(121-05-10) Going to See a Man about Men
Going to See a Man about Men
Summary: Tironos seeks out the opinion of Garvin about eligible Lords and knights.
Date: 10/05/2014
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Solar - Garden Isle Manse - Sphinx Street

The manse's solar lies behind a pair of ornately carved oaken doors. The floor of the room is a beautiful and shiny surface of polished red granite. There are three large tables of polished mahogany, along with several scattered wooden chairs. Between the bookcases are plush divans, each covered in a rich, fleecy upholstery that makes them very comfortable for reclining.

Sconces designed to hold torches are mounted on the walls all around the room. There are also smaller scones inset into some of the bookcases. These beeswax candles cast enough light to illuminate parts of the room.

The solar is rather well stocked with books, volumes, and tomes of various sizes. There are likewise many scrolls stored in a rack along the east wall. Tapestries depicting scenes of hunting and epic battles hang on the north, east, and west walls. High, arched windows line the south wall, overlooking Sphinx Street, and in the distance, the domes and spires of the Starry Sept can be seen.

It was an odd request, but it was one from a sister he only recently discovered existed, and Tironos planned to make good on his promise to help in what limited ways he could. And who better to seek out then someone well connected? Having sent a message requesting to speak with Lord Garvin Tyrell, Ser Tironos travelled to Garden Isle to speak with the younger Lord, surrendering anything that could be considered a weapon whetehr asked or not, before heading towards the area he is instructed.

A page meets Ser Tironos at the door and hurries upstairs with word of his arrival. Soon enough, he returns with Garvin's squire, Nyran Redwine, who bows and guides the knight up the stairs to the manse's third floor and to the large solar. Looking pale and still somewhat sickly, Garvin is sitting at the large table, his back to the open windows, as he tries to scribble words on a parchment. Nyran pours a goblet of wine for Tironos, then announces him to his lord. Garvin looks up with dark-circled, sunken eyes and offers a small smile. "Welcome, Ser Tironos. Forgive me for not rising, but I'm still recovering from my recent adventure. Won't you have a seat though?"

Tironos takes the offered wine and nods respectfully to Garvin saying, "I have heard, you have my sympathies." as he takes a seat and says, "If you will forgive me, I prefer to get to the point if you feel up to answering questions."

Garvin grabs a small cloth, wiping the end of his quill before setting it aside, then reaches for his own wine goblet. "Yes, of course. What can I do for you, Ser? Your message said something about a sister?" He sips his wine, sitting back in the chair and wincing slightly.

Tironos nods and says, "My baby sister Lady Jessamine Tarly came to Oldtown to meet her betrothed, one she has been betrothed to since a very young age. They exchanged messages for many years, yet now there was a bit of a falling out which has left her feeling she has wasted her life. To be a bit blunt, she has saved herself, passing by life's adventures to so as pure as possible for him, and now she is left without a betrothed. She has asked me, due to my prolonged life spent in Oldtown, to help her find a respectable husband that would treat her well." Taking a sip of the wine he adds, "Truth be told I've never been overly social in my time here and half of my time here has been spent in the company of Maesters, Acolytes, and Novices. You are from one of the most prominent families and know more individuals then myself. Can you think of any single Lords or knights who are respectable, honorable, and kind enough to potentially be deserving of my sister?"

Garvin blinks several times, opens his mouth to say something, thinks better of it, and swallows more wine instead. Then he blinks a few more times, before finally saying, "Me? Ser, surely you know, most of the men I associate with are…uh…less than worthy for such an honor. I run a mummery theatre! Hardly the place to meet respectable men of gentle birth. Although…well, there is my cousin, Loryn. Laurent's younger brother, he's very kind and honorable. Squired to one of the Hightowers now, I understand, though it's a great pity, as I understand he was becoming a very great actor. I only wish I could have seen one of his performances before the show ended."

Tironos nods and says, "I guessed your preferences from rumor enough. That is your concern not mine however, and even if you are not aware of the best options there is the chance you can eliminate the unworthy. For once cause or another."

Garvin's eyes go distant for a few moments, and he slowly sips more wine. Nyran scurries forward with a flagon, refilling his goblet. "Well, Laurent is already married, or I'd recommend him. There's my other cousin, Ser Greydon. Fine man, he is. Helped Loryn recue me, you know, and he's leading the hunt for the Black Peacock. I wonder if Ser Abram is married? I never thought to ask him. And there's Ser Caelin, Arion's brother, I don't believe he's married either." His expression suddenly sours. "Unless, that is, she has her heart set on a Targaryen, which I wouldn't personally recommend."

Tironos says, "I doubt she is that specific. She seems more content with someone who will treat her like the lady she is. I will look into speaking with Ser Greydon, Loryn who I met briefly I believe, Ser Caelin, and perhaps Ser Abram as well. Are there any others you know of from any respectable house, whether they are high or low?"

Garvin slowly shakes his head, chewing at his lower lip. "No one I would recommend. Lord Ormund and Ser Gwayne, they're Hightowers, but…well, I'd rather marry my sister to a wildling than one of them. I can't really think of anyone else at the moment, but I shall put my mind to it and try to draw up a list of candidates." He suddenly grins. "I could recommend myself, but you did specify respectable. I would certainly treat her well enough, shower gifts upon her and whatnot, but…well, she's not likely to find the match terribly romantic, and I doubt it would do her reputation much good. I haven't had much luck with betrothals, as I'm sure you've heard."

Tironos nods and says, "Heirs might prove problematic as it was with my wife's previous marriage as well I would suspect. I do agree though the way you would treat her is what I believe she seeks most, though as a knight and her brother I would see her married well also, even if my own knowledge of the various houses and individuals is a bit lacking. I would be thankful for a list if you can provide them."

Garvin nods then, smiling. "Start with those I've already mentioned. Loryn in particular seems rather romantic to me, if a bit innocent. I'm sure his family would be happy seeing him married to such a fine young lady as your sister. Of course, he doesn't live here anymore. I believe Laurent insisted he join the rest of their branch of the family at Little Bellhorn, just to the west of here."

Tironos nods and says, "I'll send out messages to each, locations for the others would also be appreciated." He then chuckles softly musing, "I believe my ring has seen more use since I sent word to my father then it has since i made it."

Garvin chuckles a bit. "That's easy enough. The Florents live in Foxearth manse, down on Starry Street. Though naturally, they're all a bit preoccupied right now, what with Arion still being missing. I do hope he's found soon, I'm sick with worry about him."

Tironos nods and says, "My guess is that he is. I may not be the most knowledgeable in politics or intrigue but I do know that the more harmed, or the gods forbid, death yields less benefit to a captor then one who is safe and of reasonable health such as yourself. Especially concerning the Florents which I believe are one of the most powerful in the reach, it would be near suicidal to harm one of their own, much like your own family."

Garvin frowns a bit, a shiver running through him. "It isn't the Black Peacock I'm worried about," he says in a small voice. "His men though, they can be pretty brutal. Nasty creatures, they are, not honorable or respectable at all. I hope I never have to see them again."

Tironos nods and says, "Perhaps so, but it would seem this 'Black Peacock' so no fool. If they hire fools then those fools aren't likely to live long, and if they are as clever as they seem, they would ensure that the 'prize' isn't at risk without extreme circumstances. Also in the unlikely event they are that lacking in brains the Florents would surely ensure none survive as justice is taken for the harm done." taking another sip he adds, "Do not get me wrong, I am more of a man of logic, you can blame the Maesters for that in part. Though I do seek to offer comfort on the matter, I cannot imagine what I would do if harm came to my own Lady Jeyne."

"Oh yes, your bride," Garvin says, sipping more wine. "I was so sorry to hear that I'd missed the wedding. Was it a lovely affair? I nearly missed Laurent's wedding to Lady Harry, you know. Barely made it to the Sept in time. But then, that's their fault for having such a spur of the moment wedding, rather than carefully planning ahead of time."

Tironos waves dismissively saying, "Think nothing of it, you of all people have more then cause enough for not being able to attend. I would say it was lovely enough, though it wasn't long after that I left to join the effort to deal with the Wildlings. I have been back now for maybe a bit under a week now."

Garvin shudders then, giving his head a shake. "Wildlings, so far south of the Wall. What are the Starks up to? And the Mormonts, for that matter. And where was the Nights Watch? Isn't it their job to prevent the wildlings from roaming freely through civilized lands? Just what's happening up there, anyway?"

Tironos says, "I cannot say for certain, I arrived shortly before the final battle and it was the first time I saw combat. Fortunately there is little evidence left to the eye of the injury I took. I came out of the conflict better then most I would imagine as I only suffered a shallow cut."

Garvin nods slowly. "Tellur was here to see me last evening, and he said that many suffered very grievous wounds at the hands of those savages. He apparently took several crossbow bolts himself, as did Lord Carolis. What dreadful business, wildlings so far south. What's next, grumkins and snarks?"

Tironos says, "If they rout as easily and injure others as the Wildlings injured me in the fight we should be able to deal with them. Though given the stories that is unlikely."

"Well, I plan to write a strongly-worded letter to the lord commander of the Nights Watch," Garvin says, brows drawn together in determination. "And to the Lord of Winterfell as well. Lady Mormont is his bannerman…er, woman, I suppose. If she were doing her duty on Bear Island, rather than impersonating knights in tourneys here in the Reach, then perhaps the wildlings wouldn't be such a problem down here."

Tironos nods and says, "I admit I can't fault her too much for the tournament as without her there my record of never placing in a tourney would likely still be intact. I do consider it a bit of a personal victory I believe i landed a blow on her before I went down myself. Though it is true something should have been done in the North if not at the Wall itself to prevent them getting so far south."

Garvin frowns darkly, his brows furrowed. "Surely you don't approve of a woman taking up arms and impersonating a knight, in clear defiance of all the laws of gods and men. It's beyond disgraceful. It's infamous! Nothing I've ever done has brought more shame to a family than Lady Mormont's behavior. Small wonder her own betrothed fled back to the Stormlands, rather than face marriage to such an unladylike lady."

Tironos says, "I didn't say I approved or not, simply that it was of personal benefit to my record in tourneys. Though I would say the use of Valyrian Steel was a disgrace as well, whether knight or maid."

Garvin gives a small shrug of one shoulder, one hand going beneath the table for a moment. "I wouldn't know anything about that. The finer points of tourneys escapes me, I'm afraid, but I do know that only knights are normally allowed to participate in jousts. That Saskia woman I've heard of, now that's a true disgrace. Another woman impersonating a knight, and then what happens when she's revealed as a fraud? Why, someone has the audacity to pretend to bestow the sacred accolades upon her! And if that wasn't infamous enough, she was declared the winner. What is the Reach coming to?"

Tironos shrugs and says, "Certainly a disgrace of custom, but it is not my place to counter the choices of others. Especially as I was among the first to be eliminated. As to the former matter, I was trained in the tradition of the use of blunted weapons for jousts to reduce the chances of serious injury which is already a risk even with blunted weapons."

Garvin takes another long swallow of wine. "This is what happens when dragons are allowed to pretend they're as civilized as roses. After all, tourneys and jousts originated here in the Reach, and everyone around the world acknowledges our superiority in such matters. But when you let an outsider try to run a tourney, chaos is sure to ensue."

Tironos nods and says, "As you say. I suppose you could take some comfort in that the one that placed in the tourney aside from Maera was of the Reach then." smiling softly.

Garvin frowns again. "She should have been disqualified, and you declared the winner. But of course, the Ashen Prince would rather bestow honors upon the most disgraceful than any of my lord father's bannermen. Like I said, Dragons shouldn't play at being civilized."

Tironos nods and says, "They are still the royal family, so there is little to be done about the matter, but there are more enjoyable topics to speak of. Unless of course you have the need to rest after your ordeal and my taking up so much of your time."

Garvin glances over to Nyran, who has been fidgeting with increasing nervousness the last several minutes. "Yes, I fear it is time for me to have another…treatment." Garvin blushes a bit, giving a sheepish grin. "Afterward, I'm afraid I'll fall straight to sleep, as it contains a goodly amount of milk of poppy. But I do thank you for your visit, Ser Tironos. Please do give your bride my good wishes."

Tironos stands, drains his cup and nods saying, "I will indeed. Unlike my wife and many of the Maesters I knew, I have no real knowledge of the healing arts or medicines, but I do know milk of the poppy does tend to have a strong affect on the individual." As he turns to leave Garvin to his treatments unless stopped.

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