(121-05-10) A Woman's New Bling
A Woman's New Bling
Summary: Peri goes to get her newly altered accessory.
Date: 10/05/2014
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Sunset Manse - Beacon Boulevard

This smaller manse is named for its colours — yellow stone walls and red-orange tile roof. The front door is painted a sunset orange.

This main entry hall is comfortable, and brightly lit from high windows positioned above that door. There's comfortable furnishings upholstered in yellow leather - couches and chairs allowing for the entertainment of guests. An open doorway to the right leads to a dining room with space for eight.

To the left a narrower passage leads to the kitchens, a storage room, and a modest set of servant's quarters. At the far end of the room there's a doorway leading out into the manse's walled garden, and a staircase that winds up to the second floor.

Having sent a messenger to inform her that her first request was finished, Tironos leaves orders with his servants to be on the look out for Peri and to invite her in when someone matching her description arrives as the 'Lord of Sunset Manse' spends his time reading upstairs. A guard wearing the sigil of House Tarly stands outside the main door, protecting the manse, as the others go about their own daily tasks.

Peri is slow walking, expression worn and face weary. Her long black dress has small green shimmers sewn in. The dress is not as over the top attractive as some she owns, but it does make her look more forboding than normal. She is wearing formal blacktyde colors for once. She bows her head to the female servant, moving into the house and awaiting directions further. Her fingers have a strange red tint to them today, as if she touched something highly staining earlier.

Peri is left alone for a moment as the female servant heads upstairs, it isn't long before Tironos descends the stairs with a respectful nod saying, "Thank you for coming so quickly. The full armor you asked for is still being worked on, though I did finish the skirt." he then gestures to the servant who heads down the left passage as Tironos gestures to one of the sofas in the main hall and asks, "Would you like anything while you wait or simply check to ensure the skirt looks okay and fits properly so you can attend to other matters?"

Peri is quiet, thinking, giving Tironos a quick, delicate curtsy. "I hate to ask, my lord, but may I please have a glass of something to drink?" she asks, bowing her head before moving towards the nearest sofa and settling on it, her hands on her knees. "Oh it is so quiet here." she mumbles, taking a small something from her small bag at her hip to pop in her mouth, near the gum. Likely just something for her head.

Tironos nods and says, "I'll see to it. As to the quiet… I suppose it is but I've lived here a few years now, though I find it a bit more noisy now, but then I have a wife and a sister living here now along with their respective entourages instead of just my two servants and myself." As the female servant arrives with the scale mail skirt, well fitted with no signs of damage. Tironos sends her back for some water as she places something into his hand along with the skirt. He then walks over to the seated Peri and holds the skirt out with his hands to show it off and asks, "I hope it suits what you wanted, based on the measurements your dressmaker provided it should fit properly. At least for a bit longer."

Peri takes a moment, standing up - a few of her joints complaining. "Yeah yeah, The dressmaker says I'm getting fat. She would say it if I was dainty and barely a person." she offers with a chuckle. taking the skirt to carefully tug it into place, her fingers showing she does at the very least know how to lace armor and pin it into position. The skirt's scales start at her hip more than the waist. She's slow to test movement in the skirt - mostly to avoid embarassing the noble man.

Once Peri starts to put the skirt on, Tironos turns about as though the grant privacy. A bit much in the minds as most as Peri is fully clothed and doesn't have to remove anything to put it on, but nobles, who can understand them? With his back still her, he takes a few steps forward to allow her some room to test movement and the like as he says, "It would also seem you got lucky I was able to keep a couple scales for the extra request you had, you'll need to find someone to prepare them properly but I do believe you said you had someone for such a task." as he waits till she is finished before turning around again.

Peri smiles "Yes, I have a prefered jeweller." she is quiet, taking seperate bag out, opening it cautiously, "I didn't know what color pearl you prefered." She sets the bag down, undoing the maile skirt and picking it up to cause the jingling to get louder, setting it down before returning to the pearls. She takes out an assortment of pearls, most of them baroque or asymmetrical but in some strange, lovely colors. Really a world traveller.

Tironos turns back after the sound of the skirt jingles and then the sound of it being set down and says, "It was only a few days work, you can pay me for it when you pay for the rest of the armor." He then extends his hand as two undamaged and recently polished scale maile scales, unattached to to the skirt or anything else really, are presented, "I polished them a bit to make them more suitable as jewelry, I hope it doesn't interfere with your jeweler's work." as he waits for her to take the two individual scales before lowering his hand.

Peri takes the scales, putting them away neatly "It will not." she offers, honestly. She chuckles "Did it occur to you that new armor is the sort of thing I have to pay over multiple payments?" she asks "Because it is." she admits, rubbing her head, expression embarassed.

Tironos says, "As I said we will discuss payments and such when the work is done after I have a better idea how long it takes me and the like. Though the materials you provided are helping things along nicely, I give credit to your provider." as the servant returns with a tumbler of water which is offered to Peri, "You are welcome to sit and enjoy your drink unless you are in a hurry." is offered by Tironos in a polite tone, he seems to be acting every bit the host for a noble addressing smallfolk.

Peri sits back, slowly putting the pearls away and taking the tumbler. She sips very slowly, her manners showing. "I am gratitude filled. Thank you, my lord." she offers, her fingers adjusting the glass, her eyes watching Tironos with curiousity and mild confusion.

Tironos nods and takes a seat on a nearby couch and after a bit asks, "Is something wrong?" in a simple tone as she watches him for a bit.

Peri hms? "No, of course not, my lord. I am simply a bit tired today. Calming a crowd and appeasing them took a lot of energy. I had to make four great kettles of jam this morning. I've only a single little clay jar left for myself!" she offers with a bright smile, She removes her shawl, wrapping the scale mail gently in the thick silk, fashioning the silk so she can easily carry it.

Tironos looks at her for a moment then nods saying, "As you say. I believe I heard something about jam and children. A fine effort to help children you should be proud."

Peri smiles a bit "I told them it was Dragon's jam. It was actually strawberry with Qarth spices, A blood orange marmalade with heavy spice, a normal marmalade with chunks of strawberry that was spiced." she admits, chuckling "Well it kept the poor Princess from being harmed. I had to sacrifice a silk gown I once lent her after I pulled her from the harbor but such is life."

Tironos nods and asks, "Dare I ask why she was in the harbor, or have you been asked to keep quiet on the matter?"

Peri makes a shrug. "It was none of my business to ask, my lord. I just gave her a shawl and made sure she got home safe." she murmurs, fingers scratching lightly up into her hair. "Oh the first time? She rode the great dragon whoremaster and it decided she had ridden enough." she offers, calmly.

Tironos nods and says, "I suppose a dragon wouldn't be very gentile about allowing even a Princess to dismount. It sounds as though you are closely associated with the Targaryens, or at least a certain Princess. I will not press on such matters as it isn't my affair. I trust I got the sizing right on the skirt then, may it serve you well in fashion or combat."

Peri shrugs "Not at all. We do not speak. We are not friends. I would just hope if I ended up in the harbor someone would pull me out, my lord." she admits, she nods at him, finishing her glass of water. "I was offered reward but it is vulgar to go to a house to request things from a person still upset." she admits, voice soft.

Tironos nods and says, "I can understand such, I would likely wait until at least they were less upset myself. Do you spend a lot of time among the nobility, or simply educated well before you came to Westeros?" in a curious tone.

Peri smiles and shakes her head "I worked for the Tyrells for a short bit. I was fired for reasons I'm not sure of. They put me in the kitchen." she murmurs, rubbing into her hair. "I was a concubine, my lord. I served a rich silk merchant who sold silks in Westeros before my chains were broken." she smiles "My bath house serves the nobility here, those that wish to come. The oils provided are of the highest quality I can get." she admits.

Tironos nods and says, "That would explain your proper address. Most smallfolk use MiLord or MiLady instead of My Lord or My Lady. How long has your bath house been open now? I remember hearing about it when I was younger though i'm not sure when exactly it opened."

Peri makes a face, containing her laughter. "My bath house has been open since february of this year. I'm sure I simply re-opened and renovated an older bath house. The tubs are laid out to Westerosi standards - gender segregated. Although if well to dos wish to come have a hot bath privately I'm willing to arrange hours for private use for them." she admits, smiling. "Riker is also a noble man, albiet the iron islands. If I commit a faux pas with my manners, please do not be too harsh on me. ten years with the ironmen has had an effect on my manners." she admits, cheeks going pink.

Tironos waves dismissively and says, "I can tell when someone is trying to be respectable. I recall you inviting me when we first met, though I do not go to such places due to high respectability standards, it is nothing personal I assure you, as if it were I wouldn't have you in my home, nor have helped with the armor. As to what people might think now, I am simply being a host while taking part in a business arrangements, hardly a scandalous situation. As to the bath house it may well have been here for some time, though my early years in the city was mostly spent with Maesters, so I did not visit such places as there was no need."

Peri chuckles, her hand over her mouth "My lord, I have never advanced on someone in an unwelcome fashion, I was a concubine, not a whore, and much prefer to be let alone." she rubs her head again "Archmaester Thane Thricewise visits my bath, so it is likely not at all as scandalous as you might think. Although repeated implication that my baths are such could result in a large dip in my profit margins and delay loan repayments." she points out with a faint chuckle.

Tironos smiles softly and says, "I was speaking of rudeness more then advances. As to the respectability, such is more my personal viewpoint as it is more a case of nudity outside of the confines of one's own home is why I do not take part. I am a bit of a private man in such regards."

Peri smiles "I see, but I assure you, nothing unseemly occurs in my baths if I can prevent it." she offers, swaying her hand lightly, her weight standing to move towards Tir, gently touching his hand and bowing her head "I really should get going - it isn't common for me to away during business hours." she offers, voice soft. "I don't personally think or worry about nudity." she murmurs, bowing her head again and waiting to be excused.

Tironos stands and doesn't resist her touch and says, "Logically I have no problem with it personally. However between Westeros customs in regards to the matter and personal views about myself tends to over-ride logical perceptions at times. I am sorry to keep you away for your business for so long." as he gestures to the door politely.

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