(121-05-14) Ill Fated Voyage
Ill Fated Voyage
Summary: Elionys deals with trauma, Aevander deals with family, Daevon deals with his betrothed and Visenya deals with jewelers.
Date: May 14, 2014
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Dragon Door Manse — Starry Street

This is a grand and enormous manse maintained by the Targaryen family for royals and their guests when they happen to wish to stay in Oldtown.

The house faces the prestigious Starry Street. The first story is protected by narrow high windows that stop people from seeing inside, but the windows on the back wall and the four upper stories are tall and wide, making the manse bright and airy over all.

The first floor's main hall is brightly lit with lamps to make up for the shortcomings of those windows, and the walls are covered in rich tapestries depicting dragons, and the acts of Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters. There's a grand dining room separated from the entry hall by a great arch formed by carved stone dragons, and another such arch leads to a smaller, though still huge by most standards, sitting room. Everything is opulent, beautifully made, and as luxurious as befits the royal family.

There are other sitting rooms up in the floors above, as well as bedchambers, game rooms, and even private baths. Like almost all of the houses in Oldtown, it shares two walls with its neighbors on either side, but the servants quarters, kitchens, and servant's stairs buffer the house proper from any noise that could possibly leak through the thick stone walls.

There's a large and gracious walled garden in the back, and wide windows open to it. Those on the upper stories have balconies.

Elionys is sitting at the breakfast table looking exceptionally pale, more so than usual, with an empty plate in front of her and no indication that she plans to change it anytime soon. Daevon is standing nearby (or sitting, possibly?) as the two speak. "There was blood too," she adds, hushed, gaze dropping away from her cousin as she swallows. "I don't know. It's being looked into, I— I made sure to tell them to look into it, but I don't know what else there is to do."

Daevon's sitting. "I meant you," he says. "Not the…" he sighs. "I'm sorry, I didn't intend to upset you further. I was just worried about you."

Aevander's been out this morning. Training, perhaps, or shopping or… well, who really knows. But news of the strange boat trip reached his ears, and the fact that Elionys was present on the ill-fated voyage has him rushing back to the manse. He pushes through the door, storming past the surprised footmen and into the dining room. "Daevon, have you—" and then he spies his cousin sitting quiet and pale at the breakfast table. "Elionys! My gods, are you all right?"

"Oh," Elionys clearly didn't seem to expect that from Daevon, and that shows in the mildly surprised look he gets when her gaze returns to him. Her mouth opens to say more when someone else bursts in, the sudden appearance making her jump, first out of surprise, and then up onto her feet to move swiftly to Aevander.

"Aevander," Daevon greets in turn. He stands up and takes a few steps towards the door, intent on slipping out it would seem.

Aevander steps over to his cousin, drawing her close so that he can wrap his arms around her and breathe out a soft sigh of relief. "Are you unharmed?" he murmurs, "Are you well?" He's distressed enough, he barely seems to notice Daevon slipping off.

Escorted in to the room, Mariya enters just about as Daevon is making an attempt to leave. Seeing Elionys' pale face and Aevander wrapping his arms about her, she quickly comes to a stop. "Oh! Forgive me if I'm intruding." She glances to Daevon. "I did not realize this was a bad time."

Daevon shakes his head at Mariya, keeping his words quiet as he moves nearer to her. "Is is not." He looks to Aevander and Elionys. "I was just going to the garden."

Elionys melts into the embrace, her own arms wrapping around Aevander in turn, face burying against his shoulder for a few moments. She lets out a shuddering breath and nods slightly. "I'm well," she answers, words muffled by the way she hides her face. "I'm not hurt, I wasn't hurt. They made sure I was safe."

For the moment, she doesn't appear to notice either the new arrival, or the one that seeks to depart.

"All right," Aevander murmurs, exhaling a shakey breath. "Good, that's good." One hand presses against Elionys's back, the other rests against the nape of her neck. "What could they possibly have been thinking, investigating something like that with a lady on board. A princess. Whose idiotic idea was that?"

Mariya opens her mouth to inquire after Elionys, but then seeing as she and Aevander are involved with each other and have not noticed her arrival, she shuts it. Instead, she merely nods at Daevon, replying softly, "Yes, perhaps that's best." Despite Daevon's assurances, it looks as if she is intruding on a private moment and does not wish to interrupt.

Daevon leads Mariya out to the garden with only a pause to ask a servant to bring them some refreshments.

Daevon goes out into the garden.
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Mariya goes out into the garden.
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"It wasn't their fault," Elionys repies in tha same muffled way, sounding quiet and a bit shaky, but she hasn't started crying, even if it sounded as though it were a close thing. "We weren't out there to look into it, but we saw the birds over the water. By the time we were there, I just told them to look at it because… because we were there, and someone had to."

"If they saw birds circling a still ship, they should have turned the fuck around," Aevander growls. "It wasn't going anywhere. You're a princess of Westeros. Their first priority was to your safety and well-being."

"I was safe," Elionys assures him quietly, drawing back just a little so that she can look up at him. "Nothing hurt me, and they saved a boy who was trapped on there with all the dead men. He needed saving, that was good."

"They could have none all that a couple hours later with you no aboard to witness it," Aevander replies, frowning softly as he peers over at Elionys. "Are you sure you're well? Truly?"

"I told them to go see, they didn't know it was a ship at first," Elionys tells him, keeping her arms around him as her gaze lifts to meet his. "I'm not hurt, no one was hurt. No one on our ship. The men on that ship were all dead though, and there was something written in blood. It didn't make any sense though."

Aevander gives a small shake of his head. "You shouldn't have had to see that," he murmurs, unhappily. "And you should try to put it out of your mind, now that you have. I am sure whatever mysteries the ship carried will be thoroughly investigated."

"I don't know that I can," Elionys admits, a small shudder following on the heels of that confession. "But Aevander, it's something that's happening here, we should know about it. Shouldn't we? We shouldn't hide from the bad things that happen here because they're ugly, or unpleasant," or horrifying.

"We should, yes," Aevander agrees gently, fingertips gently brushing Elionys's cheek. "That doesn't mean you should be forced into the thick of it."

Elionys' eyes close as she feels his fingers brush her cheek, a small sigh escaping. "I wasn't forced, and they did what they could to shield me from it," she assures him softly, lases fluttering up again. "I'll be okay, Aevander."

Aevander gives a small nod, studying her rather intently. "Who made the decision to investigate the ship?" he asks.

"I did," Elionys tells him at once, either telling the truth, or not wanting to get whoever did make that choice into trouble. "I was there because I chose to be there, no one else can be blamed for that."

Aevander's lips press together, his eyes narrowing a touch. "They're grown men, cos. You hardly need to protect them from their idiocies."

"And I am a woman grown," Elionys protests softly as she glances away from him and around, in search of what servants might be present, then she looks back to him. "I made the decision."

"That doesn't mean somebody doesn't deserve a bloody nose," Aevander mutters, his arms loosening from Elionys.

"Are you going to give me a bloody nose, Aevander?" Elionys asks as she grabs hold of one of his hands, attempting to use that to guide him out of the dining room.

"No. I'm going to give Riderch Blackwood, Kevyn Cockshaw, Prospero Storm, Jorah Rivers and Justyn Mallister bloody noses," Aevander mutters, allowing himself to be led off.

"All of them?" asks Elionys quietly, smiling just a little bit at the thought. "All at the same time?" she goes on, sounding a touch amused at the thought. "All by yourself?"

Aevander sniffs, tipping up his chin and throwing back his shoulders. "You don't think I could do it?"

"Oh, I do," Elionys assures him immediately, dragging him around a corner and into some private nook that at least gets them out of the direct sight of servants, guards and relatives. "I'm sure that you could handle yourself."

Oh. Well. Hidden nook. Aevander quirks a brow at this development, but certainly doesn't protest. "Naturally, I could," he agrees. It's very easy to say when none of the men are actually about to prove him wrong.

Once they're in this hiding spot that only serves as that by being out of sight rather than enclosed, Elionys leans back against the wall, shoudlers sagging a little. "I have the child here," she tells him, quiet. "He's been resting since we got back, he's so…" she shakes her head slightly. "He cried a lot."

Aevander offers a small nod, frowning faintly as he considers. "He ought to be seen by a maester. He could be ill or hurt or… damaged in the mind."

"I've had him seen to by one," Elionys confirms with a soft sigh, pulling Aevander closer again. "He's just to rest for now, apparently, and the Maester will be in to look after him later. I don't know if I should keep him here, or find a small place for him where people can look after him in peace. I don't want everyone here bothering him."

Aevander's quiet as his arms curl around Elionys, again. "Why don't you take him to the Hightower?" he suggests gently, "and stay there a while yourself? If this boy knows you and is beginning to trust you, it might be best. And the Hightowers will want to speak with him when he is ready, anyhow. And I think it might be a more…" Uh. "…peaceful place."

As the arms wrap around her, Elionys leans into him again, eyes closing as she rests her head on his shoulder again. "That's a good idea. I will make the arrangements in a little while," she tells him, making a soft sound that seems almost content. Almost. "There was something written in blood on the deck," she tells him quietly. "Something that didn't quite make sense. It looked like it was in High Valyrian, except not."

Aevander frowns softly. "High Valyrian?" he asks, chin resting on her hair. "Could you write it out? I might be able to determine what it is. Or, if not, seek out someone who might."

"Yes, it looked like it, except it wasn't," Elionys replies softly, that subtle tension she was carrying seeming to melt away now. "I wrote it out as soon as I could, but I don't know if it was exact. I'm sure that one of the men wrote it out too, they saw it more closely than I did. They went over on the ship," and clearly, she did not.

Aevander nods again. "I'll ask them about it," he assures gently, one hand rubbing slow circles over his back. "After I break all their noses."

A quiet burst of breath serves as a silent laugh in response, arms sliding around him again. "I don't want you to go," Elionys tells him quietly, trying not to sound like she's pleading too much. She might still, a little.

Aevander smiles softly, letting his eyes close. "Then come with me," he murmurs, impossible as that offer may be.

"I should, shouldn't I?" asks Elionys, as though she's truly considering doing just that. "We wouldn't have any of the people that are here to bother us," she goes on, carefully lifting her head from his shoulder so that she can look up at him instead.

Aevander smiles faintly as he regards Elionys. "Should or shouldn't probably depends on your point of view," he notes wryly, "but I would like you there."

Aevander and Elionys are tucked away out of immediate sight, in some nook or alcove, but certainly findable should someone be looking. "I know," she replies, quiet, the arms wrapped around him squeezing tighter for a few moments. "I would like that, or to have you stay here," she goes on, and then sighs.

There is the sound of light steps on the stairs as someone comes down them. Just as the steps are heard, someone else is admitted into the house, and lead to the drawing room. It's a merchant of some sort, and he's setting his wares up. Jewels by the looks of it.

The person on the stairs? Visenya. She greets the merchant in a friendly manner before she starts looking over the wares. "I would like something that shows her new station as…ah, will she be Lady Tully or will she be married to the heir? Bah. Who cares? All I know is we need sapphires and rubies in a silver setting."

Oh. Other people. Aevander straightens, his arms uncurling from Elionys as he offers her a small, wry smile for that sigh. He nods towards the way out of the alcove and then looks over at his cousin, brows lifted.

It's only when Aevander's arms drop that Elionys' arms slip away as well, slumping back against the wall with a glance outward. She doesn't push away from the wall, instead lifting one of those fallen hands to motion towards the way out. It's hard to say whether or not she plans to follow.

Visenya seems completely absorbed in whatever it is she's doing. "Trouts might be suitable, but I'm afraid they'll look campy. Oh, how lovely!" She is around the corner and not visible, but whatever it is that she's seen has made her excited, "And big. The little brat is lucky this will be a betrothal gift or I'd keep it for myself." There's a sound of astonished pleasure that follows those words, "Oh, you have /another/ that's bigger. May I see it?'

Aevander smiles faintly but offers a small nod and steps out first with a stretch and an idle sigh. "Hullo, then, Visenya. What are you up to?" He steps over to his sister to press a kiss to her hair and look over the various jewels and settings she's considering.

Elionys turns her head to watch Aevander as he steps out of the alcove, but she doesn't move to follow immediately, instead remaining in this little hiding place, quiet and slumped against the wall.

"Betrothal presents. A set in Tully colors for Cerys. She'll probably embrace the whole Tully wife experience." Visenya says absently to Aevander as she holds two rather impressive rubies, one in each hand. The largest is the size of a fat grape. "And I'm thinking a gold collar with a giant ruby for Princess Mariya. It wouldn't be suitable to give her Targaryen colors considering her rank. And just think." She smirks wryly, "If Daevon jilts her maybe being nice to her will make the Martells hate us a little less. I doubt it, but it will still look spectacular on her."

"If Daevon jilts her, I will become a master swordsman just so I can up him on his ass," Aevander mutters, looking over the rubies. He gives a small, approving nod. "They're beautiful, I'm sure both Cerys and Mariya will love them."

"I will certainly be needing this ruby." Visenya says to the jeweler. "I'll be drawing up what I want, and sending it to you. I'd like some smaller rubies and sapphires brought next time." She smiles lightly, "You may go now." She plunks the rubies into the jewelers hand, and waits for the man to leave before she says rather bluntly to her maids, "Get out."

Thinking she is in relative privacy with her brother, she lets out a sigh, "I'm afraid of what will happen to him if he does."

Aevander puffs a soft breath out with a nod of agreement. "He seems to have gotten it into his head that the most chivalrous thing to do is betray the king, jilt his bride and reignite a war between two countries. All so Mariya can skip freely home to Dorne to seek out some unknown Dornishman to become her true love. As if Mariya would even wish to do such a thing rather than help ensure the prosperity of her people. Honestly." he scrubs a hand briefly over his face.

"Do you think it will come to that? War, I mean." Visenya sounds unusually alarmed, "…They can't mean to go to war with us? Goodness, we have /dragons/." She sighs, "I wish they'd offered up someone else. Why Daevon when they /know/ he'd be a running risk?"

"They've done it before," Aevander points out, "and no. I don't think they mean to, or even want to, but if we insult their pride too deeply, they may feel they have no choice. If Daevon doesn't wed Mariya, not only has he jilted the Queen's daughter, but he has made a liar and a charlatan of our king. It would be terrible. I don't know how to make him see that."

"People will die." Visenya says suddenly, "Smallfolk will die. That's what I'll try to stress to him. That if he does what he's planning on doing it won't be us that are hurt. You know, I don't think he truly cares about us. Not really." She hugs herself with her arms, "I almost want you to take me with you."

"He believes he does," Aevander replies softly, "but he puts his ideals first. I'm not sure he understands what it is to sacrifice. Not truly." He puffs out a small breath for that last and nods. "if you like."

"I have several things in the works. I'm trying to help Maelys be accepted back into the family, and well…it's nice to be liked for once. Even if people want to tear my clothes off to make lucky charms. Or else I probably would." Visenya smiles weakly, "I'll show you the necklaces when they are done." She reaches for Aevander's hand to give it a light squeeze before she takes a step towards the stairs.

"Yes, perhaps you ought to bring along some pre-torn bits of gown to dole out, if that's becoming a concern," Aevander replies with a small, wry smirk. His fingers squeeze back, and he nods. "Thank you, I'd like to see them."

Visenya goes up to the second floor.
Visenya has left.

Elionys waits until Visenya leaves the room before her head appears around the corner, looking into the room she was hiding from before.

Aevander drops down into one of the chairs with a soft chuckle. "You're quite safe, cos. We're alone again."

Elionys leans against the corner so that she's still half-hidden behind the wall. She watches him a few moments before one hand lifts, stretching out in his direction, fingers curling in, beckoning.

Aevander groans softly. "I've just sat down, you know. Now you want me on my feet, again? Where's the incentive, cos?"

"Please?" asks Elionys, lower lip jutting out just a little bit in a slight pout. "Or are you going to make me come all the way over there?"

"Oh, I see how it is. You can sail however far to massacred merchant ships, but you can't walk across a room to a table," Aevander chides. He pushes to his feet, sloooooowly, with a low groan for the unbearable effort. And then he makes slow, plodding steps over to Elionys, flopping against the wall as he reaches it, puffing as if out of breath.

"We didn't sail far," Elionys protests while she watches him sloooowly get to his feet, rolling her eyes as he groans. "You're such a baby," she informs him, but as he flops against the wall beside her, she looks up at him with a smile. "Was that so hard?"

"Terrible hard," Aevander replies, resting his wrist against his forehead in melodramatic fashion. "I think I need wine."

"Do you?" asks Elionys as she turns so that her shoulder is propped against the wall and she's facing him. "Should I get you wine?" she asks, though she makes no move to actually do so.

"Yes. Yes you should," Aevander replies, his eyes closing. "It's the very least you could do after all that."

With his eyes closed, he might hear Elionys push away from the wall, but she doesn't go far to fetch the wine, and instead moves to stand closer to him. There is just a beat of hesitation before she leans in, and unless he stops her, presses her mouth to his.

Aevander doesn't stop her. Because he doesn't expect it, perhaps, or simply because he doesn't wish to stop her. He sucks in a small, surprised breath, and then he's leaning forward to kiss her, suddenly hunger and eager for what he can never have.

What started out, for her, as a very tentative kiss, is quick to escalate with the sudden rush of hunger in the way he returns it. Elionys’s hands hung at her side at first, but they soon lift, one settling against his side while the other continues up, fingers curling against the nape of his neck, using the first to pull him closer, and the second to keep him there.

He groans softly into her mouth, his hands falling to her waist as his tongue slides past her lips and his breath hitches. It's so unwise, do be kissing. Worse yet to be kissing in the dining room. But wisdom seems to have fled right out of Aevander's head.

The lone beacon of wisdom in the household seems to have misplaced that very trait, but Elionys isn't going to be the one to remind him of it. She is far too busy moving in closer so that her body aligns against his, lips parting to deepen and further incite this terribly unwise kiss.

Aevander's hands move from Elionys's hips to the buttons down the back of her gown, which is when sanity returns. He lifts his head away with a gasp, eyes closing. "Oh, gods," he breathes softly.

Elionys doesn't pull away, or even open her eyes as he breaks the kiss, breath coming in short bursts. "Can't we just pretend for a little while that you're not leaving, that I'm-…" she doesn't finish saying it, those words that acknowledge that she may soon be formally bound to someone else.

"Think carefully before you ask that," Aevander murmurs softly, "because I'm not feeling very self-sacrificing at the moment, and it would be you who carried the consequences, if it was ever found out."

Elionys doesn't answer him right away, remaining silent as she lingers so close to him. There is a right answer to this, a proper answer, but somehow she can't seem to make it pass her lips, and so instead, says nothing.

And perhaps that silence is answer enough. When he leans in this time, it's only to press a soft kiss to Elionys's forehead. His arms once again unwind and he eases back a step if she'll allow it. "I think it's best I go for a ride. Clear my head."

There is a moment in which it seems Elionys won't let him go, in which the arm tightens to keep him there, but finally the hold on him relents and she draws back with a slight nod. "Sure. Of course. I would offer company but-…" but something, she doesn't say, turning partially away from him to look at the door, as though trying to figure out where she should go.

Aevander offers a small, wry smile and steps away, heading (briskly) for the door and then the stable.

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