(121-06-19) In the Lion's Den
In the Lion's Den.
Summary: Lory and Ludvik have a discussion about the upcoming event.
Date: 19/06/121
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The Lannister manse is mostly empty at the moment with the exception of a few servants dressed in gold and red. The hot sun can be seen through narrow windows and shines through them. Sitting in one of the many tables scattered across the Lannister manse Lory Lannister can be seen with a book in hand. Even though he is somewhat engrossed in what he is reading he also seems to have something else on his mind. He Braavosi trainer sits on the opposite side of the table and he seems to be very bored with his student as he sits saying not a word.

Whistling as he makes his way down the stairs, Ludvik looks around for a few moments. He's unable to hold back a brief grin, as he looks around. Spotting Lory, he offers a smile and a nod now. "Cousin."

Lory doesn't look up from the book knowing who the familiar voice comes from. "Ludvik." He then shuts his book and looks up to his Lannister cousin. "How are you cousin?”

"Well enough, Lory. Well enough," Ludvik replies, with a quiet smile. "How about you? Enjoying a book again now?" He looks around for a few moments now, before he moves to find himself a place to sit. There's a nod to the Braavosi as well, a bit quietly.

The quiet Braavosi simply nods back. He usually never speaks to anyone but Lory. "Good good," Lory says and then he replies to Ludvik's question. "It's good enough I suppose. It's a book on medicines and healing methods. It was meant for Amron's 17 name-day but I'm sure I can find him a better gift on time." He says with a small grin.

Ludvik chuckles as he hears that, nodding a little now. "I'm sure you will manage to do so. You have the skill for that." A brief smile and a nod as he leans back in his seat now.

"Do I?" Lory grins. "I suppose so. Maybe for most people, but I don't know Amron as well as I could which makes it rather difficult to find him something he would want or even like. Do you have any suggestion cousin? Anything would be helpful at this point."

Ludvik shakes his head a little. "I've never been good with getting gifts for people, I fear." He lets out a bit of a sigh now. "Not even when I need to."

"Not good with gifts but good with a sword if I recall? Any recent sword fights cousin?" Lory leans back in his chair and the bravo next to him seems somewhat intrigued in the answer.

"Well, only spars lately, but some of them was quite interesting," Ludvik replies, with a grin now. "Some of the people more interesting than others too, of course."

His cousin seems to have caught his interest now. "Interesting?" Lory inquires, "Hmmm Who was the partner in the spar Ludvik? And more importantly: Who won" Lory is grinning now.

Pausing for a few moments as he hears that, Ludvik shrugs a bit. "Oh, just a Targaryen. And it was a draw, more or less." A brief pause, before he adds, "Unlike the melee where we all fought that Northern Lady with the Valyrian steel sword."

Lory's eyes widen slightly at the mention of the sparring partners. "A Targaryen? Was it Ser Daevon? And a Northern Lady with a Valyrian steel sword? I'm assuming it was a Mormont? But which one?"

"No, it was not Ser Daevon," Ludvik replies, shaking his head for a few moments, before he adds, "And it was Lady Maera, Lady Mormont herself."

"If not Ser Daevon then who?" Lory glances back at Ludvik. "And did you win against Lady Mormont? I hear she is very skilled with a blade."

Ludvik shrugs a bit, "Lady Mormont managed to reduce the rest of the competition in the melee at the tournament to rubble, so to speak," Ludvik replies, before he shrugs a little. "She is quite skilled yes, but also having a Valyrian steel blade helped, I'm certain." A shrug to the part about who the Targaryen was. "Princess Faelyn. A skilled woman with a blade, and an interesting young lady." A brief smile is offered, before he glances around the room again. "How about you? Have you been up to anything interesting after you got here?"

Lory shrugs. "I meet a witch." He says somewhat bluntly. "And Princess Faelyn was there with me but other than that I'd say no. I have only recently came to Oldtown and haven't had anything too interesting happen to me but I'm sure something will happen soon. The Festival of Chivalry has begun!"

"A witch? How so, cousin?" Ludvik shrugs a little now, as he looks to Lory with interest, before he shrugs, "Ah yes, Festival…"

Lory shrugs again. "I don't truly know. She claims to be a witch or maybe she was just a madwoman, but she seemed sane to me. Her name was Isador. Do you have anything planned for the Festival Ludvik?"

Ludvik nods slowly as he hears the explanation. "Ah, I see." A brief pause, before he shrugs at the question about the Festival. "Not really, no. Should I?"

Lory shrugs. "Perhaps not. I too have nothing truly intended, but who knows?" He looks at Ludvik. "I heard the entrance to the Battle Island is blocked unless one manages a Pass of Arms with a Tyrell. And that the passage through the Rose Road is too but with a different kind of competition."

"As long as they don't block my way to a place to get some drinks and watch the pretty women, they can have their little festival," Ludvik replies, with a shake of his head now.

An amused grin finds its way on Lory's lips. "You do enjoy your pleasures cousin." He even manages a small laugh. "Hopefully someone will emerge as victor. Maybe even a Lannister."

Ludvik shrugs, "Life's too short not to enjoy what gives you pleasure. One day, someone might stab me to death or something, right?" He shrugs once more as he listens to the rest, with a brief grin. "Well, it would be awfully dull for the Chivalry-minded if nobody were to win, I suppose."

"I suppose you're right." He says with a shrug. "Who do you think will become the winner? That Mormont Lady? Ser Daevon the Maiden Knight. Maybe Princess Faelyn but it seems unlikely that she will even be able to join. She is a woman after all, but some might say the same for Daevon." He says with a grin.

"I don’t know. What are the conditions to win that thing?" Ludvik shrugs a little bit now, before he adds, "I haven't paid too much attention, I'm afraid."

Lory shrugs. "Perhaps the one who stands out the most gets the honor." He stands up suddenly and gestures to his Braavosi trainer to get up too. "I fear I must go. I should at least start to look for a better gift." With that he walks out of the Lannister manse into Starry Street.

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