(121-05-27) Tyrell for Tea
Tyrell for Tea
Summary: Aevander invites Loryn to have tea with him.
Date: May 27, 2014
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Your Highness,

I hope this message finds you before your departure to King's Landing. Please accept my apologies for my continued visits to your Manse to see the Princess Elionys despite her father's request to not court her until I have gained my spurs and lands to call my own. It will not happen again.


Lord Loryn,

I thank you for your apology and appreciate your understanding. To lay this matter properly and congenially to rest, I hope you will join me for tea this afternoon at The Golden Maiden.

Ser Aevander Targaryen
Prince of Westeros

Golden Maiden Eatery — Lower Hightower Street

Warm oakwood walls contain this small eatery. Large candelabras have been hoisted up on chains to hang up near the ceiling, lending a warm light to the room and playing up the golden colour of the wood. A large counter, again of golden oak, stands near the entrance. It is there that drinks are poured, and food brought out from the kitchens behind.

The place houses at most twenty people at its round wooden tables. The chairs are cushioned in the same deep merlot coloured fabric as the table-clothes. In the center of each table is a thick white candle on an oaken pillar-stand.

The scent of warm breads and cheese permeate the room, as does that of choice cuts of meats. Everything is crafted to pair well with wines that are the House's speciality.

Female and male servers tend to people and their culinary whims, spreading the word of the meals of the day and the pairings to go with them.

Loryn Tyrell enters the fine establishment a little warily. He's dressed in very fine clothes of shimmering silvery silk, golden thread and Tyrell green, his boots are polished, his hair freshly combed and kept in check with expensive perfumed oil. Obviously he's dressed to impress whoever he's here to meet.

A table off to the side has been set out in anticipation of the arrival of two most honored guests. A pot of tea is steeped with two cups and saucers arranged beside it. Various decadent and gooey confections, as well as bread, cheeses and thinly slices pieces of meat occupy the majority of the table space, and a waiter stands ready to meet any additional needs the Targaryen or the Tyrell might desire.

Ser Aevander arrives first, dressed in his usual black finery. He seats himself at the table, though otherwise politely awaits his companion. When Loryn steps into the establishment, the Targaryen knight stands, smiles, and offers the squire a small bow. "Lord Loryn, how fine of you to join me. Please, come and sit."

Loryn knows the Targaryen from sight, although he's never actually met the man. He approaches and bows as well. "Your Highness, it's a pleasure to finally meet you.", he says politely and does sit down. While he tries to appear calm and composed, his shifting around and fidgeting with the sleeve of his fine shirt betrays a certain nervousness.

"And you," Aevander replies, "after hearing quite a bit about you." He smiles softly, picking up the teapot and filling first Loryn's cup and then his own. "Sugar? Cream?"

"Just a little cream.", Loryn decides while his eyes drift over the goodies on the table. "I'm sorry that your first impression of me has not been very favourable. I'd like to make amends for that if I could.", he says politely.

Aevander nods, adding a splash of cream to Loryn's tea before handing it over. He takes his own plain, blowing on the surface before tasting a small sip. "I admit I was surprised when Elionys came to me," he confides as he sits, "as we knew so little of you, and here you were, requesting her hand from her father. It was rather a shock to all involved."

"It may have been rather forward of me.", Loryn admits and smiles faintly, "But let us be honest, Your Highness… there had been some bad blood between the Tyrells and the Targaryens and I knew that my brother would not have agreed, had I asked him to write on my behalf. So I decided to be bold and take it upon myself. I believe that an union between our families would be a perfect way to let bygones be bygones and I admit I find myself rather charmed by the Princess Elionys. She's a lovely young woman." His cheeks actually colour a little and he quickly reaches for one of the sweet confections to gobble and keep himself busy.

Aevander cants his head and blinks slowly before taking another small sip of his tea. "She is," he agrees mildly, "but I am confused. Do you still mean to pursue her? The letter you sent me said otherwise, and I had thought you meant to heed her father's wishes."

"Well, see… Your Highness… I believe there is a little misunderstanding… For me, the letter did not say, that I am to give up the pursuit… on the contrary… that he wishes me to prove my valor first and to show that I am serious in my pursuit by earning my spurs, making my name and gain some lands to call my own. Which is what I am determined to do. In the meantime, however, I shall comply with your request to not see the Princess anymore. Was that not what you had asked of me?" Loryn now does look a little worried.

Aevander regards Loryn for a long moment, lifting his hand to rub it slowly across his mouth. His eyes close, he smiles softly and shakes his head. "Oh, sweet seven," he murmurs, "I forget what it was to be so young." He has another small sip of his tea, he gaze returning to the man across from him. "No, you are correct, Lord Loryn. That is quite what I have asked you. Though I should advise… not to be too deeply invested in this pairing coming to pass."

Loryn frowns at that. "And why is that, Your Highness?", he asks, a little crankily now, putting the rest of the confectionary down as if he lost interest in that, "Is a Tyrell not good enough for your family?"

"Considering one is the Hand of the King, I should say my family thinks the Tyrells very fine," Aevander replies congenially. "Here, have a scone. They're exquisite here, the cranberry and cinnamon ones, especially." He offers one over to Loryn on a dainty, little plate. "But thinking well of a family does not mean every proposed match is the right one. Welcome to the world of politics, young squire."

"No, thank you." Loryn declines the scone, looking quite like he lost his appetite now. "Then why did her father give me false hopes to entertain?", he asks, "He could have said no outright instead of talking about my future, my spurs, my lands and all that. And please, Your Highness, if you are telling me to forget about the princess for good, have the kindness to tell me why exactly I am not right for her. Is it because I am not the direct heir to Highgarden?"

The scone is set back down. "It was only false hope, because you do not yet know how to speak the language," Aevander offers gently. "I am telling you it would be wiser to consider the princess unattainable, because you are very young, very untried, and have no land or inheritance to speak of. You do not need to be the heir of Highgarden, my boy, but you do need to be able to offer a princess more than a wink and a smile."

"I am young now, but I will not be in two or three years, when I am a renowned knight.", Loryn replies stiffly, "And I'm not only offering her a wink and a smile, I offer her the name of House Tyrell, a bond between King's Landing, Dragonstone and a Reach that will be mutually beneficial for everyone." He inhales deeply, pressing his lips together. "But very well, then. If this is your wish and that of House Targaryen, I shall give her up here and now. Do not expect me to renege on that if you change your mind some months from now when I'm Ser Loryn Tyrell, knight of great renown and master of my own lands."

Aevander's smile grows gentle. "And in two or three years, when you have done all you must to be worthy of being considered," the prince begins, "do you imagine the Princess Elionys will yet be unwed?" He chuckles softly. "My young lord, I hope you achieve all of that. May you be Ser Loryn Tyrell, known across all of Westeros and with much land earned in your name. Nothing would please me more than to learn of such glory. But do not do so in pursuit of Elionys's hand. That is an undertaking of years, and she will not be waiting."

"But she is as young as me.", Loryn points out, although he knows that this doesn't mean much for girls who are bartered off as soon as they have flowered. "Well, it looks like I have wasted everyone's time then, entertaining some foolish hope of fostering a closer bond between our houses.", he says sourly and gets to his feet. "My apologies again, Your Highness. I will not see the princess again, unless it is in an unavoidable social situation as these do occur in a small town like this sometimes."

"A maid of seventeen and a lad of seventeen are two very different animals," Aevander points out, likely unnecessary, "as are a maid of twenty and a man of twenty. If your only goal is to foster better feelings between our mutual houses, I would be happy to talk with you of ways that might be achieved without a marriage pact. There's no need to rush off, you are most welcome to sit and finish tea." He watches as Loryn gets to his feet and offers a small nod. "But if you must be off, my lord, I do wish you a pleasant day."

"Perhaps some other time, Your Highness.", Loryn replies politely, "I hope you will have a safe and pleasant journey home and perhaps our paths shall cross again some time. Then perhaps we can speak further of fostering closer ties between our families. But for now… I must go." He has no energy to think of an elaborate excuse for leaving so early, but deep inside he knows that the other man would see through the lie anyway. So he just bows deeply and heads out.

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