(121-05-25) Packing Up
Packing Up
Summary: Aevander and Daevon have a brief chat while Aevander packs.
Date: May 25, 2014
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Daevon's come in search of Aevander. The knock on the door is somewhat hesitant.

Aevander's room has become surprisingly barren as the days go on. The rugs and curtains have all been replaced and several crates now line the walls, already packed with books and other items Aevander means to take with him to King's Landing. His clothing seems to be gone from the closet… packed already as well? He's currently considered some simpler, recently bought items before tucking them into another open and waiting chest. "Come in," he calls at the knock.

Daevon steps into the room. "Hey." He says, gently, as he looks around at the spartan room. "How're you doing? Do you need a hand with anything?"

Aevander gives a shake of his head. "No, if I do, the servants can help, but I prefer to just pack, myself. Then I know where everything is on the other end."

"Okay," Daevon says. "So, you going by ship from here? Or riding some?"

"Oh, we'll ride. The Roseroad takes us there directly," Aevander replies, tucking in the last shirt and closing the chest's lid for now. "To sail, we'd have to go all the way around Dorne and back up again through the Narrow Sea and Blackwater Bay. It would take longer."

Daevon nods at this. "It'll be a long journey." He's trying to make small-talk, never that good at it though. "I'm going to miss you." He sighs. "I'm sorry that things went so badly while you were here."

"It will," Aevander agrees with a small wrinkle of his nose for the thought of it. A corner of his mouth quirks for Daevon missing him and he says, simply and perhaps in tease, "Then write me."

Daevon nods. "Okay. I won't promise long letters. I never know what to say in them. But I will try. What do you want me to write about?"

Aevander's brows lifts and he laughs softly. "Daevon, if you can't write a letter containing your own thoughts, I don't think there's much point in writing at all. That is the purpose of letters. To share thoughts with someone you miss over a long distance."

"Okay," Daevon says, looking rather disappointed. There's a long pause as he searches for something more to say. He's being careful of his words, that much is clearly obvious and there's such sincerity within those amethyst eyes of his.

Aevander considers his brother, brows lifting a little. "What did you really come in here to say?" he asks, plainly enough. "You never make small talk."

"I wanted to make sure things were good between us," Daevon says. "That you leave on a positive note. But I've little idea how to do that. We're too different, aren't we? I think if we weren't brothers then we wouldn't have anything to say to eachother at all. We can't get back what we had when we were children, and I'm sorry, that's my fault, and I've found myself missing it, missing the brother that grew up even as I did too. It doesn't mean I love you any less. I should have tried harder. I thought I'd have longer here with you. But I'm glad that someone's seen your worth. That you've got this incredible opportunity."

"Perhaps we have grown apart," Aevander allows. "I suppose that's what happens when two siblings grow up separated by distance. But, we are brothers, so we shall always have something to say to each other." He smiles faintly and shakes his head. "Thank you, that's very kind."

Daevon nods. "If we meet again, I'm sure it'll go better. Maybe in another five or so years, when you've a family, and I've a family and we're both more mature."

"You with a family," Aevander muses with a small nod. "I like that image."

Daevon laughs. "Oh, it's going to be such a complicated family. I like the idea of you with one better. You'll be a good father. A good husband."

"So will you, if you choose to be," Aevander replies, sitting down on the edge of his bed.

"It's about choice, isn't it," Daevon says. "I wouldn't choose to be bad. It's just… really difficult to see her dreams shattered and to be the one who's smashing them to pieces. To know that she'll never have the chances she hoped."

"You don't know that, you simply assume it," Aevander replies. "Instead of seeing this marriage as an end to something, why not try to look at it as a beginning?"

"I've spoken to her," Daevon says. "We spoke years ago, of hopes and dreams, and more recently too. I know it will most likely happen, but still." He sighs softly. "If they'd said your name instead of mine, it would be simpler, would it not?"

"Simpler for you, certainly," Aevander replies, "Unless you'd taken it upon yourself to sabotage my wedding in the name of liberating Mariya from the life of being a bride."

"You're not betrothed to anyone, are you?" Daevon checks. "You'd charm her though. But never mind. What will happen will happen."

"Just so," Aevander agrees, standing with a stretch that makes his spine pop. "Well, I think I'll have a walk through the marketplace and a ride. Until later, brother."

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