(121-05-06) Unexpected Guest
Unexpected Guest
Summary: Party planning goes awry when Elionys finally meets Jorah Rivers.
Date: Date of play (06/05/2014)
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It's a hot and fair day within Oldtown, and a nice warm breeze keeps the air moving so that it is not too intolerable to be inside, or out. And in the Luthier manse-things are calm and quiet. This is likely due to the men having arrived only a day or two previous from hunting Wildlings in the North, and so it's not had a chance to be trashed out from what miniscule staff cleaned it while they were gone. Windows are open so breeze can come and circle through the main sitting room into the garden and beyond.

It is here on a rather nice chaise that one member of the Raventree household has stretched themselves out. Clad in boots, pants and eyepatch the elder of the Blackwoods seems to be half catatonically staring out the window with his good eye, and lazily drinking otherwise. Some wounds on Jorah's inked body look new-but healed for the most part.

In the time they were gone, Elionys has come and gone from the house on several occasions to make appropriate arrangements for the party that she is, apparently, going to hold here. It's because of that, that what staff there is has become familiar with the young Princess, and likely let her in without much fuss, though possibly at least announcing her presence to the lounging Jorah.

When Her Grace Princess Elionys is announced, Jorah only turns his head to the door and then somewhat-pulls himself up to peer over the back of the lounge. His eyebrows shoot up, even if she is greeted by part of a nose and one working eye. Head lowers and then the whole body is up-however no shirt is grabbed for sake of propriety. Poor Elionys gets to bask in half naked Jorah and all his splendor and glory.

"The Silver Hair'd Princess." Jorah murmurs with a smile, before one hand slides down his chest to scratch his stomach. A blink and he is turning to pick up his wine glass and put it on a table. There, all clean. "Ah-I'm sorry Your Princess? Lord Riderch is out." But his bastard brother is here.

Elionys isn't so much shown into the room as she is left to wander in, which she does, finding herself confronted with half a face and one eye, brows jumping up slightly. "Is he not? Oh, well, I'm glad to hear that he returned well enough that he is able to be out," she replies as she comes around the chaise, cheeks coloring when she finds him only half dressed. "I- I don't think we've met," she replies, glancing around the room.

Scratching his belly, Jorah gives a grin before he is coming around the chaise and he offers a hand. Apparently in Bastard school, they do not teach you how to be around royalty, and yes apparently being without a shirt is common-or so Jorah thinks. "He did, not wounded, really." he adds. "We all took licks, but he's fine. Killed him some Wildlings though." All proud things to be proud of in the book of Jorah. 'Sorry-my introduction." A cough and he offers a half bow.

"Ser Jorah Rivers, at your service."

Those curled, scratching fingers draw Elionys' gaze for only a second before it ticks upward again, not looking too scandalized. Maybe a little bit. That little bit might show. The rosy hue of her cheeks darken further as the hand is offered to her, and after a few tentative moments she proffers her own hand in turn. "I am glad to hear you both made it back safely, the whole business sounded perfectly awful. I— it's nice to meet you, Ser Jorah. I think Ser Riderch has made mention of you before." After a moment, she adds, "I'm Elionys Targaryen," unnecessarily.

Jorah lets his brows raise before he holds her hand and dofts a chaste kiss to it all the same. Something he's seen done amongst the gentry and the like. A turn and one hand motions over to the chaise. "Have a seat then, you can wait for him if you like?" A smile offered before he is moving to sit in a high backed chair of faded and well worn velvet. Likely left here by the original owners of the manse. "I'm sorry if I am a poor representative of what he said I'd be." he adds. "Ah, did he tell you how-err or why I am here in his service?" Likely checking to make sure she knows of familial relations without discussing them. "Oh he speaks about you as well. Nice things."

It's not too often that a person dares even attempt to kiss her hand, which causes her cheeks to flood with even more color, but she allows for it and only pulls her hand away once he rises from the effort. "Thank you," Elionys replies, moving to take a seat on the very edge of the chaise, hands folding in her lap. "I hadn't intended on coming over to visit with him, I was continuing to make preparations for the feast that he's letting me hold here. Entertainment has to be sorted, and I was trying to decide what there was space for," she explains. "I am glad to hear it," she says, of the apparent nice things Riderch says of her, looking pleased. "He is a good man."

Apparently, Jorah knows no better, given the fact he's not put a shirt on. There's a goofy enough grin from the elder of the (half) brothers, to Elionys' words. "Well go-OH yeah." And jorah's out of his seat. "Right, well then, by all means look around. It's a clean house, with two stories." meanwhile upstairs a loud sound echoes of- clearly a raven's voice: "QUORKsucker." And Jorah looks up, before looking back to Elionys as if nothing happened. "And we have a garden. I'm sure we could entertain a bard, or some mummers if it was a small troupe."

When Jorah gets to his feet, Elionys does the same, glancing around uncertainly. "I've seen much of the house," she admits. "But I wished to make certain I had the right idea of the space, and there was supposed to be a man meeting me here. I think it was now, Neri said it was. Maybe I've got the wrong time," she muses, because surely no one would stand her up. Right? "I'm sure he'll be along. He was going to look around and help me decide, because we'll need tables enough for all the guests, so I don't want anything that will be too intrusive."

Jorah nods, before he is looking back uncertainly at Princess Elionys. "I'm not good at party planning, princess. At feasts, I can be amusing and somewhat polite. I can eat and drink, and I won't fu-err..bother any high born women." Since he is lower than low at bastard level. "I do think we have some tables in a storage room off the larder, but they'd be more for common men and men at arms than someone like yourself." a raise of his brows there. "I could show you? I -Idon't think I was the one he was sent to get you."

"Oh, no, you're not the fellow," Elionys is quick to reassure him, suddenly amused. "It's someone to help with the arrangements for the feast, which takes so much more arranging than you might expect," she tells him. "But if you have tables, we might be able to make use of them. Once— oh, I've forgotten his name entirely now. Hendrick? Maybe that's it. He can look at them." She glances off in the direction of the stairs, but makes no comment on the bird.

There is a look of relief there on Jorah's face before he is looking down to his own personage. A brief swallow given before he seems to realize he's without a shirt. Mild alarm crosses, before he's looking right back towards Elionys and then as if everything is good, beams out a smile. "Oh, very good." And then a loud squak of "QUORK FUCK" seems to come from above and there Jorah coughs before making a pec dance, as if to play off that everything is normal. "Well, if I can be of service?"

There are just a few moments there, where Elionys doesn't appear to know what to do, standing still in front of the chaise, and rather completely at a loss for words. "I-…" she something, mouth opening and closing. "Well, lets have a look around while we wait, yes? It's better than just sitting here doing nothing?"

"Oh-Sure." Jorah states before he is moving to show Elionys about the house. "Follow me?"

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