(121-05-28) A Leading Lady Auditions
A Leading Lady Auditions
Summary: Lord Laurel finds a leading lady for his new play
Date: 28/05/2014
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The Maidenday Gardens

Loryn leads the young Mormont girl into the pretty gardens, which are almost overwhelming in their beauty and scents. Foldings his hands behind his back, he walks slowly, waiting to hear what she's come to see him about. Me has a hunch it may have to do with the Whimsy.

It takes only a few steps at young Loryn's side to twist Ulyka's voice in a way more daring undertone, only a few more admiring looks at the gardens to let it resound clearly. "I hope you know that I sing better than any mummer's daughter, than any young silver-tongued noblewoman you could think of," she commences, drowning the Tyrell in an expectant stare.

"Um, no, I do not know, Mylady, for I have never heard you sing.", Loryn replies politely, avoiding her glare by looking around to see how alone they are, "If it would please you, perhaps you could offer me a little glimpse of your vocal talents?", he asks and smiles, "I assume this is about my request for performers at the Whimsy? I do have a very interesting opening for a young lady… the female lead in my new play.". Dangle, carrot.

"But of course. I know down here my repute may not be prove enough…" Ulyka answers helpfully, while her fierce, serious eyes still continue to grasp Loryn. Her mien becomes even more serious as she lifts her voice into verses that could not be a choice more odd, more inappropriate and thus more surprising than those she offers:

"Truth has been told,
A Lannister has gold,
When he purrs in my lap my fingers shine brightly.

Words have been said
The Arryns are well-bred
And -ah- I've snug-hugged them tightly!"

Loryn's brows fly upward as if to hold a brief conference with the curls falling down on his forehead when he hears the lyrics. He looks disappointed when she ends her song after the song verse. "Oh, do carry on, Lady Ulyka, you have a lovely voice indeed. And I'm curious to hear what you may have done with the Tyrells.", he says, trying his best to keep a straight face.

The Mormont girl's sternness dissolves into an unexpectantly cheeky grin that shows the tiny gap between her front teeth, as though a smile just as wide has pulled them apart in the past.
"I could tell you if you let me sing on your stage," she states and lifts herself into a way more easy-going posture.

"Oh, I think you have just successfully auditioned for the female lead in my new play.", Loryn confirms, "I need a girl who can hold a tune - while I shall write the script and the dialogues, Lord —- uh, Valerio Vixenbane will compose some songs, so you will be able to sing on stage. And … uh…. " for a moment the young Tyrell actually looks a bit sheepish, "As I will play one of the male leads and the object of your character's affection, I hope you will not be averse to singing a duet with me."

As quickly as the grin as spread as quickly it is chased of by an awkward, unbelieving "The lead? My, mylord I… you know that I was just jesting, when I sang about the Arryns and…" the adolescent stutter is not easily fought off by Ulyka, but the Mormonts are not known for their yielding spirits. There she stands, in the end, and there she answers "If you think you would be able to hit the tunes just as properly there is nothing that could make me be averse from singing that duet."

"I know you were just jesting about the Arryns.", Loryn grins, "But I'd still like to hear what you have to sing about the Tyrells. And worry not, I am sure we will be able to handle the duet, unless Valerio writes it in some absolutely outlandish keys. In which case I will seriously kick his boney backside. "So -", he smiles, "Welcome to the Whimsy, Lady Ulyka. I will let you know as soon as I know myself when rehearsals start and will send you the full script."

"Good," Ulyka says confidently, "at least your taste proves that you can point out a capable musician. But would you be so kind as to make sure the scroll will end up in my own hands, not those of my sisters? I will have to steal a few more hours - no worries, I will manage to collect as many as you need, my sisters are busy ladies - and I don't want to raise too much suspicion after all."

Straightening her skirts, she finally gives in. "About the Tyrells, well, there is a verse too. If you insist:

The birds, they tweet,
A Tyrell smells sweet,
When you squeeze his… " for the tiniest moment she seems to pause, to stumble, yet her melodious skills help her to find an innocent end "…upper arms slightly."

Again, Loryn's eyebrows shoot up, then he chuckles. "Upper arms, huh? Very well, Mylady. And of course I will make sure that any scrolls are delivered directly into your hands - or I shall deliver them in person. If you are worried about your sisters… perhaps you'd want to think of a stage name, too?", he suggests.

Again Ulyka nods and again it is grave seriousness that jolts the gesture. "Yes. I will have to pick a stage name. I will let you know about it soon. Maybe I should be the one to seek you out for the script? At any rate, thank you." With that she shoots a worried glance at the sun. "My sister and my sw…needlework await me now. You shall hear from me soon, though."
A last curtsy is offered, perfected in courteousness if not in daintiness and she tippytoes back towards the streets in her heavy Northron boots.

"Of course, Mylady, whatever works for you.", Loryn assures her with a warm smile and offers her a bow in parting. He waits until she's gone, lest people would wonder about seeing them emerge from the flowery gardens together, then he wanders off home.

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