(121-06-16) Visitation and Invitation
Visitation and Invitation
Summary: Elionys checks in on Arnau after his duel.
Date: Date of play (16/06/2014)
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Having received word that there is a guest come calling, and who that guest is, servants were dispatched to ready a small sitting room outside that affords some privacy. If not as private as a sitting room in a bedchamber would be, it is also not going to cause any questions of impropriety or insult. So chairs have been arranged in a small room with a table between with some light refreshments. Here, Lord Arnau Blackmont has dragged himself out to, settled amid pillows in a low chair and nibbling on a little fruit as he waits. His dress is no less elegant to reflect his status as usual, but the robes are loose and only bound at the waist by a tooled leather belt. This is where guards and servants lead Elionys to, announcing her politely, though it is a touch unnecessary.

Elionys patiently waits for Arnau to get situated in the sitting room, chatting cheerfully with her own guards while she waits. It's not until she's escorted to the sitting room that she parts from those men and goes in to meet with another, a smile worn as she steps into the room. "My Lord, thank you for seeing me."

"Princess," Arnau greets pleasantly enough, typically mild, from his seat, position a little less stiffly straight than usual. He has been ordered to take it easy. "Please, sit." He gestures, palm up, that she should take a seat if she wishes.

"Thank you," Elionys repeats as she moves across the room to claim a seat across from him. "You are looking well, my lord. I hope your recovery has been swift?" she asks, hands folding in her lap.

"Mmm, thanks to the many reminders I receive to take care of myself, it has. will recover well." The corners of his green eyes crinkle a little like a smile, even as his lips twist in an expression that is more long-suffering. "Worse has been suffered in war by myself. Not something I imagine your cousin can say." The minor expression Arnau had fades away to something more generally impassive. "I thank you for asking."

"I couldn't say precisely what my cousin has suffered," Elionys admits with a slight shake of her head. "Though he—…" She starts, and then stops with a press of her lips that eventually curves into a smile. "I am glad to hear it, my lord. The duel looked brutal from where I was sitting."

Arnau does not look especially interested in discussing what a pampered prince barely into adulthood could have suffered. He merely stares for a moment with an indifferent look, even after Elionys breaks off from what she was about to say. "It is a violent thing, even when played out honorably, as that was. You are lucky in that you will never be in the midst of a battle, at least, Princess."

He doesn't look interested, nor does Elionys seem inclined to linger on the subject of her cousin. "I suppose I am lucky in that," she allows, tilting her head slightly. "Though it does mean that I need have someone fight for me, should the need ever arise. That can be awfully frustrating, being forced to sit off to the side while someone else risks their life for you."

"Mhm," Arnau murmurs, seeming to consider her and her words before he forms a reply. "You still have time to take up arms yourself, as some in your family do or as the Dornish do." It is only serious a suggestion in part. She could do that, but he does not expect her to or even think she really needs to. "Your time would likely be better spent trying to prevent a need arising in the first place."

"I could, and honestly I have been given some instruction since coming to Oldtown," Elionys replies, shoulders gathering in a slight shrug. "Though it has largely been in the proper handling of a bow, which Jaehaera insists I have to learn before I am allowed to be taught anything else. You're right, though. Given that many in my family seem very good at starting fights, someone here should be better at stopping them. Not that my family tends to listen to me." Or anyone.

"I am not a great marksman, myself. I know how to use a bow only in a rudimentary way. My time has always been needed for other tasks." Which is perhaps a bit regretful, to his mind, as Arnau makes a vague gesture with a hand like shooing a bug away. "Everyone has family that it talented at starting fights, I think, and family that does not listen." He's speaking from personal experience.

"I'm not great either," Elionys admits with a little laugh. "I'm passable, but I don't injure myself in the process, so that is something, isn't it?" She heaves a sigh and sits back. "Is it like that in all families? I suppose it is with yours, I've seen it some. Just as you and yours have seen it with mine." She pauses a beat. "I don't suppose Yael, or your brother mentioned the incident at the house?"

"It is always best not to do the work of the enemy for them, yes," Arnau agrees, all somber seriousness, except for the twinkle of mirth in his eyes. Yes, that's something. "Most families conflicts do not spiral outwards so greatly to draw others into it, but I believe so, to varying degrees." He pauses too, with a slight cock of his head to one side. "The word 'incident' was not used."

"That was my first lesson," Elionys tells him with a momentary laugh, but the mirth fades away. "Ah, well, incident might be a touch strong a word to use. I'm sure you know my cousin was wanting to ask more questions of her, and when your brother came over, things became a bit heated."

"I know that my wife went to make peace and help, if she could." And if Arnau does not sound particularly pleased about this, he also looks resigned towards it. "Your cousin's dedicated interest in these affairs does not do much to dispel the idea that he has an untoward interest in my wife." Because it just does not look good when you hold another man's wife in your house in secret. The Lord Blackmont makes a noise in his throat and waves his hand to dismiss the defenses of character because he's heard them before. It's a matter that is in the past now. "My brother is…passionate." That sounds polite.

"She did attempt to answer all of my cousins questions," Elionys replies with a soft sigh and slight shake of her head. "I am unsure of what he hopes to learn, if I'm honest. I do understand his desire to prevent this from happening again, but I cannot see how asking her all the same questions again and again will provide any answers." A hand lifts to absently tuck a lock of pale hair behind one ear as she takes a moment to consider her words. "I agree that when one looks at the situation from the outside, it appears bad. I hope that you do know that my cousin truly isn't like that. He may be an idiot, and have no understanding of politics, but I cannot see him being untoward with your Lady Wife." There is a pause, lips tugging up into a small smile. "I have noticed that about your brother. I should like to meet him at some point when he isn't yelling or trying to fight my cousins."

Arnau nods his head, then leans forward with a subtle clench of teeth to grab another piece of fruit off a plate to chew on. "At this point, I believe if he wishes to find answers, he will have to seek them elsewhere." There is an edge of firmness to that statement. Likely any future requests to ask questions of the Lady Yael will be met with skepticism, if not outright stonewalling. "Sometimes one must fight, or defend, a perception of a thing. There is little enough I can do of my own — I am often regarded as a murder now — but I owed my wife more." This time when he leans forward, it is for emphasis. "If I believed that he had been as untoward as it appeared, I would not have been so polite about any of this." He snorts, a low sound, and shakes his head. "Then I suggest you be in need or distress near him so he can run to your cause as a Knight. Or perhaps merely be away from your family the next time."

"I cannot say I blame you for that," Elionys replies softly, shaking her head. "I don't imagine that he will attempt to question her again." She pauses. "I don't think he will. I wish I could say for certain, but he isn't speaking to me just at the moment." She shifts in her seat slightly, one elbow coming to rest on the arm of the chair. "I tried to help, but that did not go so well." She shoots a look around, as though she might find Dickon lurking in a corner somewhere. "I suppose that might help. Maybe I will get a chance when I'm here visiting at some point."

"Perhaps you should be thankful for that. I have not found our few exchanges of words to be anything but frustrating." Arnau does not seem to be making a joke, not even subtly. Rather, he sighs quietly at the string of events played out. "I am sure that your attempts to help were appreciated by someone." Yael, likely, if no one else. It's entirely too quiet in here for Dickon to be lurking in a corner.

"It does make for a peaceful few days," Elionys admits with a quiet laugh. He may not be joking, but apparently she will still find the humor in it. "I hope they were appreciated, though I'm not sure they did any good, in truth. For whatever it's worth, I'm sorry that the relations between our houses seems to have gone so poorly. I would like it to be otherwise, but I am not sure how to make it happen."

Her laugh at least brings a slight, brief smile to Arnau's otherwise severe features. "It is not so unusual for meetings between Houses of two Kingdoms often in conflict with one another to have their tensions," says in a gentle reminder. "Though these are unusual circumstances, even so," he amends after a moment. "You may have to be content to be the only Targaryen welcome to Blackmont." The rest of her family, so far, have not made good impressions.

"Yes, I know," Elionys replies with a soft sigh. "I am aware that there are tensions between our two kingdoms, but that does not mean we need go the extra effort to make it worse." She pauses, then adds, "And by we, I mean my family. They need not be your friends, but by the Gods they're royalty, should they not behave with some level of decorum?" The annoyance that comes with this is not aimed at him in the slightest. "I will content myself knowing that at least I am welcome. I rather enjoy having friends more than enemies."

Arnau's brows rise a little before Elionys clarifies her statement, although he doesn't outwardly argue one way or another. "I do not think you have to worry about the kingdoms." Though it sounds like a positive statement, there is a brittle edge to the simple dismissal. He does not elaborate on it. "I have been told politics do require some decorum." Told, perhaps, because he is not always the master of such things himself. And because he's inherited a position he never expected to have. "Never underestimate the pleasure of running your enemy through." The corners of his mouth lift in a smile. He is at least partially joking.

"I should hope not, but even so," Elionys makes a vague gesture that could mean anything, but she doesn't elaborate either. Instead she moves on to the latter subject, a small smile appearing as she spies his. "I suppose that might be so, though I fear I don't have any proper enemies of my own just yet, but should I make them, I will be sure to savor running them through." This is not the least bit menacing.

It is not the least bit menacing. "Somewhere, someone feels a shiver down their spine, and they know not why, having not yet made themselves your enemy," Arnau pronounces, the words spoken slowly as if to imbue them with solemness, his accent light over a dryness that speaks more to his poking fun than being serious.

"Yes, I'm certain of it," Elionys agrees with some brighter amusement, clearly understanding that this is a joke more than anything else. "How much need one do before they are properly considered your enemy?" she asks. "I suppose that is subjective, isn't it?"

Arnau's chuckle is low and quiet to the point of being difficult to hear. More seriously, he nods his head. "It is in the eye of the wronged." Subjective, indeed. "For some as little as some small slight of insult is enough to make an enemy, others are more forgiving, and it takes a great crime to blacken their heart."

"You make a fair point, there are some in my own family who are inclined to be horribly offended over very little, and others who are far more willing to let matters like that go," Elionys remarks, the very thought making her shake her head. "Well, should I find myself with a proper enemy, I will be sure to come back to you for advice. If you're still here." She pauses a beat. "Do you and Yael plan to remain here in Oldtown?"

"I am better at making enemies, these days, than I am at handling them," Arnau points out as a slight warning, though for better or worse, he is still sitting before Elionys, so he's at least survived thus far. "We will remain until there is nothing more that can be done to alter our situation or until there is pressing need for us to return home. Despite the danger, my wife has wished to stay for a time." And if he disagrees with this there is no hint to it in his features.

"And I am not so good at making them, so together we might not do too badly," Elionys points out cheerfully. "I am glad to hear that you're both going to remain here, I enjoy your company." She pauses, glancing off in the direction of the Dragon Manse, even if she can't see it. "It is nice to have other places to hide when it's needed."

"Were I you, I would not be so eager to gain enemies," Arnau advises as a man with many of them, though he does it with a slow lilt of a smile. "Should we leave sooner than expected, you can at least take comfort in being welcome at Blackmont. I imagine that my wife would extend such an invitation even if I did not approve." This is not an item that they will fight over, however. "If you can escape your family."

"You're right, I ought not seek them out, when they come I'm sure I won't be glad to have them," Elionys replies, scooting to the edge of her chair. "Thank you for the invitation. It's nice to have other places to be able to go, should I need, or want to. But I suppose I ought to let you rest now, hmm? I just wanted to drop by to see how you were."

"This is likely so," Lord Blackmont says, nodding at the wisdom of her words. "Now you have seen." He gestures, waving a hand along his person. And as she has indicated that she will be leaving, he pushes himself up from the chair. The motion is a little slow and careful, but he stands tall and firmly, without any apparent indication of injury. "Than you for your concerns and time, Princess."

Elionys leans in, as though about to offer him help, but any offer is stalled, and when it proves unnecessary, she draws back and then slowly gets to her feet. "Thank you for seeing me, my Lord. If you do not mind, I will come by again soon," she tells him. "To see you, that is, of course I'll be coming by to see your wife as well." A brighter smile is aimed up at him. "In any case, I hope that you have a good evening."

Lucky that it proves unnecessary, though Yael would probably say that he is simply too stubborn to accept help anyway. "I do not mind such company at all. It is no wonder you do not find yourself with enemies, Princess." If anything, Arnau seems a touch amused. "I will inform her of your intent to visit soon." Very formal, except for the crinkle of smile around his eyes. "And you, Princess. Good evening."

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