(121-06-12) Grains of Sand
Grains of Sand
Summary: Nadira returns from her trip, and Tameron welcomes her home.
Date: June 12, 2014
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Walled Garden - White Stone Manse — Starry Street

This manse has a large walled garden behind. The tall stone walls have a heavy double oak-and-iron gate leading into the alley behind. It's quite solid, though there is a little door in it that one might open to look out. Near that gate is a stable, a kennels, and a mews. These utilitarian areas are separated from the garden proper by a low stone wall with a gateless entry. It's thickly growing with clematis vines bearing pale purple flowers.

The garden proper has white stone paths and is planted with flowerbeds and flowering trees. Most of the blooms are white and pale blushing pink shades. Near the house is a tall cherry tree that frequently bears a profusion of sweet fruit.

At the center of the garden is a large seven-sided fountain of white marble, filling the air with the sound of its splashing water. Tiny silvery fish live in it.

It is well into the evening only a few days after Nadira's quiet return, and today she can be found within the gardens, at the edge of the fountain to be precise. The air is hot, and humid, and to combat this the Dornishwoman has her skirt to almost her knees as she sits on the edge of the fountain with her legs dangling in the almost cool water.

Tameron Sand likes the quiet of the garden, and what is a hot day to a dornishman? He drifts out into the evening to see a fellow Sand with her feet in the fountain. "The fish in there eat toes, to know."

"I know," Nadira replies as she tosses a look over her shoulder, an amused smile curving her lips. "I am the one that trained them to do it, but I also trained them not to eat my toes, so I am safe. You might not do so well if you were to risk it."

"Did you?" Tameron asks, walking up to the fountain and peering down at the silvery fish darting about Nadira's legs. "That explains why they're always so bossy."

"That is a terrible way to tell someone you missed them, Tameron Sand," Nadira informs him in a mock scolding tone, and a soft clucking of her tongue to follow. "You should try again, and see if you can better this time."

"But that assumes I did miss you, mistress," Tameron replies with a faint smile. "In fact, the entire manse seemed more… restful. How was your trip?"

"Lying does not become you, Ser," Nadira informs him as she dips one hand in the water and flings droplets in his direction. "The trip was a trip, it was long and tiring, and I am glad to be done with it. I would like to say that I am glad to be here, but I have even less love of this place than I did before, which was a feat I did not know could be accomplished. Have I missed anything noteworthy in my time away?"

Tameron blinks a little as he's splashed with water, but offers no other reaction. "Oh. Well. Lady Yael was recovered. Lady Fowler and her paramour arrived. There was a duel between Lord Blackmont and the Maiden Knight and several small riots in response. So… not very much."

"Ah, so nothing then," Nadira replies with a casual shrug, but a smile that suggests she's not wholly serious. "And what of you, Sand? Have you been keeping yourself out of trouble while I have been away?"

"No, I've been a terrible wretch. I pour salt in everyone's tea and charge through the hallways in the middle of the night, shouting nonsense," Tameron replies, straightfaced. "Otherwise, I get bored."

"Good boy," Nadira's grin is sudden and sharp, and as it's given she slaps a soggy hand on the edge of the fountain beside her. "Sit with me, sit with me. It's been an age, and now I am bored. If you think you're a wretch when you are not entertained, just imagine me."

"I would have sat, but you made the ledge of the fountain wet," Tameron protests. "You could always train the fish to do something besides eat toes."

"You are a knight now," Nadira's grin suddenly turns into a frown as she looks up at him. "Do not tell me that you are afraid of a little bit of water, Tameron Sand, or else I might be forced to beat you."

"You could try, Mistress Sand," Tameron replies, "but then you would find more than your feet in that fountain."

Now this makes Nadira laugh as she reaches out to try and swat Tameron, though the effort put into it is too great, and it's easily avoided. "You only wish you were as skilled as I am, Sand."

Tameron smirks as he sidesteps that swat and responds with a hand skimming over the fountain water to flick in Nadira's direction. "It is so," he agrees. "I stay awake nights, longing for your talent and fortitude at slapping arms."

Nadira yelps as she finds herself splattered with water, and immediately leans forward to sweep not one, but both hands over the water, trying to fling all the more of it back at him. "This is no surprise to me, Tameron Sand, you are not the first one to confess staying awake at night thinking of me, and I am certain you will not be the last."

Tameron coughs and gives his head a shake. "Careful, you'll send a fish flying like that, and they didn't ask for it." He gives another one-handed flick of water towards Nadira. "No, I am sure there are slews."

"My attack fish know to keep out of the way," Nadira informs him ever so seriously, sputtering a bit as she's pelted with more water. This does, of course, mean that she has to do the exact same thing back, again with both hands. Watch out, fish! "Oh, there are. So many."

"It's a *cough* wonder you ever get to sleep," Tameron replies, wiping a hand down his face, "wth so many men thinking so loudly."

Nadira similarly swipes a hand over her face, not doing much to wipe away the water save for that threatening to get in her eyes. "Oh, I am a very sound sleeper, do not worry over me too much." She finally relents this watery attack, sitting up a little straighter.

"Don't worry," Tameron assures with a quick smile, "I never do. I just worry about the fish."

This draws yet more laughter from the older Dornishwoman, head shaking in amusement. "Ah, you may not have missed me, but I missed you," Nadira informs him, for a moment letting the sarcasm fall aside for something more genuine.

Tameron doesn't reply, but he does offer Nadira a smile, soft and warm. "Welcome back, Mistress."

Feet are plucked from the fountain and set soggily on the ground, skirts falling around Nadira's legs as she rises. "Thank you, Ser Tameron." There is a flash of a genuine smile, and then it's gone, replaced by that ever easy almost smirk that she so often wears, as she turns saunter her way back into the manse.

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