(121-06-17) Tavern Talk
Tavern talk
Summary: Two noblemen share wine and have a talk in the Quill and Tankard. Family drama is discussed and common ground is found.
Date: 17/06/2014
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Toran sits in a corner of the Quill and Tankard with a goblet of red wine in one hand. The tall darkly dressed nobleman looks thoughtful as he scans the rooms patrons and then looks back down at the table to the letter there. The fine parchment has the seal of House Serrett of the Westerlands imprinted at the base of it. The letter itself looks rather short but its apparently enough to cuase a normally rowdy and outgoing man to become thoughtful and almost sullen. Toran lifts the goblet to his lips and turns to stare at the flickering fire with a a slight frown. Black brows furrow in thought and a gulp of wine is taken before grey eyes sweep across the room once more.

The Lannister teen seems to have been exploring the city as he has just came from the Starry Street to this Inn. He is garbed in a loose white silk shirt and it looks like he has nothing under it. He also wears dark black trousers. He stands near the bar and orders a glass of honeyed sweetwine and then looks for somewhere to sit. He glances at the dark looking man that appears to be a noble. "Greetings my lord." He says with a courteous tone. "May I sit at your table

Toran's head turns to focus on the young man studying him intently and then nodding once. "You may yes. I am Lord Toran Serrett at least for the moment…until father comes up with a reason to disown me." Toran smirks a little but the expression doesn't reach his eyes he glances at the paper and then back at the young nobleman. "You are a Lannister yes? I would bet money you are one of Lord Lannister's sons in fact." Toran's formerly gloomy expression turns curious and a touch playful. "So what brings a memeber of my mothers former House to Oldtown? I hope you aren't here to drag me back to the Silverhills by my hair? Though judging by this letter that isn't their current plan." He seems to be in fairly good humor now though the letter gets another glance a frown before he fixes his attention on his company once more.

Lory smirks curiously and sits down at the table. "How did you know?" And then he runs a hand through his golden hair. "Well the hair really does give it away doesn't it? Yes I'm Lord Lannister 's son. The fifth one to be precise." He then returns to the topic of Torna's background. "Why would your family disown you? What could you have possibly done to them?" He glances at the letter.

"My mother was a Lannister and she made sure me and my brothers knew who was who in the Westerlands. Even those of us who aren't very good at handling political matters had to learn…which in my family is just me really." Toran smiles bitterly but the question has him chuckling softly. "What haven't I done?" He looks to the letter and sighs. "If you are curious that letter is telling me I have a week to inform my father of a choice. I can accept a match of his choice, marry and settle down or he is disowning me and sending me north to the Wall to take the black." Toran shudders. "He truly knows me well…or he doesn't know me at all and just hopes I will defy him and choose the wall so he can be rid of me. I think its the latter since I can't see him wanting me to actually have children." Toran chuckles weakly. "He is Lord Serret so he doesn't even need a real reason for this but…well lets just say I have trouble with following the rules and leave it at that yes?"

For some reason Lory is not at all okay with leaving it at that. "Why would a marriage be a problem my lord? And if he isn't expecting you to pick the marriage choice he may perhaps not actually have a match for you." Lory shrugs. "But perhaps you're right and we should just leave it at 'that'. How far are you in the line of succesion anyway?"

"Its not really a problem for me…its just I can't imagine a woman wanting to marry me. And there is that part of me that is terrifed of commitment…so maybe it is a slight problem." Toran sips his wine and regards Lory a moment. "I'm the fourth son out of five and even I agree my ten year old brother would make a better choice for Lord Serrett than myself." He looks thoughtful. "I'm fairly well liked in the Silverhills though…well let me rephrase that…I'm liked by everyone except the nobles." Toran grins mischeviously his grey eyes shining. "Not that I mind this of course."

Lory is fairly new to Oldtown so he is often confued by the intrigue here. He glances at thr Serry noble with curious handsome eyes. "Nobles aren't fond of you. I can't exactly see why." He starts but then adds, "but I'm sure they have their reasons." He ponders on Toran's words. "It must be rather difficult being an unliked noble," He smirks. "But I can see it doesn't bother you very much"

Toran laughs, its a sound of pure amusment and seems to lift the Serrett noblemans spirits. He smirks at Lory and the laughter dies down to a soft chuckle. "I'm glad to see I'm not disliked by all the nobles here." He winks his expression turning playful as he looks the Lannister over carefully. "I don't let what people think of me bother me no….opinions can change as quickly as the wind so why worry over something so inconsistant?" Toran singals over a server. "More wine for me and bring whatever my companion here wants as well…my treat." He gives Lory a charming smile. "You still haven't told me your name you know…"

Lory slightly blushes as he realizes he has forgoten to introduce himself. "Lord Lory of House Lannister, but Lory will do. No need formalities here in this Inn." He smirks at the offer of more wine. "I'll just have what he is having." He turns back to Toran. "Have you done anything particularly-" He pauses trying to find the right word, "dishonorable that would make nobles fear you? Sadly since I'm of a great house and my father already came close to disowning me if I were to do anything too drastic, I would be quickly punished."

"Lory it is then…but I must insist you call me Toran as well." Toran grins and nods to the server who goes to get more of the best red wine the inn has to offer. Toran's goblet is quickly refilled and another full one is brought for Lory. Toran sips his wine and considers the question. "I have done several things that would upset the nobility yes…most of it was deliberate too but I actually thought it was a good idea at the time. I though what I was doing was right…" Toran sighs. "Maybe I am right and they are wrong but even if that is true now I have to repent and become like those I've always felt disdain for or face my worst nighmares. I have already decided I will accept my fathers demands but that doesn't mean I like it…I hope whoever he picks isn't too unpleasant or if she is then I hope she is so beautiful I won't care what she acts like." A long drink of wine is taken as Toran studies Lory over the rim of his goblet.

Lory is intrigued at what exactly this man is talking about when he says about this 'good idea' but in attempt to not pry he speaks no more of it. He drinks from his goblet and the wine instantly gives his full lips a red tint to them. "Do you have any idea who your plans to pick? It would seem quite unfair if he decieded to surprise you with the match. My Lord Father too plans to get my a marriage and he says he will look for a maiden in the Reach. Perhaps even a Tyrell, but I don't particularly want a marriage or him to chose the match.

Toran smiles faintly and sips from his own goblet studying Lory with with intense grey eyes of his. The question asked has him shaking his head slightly and looking into the fire. "I have no idea who he will pick…thats why I'm so nervous. I wouldn't put it past him to match me up with the worst woman in the seven kingdoms just to spite me. Though her family would likely have to be at least somewhat desperate in order to agree to have her marry me. My…reputation isn't exactly the best. Out of all my brothers I'm the black sheep…in a figurative and literal sense both. I'm the only of my brothers with black hair and to them and those like them my reputation is just as black as my hair." Toran looks somewhat amused as he speaks and glances back to Lory.

Lory studies Toran for a moment. "I'm still lost to what exactly taints your reputation so much and why your father is so displeased by you." Lory leans back and wait for the Serrett to go into more detail. His bright blue eyes looking directly into Toran's.

Toran hestiates as he looks into those blue eyes. His confidence falters for just a moment and he holds that gaze for a long minute before he shakes his head gently his smirk returning as he quickly regains his composure. "Its not something I can discuss in public. I wish I could but the risk isn't worth it…especially in such pleasant company. I would hate to make such a charming young man think less of me after all." Toran grins mischieviously as he deflects the question with well placed flattery.

Lory's eyes lower and a pink blush finds it's way on his checks because of the Serret's flattery. "Thank you and I understand your caution." Trying to arise a more plesant topic he changes the subject. "What brings you to Oldtown anyway? I've came recently on my father's request to improve relations with the Reach."

Toran smiles gratefully at the change of subjects his eyes studying the rising blush on Lory's cheeks with amusement. "I volunteered to come here when my little brother was sent to study at the Starry Sept. I love the kid and I wanted to be close by while he gets settled in here. He is actually the only one of my brothers I enjoy spending time with and I also have twin sisters younger than my brother but they are too little to hold a conversation at this point."

Lory eyes look from up his wine cup back to Toran's eyes. "My brothers are quite the same. The youngest wished to become a maester and my older brother Ser Haydn volunteered to join him for protection. I for one came later than both of them because my father thought I wasn't ready. Seeing as most nobles aren't fond of you I assume you are not present in most courtly events."

Toran's grey eyes met Lory's blue ones once again. "No I do not attend many of those events..I might have to start going at some point though. Especially if my father truly intends to force me into marriage. My wife will probbaly expect it." Toran smiles faintly not breaking his eyes away from Lory. "If I may ask…what is it you did to have your father almost disown you? You mentioned that earlier and I'm quite curious…you don't seem like the overly rebellious type to me." That playful smile returns.

"Rebellious is not the right word." A cunning smile plays on Lory's lips. "More like…." He sighs unable to think of the right word. "He never liked the fact the I was rather weak and needed a Braavosi bravo to finish my training. And I was once sent to Highgarden to be squire to some Tyrell knight and the knight died two weeks late because of an illness. My father thinks I posioned the knight or at least my trainer did or something like that. We have a complicated relationship." His eyes seem to hold a certain secret in them.

"We all have our secrets it seems." Toran smirks not breaking contact with those bright eyes even as he takes a slow sip of his drink finishing it off and setting the goblet down. "It has been a pleasure speaking with you Lory. You have managed to lift my spirits considerablly. I hope we can speak again sometime but for now I should see about replying to this." He gestures to the letter still in front of him. Reaching for it he folds it up slowly and tucks it into a pocket in his doublet offering Lory a charming smile before he rises to his feet. He bows low to the Lannister before turning and sauntering in the direction of the door puasing only to pay for thier drinks. As he reaches the door he turns his head giving the Lannister Lord a grin and a wink before he dissappears outside shutting the door behind him.

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