appends, seeming genuinely pleased to say the words.

Peri smiles to Carolis, cattishly bumping her forehead to his once, gently. She backs off of him politely enough. "to their health." she offers, taking her cider to sip, setting it down to eat her shrimp pasta dish, her legs folding and tucking under her. She is slow, her weight stretching a little bit. She chuckles a little

Malcolm lifts his wine cup up in toast, "To our friends new and old." He drinks less sparingly than he has up to now in honor of the Dornish. He seems pleased and amused to watch the women turn their flirtation on his Lord, flashing him an encouraging smile.

Carolis echoes, "To our friends, new and old." He takes a good, hearty swallow, for once. All night he's tilted his cup so that it makes it look like he's drinking far more than he actually is. Alaeyna's words get the real deal, though. He still, somehow, keeps his poise as he lowers the cup, looks into Alaeyna's eyes, and says warmly, "My Lady, I can't tell if you're being too cruel or too kind."

"Call on me at the Acacia, and we shall see if you shan't have your answer," Alaeyna replies in turn, leveling her own unwavering stare on Carolis, hers glittering with a sort of primal delight. Once she's drained the last of her wine, she rises from her seat, offering Peri a kiss to either of her cheeks, and then the same to Malcolm and to Carolis each in turn. "Thank you for your hospitality this evening," she says to all of them at once. "And now I shall leave you to each other's company, and consider my curiosity satisfied on the matter we earlier discussed."

Peri blushes softly at the kiss, standing up to give Alaeyna a peck gently on the forehead. Standing she's enormous for an Essosi woman, at six foot even, she's definantly a contender if she gets mad. Her hands touch the lady's shoulder "If you need a guard, borrow dearest Gromm or Marcellus from the bath. Temporarily. They are my friends and I do cherish them." she offers, smiling as she gives a curtsy, sitting back down.

Malcolm stands to exchange cheek kisses, and bows to her after, "It was a pleasure meeting you my Lady."

Carolis rises to his feet when the Lady does, and he returns the gesture, a kiss on each cheek. "I will have to do that, My Lady. I feel that, cruel or kind, I shall appreciate either far too much." He winks at her. "Until then. And if you should find yourself in the area of Weirwood Manse, I should arrange to have you greeted as our noble guest."

"Fear not, darling. I shan't steal them away, grateful though I am for your generosity." Alaeyna returns Peri's smile, and then offers the same to Carolis. "Are not they both flip sides of the same coin? One is only sweeter for the other, I think," she says of cruelty and of kindness, openly appreciative of the warmth of the northern lord. "Until then," she says in echo of his words, and then takes her leave of them with a flutter of fingertips in farewell.

Peri leans back in her chair. "Perhaps we should go somewhere private and play a game. One that will not harm your heartsworn or your reputation." she gestures in place appropriately.

Malcolm smiles crookedly, "I fear my heartsworn is terribly jealous and my vows are quite strict."

Peri eyes Malcolm "And why would I want another woman's wrath? I have enough women convinced I want their men. I want the lover I have." she offers, softly.

"I've heard that, too," Carolis says. "Unbearable. I have no idea why he puts up with it." He reclaims his seat, and he takes up his cup to finish it. His brows lift then, and he tilts his head as he regards Peri. "You don't strike me as a woman who needs to pine after other womens' men. I think you turn their heads and their women don't like to admit it."

Malcolm's smile is wicked, "What can I say, I like fierce things, and my love is very fierce indeed., as well as good looking and clever." More seriously, "As lord Carol says, Mistress Peri, odds are they are jealous. Certainly, you are more woman than many."

Peri mms "Jealousy is disgusting." she admits, frowning "There are better expressions for such." she admits, her fingertips shifting to rub into her side, frowning gently. "It is unbecoming." she mumbles "I need a favor from Tellur I suppose."

Carolis arches a brow curiously. "From Tellur?" he says. "Is it anything we could help you with?" He shoots Malcolm a glance, and it's a veiled thing. A look, then a look away and a smile curl at one corner of his lips. "It is human nature, I'm afraid," he says. "To covet what we desire, but yes, it is unbecoming to lose one's dignity over it."

Peri shakes her head "It is not caused by that, it is caused by a lack of trust. Without trust? What is the point in a relationship?" she asks, she considers "I have a few sore spots and I need help with it. You both are too skittish to touch me so perhaps Tellur would oblige. I also can't reach my toenails to trim them, but I can ask a bath house girl to do that for me, I guess." she murmurs, standing up, putting a few coins on the table. Her face shows a hint she's been made uncomfortable.

Malcolm does not look in the direction of his Lord, "I admit, it's not much in my nature to be jealous myself, but it is exciting to be wanted like that…." He looks alarmed seeing her discomfort and that he may have gone to far. In a serious tone, "Is all right with the baern? Would you like a healer to look things over?" The he is rushing to stand, "Mistress, there is no reason we can't help with those things. Motherhood is a precious thing, if uncomfortable.

Carolis rises when Peri does, and he holds out arm for her should she desire it. "It's as Ser Malcolm says. Motherhood is sacred. My mother always had maids around her, though. I'm afraid that in this I'm inept." He looks to Malcolm. "Where /is/ Tellur anyway? Out with his dogs today?"

Peri is quiet, gracefully adjusting her silks, "I'm fine." she offers, voice on the edge of being impolite. "If you don't have trust, you will be miserable any time you return home. Trust me. The longing isn't worth it." she pauses "Yes there is, it is unwanted." she offers, standing up to rub into her back. "I don't need attended, I'll be bloody fine My. Lord." she offers sharply, adjusting her dress to rehide her belly, mercifully having already been a bit chubby.

Malcolm looks rather alarmed at having offended her. "Might we escort you home at least? Or… or get you some oranges?"

Carolis looks at Malcolm with a completely lost expression. But? He knows what to do when a woman is mad at him and he has no idea why. "I apologize, sweet woman, for any offense that I've given. T'wasn't intended."

Peri sighs "What would I want an orange for?" she rubs her head. "I guess a blood orange would be tasty. Why do you want to walk me home? It'll make your girl jealous and probably get my ass beat. I'll be damned if I get held at sword point by another northern woman." she mumbles, taking her basket to take out a piece of red silk, carefully covering her hair with it and wrapping it over her shoulders, fingers digging out her knife to slide into a hidden belt at the hidden slit in her gown. "The worst that will happen is a few Ironmen spit in my face again." she mumbles. "I'd much rather have meat and spinach." she mumbles. She pats Carolis' cheek, starting for the door.

Malcolm sighs, "It's not like that, Peri. Please, no harm was meant and oranges are good on a hot day." He trails after her a few steps. "Perhaps a good spinach salad with some chicken then? And a foot rub?" His Aunts like foot rubs, he remembers, especially as they get further along. "I am sorry, Mistress Peri."

Peri nose scrunches "Not Chicken. The horned one that is like a horse but not. The forest horse thing! The meat off that." she murmurs, cheeks red as she puffs at the two a little "Wait, you'd actually touch my feet? I don't wear shoes though. THe Ibbenese have the best forest horse things. The cheese is really good. I got to eat it when I was sick up there." she murmurs, looking at her feet and hiding her face.

Ah, there it is. Carolis is slow on the uptake, but /now/ he gets it. "Ah, by the gods, Peri, that is not going to happen." He trails after her, though he makes no move to stop or stay her. She's her own woman. He glances back to Malcolm, then back to Peri. Gah! He can't make his Knight do everything for him. So he tells her, "You are in no danger of anyone's jealousy. I was but teasing Ser Malcolm. His heartsworn's jealousy nothing more than momentary brooding and fears of inadequacy. No one will put any blame on your shoulders, and no one will threaten you. Not under my watch."

Malcolm perks up, following along, "Let's go kill her some deer!" He looks at Peri, relieved to be back on familiar ground. "You live in a bath. There must be water and some scented oil to make the rubbing nicer for you there. If not, I'll manage. I've many Aunts and cousins. Of course I can give a foot rub… you'll be safe with us."

Peri blinks a bit "I don't actually live there. I can't tolerate the heat most days. I sleep somewhere harder to get to." she mumbles "I have oil with me, always." she gestures to the basket "Deer? Horned forest horse are called deer?" she mumbles "But the meat takes so long to cook. "I like that meat, and boar's meat. I went ten years without hooved food. Only sea food. I've been craving cow's meat too." she admits, cheeks red.

Carolis snaps his fingers and says, "We'll kill you a deer, and we'll have it cured for you. In fact, why wait? I know we've got cured boar and venison at home. You won't have to prepare it. I'm sure if we don't have beef we can acquire it easily enough." Being noble does have its privileges. Throwing money at things to get other things, for example. He offers Peri a warm smile and bows to her as he says, "Tell us where we are to deliver what you require, good woman, and it shall be yours. Blood oranges, venison, boar, and beef."

Malcolm gives her a sunny smile, "A foot rub is easy enough given and as Carol said, we've no shortage of meat at home. There is nothing here that can not easily be fixed, Mistress Peri."

Peri rubs her arm "Just deliver it to the bath house, someone will take it to me." she admits. "Could we get a bit of cheddar cheese, and a bit of blue cheese and go eat some of the meat somewhere quiet and private?" she asks, curiously. Her cheeks are red as she watches the two.

Carolis nods quickly and says, "Yes, of course. I love those cheeses. I'll bring some of those candies I like, too. Our cook can make them now so I don't have to stand at the docks waiting for a shipment of them."

Malcolm offers her his arm, but does not physically crowd her. "There is plenty of quiet at Weirwood. Why not come rest and get your foot rub and some nice things to eat before going all the way home."

Peri watches the two "I have no idea where you live." she admits. "So you'll have to guide. And tolerate me resting if I get tired." she admits, cheeks pinkened again.

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