(121-06-30) Hunting the Beast pt 1
Hunting the Beast
Summary: Loryn and Andolin go for a quest
Date: 30/06/2014
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An unlikely duo has ridden out of Oldtown this morning with the intention to become big damn heroes: The wobbly-legged Andolin Stark and Lord Laurel of the Whimsy, otherwise known as Loryn Tyrell. Equally green and full of eager ambition, they chatter on as they guide their mounts along the streets and into the forests where a legendary beast is said to roam and terrorize the villagers. Their chatter becomes quieter, first reduced to short sentences and wry remarks, which in turn give way to utter silence as the path closes in on them. When they come upon a hamlet, the few vlllagers stare at the young idealistic riders suspiciously, but hey, it's not their problem, so they show them the way towards a chain of hills, where the beast is said to lurk when it's out to steal goats or sheep for its dinner. Even the horses feel the rising tension, their steps more reluctant now, almost skittish. Loryn casts wary looks around them, but mostly at Andolin, since for now he is fully relying on the Stark's hunting skills to spot any dangers lurking nearby.

The tracker had caught a few scattered tracks that indicate the duo to be closing in: cloven hooves, like an hart, but enormous in size; whereas a large deer might leave a track as large as a few fingers, the print in the damp earth of the Reach is twice the size of a grown man's palmprint, and deep into the ground.

"That looks like a BIG beast.", Loryn worries when Andolin points out the track. But there's no turning back now, or they'd both lose their face for decades to come. So they press onwards, applying some mild force to the reluctant horses until they reach the stony barren area that opens up behind the forest. Here the intrepid duo pauses so that Andolin busy himself with tracking again and find whichever way the beast has gone…

The building tension of an imminent encounter grips the hunters as minutes stretch into hours. The strides of the beast must be massive, as the ground between the strides is double that of a running horse. Yet finally in approaching a small copse of trees, a sound unlike any the young Tyrell gas heard before: a groaning bellow, gargled and screamed accompanies the sight of something moving between thin trees: a great beast, with the body of a huge leopard, the neck and head if a tremendous serpent with two horns sprouting from its head, standing near twenty feet high on long, hart-like legs. The Questing Beast.

Loryn gulps when he sees the shadow between the trees. He exchanges a look with Andy, confirming that he's seen it as well. Andy already got bow and arrow ready. Loryn draws his sword, trying to convince his horse to go nearer to the fearsome beast so he can actually strike out at it. Sword raised, putting his faith in his friend, he goes for the attack…

<COMBAT> Andolin attacks Questing Beast with Hunting Bow - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Questing Beast attacks Loryn's Horse with Bludgeon and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Loryn attacks Questing Beast with Broadsword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Loryn's Horse passes.

The fearsome beast has an unexpected reaction as Andolin's arrow pricks its spotted hide: it bolts away as Loryn charges after it, kicking backward as it flees and seeking to strike the Tyrell's horse. Andolin nicks another arrow, but the beast is moving fast.

The horse neighs and rears, but it's a war horse after all and realizes that this is a battle to be fought. Loryn leans far from the saddle, managing to nick the beast's lower belly. "C'mon Andy!", he shouts, encouraging himself probably as much as his friend, if not more, ready to give chase.

<COMBAT> Loryn attacks Questing Beast with Broadsword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Andolin attacks Questing Beast with Hunting Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Questing Beast attacks Loryn's Horse with Bludgeon - Serious wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Loryn's Horse passes.
<COMBAT> Abram has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Loryn's Horse has been KO'd!

The bloodied beast lashes backward with its hooves larger than mace-heads, and as Loryn strikes at the beast, the monster kicks viciously, striking the warhorse mid gallop, and felling the gallant charger, as a arrow flies past. The beast continues to run.

<FS3> Loryn rolls Riding: Great Success.

Loryn manages to get out of the saddle and roll clear of the falling horse just in time, the training for jousts coming in handy now. He is quick on his feet and runs after the beast with his sword raised high, trying to get another blow in and stop it from running.

<COMBAT> Questing Beast will pass this turn. (Abram)
<COMBAT> Loryn attacks Questing Beast with Broadsword - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Andolin attacks Questing Beast with Hunting Bow - Serious wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Questing Beast passes.

Andolin leads the beast well, placing an arrow squarely in the great beasts foreleg, and causing the fleeing monster to stumble, delaying its escape.

As the beast slows down, Loryn manages to catch up a little, trying once more to get into a good position to stab it and run the sword right through its thick hide.

<COMBAT> Questing Beast passes.
<COMBAT> Andolin attacks Questing Beast with Hunting Bow - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Loryn attacks Questing Beast with Broadsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Loryn passes.
<COMBAT> Questing Beast passes.
<COMBAT> Andolin attacks Questing Beast with Hunting Bow - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

Another arrow pierces the thick hide and Loryn manages to cut into its chest as well, but it seems nothing can stop the ferocious beast from getting away. Winded, exhausted, and utterly pissed off, Loryn drops to his knees and stares as the huge monster makes its escape through the forest. Knowing they can't keep up. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" is his eloquent commentary on their failure.

(to be continued)

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