(121-05-14) In My Absence
In My Absence
Summary: So, you missed Amadys…
Date: Date of play (13/05/121)
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Foxearth Manse Starry Street
Tue May 13, 121 ((Tue May 13 21:46:39 2014))
It is a summer night. The weather is warm and overcast.

This manse's front door has a red-gold fox's head painted on it, and the doorframe tiled with a mosaic of blue flowers.
Like most of Oldtown's houses, the lower part of the building's facade has no windows, but here this does not make for a dark great hall — the ceiling is so high that grand tall windows up twelve feet above the street level let in plenty of light. They're of coloured glass, blue and green and reddish-amber and white, pieced together into scenes of foxes running amid blue flowers. The floor of the grand hall is bright golden oak, the walls plastered pristine white, and the baseboards, crown moldings and doorframes are all mosaics of semi-precious stone, green beryl and lapis lazuli and carnelian, continuing the fox-and-flower theme.
In the center of the room there's a set of plush couches and chairs, covered in light blue brocade, with a couple of bright wooden tables at their sides to form an elegant space for conversation. Sideboards of similar glossy wood stand along the walls, bearing numerous delicately painted vases, all kept full of fresh blooms.
On the East side of the room is a wide arched doorway leading into the dining hall, a magnificent chamber that can seat at least thirty. Beyond it there are hidden doors leading to the kitchens and the servant's quarters. On the West side is a great curling staircase, leading up. It's newel post is carved into the shape of a fox, standing on its hind legs to look curiously up the stairs. He is leafed in reddish gold, and his eyes are carved of amber. At the back of the hall there are large windows looking out into the back garden, and double doors giving access.

Abram had been absent from the manse in between luncheon and late afternoon, passing a pair of hours in the mews, tending his favorite raptors. When he does stride back into Foxearth proper, he treats himself to a drink, and is informed by the help that a Lord Amadys Baratheon had called in his absence.

That isn't all he is about to hear. Once informed that Abram is back by the sleepy-looking Sesro, Sera makes her way down the steps and towards the sitting room, her eyes seeking out the Knight as she enters. "Abram," she greets though her voice is a bit tight. "I wish to speak with you. Have you met or at least know of Amadys Baratheon? The Acolyte." As she asks she approaches the flagon as well, grabbing a glass to pour herself.

"I know he called in my absence," Abram returns to the query, a grin curling his lips despite Sera's notable ire. "Sesro just told me as much. Prior to that no, I can't say that I knew much. A leftover son sent to the Citadel. Or was it the Sept? I can't recall which- or perhaps it was both." A sip taken before he wonders with raised brows, "Should I know more?"

"Well he seems to be good friends with your betrothred," Sera returns as she finishes pouring and lifts the glass for a good sip. Once done she turns to face Abram a bit fully as she rests her hip against the table, crossing her free arm around her waist. "In fact you should have seen how a man with so many words become so completely tongue-tied upon her entrance," she fixes her teal eyes heavily on Abram. "And then he began to tease her about her supposed disbelief in marriage, despite claiming to congratulate her. Funny how every time she is betrothed another man seems to stumble forward." She swirls her glass and peers into the contents. "She is a willfully ignorant woman, Abram; but that Baratheon wished to sow discord in your marriage and she blinds herself to it."

Abram settles into a chair as Sera turns to face him, his lazy regard ticks over the myriad little clues of agitation in her body language as he hears out his cousin's commentary. "Well," he decides at last. "That certainly doesn't sound very friendly of him." The words are spoken lightly, though his eyes do carry a more considering attitude. "She is willful, I'll grant you, though I'd not have called her ignorant. What makes you say so?" he asks, tone tilting toward the curious.

"Because as Amadys continued his teasing and flirting, she took it. She greeted a man who obviously cares for her with a kiss on the cheek. He flirts with her, your betrothed, in your own house and in front of me. I got mad, he made me madder and I threw my glass at him." Sera returns with a matter of fact tone, "And she tosses him a towel with all but a laugh. When I warned her, albeit sharply, of him, she scoffed and claimed I should get back to my dolls and intrigue. Tell me, is that not willful ignorance?"

Abram winces with a rueful chuckle at the talk of dolls. "Sera my dear, you are without doubt my favorite cousin, and I am honestly warmed by your act of protective glass-flinging. I have no doubt it and worse was well deserved." A slow breath drawn as the seated knight weighs his next words with at least a token level of care. "Did this Baratheon offer you or Valerity any insult?" is his first query, before moving onto the subject of his intended.

"Well I flung the glass when he asked me if I was a high born maid," Sera returns as she tilts her head to the side in consideration. "And cousin, you should see the look he gave me, he fully means to be the ruin of your marriage before it starts. I did not like Valerity's reaction but that is not in my power, and if you love her then I will stand by you. But-…" she trails off as she shrugs her shoulders once more, lifting her glass to take another sip. "I have warned you, cousin. What you do with the matter is your own call. I have already considered going back home after the feast."

"Hrm," is Abram's first comment, eyes narrowing a tick at the description of Amadys' conduct. "It doesn't surprise me that she has other admirers, though her devotion to me is not something I'm inclined to doubt. For several reasons," he adds, with a small shrug of his own. "If some pissant Baratheon thinks to unmake us, or provoke me into a misstep, he is welcome to try his wits, and see how many pieces he can banter himself into. His ill words to you trouble me more than any machinations toward Valerity, but tell me: what has troubled you so deeply that you consider leaving us? I thought you liked her."

"I did not like what he was doing and in your own manse. I also did not like her reaction to it, but that is neither here nor there." Her lips then curl up ruefully. "But no, the reason for leaving has very little to do with you and Valerity. I just…" Sera returns with a little sigh. "I just wish to see my father and mother. You seem so rejuvenated since your return and I am envious. Perhaps that is what I need rather than walk around and pick fights with every person who has crossed me. Amadys wasn't the first." The last bit is said in slight embarrassment though it is tinged with amusement.

"There was little to like, it seems," Abram quips to Amadys' offenses. "Valerity's reactions are bound to be odd, the woman means to marry me, plainly she is at least half-mad." His grin deepens at her last ruefully amused comment. "Oh ho, I sense a story in that. Come now, my dear little cousin, don't make me pry.. Who was the first?"

Sera gives him a very leveled look at that before she pushes away from the table she was leaning against, glass still in hand. "Lets see, I yelled at Visenya, Laurent, and was fully prepared to torture Toran. I yelled at Loryn, I am sure, at least once. The list goes on, cousin, I assure you." She smiles at that as she takes another sip from her glass. "But it doesn't matter, the real reason isn't the list, just that I wish to see my father and mother. My sister, the one married to the Baratheon is actually visiting and I wish to see her and her children. It has been too long. But do not worry, cousin. I won't leave until after the feast."

"The lunatic princess, the half witted Tyrell, and the fellow that I only wish I had been present to rip the throat from?: Abram paraphrases the list, counting them off on his fingers. "My dear cousin, your difficulty seems not to be a short temper, but the company of fools and jackanapes. Present company included, of course," Abram adds with a jaunty little flourish of his wine glass, followed by a wink. A nod to her motives, as he notes, "Oldtown certainly does seem a madhouse, when one lines up all the names, end to end. So long as my favorite cousin will still call upon my wife and I when she returns, I will see you home with a smile firmly in place." A crooked grin accompanies his next comment, "Though I'll not forgive you entirely for depriving me of a sane voice in the midst of all this nonsense."

"Don't forget the other foolish cousin who has gone missing, yet I made sure to slap him in front of all of the Quill and Tankard." Sera continues with a lighter laugh. "While I love nothing more than to be your voice of sanity, you do have your betrothed for that now," she points out with a little grin. "Perhaps I need to re-energize my own-…I," she hesitates before lowering her lashes briefly. "I met a Northron who seems quite taken by me, and I him. Seeking my father's council in the matter is another reason for my return, to tell you the honest truth. The man is the head of the house Stark, a Great and Noble house, but one that might take me even further away. The family is ideal but the situation perhaps less so. And I am not sure if this is the path my father wants from me."

"Did you just name Valerity and sanity in the same breath?" Abram jests back. "She'll be so touched. Confused as well, but also touched." Talk of a young Lord Stark pushes his brows high. "Very well, I'll try not to break him before your return, in that case. Lord Cregan, is it?" he clarifies, perhaps unneccessarily. There is only one head of House Stark, after all.

"Yes, not a bad match is it, cousin?" Sera returns with a little laugh as she takes another sip from her drink before placing the glass down. "I do not know of her sanity, to be fair Abram, I had just hoped you picked one to counter your own insanity." She lets out a low breath before flashing him a little grin. "Not a bad match, hmm? Although if the Hightowers could snag the King then perhaps there is also a chance for someone a bit closer to King's Landing."

Abram sniffs in dry humor at the banter between he and his cousin. "To complement my own, I'd say. Any wholly sane woman I would drive wholly mad in short order." Abram leans back in his chair, regarding Sera with a small smile lingering on his battered face. "Not a bad match," he allows. "Perhaps. Should you win the North and Caelin wins the South, we will be quite the far flung family."

"At least we'd have a finger in every pie…or oatcake." Sera muses thoughtfully. "Though I shudder to think what it would be like living in the North. I heard they can be quite barbarous." Then why does she look excited about the prospect? "But do not fret cousin, I assure you I will be back soon and you wouldn't even notice I was gone." With that she steps over towards him to place a kiss against the side of his temple. "Just be sure to hold the manse til then? I am sure Caelin is more than capable of doing it himself; he appears far more level-headed than either of us."

Abram gives Sera a smile at her fond benediction. "That's not a shudder, cousin.. that is a shiver. They say the sun forgets the North for half of every year." A fresh breath as he notes, "You'll remain for the feast at least, and I hope my favorite cousin can make peace with my Lady before you visit Brightwater. Don’t worry about Caelin, I won’t let him go too far to distraction, without you."

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