(121-06-24) Job Seekers and Lions
Job Seekers and Lions
Summary: Faren goes job hunting and meets two very different Lannisters in the process.
Date: 24/06/2014
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Its a slow and late night and Faren is one of the only customers left in the Quill and Tankard. Surprisingly enough the young man appears to be more interested in swapping gossip with a barmaid than drinking. He doesn't even look tipsy and the cup of cider in front of him is barely touched. The young man sits at a table near the bar and the serving girl stands nearby. There is a lute propped against Faren's chair and the woman near him is eyeing it curiously having finished giving the young man the latest news. "You play the lute then? I've never heard you play.." Faren turns a bit pink and replies a bit shyly. "I don't often play in public." The woman raises an eyebrow. "I'd hardly call this place public at this point…besides even if it sounds terrible it might scare those snoozing drunks over there out to find a proper bed. Play something." Faren blinks in surprise and lifts the lute up glancing around to make sure too many people aren't around in case he emabresses himself. The barmaid smirks and goes to clean the bar but keeps an eye on the dark haired youth as he begins to strum the lute.

Walking down from the second floor of the Quill and Tankard Lory Lannister looks a bit messier than usual as his golden hair is slightly tousled. He orders a glass of mead and then glances at the man playing his lute. A small smile is offered and he complements the lute player. "You play quite well I must say. My sister would love to listen to you play."

The music is soft and slow, the tune gentle and Faren seems to get lost in it as he plays. However when someone addresses him his fingers pause and bright green eyes turn to look at Lory widening slightly. Those emerald orbs seem somewhat shy and quickly lower as pink color rises in Faren's cheeks. "Thank you my Lord…" He rises to his feet his lute still in hand and offers a low bow to the Lord. "I am honored that you would even suggest my music is fit to play for your sister but I am no bard I'm afraid." He peeks up cautiously his bright green gaze a bit curious now as he studies the young Lord.

Lory looks around slightly and the turns to Faren again. "Lord Lory of House Lannister. It is a pleasure to meet you." His tone is courteous and his eyes are curious. "May I know who you are? And if not a bard then what?" He takes a slow sip from his goblet.

"I am called Faren Lord Lory, a pleasure to meet you as well." Faren replies in a soft, warm, and polite tone. The question about what he does has him smiling faintly. "I'm actually between jobs at the moment…I've been seeking work as a servant for a while now. Most of my skills are better suited to serving the nobility than entertainment or menial labor…" He smiles shyly his green eyes daring to meet Lory's for a moment now.

Lory's deep blue eyes meet Faren's and he smiles. "Just Lory will do Faren. I assume you have not found a noble willing to take you in yet then?" Lory shrugs slightly. "I suppose I could try to work some arrangements out if you're interested." Lory sighs. "Yet that might not be my place to decide…."

Faren's eyes widen a bit in surprise but he smiles softly. "Lory then, and no I have not." The looks of surprise returns along with a touch of excitement as Lory makes the offer. "I am interested and would greatly appreciate it." That hopeful expression dims a bit at Lory's next words though. Faren nods slowly. "I understand but I would still hope it would be possible to arrange something."

Lory's smile brightens. "I could surely try Faren." Lory then looks around the room again. "May I sit Faren or do you to enjoy yourself alone." The smiles a most charming smile and sips more of his wine.

"Thank you Lory…I would truly appreciate it." His eyes widen as Lory asks to sit with him and his cheeks turn pink with a blush. "Of course you may sit if you wish. I would enjoy the company and…maybe I could play another song for you? Unless you would prefer to just talk…" Faren smiles shyly and looks away settling back into his seat and settles his lute into his lap waiting for Lory to join him.

Lory sits down and places his hands on lap. "It depends Faren." He says noticing the other man's blush. "Whatever makes you comfortable. I wouldn't want to make you feel nervous." He leans back in his chair and plants his wine goblet on the table before waiting for Faren's response.

Faren peeks up at Lory with a shy gaze. "It is very kind of you to think of my comfort Lory…still I am willing to do either at this point. Whatever you would prefer I will gladly do. Its the least I can do since you offered to try and see if you could find me a job." He smiles softly and reaches up to brush a strand of his dark hair back behind his ear as he watches Lory with a shy sort of curiousity.

Lory shrugs. "I suppose we could talk first." Lory takes another sip of wine. "I don't really know what to talk about though to be honest." Lory studies Faren intenty for a second. "How are you on this fine night Faren."

Faren nods his blush deepening a bit more under that intense gaze. He smiles warmly. "I am well…I spent most of the day watching my younger siblings though I decided to come here hoping to find a hint about who might be hiring but I had no luck with that until I met you. How are you if I may ask? What brought you out so late?" Faren looks a touch curious now as he studies Lory in return.

Lory blushes slightly with the curiousity he is given. "I'm fine I suppose. I was already in one of the rooms when I came down here. I was heading back to my family manse when I heard your lovely music." Lory answers mostly honest and then smiles warmily. "Might I ask who taught you to play so well? Or is it a natural gift.

Faren lowers his eyes looking a bit bashful as his music is mentioned. "No one taught me…I was given a lute as a nameday gift when I was a boy…I suppose you could say I taught myself." Green eyes peek up from behind those dark lashes shyly but obviously pleased as well. "Still….I am glad you enjoyed my music." Faren smiles once more.

"What is not to love about it Faren?" He offers with a warm smile. He takes another sip of his wine before speaking. "You mentioned family if I recall. Do you have much family or is it just you and your siblings?"

"Technically they are my half-siblings but that does not make me love them any less….there are three of them and then my mother and her husband." Faren looks a bit emabressed about something and nibbles on her lower lip glancing at Lory shyly. "I hope you won't judge me for this but I'm half Dornish…the man my mother married is not my true father though I still respect him."

"I see.." Lory doesn't look even slightly surprised. "I thought your skin looked a bit more darker than most people in Oldtown. So technically you would be Faren Sand or maybe Flowers." He says with a smirk. "No worries Faren. I don't care where your parents came from truly." He gives him reassuring pat on the arm.

Faren looks relieved at how easy Lory seems to accept him. He smiles happily and laughs softly at the comment. "I don't think so…my father was a noble bastard according to my mother but I don't think I count as a noble bastard myself since I'm even less noble than he was." Faren blushes a bit and smiles once more at that touch to his arm he meets Lory's eyes his gaze happy and sincere. "Thank you Lory….that means a lot to me that you are so accepting of me."

Lory drinks slowly from his glass. "It wouldn't be right if I denied you because of such things Faren." His smile is strangely bright. He leans in his chair getting a bit more comfortable and sips more of his wine. "Besides music what exactly do you enjoy Faren."

Faren smiles softly and lowers his eyes. "You are a good person Lory…better than many I have met so far." The question has him peeking up again. "Well I also enjoy dancing when someone else provides the music…I also like to cook I find cooking very relaxing and enjoyable especially when someone enjoys whatever I make." He hestiates a moment before he asks softly. "What do you enjoy then Lory? If…if I may ask that is?"

Lory smiles warmily. "It does look like you would make a good servant to be honest." He looks into his cup for a second and then looks back up. "I suppose that I like to read." Lory says with a shrug. "And I do practice in the Braavosi style of fighting Faren, but other then that I spend most of my time alone unless something is required of me."

Faren blushes a bit but his smile is warm. "Thank you, hopefully I will get the chance to actually prove my skills to you at some point." He listens to Lory as he mentions his interests. Green eyes widen a bit with awe as Braavosi fighting is mentioned. "I've heard a little about the Braavosi fighting style…it relies on speed and grace rather than strength yes? I've heard it takes great skill to master…you must be very talented indeed." He looks impressed and lowers his gaze after a moment. He peeks up at Lory as he mentions being alone most of the time and bites his lower lip before speaking again. "Solitude can be good from time to time but it can also be lonely…I'm not very outgoing myself. Though I have no problem with people I just…I guess I'm a bit shy." He smiles nrvously and runs his tongue over his lower lip breifly.

"Yes it is rather dificult. I'm no master at the style myself and I don't use it too often to be honest." Lory's gaze focuses on Faren. "I wouldn't call myself shy, I just don't seek out people on my free time. I can be outgoing at times especially ever since I came to Oldtown. If you don't have a problem with people why are you so shy Faren? " He says studying Faren more intently now.

"I don't dislike people…I just…" Faren seems to struggle for the right words. He meets that intent gaze and then looks away with a growing blush. "I like people I just don't always know how to act when in large crowds or groups…I tend to blend into the background. I'm shy becuase I feel uncertain in my dealings with others…that doesn't mean I don't like them I'm just cautious around them…I think?" He peeks up at Lory curiously.

"You think?" Lory raises a brow, "You seem unsure about yourself Faren." Lory tilts his head slightly. "Is that how you feel with me? Shy and cautious?" He asks and offers a small smirk.

Faren's eyes widen and his cheeks are now a pale shade of red against normally his olive toned skin. "No…thats not how I feel with you. I feel more comfortable with you than I do with most other people after I meet them. Your very nice and I like you." That last part is said very queitly almost a whisper. Those expressive green eyes are focused on Lory intently for a long moment as faren's lips form a shy little smile.

Lory eyes widen slightly when Faren says the last part and he looks away for a moment. "You flatter me Faren." He blushes a deeper shade of red and smiles. "But thank you." He takes a long drink from his glass and almost finishes it.

Faren smiles warmly. "You are very welcome Lory but I only speak the truth." He lowers his gaze and finally reaches for his own mug of cider. he sips it slowly peeking at Lory from behind the rim of his cup as he drinks.

Loud steps are heard on the steps as Lynette stumbles her way down. The noblewoman is quite obviously drunk, her cheeks flushed and her hair is coming out of its updo. She manages to clear the steps without falling and staggers for the bar not noticing Lory or his company just yet. her voice is heavily slurred as she leans on the bar and eyes the bartender. "A glass of wine please…I need another before I try to sneak back home." She is given her drink and takes a long gulp from it some of it spilling down the front of her already mussed dress.

Lory gasps when he sees Lynette stumble down the stairs and he shakes his head. "Lynette! What are you doing? You look like a mess." He stands up to offer his drunk sister a shoulder to lean on. He looks back at Faren and smiles. "Faren I would like you to meet my sister, Lady Lynette Lannister. She may not look in the best condition right now but I promise you she's a sweet maiden-" Lory stops himself. "Well the chances of her being a maiden are rather slim to be honest."

Faren eyes the drunken woman with obvious concern and his eyes widen a bit when Lory says that is his sister. He rises and moves to offer his help to assist Lynette into a seat. "A pleasure to meet you Lady Lynette." He looks to Lory in shock when he mentions his sister is not a maiden he blushes heavily. "Isn't that…against the rules for noblewomen though? I though they had to wait until they were married.."

Lynette blinks as Lory enters her line of vision. She giggles at his comment about her being a maiden and smirks wickedly. "Why brother I am ashamed of you surely you know I am the very paragon of virtue." She spots Faren and her brows raise as she looks him over hungrily. "Why is it all the handsome men seem to flock to my brother instead of me? Its not fair…" She pouts but lets them lead her to wherever they are sitting without protest.

"Lynette isn't like most noblewomen Faren." Lory says with a smirk but her remark about men flocking to him has him blushing. "I'm starting to wonder the same thing dear sister." He turns back to sit down and is about to pour a glass of wine for Lynette but he looks her over and decides againist it.

"So I see.." Faren smiles softly at Lory but those bright green eyes go wide at Lynette's comment and he blushes lowering his eyes not daring to look at either of them for a long moment. "I'm not sure what you two are talking about…" He seems nervous and peeks up at Lory. "Maybe I should go? I would not wish to intrude."

"Pour that wine brother! I need another glass if I'm not going to get any attention…" She looks positively sulky and then Faren is blushing and looking shy and she smirks at him. She leans forward almost falling out of the seat someone managed to get her into and practically invades the poor mans space. "You are so cute! At least my brother has good taste…unless…" She looks to Lory as intently as a drunken woman can manage. "You do like him to don't you brother? I hope so otherwise I will have to steal him away for myself."

Lory pours the wine at his sister's request. "If you pass out before we get home it won't be my fault." Lory's face turns a deep shade of red and he looks away. "I suppose I do…." He murmurs and gives his sister a look. "Nevermind that just please try not to make Faren uncomfortable."

Faren glances up at Lory his eyes widening. "You do?" He smiles shyly but quite happily and rises to his feet. "I should go and leave you to care for your sister Lory…um..I hope to see you again…soon. Let me know if you are able to find a place for me to work yes?" Faren bows low and picks up his lute heading for the door with a spring to his step.

Lynette laughs happily. "I was right! I knew it…you two are so cute together too." She takes the wine and sips it eagerly watching Faren leave before looking back to Lory. "What did he mean about work? Are you hiring him to be your personal plaything?" Lynette grins playfully but her tone is curious as she studies Lory and takes another drink of wine.

Lory blushes fiercely at his sister's suggestion. "He is looking for work as a servant to nobility." Lory raises a brow at his sister. "Somehow I think you'll turn him into your plaything sister?" Lory grins back at her."We should return home soon. It's getting rather late."

"Do I look like I go around stealing other people's toys?" Lynette raises and brow at Lory and then frowns. "Don't answer that…anyway if you want him he is all yours. I will not interfere you have my word." She smiles sweetly and then scowls. "I suppose we should…I don't think I can get up without falling though….lets see." She rises wobbling unsteadily and then falls backward onto her butt. She frowns her gaze getting a bit bleary like she is about to pass out there on the floor.

"Gods I knew this would happen." Lory helps her up before she can pass out and puts her arm over his shoulder to try to give her more balance. "I swear if I have to carry you home everyday I'll send word to father to take you back to Casterly Rock." He says with a grin that indicates he is only joking.

Lynette doesn't respond hardly at all she just leans against Lory and lets him escort her home as she half dozes on his shoulder. She mumbles something that sounds sucpiciously like 'Ludvik' before she is out cold for the night.

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