(121-05-11) The Squire and the Giant
The Squire and the Giant
Summary: Loryn gets a strange request and gets a surprise from Tironos
Date: 11/05/2014
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Sunset Manse - Beacon Boulevard

This smaller manse is named for its colours — yellow stone walls and red-orange tile roof. The front door is painted a sunset orange.

This main entry hall is comfortable, and brightly lit from high windows positioned above that door. There's comfortable furnishings upholstered in yellow leather - couches and chairs allowing for the entertainment of guests. An open doorway to the right leads to a dining room with space for eight.

To the left a narrower passage leads to the kitchens, a storage room, and a modest set of servant's quarters. At the far end of the room there's a doorway leading out into the manse's walled garden, and a staircase that winds up to the second floor.

Having sent out messages and receiving a reply from the first, Tironos has his home prepared so everything is ready upon their arrival. Now the question is how to address the issue for one so young, the one small benefit is having met the young squire desiring to be an actor previously. At a knock the door is answered as a female servant answers the door and shows Loryn into the entry hall after sending for the owner of the manse. Standing at his full height in the middle of the floor is the six foot eight inch knight Tironos who nods respectfully as Loryn is shown inside and gestures to the available seats saying, "Greetings young squire once more I believe I have heard. Please have a seat I would like to speak with you in a matter to determine your feelings on it. Would you care for refreshment?"

It's been some exciting days for Loryn, but it seems the excitement is not yet over. Dressed down in rather plain garments that become a squire, Loryn Tyrell appears at the Manse and being shown in. "I would not say no to a glass of wine.", he replies, looking a bit wary about being here, being summoned by a man he barely knows He does take the seat and just waits.

Tironos nods to the female servant who goes to fetch the wine as he takes a seat on a nearby couch not far from the seat loryn takes. "Forgive the rather cryptic and atypical summons but your cousin gave me your name for consideration. I understand it is a bit of an odd question for one of your age, but please humor an old knight. I was wondering if you had any prospects for betrothal yet, or if there were any you had your hopes on."

"My cousin? Which cousin would that be?", Loryn asks, a little surprised, "Garvin?" As for the actual question, it sees him stiffen a little bit, then shake his head. "I have not. As you point out yourself, I am young. My focus is on gaining my spurs and the title of a knight. And to forge a career in the theatre. A betrothal is not on my mind yet." He eyes the man warily, before adding: "Why?"

Tironos nods and says, "It was Lord Garvin yes. I will be a bit blunt if you prefer. Your youth leaves you a bit lacking in my mind, though keep in mind this is due more to your youth then anything else and by the time you earn your spurs you may well prove yourself otherwise. That said, your cousin has spoken well of you and how respectable you are and speaks of how you treat others. I have a sister who I believe isn't far from your own age. She was betrothed young and came to Oldtown to meet her betrothed. To shorten the story the betrothal was annulled and I would like to see if you might pose an acceptable candidate."
As the wine arrives Tironos pauses a moment then continues, "Bear in mind I have no say in whether or not such a match would be allowed, my father Lord Alan Tarly of horn Hill will choose that. My sister Lady Jessamine however has asked for me to speak with respectable Lords and knights who would treat her well to try and help her find someone she might ask our father a betrothal with."

He takes a sip of wine that has been brought to him as well and says, "To be clear, I am not saying you are to wed any time soon, this is simply to see if you might have any possible interest. Feel free to ask any questions you wish about my sister and i will do what I can to answer them."

Loryn does seem a bit miffed at the man carping about his age, though the actual suggestion is met with no obvious reaction. "I would wish to meet the Lady first to form any sort of opinion of her and thus of a potential match.", he says carefully, "With your leave, Mylord, I am a Tyrell, we are the rulers of the Reach. Many people seek our name for a betrothal and match. I am determined though, to not just marry for political gain. I want a wife who pleases me in many ways. So, I would wish to meet the lady in question. May I ask to who she was previously betrothed?"

Tironos nods and says, "A good response. Her former betrothed was Ser Victor Bulwer. As to meeting my sister that could be arranged if needed. She stays in my guest quarters as she is family, though she is out at the moment. If I may, in what ways would you wish your wife to please beyond attractiveness?" in a calm, casual tone.

"Oh, there are qualities in a woman that cannot be measured in words.", Loryn replies with a little smile, "I like a woman with spirit, with common sense, unafraid to speak out and stand up for herself. A woman who is a partner as much as a wife, a woman who laughs with you and cries with you…" He makes a helpless gesture, indicating that he's out of words. "Honestly, Mylord? I have always thought that I'd know her when I see her. The one, I mean. I trust your sister is not averse to the theatre?"

Tironos says, "In truth the subject of theater has never come up, as I on't have a taste for it myself. Truth told your words stand well in your favor and explains why your cousin suggested you to me. With that said I've only known my sister a few weeks. I have lived in Oldtown for over twenty years which I believe I mentioned once before our mother was not even with child when I was last home and I have largely been without contact with my family. I met my sister by chance here in Oldtown."
Takign another sip of wine he says, "That said my sister has great energy, she is affectionate, she is kind, and rarely doesn't see the bright side of things. She also enjoys riding and has skill with a bow. If you wish to know of looks, unlike myself and my brothers she has blonde hair and green eyes and a slim figure. Does she sound acceptable so far?"

Loryn remains guarded, although the description is met a slow nod that seems approving. "You speak well of your sister, Mylord, but I must repeat, I wish to meet her myself and form my own judgements. And I shall discuss the matter with my brother. And lastly, you pointed out my age. A betrothal is yet some way in the future for me. If your sister wishes for matrimony soon, she may be better off with someone older. An established knight perhaps or a lord with a title. I have no lands. No manor. Until I earn my spurs I have nothing to offer to a wife. And even it will not be much."

Tironos nods and says, "I am the third born of Lord Alan Tarly and have lived at Horn hill for only five years of my life. You may yet provide more then you think, after all It wasn't until I was about twenty and one before I became a knight myself. I will admit your cousin has mentioned other suggestions as well, you are the first to respond to my message. I will see about arranging a meeting between you and my sister, informing her of your status and she can decide, as with yourself, what the two of you think of each other. If there is nothing further you wish to speak you may finish your wine and hopefully you and my sister will have the chance to talk soon."

"Yes, that would be appreciated.", Loryn smiles and finishes his wine before getting up to his feet. "Being a squire, most of my time is not my own, but Ser Brynden's. However, I am sure a meeting can be arranged." He bows, by way of saying goodbye and makes his way out.

Tironos stands and nods respectfully and says, "It took my seven years to become a knight myself, I was fortunate to find a knight that would take me on as well. One never knows how things will turn out."

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