(121-06-27) Prone to Distraction
Prone to Distraction
Summary: …is what Thadeus finds himself to be when he and Loryn engage in a spar that is soon enhanced with music and dance of the seductive kind.
Date: 27/06/2014 (Date of Play)
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Tourney Grounds

The Tourney Grounds stand just outside of the walls of Oldtown. There is a raised platform of several levels for noble viewers, with space for comfortable chairs and little tables to be set in place, and tall posts for canopies to be hung to keep the sun off. Not far stands the great board where the lists are kept. On the far side of the grounds rough tiered benches are available for the smallfolk, and past them there's a flat field for the knights to erect their pavilions in the grass.

The long log rail for the jousts stands right before the Lords' and Ladies' platform, with the space for the melee just beyond it. The archery butts are mounded at the Southwest edge of the grounds, where a great meadow of purple-red fireweed spreads off into the distance. The rough little narrow road to Blackcrown cuts through it.

An early morning it is, especially for the Bull Fish to engage in training on the tourney field. But somehow he is here already at this early hour, suppressing a yawn as he trades some blows with a Tully knight in his service. Thadeus wears a light training armor, the sword he wields has blunted edges. He is a tall and impressive fellow, no wonder he's called the Bull Fish - although he has earned this name by other means. More Tully retainers hover nearby, applauding an occasional hit the heir may land now and then. The pace of the spar is slow though, corresponding to the state of sleepiness of the Tully.

Loryn Tyrell has spent an inordinate amount of time on the tourney field as well, often with his knight, Ser Brynden, often with whoever is willing to spar with him. He seems to be gearing up for something - but for what remains his secret. This morning he arrives on the field to see others busy already and smiles. Ah, someone new and fresh. He guides his horse towards the Tully group and for now watches while the spar is going on.

New and fresh? Far from it! Thadeus has arrived in Oldtown long before Loryn, he is already past thirty, plus, he is not feeling exactly fresh at the moment. Gesturing for his sparring partner to take a break the heir will move over to his retinue, accept a wineskin and take a good swig from it, to rouse his spirits! Then the shadow of a rider brushes his frame and Thadeus looks up to see a young man staring down at him. "Good morn to you, lad," he offers with slightly bored curiosity, leaning on his practice blade. "I s'ppose you are too young to be a knight yet?" Noticing the age but maybe not the station of the man, obviously.

New and fresh as a sparring partner! Because it gets boring to always see Ser Brynden's ugly mug. Loryn quirks a brow when the Tully greets him with 'lad'. "Good morning, Ser Thadeus!", he calls out and smirks, "Do you not remember me? We met at my Northern Soiree. I am Loryn Tyrell, and indeed, I am a squire still.", he explains, smiling pleasantly. "I shall earn my spurs soon…"

Indeed, it is still too early. Noticing his mistake, Thadeus lets out a good-natured chuckle. "Oh yes, Now that you mention it, I remember. You were wearing decent clothes then, not this…", and here he points to Loryn's armor as that he himself is wearing, "… uncourtly attire. Lord Loryn. So you persue a proper carreer as a knight still? I am pleased to hear that." He gives the Tyrell an assessing glance before he smirks. "So… I don't suppose you came here to practice riding, my lord? Where is your knight, as you're here for instruction obviously?" His gaze drops to the wineskin in his hand, considering maybe to offer it to Loryn, but nah, he's still too young and it's too early. So he takes another swig of the wine, without offering it to the Tyrell.

"Ser Brynden will join me in a while.", Loryn replies, eyeing the wine skin that is not being offered. Harrumph. "It is my brother's wish that I earn my spurs.", he explains, thus neither confirming nor denying Thadeus' suggestion that he pursue a knightly career, "I do rather well with a blade I think. Could I interest you in a spar perhaps, Ser Thadeus?"

"Oh, are you serious?", Thadeus replies with a chuckle that may come off as slightly arrogant. His grey-blue eyes sparkle with amusement as he considers the offer, eyeing Loryn once again, before he nods. "Why not. Lord Loryn, I'd be glad to oblige. Although I fear you'll have to dismount for that." Said, as he thands the wineskin back to his retainer and moves over to the field set aside for sparring, a gesture made to the other knight waiting there to clear the field.

"No, really?", Loryn smirks, bristling slightly at the man's condescending attitude. He dismounts and fastens the horse's reins to a pole, before wandering over to join the Tully. He draws his blunted practise blade, brushes some hair from his forehead and gets ready to go into a combat stance.

Madrighal is strolling by with his lute over his shoulder, and spotting a friend on the practice grounds, wanders over to watch.

The Tully already awaits him, attired in his light practice armor, the training sword ready in his hands. "Get ready for your lesson, then," he says with a smirk, rolling his shoulders slightly before he attacks, aiming for the Tyrell's side.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Thadeus=Blades Vs Loryn=Defense
< Thadeus: Success Loryn: Good Success
< Net Result: Loryn wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Loryn=Blades Vs Thadeus=Defense
< Loryn: Great Success Thadeus: Good Success
< Net Result: Loryn wins - Marginal Victory

Loryn is pumped and ready. When the attack comes, he deflects the Tully's blade with his own sword, then steps back to have more room for a swing of his own, the blunted training blade coming down on Thadeus' upper arm. It's not a strong hit, but it's a hit nonetheless and Loryn grins rather smugly. Take that, fishy.

<FS3> Shayla rolls Dancing: Great Success.

Without a formal place to practice Shayla has resorted to dancing through the field that serves as Oldtowns training grounds. The dark haired woman is dressed is a rather risque dress of black velvet with a tight fitted corset and a revealing skirt. The dress has accents of gold that catch the light as she moves gracefully across the grass with a sensual sway of her hips. She spins about her skirt flying and showing off her smooth toned legs. Spotting the men fighting a ways over she doesn't puase her dance she simply moves closer dancing her way over to the two sparring men with slow teasing movements.

Madrighal watches both activities with interest, and then with a mischievous expression, gets out his lute and starts tuning it.

Thadeus notices movement approaching from the corner of his eye, and it is especially this kind of movement, that of a beautiful woman performing a seductive dance, that manages to distract him for the fraction of a second. When Loryn's attack comes, the parry is made half-heartedly, too slow to manage to deflect the blow. The blade connects with his upper arm, and the Tully lets out a displeased grunt. "Ouch,… now that was a lucky hit," he concedes, whirling his blade now to attack the Tyrell with a hit to his ribcage.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Thadeus=Blades Vs Loryn=Defense
< Thadeus: Good Success Loryn: Failure
< Net Result: Thadeus wins - Solid Victory

The woman's appearance completely distracts Loryn as well, since he just stands like a lug, the Tully's blade coming down on his ribs rather painfully. Ouch. At least it shakes Loryn awake and he tries to focus on the business at hand again, eyeing Thadeus. "That was unfair, I was distracted.", he murmurs and swings again, trying to hit the man's side.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Loryn=Blades Vs Thadeus=Defense
< Loryn: Great Success Thadeus: Great Success
< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Madrighal rolls Music: Success.
<FS3> Madrighal rolls Singing: Good Success.

Shayla continues that seductive dance moving closer to the two men as they fight. She smiles sweetly as one by one she manages to distract them. She dances and slow seductive dance moving in a circle around their chosen spot. Her hips sway back and forth and she tilts forward a bit giving whoever might be looking an even better view of her breasts. A small smirk plays on her lips her blue eyes showing amusment and mischief.

Madrighal starts to play, something that sounds heroic and urgent, background. He begins to sing in his expressive Tenor, the tale of a melee between too famous fighters, twisting the words to suit the occasion. He gives the dancer a cheeky wink.

"Sorry about that," Thadeus offers with a confident smile, the words maybe not as genuine as his relief that he has gotten his point. The next attack comes, rather skillfully executed by the Tyrell, and the Tully meets it with a skillful turn of his own blade, resulting in an unfortunate entangling as the guards of their weapons get hooked with each other. "Hrrm," the Tully grunts as he pulls his weapon free, looking a touch irritated. His irristation growing a tad when the minstrel starts to sing and play. And that beautiful and oh so attractive dancer continues to work her destructive magic on his concentration. Oh my, breasts!!! He shakes his head, as if to get rid of the spell, remembering the lesson he is still about to deal the squire. A loud roar comes, as Thadeus feints towards Loryn's ribcage, before his blade turns and aims for his legs instead.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Thadeus=Blades Vs Loryn=Defense
< Thadeus: Success Loryn: Good Success
< Net Result: Loryn wins - Solid Victory

It seems that Loryn's focus is holding better despite the minstrel's singing and the woman displaying rather too much flesh, but then he is a man of the theatre where these things are constantly on display. So he easily blocks the Tully's attempt to get at his legs, sidesteps, whirls around and tries to put some force into a blow to Thadeus' side to push him off balance.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Loryn=Blades Vs Thadeus=Defense
< Loryn: Great Success Thadeus: Good Success
< Net Result: Loryn wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Shayla rolls Singing: Great Success.

As the minstrel begins to play and sing Shayla gives him a bright smile artfully changing her dancing to match the musics rythem. Its still sensual but now it is bit faster matching the pace of the music. She smiles innocently at Thadeus and blows him a kiss seeing how distracted he is. As the song carries on her lips part at the second verse and she begins to sing along with Madrighal in a soft lilting soprano matching the other bards tune and words with ease.

Madrighal returns the lady's bright smile with one of his own, and starts to weave a seductive counterpoint into the music, playing against the thrust and parry of the martial theme.

But then again, Thadeus has really tried during this past month to behave, and had stayed away from the temptations of places such as the Bawdy Bard whilst courting his Targaryen betrothed, whose beauty indeed made up for much, but not all his needs. These needs wash over him like a tidal wave now, as if reminding the Tully they had been neglected too long. Especially when Shayla's dance picks up in pace, and he notices the kiss she blows him from the corner of his eye. His own attack is not carried out with the required swiftness, and the counter attack of the Tyrell takes him almost completely of guard. It is only due to the Tully heir's massiveness that Loryn's attack does not make him fall, his balance is lost but only momentarily so.

"Seven Hells!", the Bull Fish roars, and his hand goes up, to signal what may at least be a short break. "This is some ploy, right? Will you stop it woman!" Now facing Shayla as he turns, really intending to shoot her an angry glare that soon dissipates, as that glare turns slowly into a pleased smirk. "What's your name, my flower? And how come…" Some muffled laughter from his retinue reminding him of his wrath from before. "How come you dare to come dancing here, on the tourney field, when this lad here and I try to have a decent spar? Stop it at once!" At least his tone as regained some of the displeased tone, but his eyes speak another language, attentively studying Shayla as they are.

Loryn bursts out laughing at the Tully's reaction and shift of focus. "You know what, Bull Fish, go and have at it with the young lady.", he suggests with a grin, "I shall spar with you another time when you are actually focusing. This is like hunting a sitting duck." He pats Thadeus on one shoulder and wanders off, back to his horse, where his own wine skin is waiting. Lifting it in a toast to Madrighal, should the minstrel notice him, before allowing himself a deep gulp.

<FS3> Shayla rolls Charm: Failure.

Madrighal's song now has one of the knights bandying words rather than sword blows, but he trails off as Loryn approaches. He bows and says, "I needs have a woird with you soon, my Lord."

Shayla can't quite keep a straight face as the lord addresses her so angrily and then changes to interest and then back to anger again. She giggles softly and dances closer to him her singing fading out. For a moment she is silent dancing a slow seductive circle around him. She looks highly amused and not at all respectful. "Forgive me my lord. This is no ploy..I simply could not find a better place to practice my dancing." She smiles mischiviously her movments teasing and slow now as she comes to dance directly in front of him leaning in slightly. "Do you truly wish me to stop?" Her dancing is just a skillful as before though she clearly doesn't seem to be putting much effort into calming him down…she is too amused.

Maybe it is the squire's laughter. Maybe it's his mortifying comment, comparing him to a 'sitting duck'. A low slightly displeased grunt offered to Loryn in reply as he moves off the field, Thadeus will continue to stare at Shayla, while Madrighal will be almost ignored, it would seem. "If I didn't know better, my lord," the Tully calls loud enough for Loryn to hear, "I would accuse you of having planned this… distraction. After all the exchange of the minstrel and the Tyrell did not go that unnoticed.

Then Thadeus' focus shifts back to Shayla, and while he watches her with an almost impertinent stare, smirking here and there even as he catches what glimpses he can get of her, her final question will elicit a perhaps surprising reply.

"Indeed. I do."

Said in a calmer voice as he shrugs and turns away from her, to walk over to where his howling companions are. A nod offered to Loryn as he claims his own wineskin and raises it to Loryn in a mock toast. "I will take you up on that offer." Taking a good swig next, to drown his disgrace - and those desires that may have been awakened.

"Sore loser, that one.", Loryn comments to Madrighal with an amused grin and lifts his wineskin to the man in return. Then he looks at Madrighal. "Ser Brynden will be here any minute, but I can meet you for lunch at the Quill later, does that work?" Apparently he doesn't have much time now.

Madrighal bows to Loryn, "I will await your pleasure. I can only hope there is no more trouble in the meantime.

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