(121-05-10) A Sister's Request
A Sister's Request
Summary: Lady Jessamine approaches her brother with a favor.
Date: Date of play (10/05/2014)
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Second Floor - Sunset Manse - Beacon Boulevard

This upper story contains three rooms - one large central one with bedchambers on either side. In the far corner of the center room is a display mannequin with a set of full plate armor adorning it. On the near wall beside the stairs is a small reading desk and a set of shelves with a few books.

The second bedroom is decorated with muted elegance, and seems unlived in. The owner's bedroom, unlike the rest of the house, is rather spartan but has a long double bed, made to serve the needs of someone very tall.

Seated at the reading table, Tironos silently looks over the pages of a text discussing a famous battle from a few generations ago. Hardly an unusual sight as Tironos often reads for enjoyment which is why the shelves next to the reading desk are even there. Now that Jessamine and Jeyne have been living at Sunset Manse for weeks, it is commonly known he has no problems being interrupted when reading, or even when in his room as long as they knock on the door in the case of the latter.

Jessamine is wearing these manly clothes again: dark tight leather trousers, white shirts and jacket. There is a pack filled with arrows on her one shoulder, while she is clenching the bow firmly in her hand. However, even manly clothes can't hide her beauty. She has these long golden hair, slim waist and plump lips! Sadly, this time there is no that famous smile of the girl in her features.
Of course, her older handmaiden and one guard comes inside too. She is known to be a very proper young lady.
"Brother!" Jessamine extands her hands, "I am so happy to see you back in one piece! I wouldn't want to lose my brother, when I just found him!"

Tironos looks to the stairs as his sister and her entourage comes up and stands, leaving the text on the desk, "Well if I fell to a Wildling then i would have to worry about Lady Jeyne and yourself tracking me down to kill me for dying in battle." smiling softly as he reaches out to give his baby sister a hug, also further showing he is alive an well despite his slight limp.

"Indeed! I would definitely kill you with a few arrows!" Jessamine wraps her hands around the man and squeezes them thightly, "Though, you come back from one battle and I need you to join another. I need your help…" She bites her lip, but remains hugging her brother, "I know, that you need time with your wonderful wife. You two should rest from all the troubles, but…."

Tironos says, "I'm not likely to be returning to battle any time soon, what troubles you Sweet Sister?" with concern in his voice as he gives her a bit of an extra squeeze, likely to try and comfort or reassure her a bit.

"I wrote for my father… about my betrothal to Lord Victor Bulwer. I want it to be broken. If it will not be broken, I will just murder him, I belive. He is the liar, and… I don't know… All I know, I don't wnat to marry him, if he even does not bother to meet with me. Ten years of betrothal for nothing! I could marry so wonderful young lords!" She rolls her eyes and withdraws from brother, "So, the deal is… The betrothal will be broken just if I will find a better match. More promissing. So… Who can be more helpfulin this than my brother, who spent years in the Oldtown?"

Tironos nods and says, "I don't have the power to annul the betrothal, as to finding a suitable match I can make inquiries, I have been in Oldtown for many years now but not all of the eligible Lords have been. I can certainly ask around though and see if anyone is worthy of my little sister." smiling softly.

"You don't have to annul the betrothal. Our father already has all the reasons and he will do that. Though, he asked something in… repay or something. You know our father! Please, brother! I will be good with anyone. I don't care about titles. Just a lord, who at least could respect me!"

Tironos nods and says, "I will see what i can find then. I know some I can ask for potential prospects, then see what more I can find out about them. If any seem respectable enough I'll approach them about meeting you."

"Thank you!" The girl hugs Tirnos again and gives a looong peck to his cheek, "You are wonderful! You will keep me safe from the murder!" She laughs and pecks another cheek of the man, before just bouncing out of the room, "You are the best!"
The guard and handmaiden offers a proper goodbye too, before leaving after the girl.

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