(121-06-18) Discussions and Temptations
Discussions and Temptations
Summary: Lory and Toran meet again in Oldtown Sqaure.
Date: 18-06-2014
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Its early evening with the sun just starting to set. The shops and stalls of the markets have mostly closed for the night and Toran is making his way onto Oldtown Sqaure from Beacon Boulevard with a thoughtful look on his face. Grey eyes glance over the near empty sqaure with a faint smile. He puases his steps and moves to prop against a nearby wall and watch the crowds as they thin out. He doesn't look like he is out to cuase mischief though, he appears to be trying to clear his head with a walk instead. He stands there a long moment observing silently his hands at his sides and his back propped against the wall of one of the many shops that line the square.

Sitting on a somewhat large stone bench a certain Lannister teen sits with a book in his hands. It doesn't seem to be the one he has just bought but it is obvious he is engrossed in whatever he is reading. His full lips move slightly as he reads but no sound comes out of them. He pulls a strand of blonde hair from his eyes. His eyes skim the markets that are slowly being closed and he sighs before returning to his book.

Toran watches the crowds a moment longer before his eyes fall upon a familer figure sitting on a bench. He smiles faintly and studies Lory from afar and after a moment pushes himself off the wall and starts over in that direction with slow yet confident strides. He pauses at one of the few open stalls and buys a small bag filled with blueberries. Opening the bag and picking out a berry to pop into his mouth he starts over to join Lory attempting to sit down next to the Lannister on the opposite side of the bench.

Lory looks up from his book to see Toran approaching. "Up so late?" He inquiries. "But I suppose the same could be asked of me." He lets the Serret sit at the opposite side of the bench and looks at the bag of blueberries but doesn't ask for one of them. He leans back on the bench behind him and shuts his book closed seeing as he is most likely going to engage in a conversation with the noble. "I remember you saying your father planned to get you married off. Do you know who the bride will be yet?"

Toran chuckles softly and turns to face Lory. "Indeed it could. I was just going for a walk and trying to think." He smiles and offers the bag of berries to the Lannister. "I will gladly share these if you like? Food always helps me feel better for some reason." The question has him blinking in surprise and nodding absently looking thoughtful. "I wrote back with my reply and this morning I got a raven saying that my betrothed would be arriving in Oldtown soon…apparently father already had her picked out and the arrangements made before he gave me my choice." Toran sighs. "Frankly I'm worried what she will think of me…I've been told her name but nothing else and I only wonder what they have told her about me. I'm not exactly the best choice for a husband for a proper lady you know? Not that it bothers me…I just feel bad that some poor girl will get stuck with me when she could have someone who would likely treat her better."

Lory takes only one berry from the bag and pops it into his mouth. His greenish blue eyes gaze at Toran. "Your father may be a cruel man but it seems unlikely that he would go out of his way to tarnish a family memeber's reputation. And you could find that the noble lady is much like yourself." He says with a shrug. "Or at least doesn't mind the dark deeds you have done. Not all proper ladies are the same."

Toran takes another berry for himself and pops it into his mouth. He looks thoughtful and studies Lory carefull before he smiles faintly. "Your right she could be like me…though I think its more like my father to marry me to someone prim and proper who will try and tame me into being proper as well. I can't see him giving me a woman who is too troublesome…I'm trouble enough as it is and he likely wants to prevent further family disgrace not cause more." He grins playfully and offers the bag of berries again.

"That would make more sense. But perhaps she won't be as bothersome as you think she will be." Lory accepts another berry and looks at the Serrett with thoughful eyes. "You do know you give your father many reasons to want you 'tamed'? He is somewhat justified in what he is doing."

"Perhaps she won't…and who knows perhaps I will like my new leash?" Toran chuckles weakly taking another berry for himself. At Lory's next words he takes a deep breath and eyes the Lannister a long moment before slumping down slightly. "You know what? On one hand I know deep down you are right but that still doesn't change the part of me that wants to rebell anyway. Most of my experiences with other nobles even those in my own family were not pleasant…not even in the beginning. I grew to resent them and I still fear becoming snobbish and uncaring just like how most of them are." Toran sighs ad offers Lory another berry. "I know my methods are not the best but still what else can I do to keep myself from becoming what I hate?"

Lory shrugs and takes another berry. "Not all nobles are so imperious or unkind. I may not be the right example, but I assure you some are out there. " He says and manages a soft chuckle. "It may be rather hard to be your own person when many are pressuring you to go off in a different direction, but not impossible. My brothers are living proof of that. And besides stealing is quite 'uncaring' in many eyes." He says with a sly grin.

"So what are you saying? That I should find a way to compromise and still be myself while trying to become more respectable at the same time?" Toran actually seems to be thinking this over though but the last comment has him smirking and chuckling softly. "You know what I do with everything I steal Lory?" He leans in closer to whisper into the Lannisters ear. "I give it to the poor. Those that suffer from the nobles cruelty most are those who benfit from my actions. Is that truly cruel?" He reachs a hand to to tilt Lory's chin so they are eye to eye and Toran's grey eyes gleam with mischief as he looks into Lory's blue eyes for an answer. Those fingers brush the Lannister's cheek and Toran smiles softly. "Am I truly cruel then? Do you think I'm cruel?"

"I'm not sure how possible that is Lord Serrett, but you could just try not getting caught." Lory says with a smirk. The Lannister's eyes widen slightly as Toran says where the money he steals goes back to. "Truely?" He says uncertain. The cheek Toran touch turns a bright red and Lory's eyes lower, but he doesn't tell the Serrett lord to stop. "No," He starts. "Or not yet at least. But I am starting to think of something else about you."

Toran chuckles softly as he watches the Lannister Lord intently now. "Not getting caught is always good advice to give in my opinion…but will you tell me something Lory?" Those fingers gently brush agaist the teens cheek in a soft caressing touch. Toran grins and leans in more so their lips are almost touching. He speak softly his voice just above a whisper. "What exactly are you thinking? I'm very curious to know what kind of thoughts I inspire."

As the Black Peacock moves closer Lory's whole body shudders. He is about to say a thought but bites his lip and smirks. "I can see that this betrothal your father has in mind will not tie you down seeing as you still find it appropriate to flirt with others." He speaks in a soft tone but this doesn't seem to be what Lory was actually thinking, maybe not even close.

Toran smirks but slowly pulls back giving Lory more space. "What can I say old habits are hard to break and you are very hard to resist." Toran smiles faintly as Lory's words slowly sink into his mind. After a moment his eyes widen a bit and he looks somewhat shocked. He leans back slumping back onto the bench and sighs. "I am a terrible person…all I can think of now is how I'm one step away from being celibate now that I'm betrothed. Why did you have to mention that particular detail?" He sounds more horrified by the 'almost celibate' part than the possiblity of being a terrible person.

An amused grin finds it's way on Lory's lips. "Well since marriage is generally something that doesn't just go away I assumed that fact may be important for you to realize. It would be quite scandalous if you still found your way to the Bawdy Bard while being married. And what do you mean celibate? You'll have your wife and she could be very attractive." The last part is simply to lighten the mood.

Toran is actually looking a bit sad now. He sighs. "Yes it is important, you are right I should try to treat her with the care and respect she deserves….Though I still hope she is beautiful and knows how to distract me from…wait a minute! How did you even know about my frequent trips to the Bawdy Bard anyway?" He looks to Lory in surprise and frowns slightly. He raises a brow and eyes Lory carefully looking a touch suspicious.

Lory blushes slightly as Toran mentions that he goes to the establishment. "Well I know now. I just assumed that you aren't so flirtatious with just me." He glances back to Toran as he realizes what he just got interupted from saying. "Wait… you hope she knows how to distract you from what!" He looks surprised but grins.

Toran narrows his eyes briefly then he laughs softly. "You certainly know how to trick me into revealing things I normally wouldn't…or maybe I just like talking with you?" Toran grins and leans in again with a smirk on his lips at the question. "I was saying I hope she knows how distract me from other beautiful women and handsome men too for that matter. I do like both you know?" He licks his lips meeting thse blue eyes head on "You are certainly good at getting me distracted…hopefully she will have similar skills." He leans in almost like he is about to kiss Lory but then he realizes what he is doing and stops slowly starting to pull away again.

"You have certainly made it clear of your preferences Lord Serrett." He looks deeply at Toran's grey eyes. "I haven't been trying to…." His voice trails off but when Toran leans for a kiss for a second it looks like Lory will let him but then the Serrett noble pulls away and there is a certain disappointment in Lory's eyes.

That look of disappointment is almost enough to break Toran's control completely. He takes a deep breath and turns his head away. "You tempt me…still I should learn to start denying myself the things I want now." He looks back to Lory and his gazed becomes heated with the desire he is trying to repress. "I sh…oh to to the hells with denial!" He leans back in and presses a quick heated kiss to the Lannisters lips. Its swift and yet passionate at the same time and Toran seems to be struggling with himself wanting that kiss to linger longer than it should. He slowly pulls away. "I should go lest I lose even more of my self control." He rises and offers a low bow before turning and hurrying away into the night his black cloak billowing behind him as he vanishes from sight.

Just when Lory thinks that may be the last time Toran attempts to kiss him he finds a kiss being planted on his lips. He is taken back by it to be sure but strangely he even kisses back. He places a hand on Toran's cheek but the hand doesn't stay there long as the Serret noble seems to be leaving. He rises from his seat and picks the book from the bench and leaves too, but not without a smile on his lips.

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