(121-05-07) Little Dragons and Large Letters
Little Dragons and Large Letters
Summary: In which Aevander gets a 'present' and has news he shares with Elionys.
Date: May 07, 2014
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Northwestern Suite - 3 - Dragon Door Manse — Starry Street

From this suite's large North-facing windows one can see the manse's walled garden, the Honeywine, and the Citadel beyond. There are two sitting rooms, one very large and furnished with gracious gilded couches with elegant delicate legs and velvet cushions, positioned around the grand fireplace. A fine Myrish carpet in red and black and gold stands out against the white marble floor.

The second is a small, intimate room with padded chairs, another Myrish rug of a floral pattern, and the walls hung with tapestries. Perhaps it serves as a sewing room.

In the sleeping chamber stands a large bed, its four posts carved in the shapes of dragons, its coverlet an intricate pattern of black and red. There is a matching wardrobe and nightstand, with a simple candle-stand, and another red and black Myrish carpet warms the floor. There is yet another fireplace, albeit a smaller one.


The day is hot, but at least it's a dry heat at the moment, with few clouds in the sky and not a drop of rain in sight. The heat doesn't bother Elionys much, but as almost always, she has every window in her suite thrown open to allow for a breeze and fresh air, or as fresh as one ever gets when in the city.

Today she's wearing a sleeveless gown of light, silvery-blue, with intricate embroidery around the neckline and hem, held closed up her back by dozens of tiny, silver buttons that must have taken an age to fasten. At present the young Targaryen is draped in the window, leaning out somewhat precariously to look down at the ground from her third story perch.

There is a light knock on Elionys's door before it opens and Aevander peers in. He smiles softly to see his cousin reclining in the window, though he does wait until a startle won't risk her toppling out of it before he says, "I think perhaps you are secretly a cat."

Thankfully Elionys isn't startled, and only twists around to look back at her cousin with a grin. "Are you calling me a Lannister? I look nothing like a Lannister," she replies, drawing back from the window and getting to her feet. She's quick to cross the distance between them and lean in to give him a gentle peck on the cheek.

"No, no. Not a lion. One of those silky, white, long-coated creatures that always look so pleased with themselves," Aevander replies. He smiles and tilts his cheek for the kiss. "How are you, today, cos?"

"Oh, well," Elionys pulls back far enough that she can smile up at him again. "I suppose that's better. I think that's better?" Her eyes narrow playfully. "Is that better, Aevander, or should I work myself up to being properly offended? I can, you know." She grins. "I am well. How are you?"

"I think it is better," Aevander replies with a soft smile. "I would much rather be friends with a cat than a lion. I am… well, I think. Well enough. Shall I call up for some chilled wine?"

"Oh, well then, I won't be offended," Elionys decides, still smiling as she nods in answer to the question. "Yes, that sounds nice, and maybe a snack? Something light? It's too warm to eat anything too heavy right now."

Aevander nods, stepping out of the room to relay the request to one of the servants. "There, then," he replies, walking over to drop down into a chair near the open window. "What think you of the Lady Yael and her husband? That was… well. It went as good as it could have, I suppose."

Elionys drops gracefully into the chair across from him, legs crossing at the ankle. "I like the Lady Yael," she answers at once. "I don't know about her husband, but I suppose if she loves him, there must be something good about him too. I'm sure I'll get to see, I intend on visiting her still, and she's promised to visit me too."

Aevander nods. "They certainly seemed to be fond of each other," he agrees. "Do you believe her, then? Her story?"

"Do I believe that she thinks she was taken by someone from the reach?" asks Elionys, considering for a moment, then nodding. "I think she believes it. I don't know if she was, or if it was merely someone trying to create trouble, but I don't think she is lying."

Aevander is quiet before he breathes out softly. "I have no idea what to do with it," he admits softly. "If there is a party responsible for Wickham's Nest and they have not been brought to justice, that must be rectified. But how to even start, when the lady can offer so little that is concrete… I confess I have little hope that Daevon's search will yield anything at all."

"There is nothing to do about it right now," Elionys points out, if gently. "We can't go around accusing the Lords of the reach of doing it, and that's what she's saying. Until we have something more solid than the word of a Dornishwoman, who… well, let's be fair, she's the wife of a border lord, they have reason to want to start trouble as much as the reach lords do. Far more is needed for anything to be done, and if it's not found, we need to leave it behind and stop reminding people of what happened. Let the wound heal as much as it can."

"Yes, that's all true," Aevander agrees with a small nod. "It's only the thought of a traitor, smug and smiling, somewhere… it rankles, cos. Ah well. Maybe things do." There is a light knock on the door before a servant enters with a decanter of cool wine, two goblets and an assortment of fruits, bread and cheese. Another follows behind with a bow wrapped in fine, gilt paper and tied up with a bow. Aevander's brows lift as the package is offered to him, the tray is set on a table near the pair of Targaryens and the servants depart.

"It does me as well, but we can't let that makes us do ill advised things, especially when the matter is meant to be settled," Elionys murmurs, falling quiet when there is a knock on the door. She watches the tray carried in, which is expected, and the ppresent, which is not, looking back to her cousin with curiosity. "Have you an admirer?"

"Hmmm…" Aevander muses, plucking up the card. " 'You seem to be lacking in these'," he reads off of it, and his brows lift as he notes the signature. "Two admirers," he laughs. "Keyte and Kesha Tyrell." He draws in a slow breath, eying the box with a sort of wariness.

"Two?" asks Elionys as her brows jump up, laughing. "I've been told that some Targaryen men take more than one wife, but really, cos, twins, and Tyrell twins at that? Are you mad?" she teases.

"Well, it's less a flirtation and more a sort of merry war…" Aevander murmurs, picking up the box and turning it slowly. "Last time, they sent me a rat."

"A rat? Why would they send you a rat?" asks Elionys, but this bit of news is enough to make her get up and move closer, leaning in to try and get a look inside the box once it's open.

"Oh, I don't know. An opening feint, I think," Aevander muses. He's yet to actually open the thing, especially when a tap to the side makes something within scrabble. "I sent them a snake in reply."

Elionys laughs as she eyes the box, brows lifting as she makes an encourging little gesture. "Go on, then, open the box and see what it is that's inside. It can't be too bad, can it? They wouldn't have sent you anything dangerous."

"No, I don't…" there is a slight narrowing of his eyes. "I wouldn't think so." He gives a careful pull on the bow, intending to open the thing slowly and cautiously. But, when the bow unties, the whole ribbon falls away, and with it an entire side of the box. Aevander gives a surprised shout as five lizards come spilling out, all confused and scrabbling across his lap and then across the floor. And each one appears to have wings.

"You don't think?" asks Elionys, but apparently even with his uncertainty, she's not too worried about it. When the side fall away and the lizards scramble out, she gives a little shriek, but it sounds more delighted than frightened, one hand shooting out to try and capture one of the creatures.

Four go running across the room, one darting out under the door, but Elionys manages to catch the fifth as Aevander stands and quickly brushes off his legs. Cuz lizards. The small creature squirms and thrashes for a moment, but careful inspection will reveal not only wings, but a tiny little rider, all pink and white, sitting before them. Wings and rider are both manmade and attached to a tiny harness strapped around the wee beastie's back and belly.

The lizards don't bother Elionys at all, laughing merrily as she manages to catch one of the wriggling things to get a better look at it. More bright laughter follows once she gets that look, seeing the faux wings and rider, then thrusts it out for Aevander to see.

Aevander blinks as a lizard is shoved in his face, but he takes the creature and peers at it more closer before he's laughing, too. "Why those bratty little minxes. 'Could use more of these', indeed!"

"Keep hold of that one," Elionys tells him as she looks around for the other escaped reptiles. "We'd better catch the rest too," she goes on, diving at the floor to try get hold of one, but missing as it scrambles beneath his chair.

"How can I help you catch them if I'm to keep hold of this one as well?" Aevander asks, but to no one in particular. He looks around for a means of storing the little creatures, and picks up the box. urning it on its side, so the open side becomes an open top, the lizard and its 'rider' are set within so he can look for another escapee to nab.

"You have two hands, Aevander," Elionys points out as she shuffles around the chair in pursuit of wiley lizard, managing to capture it. She makes a triumphant sound and wriggles back, holding up the wiggling creature. "Got it."

"In the box," Aevander calls from where he crouches to reach under the chair. "Ouch!" He does catch the thing in a manner of speaking, insofar as when he draws his hand back and up, there is a lizard clinging to his first finger via its mouth clamped firmly around the digit.

Elionys goes back to the box, turning it on it's side so that the opening is facing up, then carefully placing her one lizard inside of it. The lid is closed in an effort to try and keep the creature contained, laughing as she turns to look back at him. "Fearsome things," she decides, carrying the box over to Aevander, provided he can pry the thing from his finger.

"Mmf," Aevander replies, trying not to be all flinching and whiny about a pinched finger. But it's hard, and his face still looks sort of squinched up as he opens the box to lower his lizard it. Which has the two already inside jumping up and scrabbling out in another bid for freedom.

"Aevander," Elionys scolds him playfully as she watches his face get scrunchy as he pulls the lizard free. "You're a knight, this can't be that bad," she tells him, grinning as she opens the lid just enough for the next reptile to be put inside, then quickly lowers the top to keep the rest contained. "Now where did the others get off to?"

"It's pinchy," Aevander protests as he works tiny jaws loose and the lizard plops into the box. He holds in finger up, with it's little red dots where tiny teeth pierced his skin. See? Blood.

"Poor thing," Elionys coos softly, at first seeming as though she's saying it to Aevander, but then her gaze lowers and one hand pets the box. "I bet his finger tasted terrible, didn't it? Just awful. We'll have to get you some proper food, won't we?" She can't help the grin that follows as her gaze ticks up again, coming to rest on him.

Aevander makes a small, insulted sound. "I've changed my mind," he huffs. "Perhaps I would prefer the lion."

Elionys giggles quietly, one hand remaining on the lid as her other reaches out to try and gently take hold of his. "I apologize, I'm sure your finger tasted perfectly lovely, and they'll all try to take bites out of it if you go too near the lizards again."

"Well, then I'd best leave the lizard hunting to you, cos, and I will settle for simply pouring the wine" Which Aevander does, two glasses, holding his 'hurt' finger out at an angle to keep it from touching. "You know I'm half-tempted to just turn the rest of them loose and let them come across Visenya and scramble up Daevon's leg."

"You should," Elionys agrees with a grin as he gets up, resuming the search for lizards, which are currently out of sight. "I'd agree, but I don't want them being stomped on," which apparently she thinks the two mentioned might do.

"Oh, they won't." They totally might. Aevander settles down into one of the chairs and has a swallow of wine before sucking on his maligned fingertip. "The wings will distract them."

It happens while Elionys is bent down peering beneath the small couch, her hand lifting from the lid so that one of the little faux-winged beasties is able to push it up and make a break for it. She doesn't even notice, being too busy trying to reach beneath the couch for something that ends up not being a lizard at all. It is, instead, a bracelet. "Huh. I don't know if this is even mine," she admits, turning the thing over between her fingers as her other hand comes to rest on the box again.

If Aevander sees the lizard make its getaway, he keeps silent. Perhaps he is more willing to risk their tiny lives for the amusement their running rampant will likely cause. "The rest will come out eventually, I'm sure, cos," he notes around a smile. "Come have some wine and food."

"I'm sure you're right," Elionys replies, but she doesn't sound quite so certain of that fact. It's a careful process, getting to her feet while keeping the box closed, but she manages, picking the container up and carrying it with her back to the chair. Only once seated does she tie the ribbon in place again, then leave the box on the nearby table, for now.

Which does beg the question, "What will you do with them?" Aevander picks up Elionys's cup and hands it over. Because wine is better than cheese, clearly.

"I don't know," Elionys admits, shaking her head slightly. "But Yael keeps snakes, and if she can do that, I am sure there must be some way to keep these. Whatever they are. I'll have to find someone who knows about these things, and see what it takes to care for them."

"Welll…" Aevander considers, "Keyte and Kesha procured them. If they don't know how to care for them, they may at least know who would."

"They would, you should ask them," Elionys replies cheerfully, foisting this off on him as she leans in to pluck a berry from the tray. "You know them far better than I do."

"Yes, precisely why you should ask them," Aevander argues. "It will be confusing and perhaps slightly distressing. Just as they deserve." He smiles faintly. "You took quite a liking to the Lady Blackmont, didn't you cos. it won't be long before you're walking about in their silks with kohl around your eyes."

"I did, she was lovely," Elionys answers with a bit of a grin at the notion that she might adopt Dornish style. "Maybe. It is an awfully striking look, don't you think? Though I might look a bit silly with it."

She leaves the subject of lizards behind for now, talk of fashion is afoot. Sort of.

Aevander conts his head, considering. "You know, I think it might be perfectly lovely on you, actually. I should like to see it, if you do decide to dress in Dornish style."

Elionys looks quietly pleased at the compliment, nodding a little bit. "I might try it. I bet if I asked her, Yael would get me some gowns in the Dornish style, and help me with the rest of it." Now she seems to be truly considering it.

Aevander smiles softly as he takes another sip. "I suppose you'll have to show your Velaryon as well. He's… well. He seems a good fellow."

"I suppose I will," Elionys admits, as though that thought hadn't occured to her yet. "He's not too bad, is he? He's nice enough," she admits, still not sounding particularly excited about the choice.

"He is. He is nice enough. And the Velaryons don't 'flip the coin', as they say. It's… it's a good match, Elionys. I wish you both well." He finishes his glass and moves to refill it.

"Do you really think so?" ask Elionys, sounding unconvinced, either of the match, or that he approves of it. "It will be your turn soon enough," she voices, and now it's her turn to go for some wine.

Aevander wrinkles his nose. "Yes, I suppose it might," he agrees softly, "though I won't…" Sip. "I have news." And the way he says those words is a bit too somber for it to be good news.

Elionys pours herself a cup if wine and settles back in her chair, brows furrowing as she gives him an uneasy look. "You do? What is this news of yours, then. Out with it?" She tries to sound cheerful, or hopeful, but really she just sounds worried.

Aevander reaches into the pocket of his jerkin to draw out a folded letter, tapping the corner of it against his other palm. "I've, um… been summoned. To King's Landing."

Any hope that it wasn't that bad appears to be dashed as the answer comes, and what was left of Elionys' good humor begins to fade. "Summoned?" she asks. "For what? For how long?" she asks, clearly presuming that if he's this serious about it, it's not a quick trip.

"I don't know," Aevander replies, "A while. Princess Rhaenys wants me to serve as one of her advisors or… well, I don't know what it will actually be, but that's what she'll calling it in the letter." His smile is wry. "It's not precisely a request."

"That's-…" Elionys tries for wonderful, but can't quite make the word pass her lips just yet. The glass in hand is returned to the table untouched, but she tries to look up at him with a smile. Tries. "I am sure you'll do very well at it." Whatever it turns out to be.

"I will certainly try to," Aevander agrees, trying for a smile, himself. "Will you write me, cousin?"

"But I just left King's Landing," Elionys bursts out with this, perhaps a bit louder than she meant to. "I just left, and I came here because you were here." Sniff. "Of course I'll write you," she says, sounding just as upset as she says this as the rest.

"You…" Aevander blinks several times before softly clearing his throat. "You did?"

"Yes, I did," Elionys replies as she slides back in her seat, slouching now without a care for posture. Jaehaera isn't here to yell at her about it, it should be safe. "Why else would I come to Oldtown?"

"I don't know, the Citadel? A change in company? To be somewhere other than the Red Keep?" Aevander offers. He exhales softly, tipping his head back and closing his eyes. "I'd offer to take you with me, but…" But.

"But you can't," Elionys finishes that thought softly, and with a frown. Try as she might, there are tears in her eyes now. She tries to hide that fact by turning to look out the window while discreetly swiping away the evidence, but it's fairly obvious if he's watching.

"I would anyway, if you wished it," Aevander replies softly, "but I think we're both too well-behaved for that." He has another swallow of wine, trying not to notice as his afternoon's companion begins to cry. "Oh, Elionys, no. Please don't."

That he notices only makes it worse, and Elionys suddenly seems unable to stifle the little sound, not quite a sob, that escapes. Rather than try to stem the flow of tears, or apologize that she can't, she springs to her feet and walks quickly for the bed chamber to hide so that she is, at least, out of sight.

The rest of the goblet of wine goes down the hatch, and then Aevander stands to follow quietly after Elionys, at least to the doorway of his bedchamber. "I'm sorry," he offers quietly.

If he goes so far as to look, he'll find Elionys seated on a trunk at the foot of her bed, staring at some point on the wall beside one of the wardrobes, looking entirely lost. The tears are still swiped away with the back of her hand, though they continue to fall. "How soon do you leave?" she asks in a small voice.

"I don't want to leave you," Aevander replies before breaching the sanctity of a lady's bedroom by stepping inside and over to sit on the trunk beside her. He exhales a soft breath. "If you and Ser Lyonel are to be wed, perhaps it's better this way. Cleaner."

Elionys looks up at him as he appraches, eyes wide and still full of tears, with a few glistening streaks down both cheeks. "How am I supposed to get by without you here, though? Your siblings are going to kill me within a week of your going, because you won't be here to stop them," she complains.

"They will not," Aevander replies, sitting down next to her and removing a handkerchief from his pocket to gently daub at the tears on her cheeks. "Daevon wouldn't hurt a fly and Visenya is mostly bluster. Besides, you've Aemon and Aerys. Both sound, steady men, from what I've seen. And the Princess Jaehaera to help you crush any who would slight you. You'll be just fine."

The list of names of people who will remain only serves to make Elionys' face crumple as she dissolves into tears again. "But-…" she protests, taking a shuddering breath. "But you'll be gone." That seems to be her focus, and as soon as she says it, she slides her arms around him to pull him close.

"Ah, shh," Aevander whispers, his arms wrapping around Elionys as soon as she curls in against him. Their heights are nearly matched, standing, but just now it's easy enough to press his lips to her hair. "It won't be forever," he promises softly. "One way or another, things never stay the same for long."

Elionys leans into him all the more when his arms go around her, eyes closing as her head comes to rest on his shoulder. "I know it won't be, but I've only just had you around, it's been such a short time. It seems so unfair."

"I know," Aevander murmurs, pressing another soft kiss to her hair. "It is unfair."

Elionys sniffles and just remains like this for quite a while, for the most part not actively crying, even if it kicks up every now and then. Finally though, she will sniff and turn her head to wipe away the tears with the back of her hand. "You'll try to come back, right?"

"I will try," Aevander promises, regarding Elionys somberly as she looks up at him. "And you will keep the manse from burning down in my absence, right? And send me letters?"

"I will try, but I may not live here much longer," Elionys admits very quietly. "I have some people urging me to move over to the Hightower instead, to get away from the things your siblings do. I'll try though, to keep an eye on them if nothing else."

Aevander considers before he swallows tightly and gives a small nod. "Yes, I see. I understand. You're right, perhaps that would be best."

Elionys falls quiet again, keeping her arms around him without seeming sure of what else to say. If there is anything else to be said, or if there is, whether or not it should be said at all. She opts, for the time being, for silence.

And it seems silence and Elionys's arms around him are all Aevander requires in this moment. he holds her, breathes softly, and simply lets the time pass.

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