(121-05-12) Failures and Joys
Failures and Joys
Summary: Tironos goes to speak with Greydon and finds a few surprises instead.
Date: 12/05/2014
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Solar - Garden Isle Manse - Sphinx Street

The manse's solar lies behind a pair of ornately carved oaken doors. The floor of the room is a beautiful and shiny surface of polished red granite. There are three large tables of polished mahogany, along with several scattered wooden chairs. Between the bookcases are plush divans, each covered in a rich, fleecy upholstery that makes them very comfortable for reclining.

Sconces designed to hold torches are mounted on the walls all around the room. There are also smaller scones inset into some of the bookcases. These beeswax candles cast enough light to illuminate parts of the room.

The solar is rather well stocked with books, volumes, and tomes of various sizes. There are likewise many scrolls stored in a rack along the east wall. Tapestries depicting scenes of hunting and epic battles hang on the north, east, and west walls. High, arched windows line the south wall, overlooking Sphinx Street, and in the distance, the domes and spires of the Starry Sept can be seen.

Having received his second reply Tironos makes his way to Garden Isle Manse once again, after saying his piece he is led to a solar where he expects to see Ser Greydon. He is dressed in his typical way. Tunic, doublet, pants, and boots of all House-neutral colors, an iron link dangling from the left hip, a black iron link hanging from his left boot and a pale steel ring from his right boot.

For his part, Ser Greydon is entertaining in the solar. Another guest having arrived previously and given the warm chatter that does come from open doors, the two seem to be getting along. Greydon for his part is in subdued colours of his house-and is dressed more casually than perhaps the knight coming in. Indeed, Greydon just has on a long green tunic, belted at the waist over brown pants. A cup of wine is in hand, as his chair is turned to view the young lady he is currently sitting with.

With Tironos' approach he does turn his head and moves to stand upon seeing the other fellow enter. "Ah, excuse me my lady." this said over to one Elinor Costayne, before he is turning and looking towards The tall Tarly, one brow raised up before he is tilting his head curiously. Likely it is the odd pairing of links. "Ser, how are you? I've been expecting-this is Lady Elinor Costayne." motioning to his companion. "Have a seat, or a drink?"

Elinor Costayne looks surprisingly less tense than usual, her lips are curled into a pleasant smile, still that flicker in her hazel brown eyes beneath that immaculate hairdo is somewhere between pleased and slightly nervous. She will offer Tironos a warm smile in greeting as she rises, before skirts of dark green with flowers embroidered onto it are raised by her slender fingers, as she offers a curtsey. "Oh, I am familiar with Ser Tironos Tarly," she admits, in Greydon's direction. "Such unexpected pleasure to meet you here, of all places." she adds amiably towards the Tarly, before she resumes her seat from before.

Tironos ducks his head down as he enters, likely more out of habit then need, even if there is need. Mocha eyes moving between the two he nods respectfully to Elinor and says, "We have met before. It is good to see you again Lady Elinor. I hope you are doing well." He then looks to Greydon and says, "Wine would be fine thank you." as he moves to take the offered seat. He then looks to Elinor again, mostly her outfit it seems as he asks, "Have you exchanged chalices and black roses for a gold rose then my lady?" smiling softly.

"Oh." Greydon says with a slight pause. "Very good then." A smile is offered before down sits Greydon- a motion made to a lingering servant before he is looking between the two. "I am glad you know one another." he adds before he turns and faces more towards the Tarly, his head barely craning up, but it's only due to the man's immense size. "I hope you do not mind that Lady Elinor is here, Ser? She's to be my wife." he admits right there, to answer for Elinor's question. "And I would have her privy to most of my conversations within reason." Of course there will be times she will not be present for some more severe, or personal meetings. And likely he doesn't expect her to be in a tent when strategems are discussed on the field.

That smile fades just a touch at the Tarly's question, and her gaze is lowered momentarily, before Elinor looks up to him again for a reply. "Ser Tironos, your keen eyes do not betray you. The betrothal to your brother Ser Axell was dissolved, in favor of a match to Ser Greydon here. As much as I regret that you will not become my good-brother, ser, I am pleased to get a chance to renew our acquaintance." When Greydon speaks of her as his future wife, a rosy colour conquers Lady Elinor's mien and a shy smile appears.

Tironos nods to Greydon and says, "I have no issue for it. Though my reason for coming here it would seem has changed due to out of date information. Still it is always good to see the lady once again." as he looks to Elinor and says, "If you don't mind my saying, from what I've heard of Ser Greydon here, you are better off." offering a genuinely warm smile adding, "I will say as far as I am concerned though, you hold the same spot for me as you did before, that of a sister." Then back to Greydon he says, "You have a fine woman as your betrothed Ser Greydon, I'm sure you will take very good care of her."
"Truth be told I am seeking potential candidates for my sister Lady Jessamine Tarly. She has been betrothed to a man for most of her life and came to Oldtown to meet him and be wed. Unfortunately things did not turn out very well and she has asked me as her brother to help her in finding someone better so that she may speak with our father on the matter. Your cousin offered your name, though as I've said it would seem his recent captivity has left him a bit out of the loop on recent events. If either of you know of any Lords or knights who are respectable, honorable, and likely to treat my sister as the lady she is I will be grateful."

"I am quite sure that I have indeed a fine lady." The knight says with a smile offered back over to his plainfaced betrothed. And there he reaches over if only to give the reassurance of a squeeze of fingers. Clearing his throat he looks back towards Tironos and raises his cup-the servant bringing the Tarly his wine rather quickly. "And I will strive to- Ser. I've longed a true family of my own for some time, and so Hopefully, I can make a fine one with Lady Elinor." he adds before bowing his head.

"Ah." Greydon says, following with a knowing look. "I've heard this of many a fine Lord here, looking for husbands amongst companions. And truly I am honored that you would think of me in such a capacity. You have a fine house and one that my uncle Lorant is quite fond of." if only to allow some compliment there. "And yes-my cousin.." likely it could either be Laurent, Loryn or Garvin. "I know they're not entirely clued in as to my placement here as well-and so I will make sure they know." AWKWARD indeed. Clearing his throat, Greydon opts to drink instead of filling the silence. "I'd say: There are good represenatives here in town of many houses. There's house Bulwer, and men unmarried in Hightower greys." A pause as he tries to think over some names. "Perhaps some in the Lannisters as well?" and there Greydon tilts his head. "Of unmarried men in my own house, I'd say Garvin." and there a smile is successfully repressed "Or my cousin Loryn."

Elinor leans a touch forward when Tironos expresses the reason for his visit, her plain face showing curiosity at first and then concern. "I am so sorry to hear that, your poor sister. I fear it may be considered forward to inquire for the reasons why this betrothal didn't work out, ser?" She'll contemplate the question asked for a moment before she adds: "I wish I could help you with suggestions. My brother is still unwed, but I am not sure what kind of match my father intends for him." She will lean back again, blushing even more at Greydon's words, that even manage to bring a sparkle to her eyes. "You flatter me, ser." Uttered with a hint of insecurity as she seems a bit at a loss if he means them indeed. She listens in silence to the names her betrothed drops, taking a sip of a cup of watered wine that has been poured to her.

Tironos nods to Greydon and Elinor and says, "I hope you both have a long and happy life together with all the children you could want." Then to Greydon he says, "I know Lord Garvin well enough to know that though my sister might be showered with affection such a marriage would not work out in the end. I would not suggest House Bulwer to my sister as her former Betrothed was Ser Victor. I have already arranged for the squire Loryn and my sister to meet, though I've not heard how things went between them as of yet. Your cousin mentioned two others I have yet to speak two. He also mentioned two Hightowers I believe it was, but neither he would recommend. Do you have any specific names to suggest besides that of your two cousin?" in a casual tone. Tironos looks to Elinor and says, "It seems to be a habit of your my lady, though I assure you, you are deserving of such kind words. You have a good mind and heart and features that are not unpleasant. As I said though, I am a bit biased towards my brothers due to how they treated me as a boy. I was honest though in that I did not think Axell would mistreat you, but I am glad you have ended up with someone who is a far better man, from what I've heard. I would still call you my sister anyway by your leave."
He then looks back to Greydon and says, "I am not aware of why the betrothal was annulled, I did not feel it suitable to pry. Truth be told I am still learning what kind of woman my sister is as I have only known her a few weeks. She lives in my guest quarters so that she can be with family while in Oldtown."

"Sometimes the truth can be so." Greydon says towards Elinor, before he is looking back to Tir. Another sip and he's clearly thinking-given the sudden scowl showing upon his features. "As a border house-and I know not how your father would feel on such a match, given they are natural enemies: but, what about a Dornishman?" And there brows raise up. "I admit no love to the Dornish, but it could be an inroad to further diplomacy." And a good way to get rid of a sister, but that is an odd long ball game. "I suspect that Ser Caelin of House Florent, may still be available? I do not know-I am not fast friends with the Florents of this city." he adds.

"Oh, Perhaps you could stalk amongst the Northmen in town as well, we've an infestation of them-and Ser. Though House Bulwer's victor might not have worked, perhaps another from their ilk would? Those bulls are fine knights."

"I assure you, Ser Tironos," Elinor replies when he addresses her once again, "I am quite content with this new match, but I had no hand in bringing it about, that was my father's making. So far I have found Ser Greydon here being far above my expectations." There, her cheeks turn a touch rosy again, yet less than before. Your brother," she coughs, "he has a very honest character, and I am sure he will soon find another match, that will be more to his liking. She nods when Tironos says he has no idea why his sister's previous betrothal was dissolved. "Certainly, I understand. She may not have wanted to talk about it. Forgive my unappropriate curiosity." One of her brows raise at the mention of Dornish matches. "Lady Emilia I found to be quite agreeable company," she comments, lowering her gaze, her lips curving into a smile. "She is of Dorne."

Tironos looks to Greydon and says, "The other two names given were Ser Caelin and Ser Abram. As to the Dornish, I would agree on the side of diplomacy, but my family is better known for fighters and I doubt my father would accept such a match. After all he likely still views me to be unworthy and a weakling, not only for my youth but also the fact I have barely placed in a tourney and in that I lost to a woman. I will look into the Northmen, they are known to be capable fighters as well. In the end my father will choose, though my sister seems to not want to waste the time she has been in Oldtown, and as the only other brother she gets along well with is… Indisposed that leaves the youngest of her older brothers it seems." He then looks to Elinor and nods saying, "No need to choose your words with my, Axell is a bit over a year older then I, and there is no love between us. Though I am glad you have found someone more suitable, though yes Axell always was a bit blunt. As to the Dornish, I have met Princess Mariya, though i was not aware she was of House Martell until later. I was actually hoping to speak with her concerning the issues between our families as I heard rumors she might know something, but I was not permitted access to her when she was being held and I doubt she would agree to meeting with me now it is more publicly known I am a Tarly whatever my intentions."

There's a smile given to Tironos, before the Tyrell knight is getting up. "I wish I could help further, alas I don't know of anyone." He admits before he moves towards Elinor. His hand goes to brush her shoulder, before he turns to stare at the tall knight of house Tarly. "If you both will excuse me for a moment, I was suddenly reminding of something I need to see to. I promise to return." he adds before giving a grin. "And likely, Lady Elinor would know better men than I do. I only knew men based on their merits in the field." And with that he politely excuses himself out.

Elinor's eyes shift from Tironos to Greydon as she listens to their exchange, her eyes widening ever so slightly when her betrothed suddenly rises. "Is there something amiss?", she inquires, looking up at Greydon with a hint of worry in her gaze. "As for better men," she chuckles, surprised at the remark, "where would I aof all have gained such knowledge?" A bewildered smile flickers over her features at the brush of her shoulder, and her gaze follow the Tyrell as he leaves the solar.

Her attention will return to the Tarly, a sudden gleam entering her gaze. "I hear you have been wed, Ser Tironos. May I congratulate you on your marriage, as I was not there to attend nor to offer you and your wife my good wishes?" The smile she has for him is warm indeed, a bit of regret showing in her eyes. "I understand this is a match you had chosen yourself? So you must be a happy man, ser."

Tironos watches Greydon see to whatever calls him away then nods to Elinor saying, "I thank you on both of our behalf. Yes I all but demanded the match of my father, though i was not expecting him to approve it. The fact i am permitted to wed is a bit of a technicality as I came to Oldtown with the intent to take vows making sure impossible. It might have been better if I had not left shortly after our wedding day to help fight the Wildlings, fortunately I came out of it with an injury barely worthy of mention compared to what many others suffered. I have been back for several days now so we have been able to catch up on the lost time. I do speak truthfully though, I do hope you are just as happy, and I do consider you a sister, even if we no longer will share the same name."

"Oh, how kind of you!", Elinor replies with a warm smile. "Such a nice thing to say, I assure you I feel honoured. A sister indeed! And thank you. Maybe I can meet your dear wife soon. I'd love to meet her, the woman who managed to capture the heart of the literate giant knight." Said without any mockery to her tone. Her head turns when there is a timid knock on the door and a servant appears. Elinor leans in to the whispered words offered to her, a light frown appearing after a moment. "Oh, forgive me," she says with an apologetic smile as she rises. "This must appear very rude indeed. You come here to seek advice, and my betrothed leaves, and now it seems I have to leave as well. Pray accept my apologies, ser. My sister is unwell and in need of me, I am sure you understand…?" Offering Tironos a curtsey she will shoot him a last troubled glance as she moves to the door. "I am sure Ser Greydon will be with you in a minute. Mayhaps you can tell him I had to leave?" Her lips curving in a pleading smile, as she shoots him a warm glance. "Brother?" And then she is gone, a handmaid who had lingered in the room, following in her wake.

Tironos nods and says, "No need to apologize for such a think my lady. Take care of your sister and i will see about Lady Jeyne speaking with you." he then smiles softly as she calls him brother, and waits for the time being to see if Greydon returns soon. Though after a few more minutes he is escorted out by a servant as Greydon proves to be busier then expected.

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