(121-06-21) Truths, Half Truths and Cover Ups
Truths, Half Truths and Cover Ups
Summary: Arrick and Mariya talk about Whoremaster and Visenya. Daevon confronts Arrick.
Date: 06/22/2014
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Back Lounge - Acacia and Leopard Hall - Harbour Street

It is a summer day. The weather is warm and clear.

This private lounge is intimate. It is furnished much like the main room — low couches, low tables, floor pillows, sheepskins and plush carpets. In here, everything is deep purple and gold, with little suns embroidered into the fabrics. The walls are hung with fabrics woven in the old Rhoynish style, making the room seem tent-like while muffling the voices so they cannot carry through the walls.

While the Acacia and Leopard Hall is usually a rather raucous place at night, during the middle of the day, on most days anyway, it actually tends to be rather quiet. Today is no different as the place has more of a deserted inn feel, as a few Dornish sailors are posted up at the main bar and a single Dornish noble, of the Gargalen variety, holds court in the back lounge. While the sailors are loud and obnoxious, the man in the back has settled down on one of the couches with a cup of strongwine in one hand and a book of some sort in the other. The book being read looks to contain the great fables of Essos, an interesting read to be sure. The Gargalen seems to be focusing rather intently and could easily be approached without notice.

It's not Mariya's intent to approach Arrick without him noticing her there. However, it is quite possible for her to do so. The Dornish Princess is brought to the back room by the hostess in the front and the young woman smiles in thanks as she moves past the loud obnoxious sailors and ignores the man with the strongwine. The sailors, for their part, notice the Martell's arrival and quiet for a moment and then nearly explode into raunchy jokes to each other in an effort to make her blush. She ignores them - it's not their fault they don't know who she is. Instead, she walks over to Arrick's table. "Well, this is a turn around. Normally I am the one with their nose stuck in a book."

As a familiar voice is heard, Arrick raises his eyes from the book and he instantly smiles as the new focus of his attention is someone he completely enjoys. "Oh yes.. I…" Arrick sets aside the book and tries to seem uninterested, failing miserably, "I just wanted to have stories to discuss with you, you always know all the good ones and I know only a few." Arrick pats the couch just beside him and he shifts in an attempt to get more comfortable, saying with the smile still on his face, "Will you please join me my sweet princess?" Arrick sets the wine he was holding on the table before the couch and asks curiously, "I didn't think you would be down by harbor today, what brings you to the hall?"

Mariya can't help but smile at that. "I have had the advantage of having my attention drawn to tales for most of my life." She slips on to the couch by Arrick at his invitation. "Are they good tales? I have heard that the Essosi have very interesting stories." As for the reason she is there, she nods. "I was looking for you." Her eyes slip to the sailors and their ribald nature, but they have mostly deserted their game and gone back to their cups. "I spoke with Ser Daevon last night. He mentioned going to protect a dragon. You were invited, if you promised to be nice."

"Oh, I was just reading about how the broken arm came about and what the people who could use magic were like." Arrick pats the book on his other side and then visibly ponders the invite, saying with excitement rising in his voice, "A DRAGON? As in, the dragon that has been flying about Oldtown? The one you saw??" Arrick's eye shifts over towards those pesky sailors too and he whispers, "And don't mind those sailors, I already had words with them… They mean no harm, they're just drunk." Arrick's eyes come back to Mari and he adds, still in a whisper, "You know I would go anywhere you asked me to, even if it meant having to suffer through you being friendly with Ser Daevon."

The reaction to the word dragon is enough to make Mariya laugh. "Yes, the very same dragon. I only saw it for a bit and we won't be there to pester it. With the Festival going on, the Targaryens are worried that some knight will try and kill it for glory." As for the sailors, she shakes her head. "No, I am not worried about them." Her voice lowers now, matching his whispered tones. "There is nothing to suffer through, Arrick. You have nothing to worry about from Ser Daevon. I am not being friendly with him because I must, I do it because he is my friend. I don't wish for the two of you to be at odds." There is a slight pause. "I must admit that I am surprised you did not know of the dragon already. I thought you may have heard of it from Princess Visenya."

After a moment to pause, choosing his words carefully, the Gargalen says, "It's not so much suffering though his presence, it's just that I enjoy holding your attention completely and I'm not willing to share if I don't have to." Arrick lets his hand gently move up the Princesses' arm saying as he pulls it back, "Ahh, yes Princess Visenya told me of this dragon, but I didn't think I would get to see it! I have only seen pictures of dragons." Arrick motions over towards the book and adds, "I looked at the pictures of them in this book, but I haven't read the stories yet.." Of course he looked at the pictures instead of reading, he's THAT sort of scholar.

There's a raised eyebrow. "Yes, but sometimes you must. And Ser Daevon is a good man. He wishes to be your friend. There is no reason to be unkind to him." And Mariya wishes it as well. "I had only seen pictures of dragons before, too, before coming here. They are quite a fearsome sight, I will admit. Princess Visenya rode this one." She does not comment on the fact that he's seen the pictures but not read all the stories. Instead, the topic of second part of the conversation she wishes to discuss has come up. "I did not know you were close acquaintances with her."

Arrick narrows his eyes at /his/ Princess as she speaks of the other, "Ahh, I would not say we're close, especially after her actions at the duel." Arrick shrugs and says, "I fear her thoughts on us, Daevon told her of our arrangement and I wished to make her think otherwise. There may have been a moment between us, but nothing more and as I said, she showed her true feelings at the duel." Arrick lets his hand sneak over towards Mari's as he adds quietly, "I would do anything to protect us, even if it meant being nice to an unstable dragon."

"What did she do?" Mariya doesn't remember much of what happened other than what happened on the field. "She cares and fears for her family. I have met her and think her kind. I do not think she would harm either me or her brother even if she knew the truth of us." She frowns, shaking her head. "So, you never had any feelings for her? You lied to her? Did you pretend to have feelings for her despite not having them? Or is it because of her actions at the duel that turned you sour on her?" She allows Arrick to take her hand, but she does not easily hold it.

Feeling the reluctance in her hand, Arrick begins explaining, "At the duel Princess Visenya insulted us twice, not just you and I, but all Dornish. Then, as we were leaving she threw a goblet at me and called me stupid(or something)." Arrick frowns now as he goes on to cover the more interesting pieces of the relationship. "I thought that maybe if I pretended to be interested in her as I am in you, it would make her think otherwise about us. I didn't lie, I was just worried about her telling someone who would or even could hurt us." Arrick looks away and then adds, "I should not have done anything to make her think I wanted her, I only want you…"

"Perhaps because she thought you cared for her and then you were rude." Mariya sighs, shaking her head. "That was cruelly done, Arrick. Not only does that make it more likely she could tell others of us because she is now angry with you, it was callous. Daevon says she does not make friends easily. If she thought she had found one in you and you did not wish such, that is a lie." Her eyes look down, voice soft and hurt. "If you are to treat people that way, how am I to know you are not just telling me you care for me while having other motives?"

Arrick takes hold of the little hand of the Princess with both of his and he says in a firm tone, "Because I have known you since we were very little and it's not the same! I came here wanting to see if you were as beautiful and wonderful as I remembered, you ARE. I was just trying to fix a problem, only creating more of a problem. Don't compare what we have to anything else." Arrick frowns now and looks to be rather ashamed of himself. "I don't want you to think like that."

Mariya does not pull away from Arrick as he holds her hand. "Yes, we have known each other since we were children." Looking down at the clasped hands, she frowns, voice still soft. "You were teasing and rambunctious and stubborn." Perhaps that much has not changed. "I do think you care for me, but everyone also tells me I am naive in trusting everyone who wishes me to." Her eyes finally drift up to Arrick's face. "Did you not think it was wrong to pretend?"

The Gargalen tilts his head ever so slightly as Mari's eyes rise to his, "It's not wrong to pretend if it means we'll be safe. I would do anything to keep us safe." Arrick nods towards the sailors, "I'd fight all of those sailors if I thought it would make a difference or march to Ser Quillian's manse and smash HIS chest piece in." Arrick sighs now, seeming to get the point, "I should not have pretended. She is a nice girl, just very sad and misunderstood. Should I apologize as you had me do before?" Arrick then remembers, "This whole attempt to get into her good graces stemmed from you commanding me to apologize. There was no other way…"

"It is not the sailors or the that horrible man that threaten us." Mariya sighs. "You have to stop making enemies. Especially of those who might help us. And you have to stop thinking of everything as us versus them. It's not that simple." Finally, she puts another hand on his. "I just wished for you to make amends, you were the one that took it from there. If I ask you to apologize now, what would you do? I like Princess Visenya, I do not wish her to be hurt again."

Returning to the whispers of earlier, the Gargalen says, "I just think in terms of Mariya and Arrick and what needs to be done to make that safe." As he's asked how he would make amends, Arrick looks to be rather blank in figuring out how to fix a girl's feelings, so he takes a moment and then a few more. After a good while of thinking he finally offers his grand idea, "I do not know what I could do…"

Who is this beautiful stranger? With his? (it's hard to tell being so pretty) inky black hair that shines purple in the light, with its tips dyed a brighter shade of that colour. There are just enough intricate braids to keep it off his face but the rest is left to hang loose. His eyes are smoky with kohl, his clothes vibrant shades of purple and yellow, his boots bright green, styled like the leaves of a plant. The style flamboyant, bravo, although he's not carrying a blade. Ser Daevon has likely never looked less like a Targaryen. He saunters in, looking around in search of two people.

The afternoon is a pleasant one. Arrick and Mariya sit in the back room on a couch by the wall, whispering. A cup of wine sits on the table as well as a book of stories. A few raucous sailors are drunk and loud by the bar. "But, it's not that simple. If you anger everyone else, it makes it harder for us." Mariya shakes her head, giving Arrick's hands a squeeze. "Well, you could apologize. And not be rude to her. That could be a start, at least. You can tell her you love another. Just be kind to her and offer your friendship." She pauses and then adds, "And perhaps, most important, keep a hold of your temper." The beautiful stranger is glanced upon as he enters, but she does not recognize the man and does not give him much mind.

Arrick nods to all of Mari's suggestions and then says, "I'll do my best to apologize and make her feel better, if I can do so, I will." Then as if conceding a terrible thing, the Dornishman says, "You are right when it comes to making friends my sweet, we always can use more." With that said Arrick's attention turns to the recently entered stranger, who he lets off a slight nod towards, whispering to the Princess, "Not sure who let this walk through the door, he must be here for us.."

Daevon strides up to Mariya and Arrick, and there's anger bright in his amethyst eyes. "You." It's Arrick he glares at. Take a breath, let go of some of the anger. "Mariya." A flicker of a smile. It's not hard to recognise him as Daevon when up close. For all the costume he's in he's making little attempt to pretend to be anyone but who he is. His height, those eyes, that voice. "Did he promise you he would be faithful to you?" he asks Mariya. "That he would love no other, the way he loves you? That he would kiss no other? Or is there an understanding between you?"

It's not until Daevon is practically upon them, that Mariya recognizes him. Quickly, she drops Arrick's hands. There is a look of genuine surprise that quickly shifts into horror. "Daevon," she tells him softly. "Please, if we have to speak of this, not here." Her eyes glance toward the drunken sailors and then back to her now black haired betrothed. She stands, moving closer to him.

Arrick frowns as he realizes who he's dealing with, and then says while getting angry, "You came to wrong place to make accusations!" Arrick stands and then begins grumbling as Mariya tries to calm her betrothed.

Daevon's angry. Maybe Evil Daevon dresses in black, or at least dyes his hair and goes all goth although his clothes might be abit bright for that he does at least have the eyeliner down. It's only on account of Mariya's words that he agrees. "Where?" And he shoots Arrick a look that's almost a promise of 'I am going to stab you'. It's a good thing he's not wielding a sword.

It's easy to tell that they are both angry, "What did I just say about tempers?" Mariya looks to both of them. She does not know this place well, but she saw stairs somewhere. "I believe there are rooms upstairs." Her voice does not raise above the soft tones before, but there is now an edge to her voice. Without waiting, she holds Daevon by the arm and moves toward those stairs. She is simply assuming that he will not fight her.

Daevon won't fight Mariya. He allows himself to be lead upstairs while he glares daggers at Arrick.

Taking the blade from his belt, the Dornish knight tosses it down onto the low table with a loud clank as it heads to the floor and says angrily, unable to be held back by Mari's attempts at peacemaking. "Go for it Ser Daevon, this could easily be the great end we've been waiting for since the duel of seven!" Arrick watches as Mari tries to pull the dragon away upstairs and he calls after, "Oh, this reminds me of that rumor of you and that lady bravo heading upstairs!" Arrick sneers at the man and folds his arms, unable to contain himself.

"Arrick, upstairs," Daevon replies curtly. "At least have some respect."

Arrick kicks at the blade on the floor and moves along, heading upstairs with a scowl spread across his face. He's not letting that oddly-dressed Targaryen get away.

Chamber One - 2 - Acacia and Leopard Hall - Harbour Street

It is a summer day. The weather is warm and clear.

This bedchamber is dominated by an enormous, plush bed, thick and cushy and covered with dozens of pillows and feather-filled coverlets. They are all in different shades of red and purple. It seems vast, far too much bed for one, or even four people.

An elegant curve-legged dressing table with a real silvered glass mirror stands by the door, with a wardrobe beside it.

Daevon's glaring at Arrick, angrily. "The two of you have an understanding? Arrick gets to chase after whomever he likes, while he glares at you jealously and makes you feel bad for even having me as a friend?"

"He came here for a fight, by the gods he can have one!" Arrick points at the Targaryen and says paying little attention to the Princess, "I've wanted this fight since the beginning, it's time we had it!" Arrick takes a few steps toward the man and says in response to his continued accusations, "There's no understanding, there's only what we have! I just fucking explained it to her!" Arrick wants a piece of the Targaryen, but for now he's willing to hear all the accusations before he grabs for a piece of that long slicked hair, or a neck or something.

From the door, Mariya moves, attempting to step between the two. A hand grabs for Arrick, her move to stop the fighting. Though her voice was soft downstairs, it raises now. The edge is fully there and she uses the tone she usually reserves for those times when she is forced to act as a Princess. "You will stop."

"Explain it to me then?" Daevon glares. "Of course you wanted the fight. You've done everything to try and have the fight, haven't you? It's so much easier than trying to be friends. Even if you kill me you will not be able to marry her. Do you think Princess Amarei will ever approve of you? If she'd thought you were worthy of her daughter you'd already be betrothed. But you're not. You're a rake. You have a temper. You're jealous and controlling. Do you even have any good points?"

Halting as commanded, the knight peers down at the little Princess in his path, just for a moment, before sending his gaze over her head towards the /other/ man in the room. "You speak as if you know anything of me, you quite frankly do not and will not. You speak from a moral high ground when in fact you're the useless consequence that comes from fucking your siblings. Get off your pedestal of flowers and righteousness Ser Daevon and come down here for that dirty fucking fight with a mere rake." Arrick waves Daevon on over the top of Princess Mariya.

"The both of you." Mariya looks over to Daevon as well. "You come here yelling and accusing Arrick and expect a kind welcome? And think I will not be angry at words said against him? Stop it." Then she pushes against Arrick, attempting to back him away from the Targaryen. "And you have been sullen and glare at Daevon before and now insult his family. He is my friend and I will not have you speak of him like that." She keeps herself between them. Though she is short and they can still glare at each other, she can hope her position will keep them from actually attempting to actively attack each other. "If this is a fight about me, I do not want it. If it is a fight about Princess Visenya, then let us speak of it."

"You claimed to love her," Daevon says. "Yet you kissed my sister. Of all the women in the city you choose to be unfaithful with my sister. Could you have deliberately chosen anyone more thoughtless, more hurtful. Did you say that to Visenya? Did you call her the same things you've called me? If they're true of me, they're true of her" He shakes his head as best as he can. "No. I will not fight you. And no, I didn't expect a kind welcome. I tried the kind route for all the good it did me and then I found out that it was more than just words, he kissed my sister once, and tried to again and she had to stop him. Yet he claims to love you. If he does that now, what will the marriage be like? How many women will he kiss and sleep with while being jealous of any attention men pay to you?"

Arrick feigns a swoon and he peers at the Ser Daevon, "You speak of something we just resolved! I admitted I should not have done those things, but it was only because YOU told her of Mari and I!" Arrick steps back and heads towards one of the walls, using it to lean against, a support in a room without any. "If she thought of me as more than a friend, then that is a problem that can be dealt with as it was not my intention." Arrick folds his arms and he adds with a bit of anger returning, "Do not begin to think of what our future holds, your dragon dreams don't mean shit to me."

Mariya steps away from the both of them. The look on her face is hard to read. "You pursued her? You kissed her without prompting?" Her voice is not quite edged now, it is a bit higher pitched than normal. "How could she have thought otherwise?" Then, she turns to Daevon. "You told? I confided in you so that we could be honest with each other and so that I would not hurt you and you told? Arrick said that you had told someone, but I could not believe you would."

"Visenya was the one who told me that you were in love with Mariya," Daevon says. "She sees these things clearly, moreso than I. Yet you tried to kiss Visenya, twice, even while you're supposed to be with Mariya. She saw you as a friend and you toyed with her and I have to wonder, are you doing the same with Mariya? How many more women will you seduce while you're supposedly in love with her? And yet you cannot allow Mariya to have the same freedoms you yourself exercise." He looks at Mariya. "She was the one who told me that Arrick was in love with you. She knew there was something between you before I ever did. I thought she knew that it was reciprocated. She spoke as if she did. She spoke of Arrick, and… I thought she knew, Mariya. And I was surprised by her revelations about Arrick and I did not think… She sees clearly and she leaps between words spoken to conclusions that are often true."

"No it didn't happen as you think, I burned my hand in one of her useless games of fire and she offered me anything I wished to make up for it! I chose a simple kiss and then suggested otherwise, knowing it could cause trouble, only to be commanded to do as I originally wished!" Arrick grumbles as he shows his hand, which still bears a slight scar from where he briefly held a dagger that was placed in a fire. "I only wanted her to think there was nothing between us!" Arrick motions towards Mariya and then continues, "Not for her to find me anything more than a friend!" Arrick grumbles as he lets his eyes fall to the ground, not entirely able to look Mari in the eye.

"You could have denied it. You could have said nothing. Yet, I ask yesterday what of Arrick and your sister and you hold your ground." Mariya shakes her head. Her hands clench slightly and she closes her eyes. "There is a difference between suspicions and knowing it as true because I told you and then you told her. You could have at least told me that she knew. I thought that was the point of our honesty." Her eyes open, but there are no tears there to brush away. "I trusted you." She unclenches her hands, turning to Arrick. "What of anyone else who has their suspicions? Must you also prove yourself to them?" Angrily, she shakes her head. "I thought I knew you both, but you are acting as strangers to me now. I must go." Without further prompting, she makes for the door, unwilling to be held back.

"This is the first time I've spoken to you since I found out about all of…" Daevon sighs. "I'm sorry Mariya." What else can he say but that. "I… sorry." No more excuses from him.

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