(121-05-27) Blood and Bread
Blood and Bread
Summary: Alaeyna fails to get the satisfaction she imagined, her lunch is ruined instead.
Date: 27 May 2014
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Back Lounge - Acacia and Leopard Hall

This private lounge is intimate. It is furnished much like the main room — low couches, low tables, floor pillows, sheepskins and plush carpets. In here, everything is deep purple and gold, with little suns embroidered into the fabrics. The walls are hung with fabrics woven in the old Rhoynish style, making the room seem tent-like while muffling the voices so they cannot carry through the walls.

It's early afternoon in Oldtown, but that doesn't mean that the Acacia and Leopard Hall is dead. It's quieter, granted, and nobody's deep enough in their cups for brawls to be breaking out, but there are patrons enjoying a taste of home with their countrymen and guests. The back lounge is quieter still, and Alaeyna and her Dornish twin, Ryam, are taking their lunch on one of the low couches, an array of nibblies set out on the table before it for them to pick and choose from. The wine is flowing, and they are in the midst of conversation, while a few others come and go around them.

The summer is hot, but not hot like Dorne, these complainers about the Reach need to find themselves some real heat, the kind of heat that exists within every single Dornish man and woman…

With a dagger in hand Ser Arrick Gargalen enters the back lounge of the Acacia and Leopard Hall, a temptresses' lair he'd otherwise avoid due to recent losses. Within he's expecting to find Lady Alaeyna Fowler, who he was informed was NOT already upstairs and taken to bed for a mid-day romp. The knight has a rather solemn look about his features as he says through the stillness of the room, "Lady Alaeyna, I come to offer.." Arrick shows the dagger and lets out the rest, "A truce…"

Nodding at something his sister said, Ryam offers a brief smile and a chuckle as he looks about to pick up some food now. He pauses at Arrick's entrance, studying the man a bit carefully for the moment now, before he offers the Gargalen a quiet nod.

Looking up from a bit of flatbread she'd been liberally dabbing into a paste made of hot peppers, Alaeyna's feasting is interrupted by Arrick's arrival, and the expression she wears indicates she's none too pleased to see him. "A truce? The Stranger take your truce. It does not interest me." She drops the bit of bread, straightening from the lazy repose she'd been engaged in while enjoying Ryam's company, put on edge by the knight's arrival. "You may leave my presence. I wish not to see your face until your insult against me has been paid in blood."

Arrick offers a simple nod to Ryam and his eyes fall back to Alaeyna. He takes a step forward and comes just before the table the nibbled food is set upon. "I figured you might request such a payment…" Arrick takes the blades and slashes through the palm of his hand, maybe a little too deep, but the point is made as blood dribbles off his hand and onto the table. "I came prepared to offer what you enjoy most." Arrick shows the palm of his bloodied hand and the soiled knife saying through gritted teeth, "I was told to end whatever we've started."

"Were you also told to ruin my lunch? If so, you've accomplished half of what you came to do. The rest, as I say, does not interest me." The Lady Fowler seems uninclined to budge on the matter, having fixed her dark, level stare on Arrick and not wavering in it, even with his dramatic display of bloodletting. Who bid him end their little disagreement remains unsaid, but is a matter of mutual understanding.

Arrick glares down at the seated woman as he lets more of his blood drip onto the table, giving some of the nibbles a little extra sauce, "If you do not take this now, the fight becomes much more. Alaeyna, there are other battles we'll be fighting soon enough." Arrick lets the knife down to the table and then as if he's asking for a favor, "Please, we can fight this out in Dorne, I'll ride the entire Prince's Pass just to suffer through a knife fight at Skyreach. Take this offer and you can have more blood." Arrick's eyes move to his hand, which he definitely cut pretty deep.

Ryam frowns a bit as he hears the conversation now. Making sure to take some of the food not hit by the blood now. Looking to Alaeyna again now, he keeps silent as he awaits her answer now.

Evidently she's lost her appetite, because Alaeyna moves back in her seat, no longer perching at the edge of the couch to partake of the food, or what's left of it that hasn't been bloodied, anyway. "You offer me nothing," she replies to his plea, an eyebrow arched as if to invite him to disagree with her. "You suggest I should suffer the insult you paid me in return for… what? Not satisfaction. Not a promise that there won't be further insult. Not even an apology."

Arrick tenses up as he gets a response and says, "You should know it won't happen again Lady Fowler." Arrick doesn't mind that he's ruined a little food and at least one appetite. He continues, answering her thoughts on his lack of an apology or offer "I pledge myself for the future. You had me as a mere footman before, I think I could be much more." Arrick shows his palm again and says, "You insulted my only want repeatedly in this very room, I will not apologize for defending my only desire."

Sighing a little as he listens, Ryam looks between the two of them right now. He looks quite unsure of what to say at the moment, so for now he keeps quiet, just looking between the two. And having finished his own food for now, it would seem.

"If I were a man, would you expect to come before me and cite heartsickness as your excuse for paying insult not just to me, but to my house and those loyal to it? Your words had naught to do with defending the object of your affections, so let us not engage in some tiresome charade or illusion of just cause for the venom you saw fit to spew my way. I'd be more inclined to your sham truce if you blamed your impudence on a fever." She sits coiled, but alert, as if Alaeyna anticipates having cause to spring to her feet at any moment.

Arrick offers his other hand as he motions down to the dagger and he says simply, "You act as if you need to do the slashing." With his head the knight motions towards his dagger and then his hand, offering a resolution. "If you wish to exercise your right as a wronged Dornishwoman. Do it. Do it here if you'd like." With the offered hand he pulls open his silks. It's important to note, Arrick's leg is still bandaged underneath his pants, what's a little more blood due to Alaeyna Fowler's love for the stuff?

Letting out another breath as he leans back in his seat now, Ryam looks about to say something, before he looks to Alaeyna now. Whatever he was considering saying is kept back for the moment, as he watches her rather carefully for the moment. Not intervening so far, it would seem.

Leaning forward for her goblet of wine, Alaeyna looks from Arrick to Ryam and asks him, "What say you, brother?" as if sensing that words were on the tip of his tongue. "I would hear your counsel."

Arrick looks to Ryam as Alaeyna asks him his advice, the Gargalen then blurts out towards the Lady of Skyreach, "I'm sorry! The circumstances asked for me to defend myself! Defend what I want!" Arrick's eyes go wide as he looks between the seated pair of siblings. Arrick looks to be a little confused and maybe even annoyed with the apology or maybe he's lost a lot of blood. When Arrick arrived in the hall, blood and regret were not on the serving menu.

Pausing a bit as he hears his sister's words now, Ryam looks between the two of them. "I would say that no matter what the two of you decide to do, you'd better either do it now, or wait until our bleeding Gargalen here has recovered a bit from his bloodloss?" A brief pause as he looks to Arrick now, offering him a brief nod. "What is it you want, if I may ask?" he asks, words kept quiet for now.

Lifting a hand and gesturing over one of the servants attending the patrons of the back lounge, Alaeyna instructs, "Please see to Ser Arrick," lest he bleed himself dry right there and completely destroy the carpets. The tide seems to turn in his favor with the utterance of some semblance of an apology, and though she says little to address him outright, she does pay heed to her brother's suggestion, looking back to Arrick to ask, "Yes, what is it you want?"

Arrick looks relieved as the requested servant springs forth with makeshift bandages to wrap his hand. It seems they've gotten used to such events of blood and destruction here at Acacia and Leopard Hall. With his eyes off the bloodied hand the knight considers the question Ryam asked and then Alaeyna's, "Alaeyna you know very well it is and Ryam, I can only say it's something worth wanting and defending myself over, even to someone as surely as your sister."

"Fair enough," Ryam replies with a nod and a brief smile. Nodding again as he sees the man's hand tended to now, he leans back a bit further in his seat again now. Glancing between the two of them for a few moments once more, in case hostilities seems to happen again.

"I grow weary of this conversation. I accept your apology and your suggestion of truce, for Ellia's sake. I do not accept that your impertinence is virtuous merely because you invoke Mariya's name, but I do accept that your love for her has clouded your judgment and has caused you to make a grave misstep in the eyes of House Fowler. If in future you decide to demonstrate further disrespect for me and mine, please know that there will be no additional concessions, for I will not see it as a lovesick accident." Alaeyna offers these words decisively, watching as Arrick's hands are bound and sipping from her wine.

As the servant finishes wrapping the hand and scurries off, likely to get more cleaning supplies for the carpet and table, Arrick nods at the mention of Princess Ellia, who more or less demanded this be at an end. "I will keep such close to mind milady." Arrick bows now and says as he begins retreating from the lounge and especially from where the conversation is headed, "Whether or not I'm lovesick as you say, I do not believe we'll have any other problems…" Arrick gives a nod towards Ryam and says in explanation, "I'm sure Lady Alaeyna will fill you in on anything you may have missed and need to know." With that said Arrick turns about on his heels, holding his bandaged hand close.

Alaeyna nods once, an appreciative gesture for his vow, which she accepts with no further remark. She watches him turn on his heels to leave, but calls out before he has departed, "Arrick?" When he halts to hear her, she tells him, "I think you could be much more, too," in a throwback to something he'd said earlier, a pledge for the future.

"Oh…" Ryam replies as he hears what's said now, and the mention of the Princesses, offering a brief nod to Arrick as the man starts retreating. "Enjoy your day, Ser Arrick," he offers, with a quiet nod as he looks at the man.

Arrick looks back and eyes the woman and raising his bandaged hand at the exit to the lounge he calls out, "You have my blood on your bread, do what you will milady."

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