(121-05-24) Do Drop In
Do Drop In
Summary: Elionys does exactly this in a random visit to Riderch. The discussion they have is less random.
Date: Date of play (24/05/2014)
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Luthier's Manse Appletree Wynd

Sat May 24, 121 ((Sat May 24 21:17:51 2014))

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and overcast.

This modest stone manse is well appointed, with three levels, each about forty feet square. This lowest floor is open, except for the kitchens. They are separated by a wall of polished maple-wood that matches the golden-bright floors. The other walls are plastered a fresh and creamy white.

The room is dominated by is a massive fireplace with colourful tiles set around it and on its hearth. It stands on the wall that's shared with the kitchen and so lies more or less in the center of the house. There's a long dining table, painted blue, near the kitchen door, and a sideboard to match it.

There are no windows facing the wynd, but an arched door and wide windows give a view of a walled garden in the back. A set of couches and chairs in pale blue leather are placed there, offering a pleasant spot to converse and take in the view. To one side of them is the rather narrow staircase.

It is an evening at this quiet manse. The windows hang open, allowing bits of breeze waft within the space of the manse as a man, a man who would be loathe to be called 'the man of the house' even though he is sits upon a divan and studies a leather-bound book. He is clad in a shirt, trousers, and robe, all of black with red trim and studies the volume with a relaxed sort of intent.

Today it's a cheery yellow gown that Elionys arrives in, the sleeveless thing with gold accents, and a slender gold circlet on her brow. A gentle rap on the door likely carries, and the soft words exchanged less so, after requesting Riderch's company, it's at the door she waits to see if she'll be permitted in.

And it's a wonder, but the guards have already been given the same order they're always given where, well, certain people are concerned. It's something she might note, in fact. Elionys is seen, and the guards don't even send for Riderch. They just open the door, bowing. Bowing a little bit obsequiously, but you know how it is with royalty.

In fact, the entrance for the Targaryen princess is so surprising, that Riderch doesn't immediately catch it.

But then he does. He's on his feet, opening his mouth a little. "—Princess!" It is a bit of an exclamation, and a little bit of a greeting.

She might note that the decor has changed a little here, and that the furniture is more mixed than it was. Did he go on a buying spree?

Elionys too is surprised that she's simply permitted in, but with that permission she wanders further into the house. When she finds Riderch there in the chair, her lips quirk into an amused smile. "Good evening, Ser. I… I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude? They told me I could just come in," she explains, as though he didn't know. As though he weren't the one to give that permission.

In all honesty, there is one person not amongst the guards that is not surprised, and that is the man of the house himself, as he stands aloft, with a sort of disoriented smile. "Princess." He repeats. "I think I told you that you were never intruding. And I guess I never told the men otherwise, either. So here you are." While surprised, he doesn't at all seem bent out of shape. The book is laid on the divan as he studies her, off in the distance. "May I get you something?"

"No, I suppose you didn't, I simply wasn't certain it-…" Elionys makes a vague gesture that will have to serve as an end to that sentence, as it's all she gives, and then the hand drops back to her side. "Please don't trouble yourself," she says, moving further into the room. "How are you? I haven't seen you since the party," and you left very drunk. Though she doesn't add that last part.

"Mmm. That is true, I suppose." Riderch's voice is brought up in a slow murmur. For what it's worth, he seems stone-cold sober here. And he's dashing over towards a table with a wine decanter, pulling out a couple cups. Blackwood's Finest, you understand. He also pretty much ignored 'don't trouble yourself' and things of that nature, but without a show of exertion or care.

"I've ridden through things that would kill sane men. Fortunately I would like to pretend that I am not sane for this very moment." And right there, she gets shot with his typical cockeyed grin.

Elionys makes no effort to stop Riderch from pouring wine, though that he does makes her smile a little bit. "Have you? I'm not sure I should inquire further about that, but I trust that you have," she replies, grinning at him in return. As he pours the wine, she moves to a chair, settling on the edge with her hands in her lap.

And to this, Riderch adopts the best hustle he can in service of being a gracious host. Which of course involves him suddenly stopping as his foot drags and almost really trips over a bag. "Gods damn it, Ainsley." He mutters to himself as he looks down at the thing. "I suppose I should have someone pick that up." This last bit is noted as he stops and stares at it.

Of course, he's poured wine. Two cups, and one is eventually brought to Elionys. "The truth of the matter is probably boring. I am just glad you are here." And let's face it, the very last statement is true, in every sense of the word, coming from his lips.

Elionys' lips press together in a firm line to restrain her amusement as he nearly trips over the bag on the floor, eyes going from that, to the cursing man. "Who is Ainsley?" she asks, curious. The wine that he offers is accepted with a gracious little nod, and then the cup is cradled between both hands for the time being. "I wasn't certain if I should come over or not, but… I am glad to be here."

"Unless you've done something to insult me or my family, I wouldn't tell you not to come—" Riderch notes, as he rights himself and sets the cup down in front of her on a long table. He has his own cup, too, that he peers at but is so far only half-interested in.

"Oh. I've told you about her. My sister Aine. I only call her 'Ainsley' when I'm mad at her and as you can see, I'm not mad now." The man's grin beams at Elionys, despite all that has happened, he peers at her with a certain warmth. It may be the warmth of a man who is half-mad, but she could likely be the judge of this. You might note I'm not mad at her anymore."

"I don't imagine I've done anything like that, no," Elionys says with a quiet laugh, shaking her head. "Or that I would ever do such a thing." That might be a tad optimistic, but then she's not met Ainsley yet. "Oh, yes, your sister! I recall you telling me of her. She's come to visit? How lovely. You must be pleased."

"I think she is just going to be here." Riderch's observation comes in a dry tone of voice as he piles into a chair, languidly, waving the whole issue away. "If she weren't asleep I'd introduce you. She's about your age, you know. And between you and me." He leans over towards Elionys with a slight mutter, "I feel like when it comes to our blood, she is the best of us. But please don't ever tell her I said that."

The man's in a surprisingly good humor here, the laughter pouring out of him like the wine did from the flagon. Speaking of wine, he has a sip. "And I know that you are — how you are.. You're, well." For some reason, Blackwood's cheeks flush a slight pink as he eyes Elionys and stammers out this little bit. "I think we are beyond tiptoeing over things at this point. I don't want to presume that though without your permission."

"I look forward to meeting her," Elionys replies, lifting her flagon of wine for a sip. "It's nice to have family around," she observes, but then her brows furrow and she's forced to add, "Sometimes." The tankard is lowered and she looks up at him, and the smile that follows is not playful, or teasing, but rather one of quiet understanding. "I think we're beyond it as well," she admits. "Please, say what you wish to say."

"I understand what it is you say. Family. In this case, there is nothing I can say but that. She makes things — easier." Riderch says, it's a succint, little thing, and his body language says what the words don't. "I now have to convince Mother when she comes down that she shouldn't go back home. Which — well," it's a little peal of laughter that accompanies Riderch's words now as he stretches out in his chair, his hands clasped around his wine cup. But he merely peers at it.

"If you knew my mother, you'd know that this is the most dangerous prospect of them all." He then taps his foot and looks back at the Targaryen Princess.

"I'd — want you to meet her too. I didn't know she was coming. She just surprised me. It happens." He shrugs, finally taking a sip. "All I wanted to say was that I am happy to see you. And that sounds probably like the words of —" He shrugs again, glancing at her flatly. "This should not be hard."

"There are some in my family that I'm glad to have around, and others that, while I love them, I would rather keep them at a distance," Elionys explains without going so far as to give names. "I do sometimes wish my brother Daeron were here, he was fun, and smart, and always knew the right thing to say, no matter the situation. I wish I had that skill. Even half of it." As she listens, the tankard is lifted for another drink, eyes remaining on him above the rim of the cup. "I am sorry if I'm making things difficult for you," she starts, looking as though for a moment as though she might rise. "If you prefer, I can go and leave you in peace?"

The weariest of world-weary sighs rains upon the chamber as the one-day-maybe Lord of Raventree Hall stretches in his chair, and exhales. "Gods' blood, Elionys." Not 'Princess.' But her name. "You don't have to apologize for every little thing you do. If I didn't want to speak with you, I would have said it. If I wanted you to stay away, I would have arranged for it. Grant yourself a little credit for the power you have. I'm not some silly little boy running after a cart like a panting dog." There's a bit of a wheeze of laughter as he does, in fact, move to interject. "Well I am silly. But that is entirely a different topic that needs not come up in this conversation. How are you?"

He pauses a little while chewing on the subject. "Is that what your brother is like? Interesting. I'd be interested in meeting him." For what it is worth, Riderch's spirits are very high right now, even if he is barely in his cup.

It's Elionys' turn to blush, eyes going down to the tankard in her hand for a few moments. "No, I know. I… it just matters to me." She seems just about to go on a very good, and possibly very long ramble, but instead she exhales a breath hard enough that her cheeks puff. "I am well enough. Sad to see Aevander leaving for King's Landing so soon, and…" Her brows furrow slightly as she considers her next words carefully. "I am having a time trying to work out how to deal with some people," she explains, lamely. "I think you would like Daeron. Most people do."

"Listen." The mention of Aevander raises a few obvious hackles on Riderch's part, at least evidenced by the raising of eyebrows. "I hope before he goes, he takes what I gave him to heart. I consider the matter between him and me settled and he seems — well, honorable enough to take it as such. Tell him I wish him a safe journey. There are worse men in this world." Well, that wasn't so hard. But it did take a ton of time for Riderch to formulate the words and get them out.

It seems like one blush seems to lead to another here, as Riderch leans forward on the table and eyes Elionys in a puzzled fashion. "It sounds like it. From what little you have told me so far. Aine's like — me. I suppose. If I were better at this than I am. But she is also not like me. I need to show her how to deal with this place, even though I am confident that she won't be too troubled." There, he's all smiles again.

When he says to listen, Elionys' gaze ticks up to him, brows furrowing a touch as she listens. It's only when he's done that she offers a slight nod, and faint smile. "I'll be sure to pass on the message, and you're right. There are worse men in the world than him. He's not near the worst," she assures him, if quietly. "It does take some practice, learning how to deal with the people here. There are some that are, ah, persistent. I've one that is attempting to court me and… well, I'm sure he's only doing so for my title, and—" she waves her hand vaguely. "It was simpler at court, because people had to see my father there. Here, I feel I'm a bit on my own."

"Only one? I was sure there would be dozens." Riderch says, half-jokingly. But there's a curious sort of narrowing of the man's eyes as Elionys states the awful truth of her courtship experiences. "I've had that. Pray to whatever Gods you truly worship you never witness the terror that is Bethany…" And this is one of those moments where Riderch is clearly reaching for something very unkind to say. But he does not.

"Terrick. Still, that does not mean you should have to deal with this nonsense." He extends a sympathetic hand towards Elionys which has no real reason to be met, save to offer a token friendly gesture of his presence. "Fortunately they leave me mostly alone. Although you had the usual types of fools making eyes at Aine."

"I can hardly claim a number like that," Elionys replies with an amused little laugh. "No, a few, maybe. It's just the one in particular that, well…" she shakes her head. "I feel as though he hardly knows me at all to be so very interested, and so it can't be for anything other than the title that I hold, and the connection to my family, regardless of what is claimed." She looks to the hand that he offers, and after a few beats, reaches out to take it. "Please don't tell anyone I said that. I don't want to insult the Tyrell family, we've enough trouble with them as it is."

"Pffffft." The response from Riderch comes at once. It's a little bit of a joking thing. Or at least a bemused thing as he leans back in his chair, looking upon the Princess herself with arms crossed to and fro. "Do not sell yourself short, Elionsys. Princess?" He coughs again his tone of voice harsh.

"Oh, I'm not," Elionys assure him with an amused smile, her own hand withdrawing when his does. "Really." She pauses for a drink of wine, and then the tankard is set on the table. She sits back in her chair as her gaze lifts to consider him for a moment. "Yes?"

"And here we go." There's a certain widening of Riderch's eyes here as he leans forward, his fingertips drumming on the rim of a winecup. The sort of cup that was poured for the both of them here. He cants his head wide to one side to watch for anything else Elionys might say but in truth he has likely said already. "There are carrion vultures in this world, Princess, as you no doubt have been made aware. I have met them too."

Elionys watches Riderch with a measure of uncertainty as he leans in, as though she's trying to puzzle something out. "Yes, there are vultures in the world, quite a few. I don't know if that's what I would call it, it implies that I'm dead and they're circling to consume me. That's a dark thought." She rests her elbow on the arm of the chair, cheek propped on the back of her hand. "I don't think it's that bad. I hope it's not that bad, anyway. I think that Lord Loryn is… ambitious, but harmless, ultimately. At least right now. He's too focused on running the theater, and earning his spurs to be properly dangerous."

Clank. Clink. Clunk. There's a wide swipe here that was now made by a Riverlander, and the gossip brought forward by Riderch himself has certainly drawn forth the man's heart. "Loryn Tyrell." He starts, trying out the words while setting his wine cup down. "Loryn Tyrell" He didn't pick the wine cup back up, eyes narrowing.

"Yes," Elionys replies with even more uncertainty as she watches the Riverlander's reaction. "Yes, he's made his interest in me rather, ah, known, though I haven't any idea if anyone in his family knows. After all the trouble with Maelys, I cannot imagine that his brother would approve of anything like that, but the Lord Loryn has seen to it all himself, if I understand correctly. Have you had some problem with the Lord?" she asks.

"Problem? I didn't think I did." Riderch's lips just purse here as he gives the odd-eyed (well aren't they all) Targaryen girl a gently inquisitive glance with a faint cant of his head. The wine cup is picked up, set back down, and overall just fiddled with as some sort of prop as he considers the whole issue. "So he —" And with that, his eyes narrow. "The bloody gall of that boy." Not a man. 'Boy.' He shakes his head a little bit, one side to the other. "These people. Was I so bloody blind?" He inquires. Not really to Elionys, but just in general.

Elionys watches the fiddling with the cup, which seems to drive her to pick up her own, not to fiddle with as well, but for a drink of the wine within. "Did he-… blind about what, Riderch?" she asks as she returns the tankard to the table. "What people? I don't understand your meaning."

"Blind about how weak these — people are. It's like — you're not one of them." The cup is pressed down hard on the table and finally a slow drink is taken as what was clearly a flash of something between indignant rage and stinging annoyance flashes in Riderch's blue-green eyes. "Please, P — Elionys." He adds. "I wasn't talking about you or your family in this inclusion, but it's becoming increasingly clear to me how some Southrons are." Oh, so he's doing that now. Playing the First Men card. "No offense is offered. But this little bucket of prancing nonsense that is Lord Ponce clearly is doing you something of a dishonor." He hasn't elaborated, yet. "Oh, I hope you will be a guest at Garden Isle sometime, M'lady!" He waggles his head back and forth in a high-pitched tone dripping with ridiculous mockery.

Elionys' eyes are just a little bit wide as she watches Riderch labor beneath the weight of annoyance, or anger, or… well, whatever it is exactly, it's a thing she's not yet seen from him before. "Did the Lord— what do you mean he's doing me a dishonor?" The falsetto impression makes brows inch slowly upward, mouth opening to say something, but for a beat she seems unsure of just what to say. "I think I am missing some important detail here."

The bad impression is punctuated with a ridiculous, mimicking giggle. It's clear what he's doing there and who he's passing this derogatory judgement upon. Riderch Blackwood now shakes his head, glancing at the Princess with a sort of reassuring shake of his head as he lets it pass and offers a hand flat on the table. "I am sorry. The last thing I'd want to do in this world is insult you and I am not doing that." He flickers a tight smile at her before continuing. "But you know this and —" Well, that's left unsaid, but there's a flush in his cheeks. A brief, simple one. Did it just get warm in here?

"Oh, you are. He does you a dishonor, Elionys. For while he's stringing you along, hoping for a catch, he prances around town throwing around his affections at presumably whatever lady is in his sights. And to make matters worse, he fluttered his eyes at my SISTER. Oh, it's nothing that would normally be bad, and whether he's prancing around pretending to be a Squire or not, I have no doubt in my mind that Aine would be able to handle herself if he did anything untoward. But this — this already is untoward." His eyes go back to fuming. "The utter gall of that boy." This same statement is repeated.

"You're not," Elionys assures him quietly, but after a beat her brow furrows. "I'm fairly certain you're not, in any case. I don't think you would do that." He goes on and she listens, brows furrowing just a little bit more. "He is attempting to court your sister?" she asks. "Well that is rather untoward when we get right down to it. Maybe that's why he's not doing things in the formal way? Having his brother approach families for him, as he ought. Not that I would expect Ser Laurent to approach my family for anything like that."

"I know I'm not. But I also know it never, ever hurts to be as certain as one could be." The talkative Riverlander talks some more, alternating between two very different moods as he catches himself. "I know you're not some timid creature that shies away from an angry man spouting angry nonsense. The same way I know my sister is not some soft little thing that some fool like Loryn Tyrell would prey upon. It's just about respect, and the very lacking amount of it I am seeing right now." And then, his eyes flash again as they flicker downward and he retracts his hand. "I don't think he was serious, I'm not that mad. Just a little genteel offer in passing. And when a man like that sees a pretty lady and invites her over, well — he'd better know what he's doing." And finally, Riderch gets to the heart of it here, even if he had sort of already.

"I know he's playing the game they play down here. But I'll be damned if he views a woman like my little sister as some target for his shallow affections, like that Servant" His eyes, they flash to Elionys now. It's a very telling emphasis he places on those words. "wants to, thinking he can do that and then maybe sling some coin from a Great House around to make himself look like he's something he's not. And I will be damned if he'll do it when he's trying to court you."

The flaring of his nostrils speaks of one simple emotion. Disgust. Pointed disgust. Finally Laurent's mention gives him pause. "And poor Ser Laurent. He's the one useful fighting man I've seen wearing Tyrell colors. And — Maybe I should have a little talk with him. Or Lord Loryn." Oh, someone looks like they are going to have a rather unpleasant day, very soon. Maybe several someones. Maybe Blackwood himself, were he thinking straight. But, he's always had a reputation for having a tinge of madness, and what's going on here doesn't counter that one bit.

The emphasis on the word causes a few moments of confusion as Elionys watches him, brows furrowing. "He is making an attempt to, somewhat, he wrote my father requesting a betrothal, but he's not… it's not formal, he's just come by with gifts, and asked me to help him with the theater. The theater." That leaves her looking bemused. "What am I going to do at the theater? I have no desire to be an actor. My father would force me to come back to King's Landing if I should do anything like that." That brief tangent aside, she shakes her head. "But if he still intends on pursuing that request… well, I suppose I see what sort of man he is."

"Mmm. Well. That." Riderch says. "The theater is an amusing thing, but not fit for —" He has this infuriating tendency to not finish his sentences, and Riderch is not exempt from this tendency now. His mouth flickers as some of that anger he was showing simmers. Possibly at Elionys' explanation of the situation. But oh, is it still there.

"I'm afraid you have the right of it. And we'll see what sort of man he is." There's a stormcloud full of bad ideas brewing over Blackwood's head here and he does not make the slightest effort to conceal it.

Then it hits him, a sudden turn of mood, and subject. "I hope the boy — the one from the ship. Pate? I hope Pate is doing well. I spoke to Lord Samael at the Hightower about that whole incident and it seems nobody is wise as to what is going on."

"It's better to find out first, than to discover it later after someone is already tied to him," Elionys replies quietly, but as he shifts the subject to the boy, and the ship, she gladly moves on. "Pate is doing as well as you might expect. One of my maids spends all of her time with him, looking after him, so I know he's being properly cared for. I go and sit with him while I can, and he's told me some, but then he gets upset and cries over it, and I can't bring myself to force him to go on." She looks down now, reaching for the tankard, which is then cradled between both hands. "He loved the kitten," she mentions. "He's named Prospero," she mentions. "Ser Prospero of… something, I can't recall, but it's good that he has something else to distract him. He doesn't want to go out of his room, or play with other children, so it's good he has something else to interact with."

"It is better to find that out. But that's how this game is played, unfortunately." A sigh escapes Riderch Blackwood's lips as this is touched upon. But that is, as they say, all that will be discussed of Loryn Tyrell. He too moves on as well and it's as though the anger were never there. And he nips at his wine as he watches Elionys speak of Pate, Kittens, and the Oncoming Storm…of fur.

"That is how it is heard to be, then. He might remember something but — he needs time, probably, and being surrounded by a few pretty maids and a new friend will possibly help with things." And then it hits him. It really hits him, in fact. "Ser Prospero. Heh. Heh heh." He throws back his head in an exuberant howl of laughter, practically /shaking/ in his chair, and were it drawn out any longer, one might expect to see tears in his eyes. "That — I saw that sad little creature that nobody wanted to feed and thought he might see him as a kindred spirit. It just struck me as a fancy." He explains. And then, he falls silent some, suddenly rising from his seat.

"I — I find I need to get dressed properly and attend to some things out of the house but you are always welcome to stay if you like. Or I can walk you wherever you are going." His eyes drift to Elionys bemusedly. "With your guards, of course. If you stay, my house is open. Maybe Aine will be up and about. She hasn't had time to make friends here, really, and you might get along." Oh poor, poor Riderch Blackwood. The man is an eternal optimist. Even when he's planning ruinous things.

When he laughs at the name of the kitten, that draws forth some laughter of her own, if not quite so hearty as his. "It was a very good notion, and I'm grateful for it. I might not have thought to do so otherwise, and maybe it will lead to something that will make it easier for me to draw him out of his room in the future. Working with animals somewhere, maybe in the stables, or… I don't know. Somewhere. Whatever his interests might end up being." When he rises, she sits up a little, looking as though she's going to get to her feet as well. Any minute now. "I… no, please, go on. My guards are waiting for me and will see me safely to wherever I end up going next. Thank you for the company."

"Every man has been an upset boy of twelve years once. Sometimes, if you push yourself you can understand where another stands." Riderch says, pensively, at the story of Pate and the one-day fierce Ser Prospero the Cat. He gives Elionys a slight tilt of his head again, bowing a little. "Maybe that's what makes some of us fools. Or maybe we just needed more bloody kittens." This observation is accompanied by a wave as he leaves the wine on the table, making a gesture towards the stairs indicating that is indeed where he will go.

"Never thank me for my company, Princess. Because it will never be anything of a burden." His smile to her is muted now, but clearly warm. "My house is always open." And with that, he strolls up the stairs, whistling something or other, only turning back once over his shoulder to give her a brief glance. This done, he turns, and disappears around the staircase.

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