(121-06-18) Lively Markets, Flirting and...Liverwort?!
Lively Markets, Flirting and…Liverwort?!
Summary: An attempted theft turns into a half-hearted hunt for a name-day present and a mild flirting session. Colen spots the obvious, Kelinyx observes, Lory acts shy, and Toran is his normal shameless self.
Date: 18/06/2014
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Its a busy day in the Oldtown Sqaure. Mid afternoon has everyone running around doing thier shopping at a brisk pace. The square is very busy so its not too surprising that a tall figure dressed mostly in black goes unoticed. Toran seems to blend expertly into the crowd as he wanders the square. Large hands twitch slighty and the lord eyes a nearby nobleman in gaudy clothing with what seems like disdain and a hint of longing though that is mostly directed at the mans coin purse. Toran lets out a breath and brushes by the man with casual grace. No one seems to notice as the dark dressed nobleman lifts the other mans purse without trouble and attaches it to his belt before wandering away at a slow unhurried pace. A small smile appears on Toran's face as he makes his way over to look over a selection of throwing daggers at a nearby stall.

In the midst of the crowd Lory is shopping at various stands with his Braavosi guard and trainer. His coin purse seems to be full with gold coin as this teen is a Lannister. He is looking at a silk tunic when the Black Peacock gets away with his coin purse. Lory is quite clueless to what has just happened but the Braavosi towering over him isn't so easy to get away from. He man leans over to whisper, "I'll be right back." to Lory and without letting Lory respond he starts over to the Serrett his hand on the his blade.

Perched on the edge of the platform for the stocks which are, thankfully, presently empty, Keli sways her feet and chews noisily on an apple. A man in a dark cloak, another who is blonde and well-dressed, and one moving betwixt the two with purpose seems to catch her attention, but much like a cat, she silently watches.

Quiet as any cat, Colen snuck out again and is sort of meandering through the city. It's been a bit since he came this far. The lad's small and thin, and he doesn't do much to catch attention. He does catch sight of the noble that's been robbed and just sort of watches him curiously.

Toran spots the Braavosi heading towards him and raises a black brow at the man eyeing him curiously as he moves away from the stall where he was browsing. Suddenly his grey eyes widen a bit with recognition and Toran grins mischieviously. Grey eyes drift back to Lory and Toran starts walking back in that direction careful to keep part of the crowd between him and the bravo following him as he makes his way back to the Lannister. He removes the stolen coin purse from his belt and comes to stand just behind Lory. "Excuse me….I do believe you've lost something. I would like to return it." There is a hint of amusment in his tone as he glances breifly back at the Braavosi man following him. He offers the man a sly amused smile before refocusing on Lory and offering back the stolen purse with a charming smile.

Lory turns his head and looks up at Toran. "I must have dropped it… How could I have been so careless?" He smiles warmily at the Serret as the purse falls into his hand. "You have my thanks Toran." The bravo is not so easily fooled. He studies the Serret for a moment and whispers something barely audible to Lory, "Only a fool is so easily deceived my lord of House Lannister. Didn't this man say he had a dark past before?" Lory's eye widen as he realizes what the Braavosi man suggests. A sly smile appears on his lips and he whisper back to his trainer. "He was so good to return it. I honestly don't care if he steals from half the nobles in Westeros so long as I'm not one of them." He returns his gaze to Toran assuming he didn't hear what him and his trainer just exchanged. "What brings you to the market my lord?"

Kelinyx starts to slither now amongst the people, apple handed off to a beggar and her form crouched low. Her clothes are dull enough, her hair unstyled and her body so slim she surely is just another street child, save the glimmering pigstickers at her hips. She can't help but find her way to the exchange, the manner of speech that Lory gives more than enough to keep her interested in what has a noble lord all the way down here and speaking to what appears to be a skulker of sorts.

Slipping through the throngs, Colen's making his way towards Lory and Toran as discretely as possible. He wants to see how this whole thing will play out. There's no visible weaponry on him unlike the other child moving towards them.

Toran inclines his head to Lory with a pleasant smile. "You are quite welcome Lord Lory. It was my pleasure." Toran eyes the bravo in return his expression amused as the pair exchange words. He seems to realize what they are speaking of even if he can't really hear what is said. When Lory asks the question Toran smiles faintly his grey eyes studying Lory intently a moment as if trying to determine something. Whatever he finds seems to please him and he responds easily. "I was just browsing mostly…waiting for something to catch my eyes." He glances over at the approching child nearby with a breif glance noticing the daggers she carries and raising a brow before looking back to Lory. "And what of you Lord Lory, what brings you here? Are you just looking around as well or do you know what it is you want?"

Lory glances suspiciously at the child with daggers that seems to be sneaking up on them. He doesn't know for sure if she is heading their way but the fact that he has already had something stolen from him he is more cautious. He raises a brow when at Toran's remark. "Waiting for something to catch the eye?" He smirks but responds to the next question instead. "My youngest brother's name-day is in a month and I must be sure to get him something decent. Even if he is not exactly my… favorite family member."

The little one isn't being a sneak like Colen, nor is she seeking to draw attention, just watching in a way that would give any feline a run for its money. She finds a new perch, atop a half-broken barrel, and while it doesn't seem she is really eavesdropping, she's near enough to hear what isn't whispered. But at least she isn't eyeballing purses.

It's just his nature not to draw too much attention to himself. So he sneaks. That's it. Colen looks at Lory, and bites his tongue a little bit. Buying someone a name-day present and not liking them seems awfully silly a concept to him. What a waste of good money. Presents are for those you like! The kid just sort of stands there hands behind his back watching the interactions and humming a little to himself.

Toran smirks as he notices Lory's sudden caution toward the young urchin. He nods his head once and his smirk becomes more of a grin. "I see…younger brothers are sometimes quite tricky to buy for. My own brother is likely easier than most since he adores anything that you can read. If you would prefer it I will leave you to your searching?" Toran studies Lory curiously trying to see whether the other Lord would prefer him to stay or leave. The sneaking Colen gets a breif glance as well. Toran knows enough about stealth to know when someone is trying to sneak up on him it seems.

"My brother is quite the same being a novice at the Citadel. He is fond of books but I'm not sure how picky he is with them. Perhaps you can help me with the gift. Truely I only do it because it is expected of me. Even my father is likely going to get him something." He runs a hand through the face of a book and looks back to Toran with thoughtful eyes. "Would you be upset if I told you to leave?" He says with a grin.

Keli is quietly absorbing what the three adults have to say, her fingers sliding through her black locks a few times as she rests her chin on one knee, leg drawn up to her chest. Her eyes roam Colen's form a few times, then should he look her way she will even offer him a meager smile.

Oh Colen does look over at Keli, the dark haired boy lifts a hand to run fingers through his dark hair. Books are good. He likes books, but the practical is better. He even whispers such under his breath. His blue eyes go from Toran to Lory and back. "Your brother is at the Citadel?" He asks politely, but seeming a little bit on the nervous side about the whole thing. His tongue wets his lips quickly.

Toran nods and looks thoughtful as if considering something. Though the question Lory asks him next has him chuckling a bit. He steps forward just a little, moving just a fraction closer to the Lannister and meeting those blue eyes with his own stormy grey ones. "Upset? No I would not be upset if you told me to leave…I would be disappointed though and I would much prefer it if you asked me to stay." Toran smiles mischieviously canting his head to one side as he regards Lory with an intense gaze. "If you want me to leave you need ony say the word. Or you could ask me to stay instead…but the choice is yours." Colen's question has Toran looking to the boy in question and taking a slow step backwards away from Lory as he waits for the Lannister to answer.

Lory slightly blushes as Toran comes comes closer and meets his eyes. "By all means stay. You will surely make this a more… interesting shopping trip." He glances at the boy that speaks up. "Yes he is a novice there. Perhaps you have seen him. His looks scream Lannister and he is most likely the only lion you'll see there. Why do you ask? Are you a novice there too?"

Kelinyx pipes up softly, curiously, offering but one word in her reedy voice as she dismounts the barrel and approaches the men. Curiosity shines in her eyes as she inquires with a warm tone, "Bryn?"

"Bryn's not a Lannister." Colen says shaking his head a bit. "Tall blonde boy? I think I've seen him about. I don't really know him precisely." He says casually, but nods his head a little bit about the being a novice,"He's enjoying being at the Citadel I think." There's a bit in his tone that suggests Colen's there for other reasons. His eyes watch the three people and a small smile forms on his lips,"Bryn's a good sort."

Toran smiles mischieviously at Lory. The smile widens a bit as he notices that blush. He inclines his head in a respectful manner. "As you wish." Toran listens quietly as the others speak his grey gaze observing each of them carefully. His gaze strays back to the books Lory was looking over studying the titles carefully. He moves a bit closer to the stall subtly brushing agianst Lory as he leans in to get a better look at the books on display. He glances breifly to the Lannister and gives a small teasing smirk before returning his attention to the task at hand.

"Bryn….." Lory ponders on the name. "Amron may have mentioned him. Though I rarely listen when he speaks. All I remember is that the boy looks like a Targaryen with his purple eyes and platinum hair." He says with a shrug. When Toran brushes againist him Lory's face turns a deeper red. He turn to study Toran's expression and blushes even more.

Kelinyx's head tilts as new information is shared and she soaks it all up, giving a nod of her head and "Thank you, sirs," to both of the talkative gentlemen. The not so talkative Bravo gets a more thorough review now, noting weaponry and armor, but it's with admiration, not a pickpocket's envy (or she's good at hiding her intent). She slips into Colen's shadow, since he's more outgoing than she, but there might be a hint of (literal) smallfolk solidarity in her stance.

"That would be Bryn." Colen says nodding his head a little bit. "You two done flirting? You're supposed to be looking at the books." He says with a note that says he's amused by their flirting. He's not very good at hiding that, although he doesn't truly smile. He has a very somber expression on his face as if it were a very grave matter at hand. His blue eyes go from Lory to Toran and then to the bravo. "How are you to buy an appropriate gift if you don't listen?"

Toran continues to look the books over brushing casually against Lory once more as he studies the covers of the books intently. The childs bluntly spoken words cuase him to turn his head and study Colen. After a moment he chuckles and then outright laughs with good humor clearly amused. "You are very observant…I don't think someone so young has ever caught onto my intentions so easily or at least they haven't mentioned it so boldly if they have." He glances to Lory and smiles playfully giving him a wink. "I have a few suggestions but it would certainly help if you knew something about what your brother likes." He studies the Lannister intently not bothering to hide his interest as much now.

Lory glances at the boy as he makes his blunt remark. "I wasn't flirting!" He says somewhat shyly. The eye contact with the people present is suddenly broken and his eyes lower. "I don't know what the appropritate gift would be and that's the problem. He must want something to help him in his training as a maester. He always has wanted to prove himself but isn't the most combat proficient person so that makes thing difficult."

Keli can't help but giggle, covering her hand and stifling it when Toran's gaze falls Colen's way, though her smile remains. His laughter relaxes her enough for her to drop her hands, rocking on her heels as she considers what suggestion to make, though her help was never requested. "Languages. Laws. Libations. Lords and ladies. Livers and lumps and lies?" It might be hard to tell if she's actually assisting or just suffering a bout of stream-of-consciousness aloud.

"Yes you were. I can recognize flirting when I see it. I used to see men flirt with mother and also people flirting in the street all the time." Colen says rolling his eyes a bit,"Anyway, do you know what sort of focus he has? You could get him books on anything but there are so many possible subjects. Or you could just pick a book that you know he does not already own and purchase it for him." He says shrugging a bit before looking at Toran,"I grew up not far from here. Trust me… I know flirting."

"You weren't flirting with me then Lord Lory?" Toran raises a brow at the suddenly shy young man. He doesn't look offended at all just amused and like he is about to cause mischief of some sort. A hand reaches up and tries to gently lift Lory's chin to meet Toran's eyes. Grey eyes shine as they look down at the Lannister. "I won't deny it myself….I was flirting with you but if it is unwelcome then I suppose it would be wise of me to stop yes?" That gaze is playful and teasing and it is quite clear that it will take a lot more than Lory's shyness to discourage the Serrett nobleman.

When Lory's chin is lifted up he flushes and looks away. "I suppose I might have been fl…" His voice trails on and he suddenly grabs a book about matters of herbs and healing and pays for the costly book. "I fear I must be going." He calls for his Braavosi master and he makes his way back to his family manse in the Starry Street.

"Liverwort! I forgot that one," Keli self-scolds, but as the fair noble makes for departure, Keli stays true to her feline demeanor by looking to scoot before the predatory peacock might size her up. Giving a tug to Colen's shouder she asks, "Wanna get some pastries?"

Toran glances after the departing Lory with a grin. With a chuckle he shakes his head softly and turns to leave as well moving through the crowds and disappering down one of Oldtowns many side streets.

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