(121-05-18) SNOOPS
Summary: Daevon and Riderch speak, while Elionys and Visenya snoop, with Igdahn looking on disapprovingly. Special Appearance by Aevander. Good times.
Date: Date of play (18/05/2014)
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Oh, and dally he did not. Again, this may have been a time where Ser Daevon Targaryen has witnessed Ser Riderch Blackwood, Heir to Raventree Hall and of late involved in a storm of rumors dressed in his finest. He is clad in a black, knee-length coat slashed with red, red like the crest containing the silver dead Weirwood and flight or Ravens on his chest. His cloak adorned with raven feathers is tossed about his shoulders and his boots are polished black leather. As a gesture, he left his weapons at the door, even if they were allowed in the first place. Entering the grand Royal manse, he slowly enters. It may be a cautious gait, but his head is held high as he is admitted.

"Ser Riderch," Daevon greets. "Oh, you dressed up." Is that a hint of disappointment? He tries to usher Riderch through into one of the empty sitting rooms.
Visenya comes in from Starry Street.
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It's just as he's being ushered through that Elionys descends the stairs, catching a glimpse of the Riverlander. Both brows prick upward curiously as she moves to follow after he and Daevon. Because she's nosy. Of course.

"I would not darken your doorstep with anything less — befitting, Prince — Ser Daevon." Comes Riderch's response, his dark cloak thrown behind him as he walks along, his hands tucked behind his back. His words are clearly cautious as he follows the Knight. "And even then I'm sure this is rougher than what you are used to." There's a flicker of a smile there but it does not hold. He's known the man from before, but this is not at all the same sort of situation.

Daevon leads Riderch into the sitting room and pointedly closes the door behind him. That's a clear sign as any to bar others entrance, for all that it may be possible to eavesdrop. "I'm used to armour and the road. I wouldn't say that I'm at all comfortable in court finery, regardless of how expensive it is. It's always struck me as terribly impractical for the most part. I hear that you assaulted my brother's fist with your face?" There's a slight twitch of a smile as he says this.

You know who else is nosy? Visenya. Visenya is perhaps the nosiest person in the house. She comes in the front door just in time to spot Elionys following after Daevon and Riderch. And so she trails after Elionys to the closed door. "Ugh." She says out loud.

Well then, for the moment at least, Elionys lingers outside of the door, making no attempt to hide the fact that she's trying to listen to whatever is going on inside. She glances at Visenya, giving her cousin a quick wave, but it's half-distracted as she continues to listen.

Igdahn comes in from the garden.
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Daevon and Riderch are in one of the sitting rooms, the door closed to bar others entrance. Visenya and Elionys are standing outside the room, listening in.

"I recall you are. As am I. I can respect that." Riderch begins pensively. "I enjoyed our time together on our little journeys, even if they never really led to much. My father always used to scold me about being more of a fighting man than a Lord. He'd say, 'Fledgling.'" The Blackwood Heir wrinkles his nose, it's not really that swollen now thankfully. "You need to be both if you are to hold on to what we have." There's also a clear impression of a solemn, stern man there. But he doesn't digress /too/ long.

"In a manner of speaking. I believe he was unhappy about an — error in my judgment. Which I should rectify. Properly."
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"Which error of judgement?" Daevon asks, pointedly.

Visenya holds her finger up to her lips to Elionys, and reaches forward sllllloooowwlly to grasp the handle on the door. She twists it just as slowly, her eyes widening slightly in the anticipation of getting caught. Don't creak, door! She bites down on her bottom lip as she pushes the door open just an inch so they can better hear what is being said inside of the room. Hopefully, the occupants don't notice.

Elionys doesn't need to be told twice that she should be quiet, she remains completely silent and still as Visenya opens the door. She might even be holding her breath as she listens to see if there is any sign that the men within the sitting room notice.

"Putting your cousin's safety within a hair's risk, even according to her wishes." Riderch spits out. It's a simple thing, really the way he says it. "I did not see any significant danger that we could not have handled when boarding. It was a warrior's calculation and not a Lord's. And your brother's —" His nose twitches again, "Reminder smacked a little of that. Just because it turned out as well as it could have does not mean it /would/ have, and as I told your brother, if a shred of harm comes to her in my presence I'd have offered my head as payment." He is still standing, peering at Daevon cautiously. "I was loathe to accept that he was right. Had he not been, things would have gone worse, I am certain." Worse. That word is emphasized.

Riderch adds this little bit. "I also felt that she was right. And this overrode any more cautious thoughts I would have had. But it was my decision, and I should accept some responsibility."

"It was the correct thing to do," Daevon says. "What would have happened to the boy if he'd been left for longer? If my cousin had not been there to take him in? You did right. She did right. No harm came to her and she was useful. She's stronger than she thinks. Are you in love with her?" Another direct, pointed question and he studies Riderch, searching for the answer as if it can be read there.

Visenya's eyes roll slightly. "Funny how no one is saying this to /your/ face." She whispers to Elionys, "This is unacceptable. We should go in there!" It's as if they hadn't been feuding for the past month. That she adopts a sense of moral outrage over the whole situation as quickly as she does, which has nothing to do with her, is somewhat astounding.

Elionys' gaze slides over to Visenya again, brows jumping as she makes an emphatic 'exactly' gesture, without actually saying the word outloud. She doesn't barge into the room, not yet, looking to her cousin as she leans in closer to the door. "Do you think?" she asks, the words barely even a whisper.

It's a good thing those people outside can't see the color rise in Riderch's cheeks. "-Ser. First, I appreciate your agreement with me. Prince or no, you understand war, tactics, and the things we have to do to keep this kingdom and our people safe. And I am sure you understand these things. I don't know if Pr- Ser- Aevander sees things the same way you and I do. But.." His jaw drops. "I — with all due respect, may I be truthful?" He pauses a beat and suddenly his affected noble poise slumps a little.

Daevon nods at Riderch. "I would not ask you to lie." His words gentle. "You're a good man, an honourable one. You made the right call, the same one I would have and no harm came of it. So do not doubt yourself."

"Let's find out what the bald one says first." Visenya whispers back, "If anything else, if he says yes you can add him to your score card." …Does Visenya keep a scorecard of men who profess an interest in her? And does she think this sort of behavior is normal? She adds, "I'l bust in first. Everyone expects it out of me. Then you can come in like, 'Oh, I heard a noise!'".

Igdahn drifts, ghost-like, from the gardens, with a basket full of her embroidery on her elbow. Her hair is hidden underneath her headpiece, but she is unveiled, as she is in out of the sun, now, and in the safety of the manse. The sight of her cousins listening in at a door puts something of a look if disapproval on her face; it's hardly seemly to go about listening at doors— at least where anybody out in the corridor might see you doing so. It colors the reputation to be considered a sneak, after all. But she will not give away their sneaking and shame their family so to whomever might be inside, only issues a soft clearing of her throat to let her two cousins know they might be hiding from those within, but certainly not from those without.

If Elionys is concerned at coloring the family reputation, that isn't evident by her current choice to continue snooping at the door. The soft clearing of a throat from behind has her twisting around, but rather than look the slightest bit guilty, she just presses a lone digit to her lips, as though to shush, without the actual shushing sound.

She also does nod to Visenya, though the mention of a score card earns a look, but the plan of action gets a bit of a grin.

"I am also a foolish man who thinks of things without thinking of his family first. I love my family. Long ago in a time we cannot even name, my family reigned as Kings." Riderch blurts out. The impulsive Knight is ahead of the Lord-to-be here /again/ as he takes Daevon's leave to speak freely as an excuse to let out a torrent of explanation. He remains standing. "Let me begin, then." He shrugs off the compliments a little but also dips his head slightly. "For years we were bound by the yoke of House of Hoare. Who enslaved and murdered our people, and took what they wanted. Like our neighbors, we fought them when we could, but failed. For the Ironborn are an enemy that no one can strike without burning out the nests they hide in."

He clears his throat and continues until he is interrupted. "Aegon the Liberator" Not conqueror here — Liberator. It is a name, a title that he uses "came and landed on our shores, and gave us the most fair and just offer our people had known in centuries. We rose in service to him, and Edmyn Tully happened to just gather his forces and be able to lead the charge of men sworn to King Aegon. I mean no disrespect to the Tullys either, they are fair lords and great men to serve."

He continues now, changing the subject. "In my land, your family are revered. You may have seen it, to be honest. Now, I happened to chance upon a Targaryen Princess. Randomly. As time went on we became — friends. And that is something that I cannot explain nor provide any weak justification for, other than that I appreciate her company and grace. Somewhere along the line, I noticed something. Something my mother explained to me a long time ago. Birthright means /nothing/ without the will and character to use it properly. Princess Elionys has all these things, Ser. She seemed to understand all these things without having had it drilled in her head. And somewhere I forgot myself. I stopped seeing "Princess Elionys Targaryen" and began seeing "Princess Elionys. I am a good warrior, and I try to remain a good Knight. But I saw in her a good Lady. Not like these dull things the Terricks or Freys dangle in front of me. And — I don't know. I don't know what I was doing and I mean no insult or to step outside my station, but to answer your original question? Now that I have told you this, what man in my position, sane or bloody mad /would not/ be?"

Visenya turns sharply when Igdahn clears her throat. She rather distinctively rolls her eyes at the other Targaryen Maiden, and mirrors Elionys action of putting her finger up to her lips. Then she leans forward slightly to listen, and gives Elionys a raise of her pale brows at Riderch's words. She then motions for her and Igdahn to stand behind the door so she won't be visible for when she throws it open. Grasping the door handle, she pushes it open with some force and yells out, "…And bring the sewing, Ella!" She shakes her head as she steps into the room, seemingly oblivious to the two men inside of it. "Lazy good for-OH!" She acts as if Riderch and Daevon's presence has surprised her, and puts a hand on her chest in simulated fright. "…I didn't know anyone was in here."

Daevon listens, sympathetically to Riderch's tale and there's nods in certain places. He has been to the Riverlands after all. Any response he was to give though is cut off by the opening of the door. "Visenya." He says. "That's why the door was closed." He waits, patiently for her to depart.

Igdahn turns her head aside and will go ahead as she was passing, coming to have a seat on a cushioned bench of the main hall somewhat downstream from the great to-do. She's come in out of the sun, and finds the shade of the hall much more comfortable. She'll take up her embroidery again.

Elionys' brows creep up as she listens, exchanging a look with Visenya before she draws back so that she's against the wall to one side of the door. Nothing to see here, guys! She looks to the side fo make sure that Igdahn isn't going to give them away as she presses herself more firmly to the wall for no reason other than to make herself feel better, and then, she listens.

The stare delivered to Visenya on Riderch's part indicates two things. Utter surprise, and a quick scrambling to maintain a sense of composure. "Princess Visenya. I am glad you are doing well. I must compliment Ser Fulk — on…" Blackwood's boots. They are certainly polished to a shine. Whatever it was about Ser Fulk the Subtle will have to wait. He turns to Daevon haplessly now. "I did not and will not ever do a thing to dishonor her, Your Grace. If that's what you are wondering. I will swear an oath to /your/ Gods as well as mine." Oh, this just got serious.

"For keeping me alive, and unspoiled by highwaymen? Yes. Ser Fulk has a knack for protecting silly maidens." Visenya favors Riderch with a pretty smile. That said, she doesn't go away. Instead, she begins looking about for something, "Oh, I'm very sorry, Daevon. It's just that I left a list in here for Aevander's party, and I've no idea what I did with it." A pause in her rather aggressive searching, and she says, "It's only in a few hours, you know. You ought to get dressed." And then she begins snooping for whatever it is she is looking for near a carafe and wine glasses. Wine glasses and Visenya have a bad history, and it isn't getting any better today CRASH! She 'accidentally' knocks over the glasses. And gives Elionys the perfect excuse to come in.

Daevon shakes his head at Riderch. "No, it wasn't what I was wondering. There is no need for such oaths. You've never shown yourself to be anything but an honorable man to me." He sighs at Visenya's words. "I do not think Aevander would like me at his party." And now Riderch's let off the hook by the chaos Visenya spreads. "I had not intended to attend."

As the glasses crash, Daevon rushes over. "Are you all right?"

Igdahn startles a little bit at the crash, nevermind that it had been planned ahead of time. She has a nervous disposition about her. Easily spooked.

"And a good knight in his own right, whatever some — ponces say about his age, or birth. He's good with a lance and a sword and most of all, has a spirit that is…Feh! I traded blows with him and his friend's appointed guard. The one /they/ call The She-hound. They are well-trained." Riderch observes, although this is delivered with the distance of a man trying to deliver small-talk. "I believe your safety is in good hands."

He now stares at Daevon. "I'm not sure what you were asking, Ser. So I told you what I had to say. I wasn't — I don't know what I was thinking. Pressing a suit? Maybe, if my family had a little more land to its name. Mostly I just found her company a joy."

Elionys waits in the hall a bit longer than perhaps Visenya meant for her to, but she lingers out there long enough to listen to the last bit from Riderch. She takes a few steps down the hall, away from the room, and then moves away from her hiding spot against the wall to approach the door at a slightly more believable angle. "Is everything alright here?" she asks, glacing around with feigned, but possibly convincing, concern.

"I was asking what I asked," Daevon says. "Nothing more. And trying to decide if I should challenge you, or not. You did, after all, assault a dragon's fist with your nose. I had also heard some rumours and wished to know the truth of them, and your reply answered all that I need know. If you plan to press your suit you may wish to do so soon. I know that there have been other requests for Elionys' hand." And then Elionys is entering and he turns to see her.

Visenya kneels down to begin picking up pieces of broken glass. "What do you mean you're not coming?" She demands of Daevon. Her attention isn't on the broken crystal, and she manages to cup her fingertip open. She winces, and sticks it between her lips to suck the blood and pain away before saying, "Daevon, despite what argument Aevander and you may have had, he is still your brother." She lets out a rather girly 'ow' before saying, "If you don't go it will be noticed, and you'll hurt his feelings, and people will talk. Just come for a bit, smile, and make an appearance."

Visenya she adds, somewhat shortly to Riderch, "Yes, Ser Fulk is a great Knight."

"You sought…" The Riverlord chews on all of this in the matter of a second. He may be foolish on occasion but he is not slow. "Of course there would be." Riderch suddenly notes to Daevon. And for the first time here, there's a ghost of his usual half-smile which blooms for a moment or two. "The entire world cannot be blind if I notice. And I am sure these men are not all p—" No, Riderch Blackwood. They may not all in fact /be/ ponces. The word he was about to utter was unfortunately paraded in front of all onlookers even though you did not word it.

"Your brother was within his rights to challenge me. But from what I know of him, he is normally a level-headed man and I forgive him for his anger because not because of what he did but /why/."

Visenya's scrambling with the glass is eventually noted as he glances at her. "Men like him keep a kingdom safe. It reaffirms my belief in Knighthood as a tradition, really." It looks as though he is about to help when — OH MY LOOK WHO JUST SHOWED UP. "Everything is as good as it can be, E— Princess." Hi ELIONYS! His cheeks are a bright red which is completely out of character for the man. Puffing up his chest a little, he stands straighter. No we weren't just talking all about you.

Daevon pulls a handkerchief from his pocket and offers it to Visenya. "Careful. Let the servants clean that up." He nods. "As you wish then. I had thought it would hurt his feelings if I did go. I've little idea what he does or does not wish me to do. I suppose there is to be no lecturing or teasing of him for losing his temper once more and picking fights." He nods at Riderch. "You will stay for the party?" Because that's such a good idea, inviting the man Aevander punched to his leaving soirree. "I should go put on some different, more appropriate clothes."

Elionys' eyes are just a little bit wide, and innocent. SEE HOW INNOCENT SHE IS! Definitely not the sort to have been snooping just outside the door. "Did you hurt yourself?" she asks of Visenya first, then looks around to the others. "Cousin. Ser Riderch," the latter is greeted with a small smile, pretending not to notice the blush that colors his face. "You're— are you staying for the party?" she asks, sounding unsure. "I don't know if that's wise right now, given what just happened? It seems to be begging for trouble where there need not be any."

"I would not impose. For any number of reasons." Riderch's recovery is almost admirable in its sheer speed. His blue-green eyes widen as he looks from Targaryen to Targaryen to Targa—Oh shit. "One of the most notable is the one you just mentioned, Princess." Riderch finally provides to Elionys as he smoothly reaches to his cloak and pulls off one of the preserved Raven feathers, placing it upon a table next to him. "I am sorry for the timing of all this. I would like to speak with you properly later." He says to the willowy girl who he just barely manages to meet eye contact with (yes, Elionys again). "Please give this to your cousin though. Tell him — tell him to keep it as a trophy, should he be the type. I am not easily plucked, and I would like him to remember that he did. Just this once." For a second the old Riderch is back again as his teeth flash in a mirthful smile. "It is only fair." For now though, he just looks at the Dragons around him, seeming nonplussed.

Visenya takes Daevon's handkerchief, and wraps it around the tip of her finger to stanch the bleeding. "Well, Ser Riderch and Aevander are cross with each other. Maybe they ought to clear the air before the party, and then if he shows up at the party we can put these nasty rumors regarding him, and Ser…Riderch is it? So, we can put the rumors regarding Aevander, and Ser Riderch, and Elionys all behind us." She grips the edge of the table with her uncut hand, and picks herself up. "Besides, I hired a trope of fire breathing mummers. Everyone has got to see that." That said, she purses her lips, "I need to go get ready myself. Cousin. Ser. Do consider staying." That said, she turns to dash upstairs.

Elionys' gaze moves to the feather moved to the table, then back to Riderch, brows climbing slightly. "Of course, Ser, I will be certain to do so," she offers, smiling at him slightly. "I would be glad to speak to you again, but I agree that today may not be the best place or time for it. Soon, though?" she suggests. She turns to watch both Visenya and Daevon depart, then looks back to the Raven Knight, that small smile still present.

For his part, Riderch just looks — spent. This little meeting took a lot out of him. While the smile he gives Elionys is a real, tangible thing, it doesn't linger overlong. "I would not impose on time with you and your family overlong. I am sorry if I interrupted you." Wait? WHAT? Who interrupted whom, here? "I should probably take my leave before I am needed elsewhere. Perhaps Lord Ormund will see me about what we found." And perhaps pigs will fly. One of these things is likely. A little glance is delivered to Daevon and Visenya. Igdahn is soundly out of sight at this moment.

Aevander comes down from the second floor.
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"You're not imposing," Elionys assures Riderch gently, half turning as he seems to be on his way out. "And you didn't interrupt, I think it was actually the other way around." She makes a small gesture toward the door, "I will walk you out, if you like?" You know, to make sure no one punches anyone else again.

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"I am not really worried about that. What I /am/ worried about is — well. It is fine, Princess Elionys. FINE." Yes, we have just progressed to FINE stage, gentle observers. "But thank you." All talk of interruptions is ceased. What's done is done, and what the Gods will, the Gods will, as he'd say. If he were in a usual mood.

Riderch is getting ready to walk out, and Aevander is walking in. He stops short to keep from bumping into the Blackwood, looking mildly surprised to see him. But then he offers the other knight a small nod. "Ser Riderch," he greets politely.

Riderch's clothing is a tad finer than usual. He is clad in a black, knee-length coat slashed with red, red like the crest containing the silver dead Weirwood and flight or Ravens on his chest. His cloak adorned with raven feathers is tossed about his shoulders and his boots are polished black leather. If Aevander were curious and — daresay inquisitive, he would note that one of these feathers was laid upon a small table in the sitting room. His nose is not quite as swollen as it probably was the last time Aevander saw it. But he holds his head high all of a sudden, visibly stiffening as the Prince is spied. "/Ser/ Aevander." Comes an obviously surprised reply. He was looking back at Elionys but that was then and this is — now. His response is stiff, and painstakingly polite.

The arrival of another cousin, even if it is her favorite cousin, elicts a tiny sigh. Elionys looks over at Aevander with a small smile, even lifting a hand to give im a slight wave. "I was just about to walk him out, he was speaking with Daevon," she offers, as though that needed explaining. Maybe it did. "There is a gift for you on the table."

There is a small 'ah' from Aevander for that painful level of politeness. "Still sore, I see." Though as the man's nose looks much improved, perhaps the prince references something else. "There's going to be a bit of a… to do, as I understand it, out in the gardens. All are welcome, and I am banking on copious amounts of alcohol, if you'd care to join us. And if not, I wish you a pleasant evening." Elionys gets a warm smile for that little wave, and then his brows lift. A present? Well, of course he goes over to the table to see what that's all about.

"What is sore is my /pride/. Ser." The Heir to House Blackwood declares, standing tall and eyeing Aevander flatly but he manages a smile. "Mm. I am sure there will be plenty of drink available and I am sure that under different circumstances, I could carve out a name for myself with it." Riderch observes, wryly. He suddenly stops. And suddenly, he is quite, quite personable with Aevander. "But this is your time, apparently, and I feel like I have darkened your doorstep quite a /bit/ in these days. Should you really wish, I might pass by."

Riderch stops a moment. Of course he glances back at the others. It's clear he's still a bit off-balance but handles it well.

The present is a feather, which Riderch will be better at describing, but it's a feather. Just a feather. Surprise!

Elionys doesn't interrupt the men, looking back and forth between each one as they speak. It's not until after Riderch sort of, maybe, possibly accepts the invitation tentatively that she offers, "You haven't darkened anything, ser," but that's all she says.

"Yes, ser, so I gathered," Aevander agrees with a small nod as he picks up the feather on the table and turns it gently in his hands, expression a bit quizzical. "But I considered our encounter the other night to be comeuppance for a small stain on an otherwise fine reputation, and I feel, now the point has been made, perfectly pleased to have your company and your presence in my home. It was anger, ser, and disagreement that has been laid to rest. Not a lifelong condemnation. In other words, you are welcome, Ser Riderch, if you choose to be."

"If you consider the matter put to rest, /Ser/ —" For a second, Riderch's face screws up, darkens — and then suddenly there's a bright grin. The sort of grin that might be recognized by any who've spent a great deal of time around him. "So do I. I would not quarrel with a family I have respect for, and if /you/ consider it buried, my forgetfulness is a legendary thing." Around those that transcribe legends about Ser Riderch Blackwood. Whoever those poor people may be.

This matter is clearly concluded in Riderch's eyes for now as he points to the feather sitting on the table. "But take that if you will as a trophy. It is one that I will remember for the simple lesson that a knight's duels are not always fought with blades. And whatever the story behind this, one thing is clear. I was plucked." His teeth flash a wide grin indicating that for now, all is merry in his mind. At least until he glances back at Elionys. There's some unfinished business there but he's polite enough to put it to rest until now. "Well, then I will impose on your hospitality for now. If you both will have me." Assuming they say 'yes', he follows along.

Aevander smiles faintly for this reasoning as he considers the dark feather and he nods, tucking it carefully into an inner pocket of his jerkin. "Then I thank you, ser, for the gift and it's meaning. Come." So saying, he offers his arm to his cousin and then makes his way out into the garden.
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"If he can be civil. I can be civil." It's all Riderch says, but he lingers behind long enough to utter these words. This is the Lord talking now, and not the knight.
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"Only if you want to," Elionys stresses, but she only does so once Aevander has made his way into the party. There is some visible concern for the Knight, however tough he might be. "Do you want to?" she goes on, uncertain, but waiting for the answer before she heads into the party. Or possibly up to change, and then into the party.

"I will." Riderch finally says flatly towards Elionys. Suddenly there is a flush in his face but he doesn't comment. This man has been shot with arrows, he can brave a party. Or so he's said. As he walks out, he turns his head to watch her leave and for a few moments his eyes are entirely on her. And then out he goes.

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