(121-05-08) Another Bird Comes to Town
Another Bird Comes to Town
Summary: Lucamore arrives at Oldtown and meets an old friend and makes a new one.
Date: Date of play (08/05/2014-09/05/2014)
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River Road - The Reach

The River Road follows the Honeywine North, exiting Oldtown through the Honey Gates. Eventually it passes through Honeyholt and continues, to terminate at Brightwater Keep. It's not as wide and well travelled as the Roseroad, and often goods and travelers choose that longer, but smoother, route.

Farms and vineyards dot the countryside on either side of the river, interspersed between meadows and lightly wooded areas. Nearer the farm-villages one is liable to encounter herders tending goats, sheep, cattle, swine or geese, but enough of the land is untenanted that one might hunt (if one has the Hightowers' permission or is willing to go without), ride, or swim, or otherwise enjoy the countryside in relative privacy.

Leof is quiet, her falcon curled on her shoulder as she rides. Two banefort riders are behind her. She's chubby around the middle. She isn't riding hard or especially fast, a lot less vigorously as she would have younger. Her hair is sunbleached to a snowy blonde and she seems to be in a good mood. "C'mon, whoever gets dinner gets a dragon." she chirps, holding her bow as she watches the area, eyes sharp as always.

A group travels along River Road, mostly guards, a loaded wagon, and riders on horseback. The best evidence of who it is are the blue and white banners of House Arryn carried by a couple of the guards. It isn't long before the hunting party rides up on the traveling group as one of the guards states, "Make way for Lord Lucamore Arryn!" perhaps assuming the group or smallfolk, or simply not paying much attention.

Leof eyes the guards, moving out of the way, snorting, but shifting "Is he still pulling pigtails?" she shouts, lazily, spotting a rabbit, and shifting to draw an arrow - aiming visibly away from the entourage to fire quickly, her snowy white falcon darting past the entourage before looping around and gathering the prey, swooping around to drop it in her lap before landing back on her shoulder and ruffling. "Good boy." she whispers, observing the Lord's procession again. Her own guards seem intent on putting themselves between the Arryn guards and Leof, likely just doing their jobs.

The guards reach for weapons as the bow is drawn, but no action is taken as only a rabbit is a target. As the procession continues and draws closer a voice responds finally after dark eyes seem to study Leof for a time, "I never pulled pigtails Lady Leof. I would say it is hardly an issue now even if I had, your new look is a bit… Interesting." in a casual tone with a tinge of authority and charm mixed in. But then Lucamore was always known for being charming even as a boy.

Leof chuckles "If you can tug my pigtails, Lord Luca, I'll find you a pretty unwed woman to flirt with." she teases. "What brings you so far south." she eyes her guards "I really want rabbit." she mumbles, voice soft, cheeks puffing. She Shifts, closer, approaching without asking, moving even closer towards Luca, if allowed, intending to pull her palfrey side-by-side. "It has been a long time Have you ridden the whole way without much rest?" she asks, curiously

The guards move to block the way but Lucamore waves them off as he allows Leof to join him and says drolly, "Yes because the last time an unwed beauty worked so well with me." He offers a charming smile and adds, "We have been riding, but we rested enough to avoid becoming to worn… Well once we left the Vale proper, one can never be too careful with the Hill Tribes. I heard you had come here months ago. What has brought you here and more, kept you here? I assume it is related to the Banefort guards." as he comments on the sigils the bodyguards wear as they ride.

Leof shifts, wrapping both arms around Luca's shoulders. "Hill tribes rarely wear silken gowns. I know I'm regarded as uncultured, but come now." she scolds at the guards, very playfully. "Ah. Well, Lord Banefort - my Trystan asked father if he could marry me, and given that I was 'unmarryable' in the vale, he said yes." she admits, getting pink and giving respectable space. "I married and well, things are well. I'm very spoiled and he encourages my enthusiasm for hunting and outdoor activities. He hasn't once been disappointed in my needlework." she admits, laughing softly.

Lucamore nods and says, "AT least someone isn't." in a good-natured voice, "It is good to hear you have found one to marry you. Vale blood needs to get into the lesser houses from time-to-time. How else will they learn what proper Andal blood is?" twisting his lips into a sly grin.

Leof chuckles "So perhaps would you like to join me for some sisters' stew in my home? Do you know where you are staying?" she asks, curiously. "I'd of been happy to stay in the Vale, you know. I didn't get much say in the matter of exotic travel." she admits. Her nose scrunches as she laughs, eying the guards "Are they that worried about me? I'm so tiny compared to them." she eyelash flutters "You know, weak and dainty and all that."

Lucamore chuckles and says, "I'm not sure if 'weak and dainty' is that accurate, but you know how guards get with members of the great houses. I've not actually arrived as of yet so I don't know where I will be staying as of yet, though I know I have some cousins in town, I may try to check with them. Anything you can tell me about the available establishments?" as they ride further, Oldtown clearly in view now.

Leof 's horse is in a good mood "Ah there are stables - but I have my own on grounds. I live on the river. You are welcome to come visit. There is lets see.. cake house, a garden, a sept, the usual, the quill is nice for drinking, the tooth and nail is awful but can be fun. I'm not really supposed to go gallavanting around. There is a beach, I'm learning to swim. My husband insists I need to know because Banefort is a seaport." she smiles "I even have a suit for swimming. There is even a fishing pool nearby here. Ah there is a whore house, I think a bath - although I have a large bath in my home." she taps her chin. "I mostly just go out roaming the woods during the day or to social parties to play nice and make sure Trystan's heir has a good start." she admits.

Lucamore nods and says, "I didn't want to say anything." when she speaks of an heir smiling and offering a good-natured wink. He then adds, "What can you tell me of the nobility here and where they can be found aside from the Hightowers?"

Leof nose scrunches "The Tyrells, Florents, Lannisters, some Ironfolk, Tullies, Mormonts, Starks - I like Lady Hellan quite a bit. Ah.. A lot of Targaryens. A number of Dornish folk.." she seems to be thinking visibly "I'm not very good at the garden parties, but, I'm learning." she admits. "I don't care for Garvin Tyrell, he bought ALL of the oatcakes and made it impossible to buy oats. I had morning sickness something awful." she admits, scratching at the large scar near her collar bone. "He isn't cruel, but, I thought I'd have to leave the city and go to Banefort." she admits.

Lucamore nods and says, "I'll make a point to ensure he suffers without oats for a time then so he learns the value of those from the vale." chuckling softly. "An odd collection for Oldtown it sounds, any rumors as to why so many Targaryens and Dornish are here? Seems a queerer circumstance then the other houses."

Leof makes a wild shrug "I just watch my toes. The Dornish seem nice enough to me." she admits, but, she had dealt with many Pentoshi traders while in the Vale. "I wasn't asking for that. Just mentioning it. He's nice enough I'm sure, but has no concept of economics." she waves her hand, chuckling a bit. "I believe the Dornish are here because the Reach has fabled beauty and some arranged marriages." she offers, watching him as they ride.

Lucamore nods and says, "Still a curious confluence of circumstances. Anything else I should know Leof?" using a bit familiar address for the lady, but then they aren't really in public, after all who counts bodyguards as company?

Leof mms a bit "Lady Maera Mormont is cranky and violent and makes me look like the picture of an Andal woman." she offers, considering "Ahh there have been some kidnappings, and I go hunting almost daily and intend to for as long as I can get up on my horse. Oh and my husband is very nice but silly. The man bought me a Destrier… Let that sink in for a moment." she offers with a lopsided toothy grin. Yes. The 5' tall woman has a warhorse that she likely needs two people to help her onto due to shortness. "So be kind to him, hm?"

Lucamore nods and says, "I'll have to meet him then at some point. A destrier? Have you taken up a sword and shield or perhaps a lance since you have been here?" chuckling softly as they approach the gates.

Leof laughs heartily "I've always taken up sword, Remember? I Smacked your brother on the arse with one a long time ago. I got whooped for that. Hard enough that your father had to tell mine to stop." she offers with a deeper laugh. "The real magic is watching me try to mount the big mare. Its belly is at my nose level." she jokes, chipperly.

Lucamore chuckles and says, "I don't recall your brother being that hard to beat with a sword or otherwise." Says the one known to never even learn to use any kind of weapon, though it is likely more jest then truth anyway. "That may well be a sight to see." as they pass through the gates into the city proper.

Leof snorts "Eagle droppings, your weapon is your bloody mouth. I remember you breaking a priceless heirloom and talking your way out of punishment. If I had broke it I'd of been hung by my underskirt on a hook and screamed at until my father lost his voice." she taunts, cheerfully, her slight frame barely bouncing despite being on horse back. " I'm not kidding though - your mouth is sharper than any sword you'll find in Oldtown, pretty boy."

Lucamore smiles and says, "I can hardly be blamed for an accident, besides the servant did knock me into it. I simply pointed out the facts of the matter as I typically do. As I did with that Maester that poisoned my brother." with a slight edge to his voice at the mention of the Maester. He and his brother had always got along agreeably, but were never overly close. Then most of them don't murder lords, it never was discovered why he did it, but then does it really matter in the end?

Leof reaches over, without much warning, gently squeezing his nearest hand, her Elesham ring tapping any jewelry on his hand. "I sent some jam in consolation, but, well, most people are weary of my cooking for some reason. I hope they gave you some comfort. They helped me a lot when my Gram passed." she admits, voice soft. "Ah an interesting woman in town os Rona Vielo - a Bravoosi water dancer who was for a time my body guard." she offers as an after thought.

Lucamore doesn't resist her touch and gives her hand a gentle reassuring squeeze once it takes her's and says, "Your intentions were welcome Leof fear not. It has been some time now, and he has suffered the price for my brother's death that is enough for me." offering a reassuring smile in turn, keeping her hand gently in his till she takes it back, which he provides no resistance to.

Leof is gentle and leaves her hand in his, afterall, supportiveness is one of her strengths. "I like books. I actually have a library. People sent books as wedding gifts." IT doesn't hurt that Banefort turns out a LOT of Alchemy guild members. She seems to withdraw gently, her nose scrunches again, bow put away now.

Lucamore nods and says, "Good you are making good use of your mind. Too bad you didn't pick that up as a child." chuckling in a good-natured tone at the last few words, as he continues to hold her hand till she pulls it away.

Leof SNORTS "I read all the time as a child. Nobody thought to ask me what sort I like!" she teases. "I actually have read a book a day since I turned about eight, Luca. Although now I'm slowed down because the books are harder. I'm trying to learn more abotu Banefort proper and how I can help the people there." she admits, grinning a bit.

Lucamore nods and says, "Unfortunately I can't help you there, my influence doesn't spread beyond the Vale. It is good to know you are making good use of your time. So when are you expecting your heir?"

Leof smiles a bit "August, maybe September. I've already warned my husband I'm not likely to give him over two ever. I'm pretty sure I'll scream I hate him when his heir comes." she admits, cheeks pinkened as she laughs. "I don't though. I just get nasty when I'm in pain." she chuckles "You could always come visit the port sometime." she pointsout. " Elesham ships routinely trade in and out of Banefort as part of my marriage agreement. Mutually beneficial trade. We get honey way cheaper and get crops like oats and barley and send it to the Paps." she offers "My father hasn't met Trystan but seems to approve of him."

Lucamore nods and says, "Good luck on healthy sons then. If you hate him enough I can always keep you company instead." chuckling softly, as though any man beyond a Maester would be allowed in a room with a woman in labor.

Leof laughs softly "My husband will be there if he so pleases, I.. plan to use a midwife. A common smallfolk midwife." she admits, rubbing her head "I don't think I want to have a Maester's cold old man fingers touching me there at all. He can see the baby after I'm back on my feet." she waves a hand.

Lucamore chuckles and says, "You know me, I'm a bit biased about their old fingers on anything personal, but I digress. So which way to your home, you offered food i believe?"

Leof gestures "I think women know more about women is all. Some women are touched by the mother to aid mothers." she offers with a shrug, smiling faintly "Do I have to give you bread and salt or is my word that I'll not harm you enough?" she asks with a chuckle, "Also I'll probably take off my leather riding coat when I get home so try not to gawk." she teases. Leading him.

Lucamore says, "I promise nothing Leof. As to harming me, 'm sure if you tried I could find a way to talk you out of it." offering another of his charming smiles.

Watercliff Manse - Sphinx Street

This is a gracious manse with vaulted ceilings and polished stone floors. Like most of Oldtown's houses the street-side wall has only small, high windows, but the Watercliff Manse only shares side walls with one other house, so it enjoys wide windows on two two walls even on the ground floor. They open to its walled garden.

The main room boasts padded benches and thick pillows covered with glossy orange, grey, and black fabric. They're clustered around a couple of pleasant tables. Beyond there is a dining hall and a full kitchen. Adjacent to it is a room of unusual luxury — a spacious heated bath made of marble imported from the Westerlands. The pillars are carved to look like mermaids, swirling along the columns.

The second floor houses bedchambers, studies and sewing rooms. The back room is a library with an elaborate mosaic floor depicting dragons and mages. From it one can reach broad balcony complete with tables and chairs, and a view of the river.

Leof leads him "Unless I was pissed off." she teases, her horse getting taken to the back. She seems content to invite the man in "Given the heat, do you want to sup indoors or outdoors?" she asks, removing her jacket, her gown actually a bit showy - more so than she EVER would have worn in the Vale. She dusts her silk top, moving to wash her hands and face in a basin, using a provided towel.

Lucamore says, "Come now, how could i ever make you that mad Leof?" offering another charming smile. He then says, "Either is fine with me." as his entourage comes to a stop outside, and sees to checking things over as they wait for Lucamore to finish as one bodyguard goes along with him. As she removes her jacket he adds, "Might i say, those silks compliment you very well Leof, almost makes me wish you were single." chuckling softly at the end, as he seems to be genuine with the compliment at least.

Leof blushes softly "Thank you. I prefer the wool, honestly. I feel less bad if I run it. "Your men are welcome to eat too." She offers a genuine smile. "Everyone seems to think I'm pretty now that I'm married. Is it the hair cut, Luca?" she teases, her hands going behind her hips to rest on her lower back, giggling.

Lucamore smiles and says, "From what I've seen I'd say its the more flattering attire, but then I've not been around you as much since you left the Vale." as he moves to follow her leave, his bodyguard following silently, dressed in Arryn colors. Lucamore himself is dressed in a white long-sleeved tunic with a sky blue jerkin over it, along with sky blue pants and cloth shoes. And the typically worn cape covering half his body which is sky blue with white embroidery along the edges, pinned with the sigil of house Arryn. "So what have you to eat now Leof, and should i still fear your cooking?" in a teasing tone.

Leof snorts "I haven't killed my husband!" she points out, laughing. "And to think, if you had ever given me a dress I'd of worn it and you'd of known." she half taunts. "You missed out. So sad, too bad." she sasses, although her tone is very friendly. She settles in, her cook bringing out an earthenware and rather humble looking pie, setting it down before quietly slicing and serving Luca first before Leof. "Ah could you bring the spiced mead or cider my parents sent?" she asks towards the cook, her body language a bit more polite.

Lucamore smiles and says, "No sense in giving a man regrets this late Leof." with another of his charming smiles, another of which is offered to the server as he is offered food, "Thank you." as he takes the food. Once they have left to get the drinks he adds, "You seem to be doing quite well for yourself, with treatment like this you must love your husband very much."

Leof blinks a bit "Oh, he spoils me, buys me jewels and all that." she offers, looking embarassed. Something in her tone gives away that she doesn't care about the jewels at all, despite wearing earrings, a necklace and a few rings on her fingers. Most of her rings are a bit banged up though - she isn't at all careful with it. "Most men don't flirt with pregnant newly weds either." she teases.

Lucamore places a hand to his chest as though offended, "Flirting? Me? Can I not compliment an old friend?" smiling good-naturedly once again to show he isn't serious.

Leof laughs a bit "I wasn't aware we were so close, my dearest Luca." she teases, taking a fork and moving a few bites of the covered chicken pot pie, eatting it slowly and enjoying it. A small cask of mead is set down and a mug is poured for Luca, Some tea set infront of Leof "Thank you." she offers to the servant, oddly enough taking time to observe those around her "Your apron's embroidery is especially pretty today. I'm jealous, my embroidery isn't half as nice."

Lucamore nods and accepts his drink thanking the servant as well as his guard takes some for themself, and Luca nods to Leof, "All from the vale with as strong of Andal blood as we are deserving of being friends Leof." as he eats a few bites himself silently with proper dining etiquette.

Leof rubs her head. "I'd drink with you, but, the Maester told me to lay off or my child would come out a terror." she admits, drinking her tea, not overly polite with her food. She isn't especially rude though. She likely simply noticed it was likely a little rude that she wasn't drinking the same liquid this time. She smiles "I am near everyone's friend here." she half jokes.

Lucamore says, "It doesn't surprise me. As to the drink, worry not you are carrying an heir, one never wishes to take chances with such things." after finishing his mouthful then moves to eat a bit more after cleansing his palette with his drink.

Leof mms a bit "It is pretty terrifying, actually. I'd much rather be stalking a shadowcat back home." she admits with a soft laugh. "Trystan gets very paranoid and tends to personally blend my tea and make me lemonade. I very much miss my nightly Valish tea though." she admits. tea. Piping hot with a small slice of citrus and a shot of whatever is on hand that will warm the throat. "I had a northerner visit once try to set my tea on fire." she admits with a laugh. "Do you want something sweet still? Seconds?" she offers with proper Valish manners in regards to offering food.

Lucamore waves dismissively, "Sweet conversation with an old friend is pleasurable enough for now Leof." smiling softly as he continues his meal.

Leof smiles "The town is mostly calm despite its size - a lot more personable than Kings' Landing. It is fairly clean too. I like that, I miss going places like Gulltown and Runestone." she admits, visibly looking a little homesick.

Lucamore nods and says, "Most places are cleaner and more personable then King's Landing. As to home, well you have me in town now when you feel the need to experience the joys of the Vale once more." offering another charming smile before finishing his pot pie, and drinks some more to wash it down.

Leof sips her tea - herbal and sweet. "I know, but the air is different, the smells are different." she admits. "The people are different." she considers "I've never felt the thrill of a good hunt here. The hair on the back of my neck raising and my nerves getting ancy." she admits, smiling openly "Also the food lacks nutmeg."

Chuckling Lucamore says, "Of course, there are no Hill Tribes or shadow cats to keep you alert here."

Leof rubs her neck, frowning. "I once got held up by three of them." she admits, cheeks red "So tell me, whats the rumor about why I left?" she asks, looking amused.

Lucamore says, "I believe I've heard of several. You became pregnant and sent away to avoid shame, You were married off to someone and left to live with them. I believe I even heard one that some Hill Tribesman had taken you as his wife and you were in the Vale hunting nobles of the various Houses." chuckling.

Leof laughs a bit "No, I assure you, my pregnancy came after marriage." she offers, embarassedly " I was sent away because I cut my hair. It got tangled while I was hunting and I cut it off to get away from what I was hunting." she removes her necklace, and slightly moves her dress. The big scar on her collarbone extends to touch her neck. If it had been anymore severe it might have killed her. "Father thought I did it to spite him and ruin the negotiations over my hand with the Hunters." she rubs her hand up into her short hair "I've kept it short though because there are no bad hair days this way." she admits.

Lucamore chuckles softly and says, "It is good you survived then. It would seem that the loss of your hair added to your height as well, no wonder you keep it short, you may end up a giant in a few more years at this rate." winking playfully.

Leof laughs a little "It upset me that my father was so angry. Maybe if you had been around, you could have prevented my being kicked out and told to marry or bring the house glory." she admits eyes half closed. She offers an honest smile "Marrying is easier." she admits. "I wanted to do the other thing but, nobody realllly gives a rats' arse about house Elesham this far south."

Lucamore nods and asks, "How would you think I'd have prevented this horrible fate for you my friend?" smiling softly.

Leof eyes Lucamore "I think you'd of convinced my father that I wasn't spiting him and More likely - if I had had a compitent hunting companion? The accident wouldn't of happened." she admits, smiling very softly.

Lucamore nods and says, "Sounds like a reasonable enough argument, unfortunately I can't be everywhere needed to help my friends. So who all leaves in this manse anyway, or is it just you and your husband?"

Leof smiles "My bodyguard Derrioth, Trystan, our cook, a few guards. Our dogs.you know, the usual." she admits. "We have more than enough room for guests."

Lucamore nods and says, "Always a pleasurable luxury. Such a large home for so few as well is an added luxury as well."

Leof chuckles "My last home in this city, that I got on my allowance? Had three rooms seperated by partitions, not doors." she admits, smiling warmly.

Lucamore nods and says, "You certainly married up then." smiling.

Leof watches Lucamore "I was being punished and he asked, and well. I didn't think anyone else would." she admits, resting back in her chair, calmly.

Lucamore nods and says, "Can never fault for someone taking advantage of a unique situation when it presents itself." as he takes another drink as the remains of his meal is taken away and he reclines a bit more as he turns to face Leof a bit more directly.

Leof laughs a bit "I'm relieved its over with, and Trystan treats me very well." she admits, smiling as she takes a long draw on her hot tea. She seems a lot more relaxed in the reach.

Lucamore nods and says, "I'm sure there are many perks to being wed finally my friend." winking suggestively, perhaps trying to see if she'd blush. "I'll have to make sure to keep tabs on you my friend, you are proving useful for local information. Know of anywhere or anyone else good at providing reliable information about Oldtown and its people?"

Leof gets red across the cheeks, and on her shoulders, funnily enough. She chuckles at him. "I'm not much into the social scene. Oh lets dress in heavy gowns and sit outside in the hot moist air and cry. Never appealed to me. Well if you go to the whore house, the madam is a chatter box in a good way. I'm sure the Tyrells would have information. I'm not sure what you want." she offers with slight giggle.

Lucamore nods and says, "I'll keep an ear out for them, and I suppose I could pay a visit to the local brothel, is there only the one or several?"

Leof wiggles a finger "Bawdy Bard Playhouse. The Madam is pale with beautiful red hair." she offers, smiling calmly "Jessilyn. Its the nicest. There are a few other brothels but the Bard is where things seem to happen most frequently. If you see my husband there, don't start a rumor, I know where he is and I know where he'll come home to." she offers with a soft snicker.

Lucamore offers a sly grin and asks, "How is it you know so much about this brothel fair Leof? You aren't visiting yourself are you? After all I hear being with child gives women queer urges." winking teasingly at her.

Leof leans foreward "Being a good wife is hard. Sometimes, I need tips for being a good wife." she whispers, cheeks staying red but her expression entirely honest "Without sharing too much, I'll say this, the small folk is where I find friends. Other ladies are judgemental and harsh but the small folk are pleased to have help with their chores and help getting food on the table." she admits, fidgetting.

Lucamore nods and asks, "So if I come aross a certain friend of mine there, should I treat her as one of the workers or treat her as though she doesn't exist?" offering a charming smile and a playful wink.

Leof looks at him "You won't find me there. I really stay home most of the time." she rubs her side "I may have to stop riding soon though, as I'll be getting too fat to get up on my palfrey and nobody wants to see an arse on an ass out hunting." she jokes, chipperly.

Lucamore shrugs and says, "I don't know, I suppose it depends on the view." taking another drink.

Leof snorts! "Ha. Nobody wants to see that." she offers, moving a hand up to rub at her hair line near her hair, nervously "I wonder where Trystan is, it isn't normal for him to be out so late." she admits, chuckling softly.

Lucamore says, "I don't know, I'd have to see to be able to judge fairly." in a teasing tone. He's clearly trying to make her blush now. Though he simply chuckles as she mentions her husband and says, "With Leof the Fair, I'm sure it won't be much longer. What man in his right mind would leave you in the company of another man without arriving to ensure he behaves himself?" chuckling softly. He seems to shift to more of a friendly joke now, though when he says Leof the Fair, there doesn't seem to be any negative implication at all in his voice, perhaps a genuine compliment.

Leof blinks "I thought I was Leof the fat toad?" she points out, her face fairly bright red. "Oh. Trystan knows you won't try anything, Because I've thrown him on his arse and I threw Arn Tully - seven rest him, on his arse multiple times. He is uh aware of my temper." she offers with a soft laugh.

Lucamore chuckles and says, "Trust me, with my connections in the Vale I'm aware as well. I assure you though, you are no fat toad Leof." as his bodyguard finishes their own meal and Lucamore drinks the last of his own drink. Outside several House Arryn guards and servants stand guard over a loaded wagon, mostly keeping their master's belongings safe and awaiting him to finish his business inside.

Speak of the Devil, here comes Trystan down the stairs right now! He hears himself being spoken of and heads to his wife, smiling to her. "That's a bit of an understatement, don't you think?" He looks to the men dining with his wife at the moment and bows to the lord. "M'lord."

Leof snickers "Oh you only say that because I terrorized your brothers and every other little girl in the Vale." she shifts, standing to move and wrap both arms around Trystan, rather openly greeting him. "Trystan, this is Lord Lucamore Arryn, a friend of mine. Luca, this is my husband, Lord Trystan Banefort."

Lucamore nods to Trystan as he is addressed and waves dismissively offering a charming smile, "Lucamore please. This is your home, besides you are the husband of one of my old friends there is no reason to sit on formality." as he continues to recline comfortably, though his feet remain on the floor and he hasn't reclined very far, more just enough to sit a bit more comfortably. He then nods to Leof and says, "I guessed as much, unless you often greet other lords with such a hug." chuckling softly He then adds, "I'll admit, I often miss my brother and we were close enough, though I'll also admit to a bit of pleasure at seeing him terrorized from time-to-time when we were boys."

Trystan chuckles. "Lucamore it is, then." He smiles and hugs his wife in return. "You haven't been telling him horror stories about me, have you?"

Leof innocently eyelash flutters at Trystan "Oh only the one about your panicking and barreling into me because my snow falcon decided she had had quite enough of your shit and kept swooping you." she jokes, sweetly placing a peck on Trystan's cheek. "Shall we go sit in the pillows then? It is a bit more comfortable for me and well, given I've got a baby in me, I do believe that since we're being informal, my naggy whining trumps here."

Lucamore looks to Trystan and says, "Also the one about you are in fact a shadow cat she was hunting and that you seduced her so she wouldn't kill you, which is why she left the Vale for Oltown, as those here aren't smart enough to know what a shadow cat looks like." offering a wry smile. He then looks to Leof and says, "I see you are still terrorizing the men so they do what you want my friend." chuckling softly.

Trystan chuckles at the jokes. "I'm not quite that sneaky. Clever… maybe. But not that sneaky." He grins, then nods to Leof. "I do believe the pillows would be better, to make you comfortable, dear." Then to Lucamore. "She's quite good at that."

Leof snorts "Wankers." she jokes, moving to the parlor area to flop on her lounge, stretching out. The nearest servant is keen to bring another mug of tea, and a heated leather waterskin, which Leof takes with grace and gratitude, plopping it on her back. She watches the two her silky eared pup bounding in with Trystan's - both hopping up with her, her much smaller dog resting its head on her hip. Trystan's thicker bigger pup seems content to settle on her feet.

Lucamore nods to Trystan and follows Leof into the parlour saying, "You wouldn't believe the trouble she's caused in the Vale, trust me I've heard enough rumors and first-hand accounts over the year." winking playfully to Leof as though he was blackmailing her with stories of what she did as a child, like any of it was any great secret.. Spotting the two dogs he asks, "So you've traded shadow cats for more lethal companions then?" chuckling.

Trystan chuckles. "Oh, I think I just might believe them." He smiles at the pups, sitting beside his wife and rubbing the head of his own pup. "Much more lethal. Look how vicious they are."

Leof looks comfortable, her expression amused "Now come on, I've only braided people's hair together and thrown a hand full of spiders once, Luca!" she teases "Terribly Lethal, look at these teeth." she rolls her dog onto its belly before lifting it to her bossom, rubbing the little beast enough to get it play nipping. "These small hunting dogs are apparently fashionable this far south, and I quite like mine. She's so silly and gets to go to garden parties with me."

Lucamore says, "Deception. Never trust a cunning predator, for it is them that will kill you in your sleep when you least suspect it." chuckling softly. As he moves to take a seat for himself. He doesn't move to interact with the dogs, but then he's never had a good history with animals anyway. All animals might not hate him, but more often then not they don't get along when he gets too close. He then chuckles at Leof and the puppy and says, "No wonder those of the Reach can't survive in the Vale, they think that is a hunting dog." winking to Leof.

Trystan chuckles, his own dog moving to lay it's head in his lap. he scratches behind the hound's ears gently. "I don't think they'll ever be used as such, nor do I think they should. Much better to get larger hounds, I think."

Leof laughs a little "It is for hunting birds and flushing them, actually, not that I intend to take it hunting. We both know I get along far better with birds when hunting." she admits, her fingers rubbing hte dog's belly gently. "Nope, this little beast gets to do far more dangerous tasks - that is, eat things I don't want to while we're at social events and I pretend to drop them." she jokes, warmly she settles more properly on Trystan "That one, Trystan's, will get up quite a lot, to about three - bull baiting dog. Mine will get up to about a stone and a half or so." she admits, smiling.

Lucamore says, "Any larger and your wife could ride them into war…" He trails off a moment then adds, "Come to think of it, she might like to go to war on a hound with a bow." chuckling softly.

Trystan grins. "I could see it happening, but I think she'd prefer to stick with her horse." He smiles and kisses her wife's cheek gently.

Leof considers "I'm still sad I was sick the day of the archery tournament." she admits, considering "I don't think I'll be going to war any time soon, or ever. But I should like to test myself against more pirates or some such sometime."

Lucamore chuckles softly to Trystan's words then nods to Leof and says, "Long as they don't aim for your stomach they get to live, that is all I have to say my friend."

Trystan smirks. "I say as long as they don't aim for my wife, or my allies. They try, though, they die." He shrugs.

Leof takes Trystan's hand, holding it. "Eh When I'm back to being my own person, I think I should like to try being a bossy old nag." she jokes, beginning to look sleepy without much warning.

Lucamore asks Leof, "I thought that is the reason you married my friend?" winking teasingly. He then nods to Trystan and says, "I may not be trained in the use of weapons, but you could count on my support if such an event ever occurred." He then looks back to Leof and asks, "I've not bored you with my endless talking have I my friend?"

Trystan looks to Leof, seeing her to be sleepy, then rubs her hand and back gently. "You alright, love?"

Leof blinks "HUh no. I'm just..oh mm don't move." she mumbles at Trystan, cuddling in to use the knife user as a pillow, cheeks red as she settles. Without much warning, she falls asleep like a toddler. Pregnancy horemones likely just making her a bit sleepy every so often.

Lucamore watches as Leof falls asleep like a child and offers a soft smile, "SHe seems to insist on proving me right despite her denials." He then looks to Trystan and asks, "I called her Leof the Fair due to how much she has changed since last I saw her, would you not agree with the judgement Trystan?" as his focus shifts to the husband as the wife naps.

Trystan smiles and rubs her back and head gently as she uses him for the comfortable pillow he is. "I would say so. She's the most beautiful woman in the world to me." He kisses the top of her head gently. "I love her dearly."

Lucamore nods and says, "A rarity among nobility to hear such words, I only wish my own betrothal ended as well. I am sure you would not wish to hear of my tragedies though. I have only recently arrived in Oldtown, I actually met your wife on my way into town and she was kind enough to invite me into your home. I am trying to learn a bit about who is of note in town, can you provide any aid on that front?"

Trystan smiles. "I believe I can aid you a bit." He then proceeds to go into a long list of names and information of who to watch out for, including the Targaryans, the Tyrells and Hightowers, and including a warning to not anger the Bravo Rona Vielo, as she's quite proud.

Lucamore nods and says, "As my friend is indisposed, and you have provided some assistance I believe I should go and see to my living arrangements in town. I shall visit again when I am able." as he gets up to leave, his bodyguard moving to follow.

Trystan nods. "I wish you the best of luck and, by the way, welcome to Oldtown." He smiles to the man, still holding his sleeping wife. "Take care."

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