(121-05-06) The Return of the Pillowcase Strikes Back, Again
The Return of the Pillowcase Strikes Back, Again
Summary: Kai wishes he knew how to quit the Tyrells
Date: Date of play (06/05/2014)
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Dining Hall - Little Bellhorn Holdfast

The dining hall of the Little Bellhorn holdfast was meant to serve a small garrison. There are three long solid oaken tables that look like they might just be as old as the gates outside.

The hall itself has thick heavy stone walls, unadorned, and floors to match. There are two fireplaces, one on each end of the hall, but the one that shares a wall with the kitchen is larger. There's a doorway beside it giving access to the kitchens. Perhaps it once had a door, but it's simply an open passage now.

During the day, windows opening onto the courtyard let in light. Big iron chandeliers hang from the ceiling and can be on lowered on their chains to let their many candles be lit, should the occasion demand it.

It's early morning, with the sun mostly done rising as life begins to stir amongst the manses residents. Servants move about to and fro, busy doing their various jobs and generally paying attention to themselves and their duties as a stranger walks amongst them, a wolf dressed as a sheep, moving silently along, and by them as he makes his way towards the dining room. At one point the man is questioned by some guards, but the man dismisses their suspicions with a smile and a quick explanation, something about being a new servant from Dorne or some such nonsense, although they don't get too much out of the man as he is /clearly/ far too busy with whatever work he has been tasked with to give them much time.

The man quietly enters the dining hall with a few of the other servants, taking a quick glance about before he tracks after the rest of the servants into the kitchen, where he helps out with the work, despite one or two sideways glances from the staff, whom eventually shrug and go back to their business as the man diligently assists them.

While in any other house in Oldtown, the words 'just a new servant from Dorne' might fly, it is enough to engender at least some level of suspicion. Perhaps not quite enough to call for the guards immediately, but enough for it to be mentioned to one of the people living here. That person, this morning, ends up being one Lady Johanna Oakheart, who wastes little time striding into the dining hall in search of the unfamiliar, and apparently Dornish looking face.

Stepping out of the kitchen and into the dining hall, Kai spots a somewhat different suspicious noble person than expected, although he supposes the sister of the expected nobleman is at least on the target, a little to the side maybe, but still there. He proceeds to begin to walk towards the entrance of the dining hall in the most casual way humanly possible, of course, he's most likely the only even remotely Dornish-looking fellow about, although his eyes are the exact opposite of what one would be looking for, being a bright gray.

<FS3> Kai rolls Deception: Success.
Johanna is standing in front of the doors that lead out to the yard, arms folded over her stomach as her gaze sweeps the hall, looking at the faces of the few servants present, skimming each of the men-at-arms that break their fast at the tables. It's not until Kai is closer that her gaze will settle on him, one dark brow pricking upward. She doesn't sound any sort of alarm yet, but the threat of doing precisely that is evident as her gaze slides over to the well trained men at the table, then back to the lurking not-quite-dornishman.

Kai pauses before the Lady whom seems to be gazing towards him, and he slowly looks around as if questioning whether or not she is actually looking at him, when she realizes she is, he looks towards the womans feet and bows his head slightly, putting on his Stony Dornishman accent which he learned whilst, well, traveling through Dorne. The accent is of a passable level, not entirely thick but perhaps believable due to the fact that they are not in Dorne to start with, of course he knows that the people here aren't exactly friendly with the Dornish, this doesn't stop him from mimicking them, however, for whatever reason.

Kai says, "Is there something I can help you with, milady?"

"Yes," Johanna's words are soft, pitched low enough that they don't alarm anyone yet. "You can tell me what it is you're doing here," she replies, shifting to the side to try and better block his ability to exit the room. Try. She's not a particularly imposing person, no matter how hard she might scowl at a person.

Kai perks his head up slightly, before lowering it again, "I serve Lady Emilia, milady." he says, "I was told to assist in the kitchen of this manse.", the man finishes now, he doesn't actually know if the Lady Emilia actually lives in the manse, but he takes a shot in the dark regardless, as he assumes it quite logical. He keeps his eyes to the ground, either doing it out of respect or nervousness, or both.

"Do you?" asks Johanna in a cool tone, making it hard to tell whether or not she disbelieves Kai, or just doesn't care for her goodsister. She steps forward, and bold as you please, lifts a hand to try and take Kai by the chin. If he allows that much, she'll turn his face to the left, and then the right, as though trying to get a better look at him. "I don't recognize you."

Kai doesn't seem to mind being inspected, allowing his well-defined features to be gazed upon, he gazes into the woman's eyes for a moment with bright bright grey iris' before slowly casting them downwards once more, out of what he, at least, considers respect, "I was only hired recently, milady." he says, allowing the woman to inspect him as she wishes.

"Were you?" Johanna concludes this inspection in short order and then releases his chin, holding his gaze until it too drops. "So you wouldn't mind, then, if I were to summon the Lady here to verify that you were in fact hired? I am sure, behing the honest and hard working servant that you are, you won't mind just going over there," she gestures to the tables, "Having a seat, and waiting?"

Kai looks towards the chairs briefly, before looking back at the lady and back towards the grown, frowning slightly, "If it is your wish, milday, but I was told to return to Lady as soon as I was done in the kitchen.. Milady does not like it when I am late." he says, emphasizing the word 'I' a tad as if to imply that this was a problem that particularly effected him, gulping quietly as he finishes speaking, as if fearful of the repercussions.

"If that be the case, then you can tell her it was my doing that kept you here, and she can speak to me if she takes issue with it," Johanna states as she lifts a hand to motion to one of the real servants in the house. "Do go and find the Lady Emilia and inform her that should she wish the brand new servant she only hired a day ago back, she need come fetch him." A bland smile stretches her lips as the servant goes on her way, and it's held in place as her gaze returns to Kai. "What is it that you do for my goodsister-…" her eyes narrow ever so slightly. "What is your name?"

Kai begins to consider escape routes as he listens to the woman speak, heavily considering the servants exit in the kitchen, or at least one of the windows, saying, "Daemon." almost mechanically when the woman asks his name, having decided at least that much before stepping into the manse, his head perking up slightly, "Daemon is my name, milady. I am Lady Emilia's new valet, although calling me her footman may be closer to the truth." he says, before slowly turning and looking towards the table, "Shall I take a seat, milady?"

The Armed men at the table have since stopped eating and now are keeping their focus on the new comer in their midst. One of them leans over and whispers something, allowing for another man to get up and move across the hall towards the entry way. The other five remain seated for now, as they stare at this 'Daemon'. the eldest one, a greying ginger hair'd man named Wat moves to stand, if only to reach out for the flagon of cider on the table.

"Yes, have a seat." That is an order from the Oakheart Lady, not a request, or a hope, it is issued as command that she expects to be obeyed. "Just there," she gestures to the table a second time. The trouble with the place, this house in particular, is that the layout is odd. Different than one would expect to find most any other houses in Oldtown, what with this being a fort first, rather than being designed as a residence. "I'm sure that my goodsister can do without her dear valet for a few minutes, don't you think?"

Kai turns his head, looking towards the woman out of the corner of his eye before nodding, "Yes, milady." is his simply reply as he begins to slowly walk towards the appointed table, eyes slowly and calmly moving over to examine the man whom had gotten up from the table a moment ago, and had started walking towards the entryway.

One of the pages who runs messages back and forth from the courtyard sticks his floppy, dark-haired head into the room. "Lady Angharad Tyrell to see you, Lady Johanna." Timing. Sometimes, it's all about timing. "Should I see her in?" He looks about the dining hall with big eyes. Apparently, even a child can sense something's amiss.

The guardsmen at the doors are met by their compatriot, and one nods, allowing him to slip out and likely grab other fellows, but a few more men that were lingering seem to file in easily enough, and start moving to cover the other doors, of which there are two. One towards the kitchen, and one that leads back out where the small group is standing. And now, the men at the table start rising up slowly. Wat, for his part keeps his focus on Daemon, as he steps clear of his bench.

Johanna starts to turn, but she only gets a fraction of the way before stopping, eyes never quite leaving Kai. "Yes, please, show the good Lady in," she replies, not bothering to look around and confirm that the young messenger is leaving to do that, and instead simply presumes that it will happen. "So, tell me," the smile that faded returns, full force and not near that anything one might mistake as friendly. "What is it that brought you here to oldtown, all the way from Dorne? Surely roaches prefer to keep among their own kind?"

"Yes, milady," the page replies, dutifully. He pops back out and is off at a run.

Kai pauses at the mention of Lady Angharad, and then turns as the woman speaks to him, his brow furrows and he moves to open his mouth, genuienly angry at her insults towards the Dornish for whatever reason, but then he closes his mouth, exhaling calmly for a moment before replying, "The world is wide, milady, I wished to serve outside of my homeland in order to see more of the world." he says, mixing the truth with the lies as any good liar does.

Tyraxeus is announced and shown in as well, a glance spared for the movement of guards as he enters and is allowed past them. "Lady Johanna, Ser Quillian," he greets the Oakhearts with a friendly smile, "How do you fare, today?" The Stormlord's injury seems finally to have healed, his right arm no longer caught up in a sling.

Lady Angharad is shown in with the Dondarrion lord, smile dwindling to bemusement as she glances about at the guards, absorbing the general tension. "Lady Johanna," she says, amiably enough. "You're popular today. I hope you don't mind my stopping by? I'd come to speak with Lau — " she stops. Frowns. "You," she says to Kai. "Kindly lift your head?"

That anger he displays at Johanna's disparaging remarks on the Dornish people, that gets him more of a smile, dark, and somewhat cruel amusement at his expense. No one ever said she was nice when it came to the Dornish. "Seeing the world? Get sick of sand?" she asks, but the arrival of someone else delays further taunting. She doesn't turn much, but when Tyraxeus is also shown in, she does shoot a quick glance back at the man, and then her gaze returns to Kai. "Ser, it's good to see you. I am quite well, thank you. Just making new friends," she lies. Angharad's arrival gets another glance, and another brief smile, though as her attention shifts to Kai again as well, brows lifting.

Kai slowly lifts his head for the woman to see, and despite the man's almost constant black expression in most situations, he can't help but give the woman one of the widest smiles your likely to see on him, white teeth showing, eyes smiling as well as he lets out a small, child-like laugh, before his eyes slowly turn to look towards the guard closest to him out of the corner of his eye, he proceeds to begin to flee from Angharad like a child who's mother just found him doing something he shouldn't be, of course, the way his foot slams into the ground hard enough to send a loud bang throughout the hall, isn't quite child-like as he launches himself in the direction of the kitchen doors, breaking out into a run as he prepares to face anoyone that gets in his path, his back to those at the main entrance into the dining hall.

As Kai seems to move, the men at the table are quick to rise and come after-some drawing their knives in the process. Luckily, Wat, having some foresight had a couple of men move to the kitchen doors. So even as those at the front move, save for one who closes the dining hall door behind him, the room, is verily covered. The two men at the kitchen see the moving 'dornishman' and move to intercept him, while the others move to close in and help apprehend this clear intruder.

Angharad doesn't look particularly alarmed at first. In fact, when she sees the man's face, the first thing she does is smirk. "Oh. It's the Pillowcase. What are you do — " but then he's running. She rolls her eyes. "Somebody stop him?"

"I'm glad to hear i— what? in the blazes?" The Dondarrion has barely gotten out greetings when Angharad is calling for Kai's attention and then the servant makes a run for it. Out of instinct Ty springs after him, and along with several guards up ahead tackle the man to the ground. He plants a knee in his back and looks back to the ladies. "Who is this and what is going on?"

Johanna makes absolutely no move to try and stop the man, having all the faith in the world that the combined power of guards, men-at-arms and Tyraxeus is more than enough to stop him. "A Dornish valet, my ass," she spits out in an unpleasant, dark amusement.

"Oh, my… It's like a Maiden's Day gift come early," says Angharad, grinning as the intruder is taken down. "That man," she says, making sure her voice carries, "is known as Kai the Pillowcase. He's a criminal and a deviant, but Lord Garvin is very… very fond of him." She steps over to take a closer (but not too close) look. "Hello, Pillowcase." She smiles sweetly. "Lord Garvin doesn't live here."

Kai manages to duck under the first guard, but is quickly stopped by the second as he grasps Kai's arm just barely, pulling the Essosi to a stop before he is tackled from the behind, the man is smiling still despite this, hardly making a sound as he rather calmly scans the faces of those around him as best as he can until he decides that for the time being at least, it's not worth fighting back, he simply remains still, speaking calmly back towards Angharad, "I was here for a friendly chat, tis' all." he says simply, letting out a light grunt as he feels Tyraxeus' knee dig deeper into his back, "It seems I'm not at the right cakehouse."

Tyraxeus looks from Johanna to Angharad to Kai and back. "I've no idea what any of that means except criminal, deviant, and Dornish. And that is quite enough for me." He lets his weight lean a little harder onto Kai's spine and demands, "State you name and your business here, and give me one good reason I shouldn't spill your brains across the floor, saving the sensibilities of these fine ladies here."

Angharad's brows lift high. "Friendly chat with whom?" she wants to know. "You know you're not welcome where there are ladies. Not after last time." She tsks. She wrinkles her nose. "He's not Dornish. Gods, poor people already have a bad enough reputation."

"The pillowcase?" asks Johanna as she watches Kai attempt to get away, and eventually get tackled and pinned to the floor of the dining hall. "What sort of ridiculous name is that? Bedding? Truly? Could you not go for a more omimous name?" Once he's pinned to the ground, the Oakheart Lady crosses the distance to the place near the kitchen door. "Was Kai the Blanket taken? Or the pillow? At least you can smother a person with a pillow. And please, Ser, if his head needs bashing, don't hesitate to do so. I've seen worse. Now," she moves around to a spot at which Kai will be able to see her. "Answer his questions, lest we encourage him that you're a threat, mm?"

Kai perks an eyebrow up slightly, "Why, I believe all my questions already have been answered quite adequately, what I have not explained others have for me." he says, slowly looking about at the guards, "What a bunch of intimidating fellows."

The guards, for their part, assist Tyraxeus in keeping Kai pinned to the ground, while others hover nearby. Not that they're overly worried that their help will be needed, but it's also a show, and one doesn't always get entertainment with breakfast.

Angharad crouches and props her chin in her hand. "Pillowcase," she says, with a tone of utter and sweet reason, "tell us why you came, or we shall be forced to assume it was thievery. And this being your third offense against our House, we'll make sure they cut off your hand, as fits the crime."

Tyraxeus doesn't seem pleased with Kai's answer, and though he's yet to draw an actual weapon he does give the intruder's head a hard shove into the floor. It's ungentle enough to make a cracking sound, but unlikely to cause true injury except possibly to the man's nose. "I'll be the judge of their adequacy," he replies, "State your full name and your business and why you shouldn't die today, Dornish or not. House breaking a noble manor, accosting ladies. You're lucky you've still a tongue to answer me with, cur, so make use of it." He twists back a look to Johanna and lifts a brow in question.

The side of Kai's face slams into the ground withe a crack, and he closes an eye before exhaling slowly, "I am known as Kai." he says simply, "I was bored so I made my way in here, certainly alleviated the boredom, I suppose." he says, offering a slight smile towards the man as he looks towards him out of the corner of his eye.

"If you enjoy the taste of the floor, I'm sure it did help with your boredom," Johanna agrees with a slight nod, glancing first at Angharad, then looking to Tyraxeus. "Very well. Check him over, if he hasn't stolen anything, perhaps just have him flogged and put out on display in the square," she suggests. "We can't be seen as encouraging this kind of behavior, can we?" No, they can't, her tone answers for them. "Kai, I would say it was nice to meet you, but that would be a lie, as you had the misfortune of trespassing here, and pretending to be a Dornishman. Distasteful."

Angharad makes a face and stands. "You are far too gentle-hearted, Lady Johanna. I'd let my husband have him. Or your brother." She smiles a little at the next thought. "Or both."

Tyraxeus snorts. "Time for you to find a new hobby," he says. He'll give Kai's head another thonk, this one aiming to break his nose but no worse, before he nods to Johanna and steps back, allowing the guards and men-at-arms to haul the fellow to his feet. "As you prefer, Lady Johanna," he says, "The house and the insult are yours, after all. You should thank the Mother for this mercy, Kai, and by the Crone I hope you take a lesson from it. Next time, ask permission."

Kai remains silent even as his nose snaps to the side and begins to drip blood onto the ground, although he winces, but eyes as calm as ever apart from the watering of his eyes as he is lifted to his feet, regardless he slowly looks around at the men-in-arms as they lift him, wondering how he'll get out of the situation by the time they get to the square, he simply shrugs.

"Oh yes, very gentle hearted," Johanna nearly drawls out to Harry, suddenly amused. "My gentleness is a well known fault of mine," she lies. She draws back a few steps as the guards around Kai and Tyraxeus prepare to help bring Kai back to his feet, dragging him up if they must. "I cannot say the house is mine, but the men in charge are either abed with serious injuries, or nowhere to be found, and if they wish to further pursue the pillowcase for his trespassing and lies, I'm sure they will do just that."

Angharad gives Kai a pitying look. "You're boring," she tells him, earnestly. Then, going over to take Johanna's hands, she gives the other lady a kiss on both cheeks. "Well! That was bracing. How is your brother?"

Tyraxeus arches a brow at Angharad in what appears to be disagreement, but shrugs, brushing off his doublet and the knees of his trousers. "At the very least, I hope you learn better than to claim to be from Dorne around here," he chuckles, "A sure way to get yourself stabbed and none the sadder for it. I'd have stuck you myself if they hadn't said it was a lie."

Kai simply smiles brightly at all those about, remaining silent as he awaits to be escorted out of the area by the man-at-arms and such.

Loryn Tyrell may come and go as he wishes, this being his brother's place and him being a Tyrell and all. And so the young man simply steps into the dining hall, probably expecting to see Johanna and perhaps Laurent… but not such a party. Or Harry. "Harry!", he bursts out, ignoring everyone else, "When did you get back?"

Johanna leans in closer to Angharad to accept the kiss to her cheek, smiling at her mildly. "My brother is doing quite well, considering he just fought the Prince of Ashes last night. I fear the Prince isn't doing near so well." This thought? That makes her smile a whole lot brighter. "How are you?" The arrival of another Tyrell has her attention swinging around to Loryn, brows lifting as everyone is ignored save for his goodsister.

Angharad grins at Johanna, eyes gleaming mischievously. "I heard. Good on Quill." Then there's Loryn, and Angharad turns to offer her hands out to him, as well, smile wide and warm. "Lory! I am, indeed! Just the night before last, the lot of us."

"I heard the rumour - but I hadn't expected to see you here!", Loryn admits, approaching hurriedly to take Harry's hands for a brief squeeze, before letting go again to simply hug her. "You must tell me all, how it went. You alright?", he asks, looking her over slightly, "I had come here to check on Quillian…" He suddenly falters, realizing how very unsubtle he's been. Blushing to the roots of his tousled hair, he turns to Johanna. "Er, yes… well, how he is?", he asks his cousin.

Kai is escorted out of the dining hall by the man-at-arms, they guide him out of the fort and head for Oldtown Square, but sometime during the trip, the fucker takes an opportunity and trips one of them up before legging it like a slave running from Dothraki.

Johanna leaves the guards to deal with the fucker while she turns to look at Loryn, brows creeping upward at the interaction between the two. Not a word is said, and instead she angles herself towards Tyraxeus. "Thank you for your help with that. I have no idea what he was hoping to accomplish by being in here."

Once the men at arms have seen Kai out the door, Tyraxeus waves off Johanna's thanks and turns back to smile politely at the newest arrival. "Sweet Seven, tell me this one's not a trespasser or Dornish?" he jokes before offering a politer hail, "Well met, you must be one of Ser Laurent's kin, I take it?"

Angharad chuckles, her cheeks only a little pink. "I'll tell you all about it, later," she promises Loryn. "I'd come to see Laurent, actually, but it looks as though we both get Lady Johanna, instead. So much the luckier, we."

"No, thankfully not," Johanna assures Tyraxeus with an amused smile. "That is Lord Loryn Tyrell, younger brother of Ser Laurent," she confirms, and only then does her gaze go back to Loryn. "My brother is doing well, exceptionally well considering who he was up against yesterday. The smug bastard Targaryen," she says, lips pursing. "Do you know he had the nerve to suggest to me that I ought cry and beg, and… well, who knows what else he was implying, just so that he would spare my brother's life?"

Loryn looks grim when Johanna tells him of the Targaryen's words. "He was rather full of himself.", he agrees, "When I heard his half-baked hypocrite dishonest apology to you, I felt like challenging him again there and then. But hopefully he has been taught a lesson in humility now. Your brother let him get away…"

"Ah, Lord Loryn. Ty Dondarrion," the Storm knight introduces himself, "The pleasure's mine." Clearly. He finds himself a cupbearing servant and a drink, and then turns back to say, "I'm glad to hear of Ser Quillian's victory, I was sorry I couldn't attend. But a Targaryen learning humility…." He chuckles once and sips his wine.

"Well, it sounds as though it all worked out as it should," says Angharad, accepting her own cup of wine from the servant, who seems to be making the rounds. "The Seven are two for two in this judgment by combat business."

"Oh, it wasn't the Brave Prince Ryzael that said it," Johanna puts an emphasis on the one word, where she clearly means the exact opposite. "It was the Prince of Ashes that said it, and told me he would kill my brother before the night was out." She smiles, for a moment looking very pleased. "The apology was sorely lacking, and he insulted me a great deal while pretending to apologize. I am, apparently, too bold and mannish for his tastes.

Loryn offers a smile at the Dondarrion man when he introduces himself and since drinks are being distributed, he secures a cup for himself. Though he looks like vinegar had been served when he hears Johanna's words. "Those foul Targaryens…", he mutters angrily, though it's soon replaced by a grin. "Your brother did a marvellous job, taking them down a peg or two." Since he's still fairly close to Angharad, he decides it's time to find a seat. And could it be he's hobbling slightly?

"That's just the South," opines Angharad, leaning a hip against the table and sipping from her cup. "Any woman with a scrap of backbone is too 'mannish,' here. Women," she tells Tyraxeus and Loryn, pointing between the two of them. Lookin' at you, Southron boys, "have balls, as well. We just don't wear them on the outside where they can get smashed all the time." Another sip. "Dreadful design flaw, if you ask me."

Tyraxeus drinks and looks from Johanna to Loryn to Angharad as each speaks, drinking more deeply each time. "You'd do well to have a care speaking so," he addresses the squire first, "The Seven judged them in the wrong in this and so they were, but call the dragons foul where any can hear you and they'll have your head and rightly so." As for the rest he just casts another uncertain look over the Northerner and instead comments to Johanna, "That was badly done of him, lady. A poor loser, from the sound of it."

"Thank you," Johanna's ire settles as she smiles at the Knight, incling her head. "It was poorly done, but it's over with, and I hope that puts an end to it. Not that I'm not pleased that my brother won, but I should hate for this to become a regular thing." Whether or not women have better designed balls, she makes no comment, instead turning away to flag down a servant to bring her a drink as well.

Loryn is reduced to muttering, first at Ty's warning, then at Harry's words. "They need air.", he comments vaguely, massaging his right knee to avoid looking at anyone. "And yes, let's hope this sorry matter is now settled and done with."

Angharad flashes a grin at Loryn. At least someone will play her reindeer games. She nudges his shoulder. "What happened to you? You're acting like you've got more aches and pains than my great aunt."

"Indeed," Ty responds. He drinks, and remains silent for the moment, glancing between his hostess and her other guests.

"I should go check on my brother," Johanna remarks, only just getting her drink as she says it, but apparently she intends to carry it with her. "Would you like to walk with me, Ser? Perhaps you can even look in on him, I'm sure he'd be glad to see you if he's not resting." She cants her head toward the door, brows lifting, then looking around to Harry and Loryn. "It was nice to see you both, I'm sure I'll see you again soon if you both come around again."

Loryn sighs at Harry's question and gives her a baleful glare. "Your husband's made me a squire again. I had my first training this morning. Ser Brynden beat me up something gruesome." He rubs his knee again almost accusingly. Busy being sorry for himself, he only offers Johanna a vague nod and smile. "Of course, cousin!"

"Of course, Lady Johanna," Ty replies, getting to his feet and offering an arm, the one without his cup. "Lord Loryn, good luck with the squiring. Lady, good afternoon." He inclines his head politely to the pair, and then exits with Johanna.

Angharad blows Johanna a kiss as the Oakheart lady departs. "Give my best to Ser Quill, Jo. And put me on your books — we should catch up soon." And to Tyraxeus, "Well done with the Pillowcase, Ser!" She snorts mirthfully at Loryn. "Oh, it's not gruesome, you lily. You're not bleeding." Then, somewhat smugly and with dimples deep, she notes, "I was shot." A beat. "With an arrow."

Loryn nods absentmindedly to Ty when the man makes his exit, busy pouting as Harry makes light of his injuries. At least until she mentions that she got shot. His eyes widen and he gasps. "What?! Are you hurt? Are you alright now?", he worries, looking her over. She's alive, upright and taunting him as per usual, so surely it can't have been that bad.

Harry puts down her wine and drops into a seat, scooting her chair close to Loryn's and grinning. "I'm amazing and it was glorious. That is to say, it did hurt. Worse than just about anything. But I was on a roof in this tiny, overrun village and picking off raiders like some daring ranger in a story! And then firing from horseback in the second sortie — and of course, my cousin Maera was a glorious leader and Lord Stark was there and Ser Riderch — he was like one of the First Men, all in war paint and shouting in the Old Tongue." She's gushing a bit.

Loryn listens with wide eyes, smiling. "It sounds great. I should host a welcome back party for you all, where you share all your amazing exciting tales. I have a few things to share too.", he adds a bit proudly, then sighs. "But I need to return to the Hightower. I'm no longer my own free man. I will come and see you again soon, though, alright?"

"Please do," Harry says, nodding and smiling bright. "I'm excited to hear all about what you're learning. Maybe you can show me a thing or two with the blade, and I'll teach you the bow. I didn't think until after how positively — " she looks around. Oh, good. The grownups are gone. She still lowers her voice, grinning, dimples deep to say, "How positively fucked I would have been if they'd gotten my horse out from under me. If I'm ever going to do that again, I should be better with a sword." She kisses his cheek. "Be good, goodbrother, darling! We'll talk again soon."

"You better don't do anything like that again. I was terribly worried.", Loryn replies quietly, not minding that kiss at all, "Though I hoped it would help you to take your mind off… things." He smiles a little anxiously. "Good luck with Laurent."

Harry pulls a face. She's not looking forward to the inevitable confrontation. "Yes. Well. I was probably safer with the wildlings."

Loryn looks like he might say something, but instead he gets to his feet. "I'll check in on you again tomorrow, Harry. Be well.." Then he heads for the exit, trying not to hobble.


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