(121-05-17) Clarity Through Questions
Clarity Through Questions
Summary: Daevon asks for Elionys' company to ask questions, and a few favors.
Date: Date of play (17/05/2014)
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Daevon's been looking for Elionys again, a message sent through servants that he'd like to speak with her. He's in the garden, sipping lemon-water, though there's also her favourite wine waiting.

It takes a little while, either because Elionys couldn't be found, or she was just slow about coming out, but eventually she does make her way out to the garden, and for the place in which her cousin awaits.

"Elionys, thank you for coming," Daevon says. "How are you?"

"Daevon," Elionys greets him in turn, moving to an open seat and reaching to pour herself some wine. "My maid said you wanted to speak with me?" she asks, looking across the table at her cousin.

Daevon nods. "I first wanted to say that I'm proud of you. What you did on that ship, that you put others needs before your own comfort, and that you took in that poor boy. Those all show such a great strength of character."

Elionys fills the glass only halfway, and is in the process of lifting it for a sip when he speaks, leaving the wine hanging somewhere between table and mouth as she watches Daevon. "I… thank you, Daevon. I just wanted to do what was right, what needed to be done."

Daevon nods. "You did well. It was the right thing to do. It was the proper actions of a Dragon." He looks at her, thoughtfully, then asks. "Are you in love with my brother?" Direct and to the point.

And again the rise of the wine glass is stalled, eyes widening slightly at the bluntness of the question. "I-…" Elionys hesitates, brows furrowing. "I love your brother, dearly, he's been a close friend of mine for many years," she begins, tentatively. "But whatever your ideas on the matter, Daevon, he's leaving. He's going to King's Landing, and I am not going with him."

Daevon nods at Elionys. "He's in love with you." There's no room for doubt in his voice. "He's always duty first, and I've so rarely seen him happy. He's never seemed happy here, save for when he's with you. I had just wondered if it were all from him, this being in love. If he were just a dear friend, or if there was the spark of something more. He says that you're betrothed to another?"

"You can't know that," Elionys insists quietly, looking remarkably skeptical in the face of his certainty. "And if he is, he's not spoken of it to me, nor expressed any desire to my father on the matter. If he loves me, he's a funny way of showing it, hasn't he? Humiliating me in public." Whatever she's talking about there, she doesn't explain, though her cheeks turn rosy at the thought. She draws in a deep breath and seems to calm down a moment later. "I am not betrothed to anyone, someone has sought to formally court me, but there is no formal betrothal as yet."

"I do know that," Daevon says. "It is in everything he does, and says of you. Every look, the way he lights up as you step in the room, and of what he says of you when you're not there. Would your father entertain a suit from him, do you think? Would that even be something you wished for?" He smiles, slightly. "I've never seen Aevander so passionate about anything, yet word has it he… well what is it that he did. You were there? I cannot imagine him ever willingly humiliating you. Have you ever known him to be anything but considerate of your feelings?"

"He punched a Lord and Knight over my seeing upsetting things," Elionys states quietly, brows furrowing. "I knew he said he would, but I didn't think he actually would." She slumps back in her chair, brows furrowing. "He did though, he embarrassed me, and said unkind things of Ser Riderch as well, claiming the man was mooning over me. In public. It was an unkind thing to do." Feathers are properly ruffled again, and so instead of answer anything else immediately, she take a sip of wine. "I don't know what my father would entertain, I think he hopes that I marry someone that will benefit the family, and my desires matter very little. It is duty, not desire, that we marry for. You ought to know, you're betrothed to the Dornish Princess."

"Is Ser Riderch mooning over you?" Daevon asks. "He does seem rather fond of you, and he was a different man when he came to call upon you than the man I've seen otherwise. Yes, Aevander should not have spoken such words in public. Although I think such will not reflect badly upon you."

Elionys' expression turns a smidge helpless as she makes a matching gesture with both hands, though one is currently filled with the cup of wine. "I don't know, Daevon. I don't. I wouldn't have said so yesterday, but I had Aevander, and the Tyrell twins all say he was, and now I don't know. I enjoy his company, he's a nice man, and he's going to inherit. We should be on good terms with men like that, should we not? It benefits us to have them as our allies and friends."

"What was the first thing you did when you met me? When you thought I'd endangered Aegon's life?" Daevon asks. "And how is that different from what Aevander did? You can understand that passion, that fury, that desire to protect someone else? To make the one that harmed them pay, or at least see the wrong in their actions?" He's guessing, not sure exactly what the motivations were.

Elionys' cheeks color again, but this time it's accompanied by a slightly bashful smile. "Well yes, but the difference is, I did it here. I didn't wait until you were in a tavern to hit you," she points out, but his point is made, and at least some measure of the annoyance is fades.

Daevon nods. "You're both very alike. He certainly didn't intend to humiliate you. He doesn't even like fighting, does he? Nor public scenes either, and certainly not shaming the family by getting drunk and brawling over a woman." His voice is gentle and there's a smile on his lips. "But he loves you, and he's very protective of you. I don't think you need that protection. You're strong, Elionys, and you chose the right thing to do. It was a good thing you were on that boat, to take care of that boy who must have experienced such terrible things. You were very good with Lady Yael too. There's a strength in your kindness."

"I know he didn't intend to do that," Elionys assures Daevon, words carried on a soft sigh. "I know that. I… I understanding wishing to protect someone you love from danger, but there was no true danger." Not that they knew it, but she isn't pointing that out. "I saw something ugly, and certainly I wish I hadn't seen it, but I made the decision to remain, and for the knights to go investigate. If I had asked them to take me to shore, they would have done that instead, and then gone back, but I felt the matter was pressing enough that it should be dealt with at the time." She heaves another soft sigh and manages a faint smile at Daevon. "Thank you. I was happy to help Lady Yael, she's very sweet and I enjoyed her company."

Daevon nods. "You made the right call." He takes a breath. "I think I'll need your help with Lady Yael. I have some questions I need asked, those concerning her ordeal. I do not want her to be uncomfortable though."

"Of course," Elionys' brows creep upward, and any of the annoyance or embarrassment of before falls by the wayside. "What is it that you'd like me to ask about?"

"I'd like to be there with me when I ask her of her ordeal and try to discover where it was she was held," Daevon says. "And anything that she might recall that could help us in locating it."

"Certainly," Elionys agrees again, nodding to him slightly. "If you think that my being present will assist somehow. Have you asked her about it yet, or have you been waiting?"

"I've been waiting," Daevon says. "I have need of another thing. You're well connected here? You have many friends?"

"Friends enough," Elionys muses, giving her cousin another curious look. "And where I haven't friends, I attempt acquaintances, at least. What is it that you need?"

"Subtly done," Daevon says. "Which is a skill I certainly do not have. Nor do I have ties in court of any sort. Can you see if you can find out if Ser Eryk Cockshaw had any enemies in The Reach? Any man or woman who would wish revenge upon him. He is said to have had many lovers, there may have been hearts he broke other than his wife's. A jilted lover, a jealous husband, or an angry father. And, if Lady Yael speaks the truth, that her captor was a Reach Lord…" He sighs. "It's just an avenue of investigation. It's as likely to be the Dornish."

Elionys' brows creep up slightly, but whatever she might think is otherwise concealed behind a careful mask. "I could ask about it," she allows with a small nod. "See if I can discover anything, but the people that would know are likely to be the people of the reach, and I don't know that any of them are going to turn on one of their own. I can also ask my father, he has quite a few contacts," which is something of an understatement. "But if my father knows anything, chances are that the King knows."

Daevon listens and nods. "You have a point there. I'll leave it in your hands then and you can decide if you should or should not ask. It's matters I've little skill in. I had thought that since it was many of the reach that were killed."

"But you would be asking the people of the reach to believe that it was one of their own," Elionys points out with a slight smile. "Which is hard when it looks very much as though the Dornish are responsible. Whether or not they are, and I don't know if they are or not, the only person who says that it was a Reachman is a Dornishwoman who, let us be honest, would have incentive to sow discord with the border lords. I don't think that she is, but maybe she's been made to think it, maybe she was tricked. Maybe it's the truth, but the Dornish have as much desire to create chaos over here, as the people of the reach have to create it other there."

Daevon shakes his head. "Ah. No. I had, just wanted questions not directly connected." He nods. "You're right. She may have been tricked."

"She may have been, and without evidence to back her up, I don't know that anyone here would believe it," Elionys remarks with a soft sigh. "I will look into it, but I'm not even sure who I should ask. I can't imagine the Cockshaws in town are going to want to speak ill of their slain family member, and all I would get from others is likely to be speculation and rumor." Her fingers thrum idly against her cup, considering. "Other reachmen, but if it was a reach lord that took her, I have no way of knowing if I'm asking the person who did it."

Daevon nods. "Don't ask then. Just listen. And if there's nothing to hear, so be it."

"I will ask my father, and listen here," Elionys tells him, smiling faintly. "I understand why you want to uncover the truth of it, the whole mess was ugly and could have led to war. I just don't know if we will ever get the answers, or if getting the answers will be worth it, if the truth hurts us even more."

Daevon nods. "If the truth hurts more then it will remain unspoken. I will not have a war."

Elionys makes a face at that, not at him, but at the whole sentiment. "It's frustrating, isn't it? I think it is, to know that there might be someone right in our very own house, so to speak, that did this, and that they might get away with it."

Daevon nods. "It is. It's not a position I wish to be in, but something needs to be done. I can't turn a blind eye to it for fear he will strike again. So even if we discover that say, it's Lord Tyrell himself - which I know it's not - who's doing there terrible things. While we can't take action, not without alienating the Reach, and who would believe us anyway? We could still have him watched to ensure it doesn't happen again."

"I can't imagine that anyone would wish to be in that position," Elionys admits as she brings the glass to her lips for another drink. "I think you're right that it's wise we know, even if in knowing, we can never do anything about it. I understand that."

Daevon nods and takes a sip of his lemon-water. And he's quiet for now, having run out of things to say.

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