(121-05-05) The Search for Garvin and Arion Part I
The Search for Garvin and Arion Part I
Summary: Sera and Loryn set out to find their missing cousins in the harbour area
Date: 05/05/2014
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Foxearth Manse

Sending word for Loryn to come to her manse, Sera waits for him in the sitting room. There is a glass of red wine on the table and a book open next to it. As for Sera herself, she is standing by the window, looking out rather impatiently while her eyes flick towards the entrance with every sound she hears.

There's the clip-clop of hooves outside soon enough and a servant opens the door, announcing Lord Loryn Tyrell. The young Lord is a bit soggy from the summer rain, curls sticking to his forehead, but he smiles when he sees Sera. "Mylady? You have summoned me?", he asks, a little hopeful perhaps. "My apologies for not coming sooner, I had an important meeting."

As soon as he walks in, Sera turns away from the window and begins to approach him. "My lord," she greets with a quick smile though it doesn't last long on her lips. "It's good to see you. I suppose all meetings are important meetings. However, I wish to tell you I had overhead some information that may help us in locating our cousins. First, I was told that the thief may be a man by the name of Lord Toran Serret." She checks to see if he has known or not before continuing, "And I may know where he took them."

"Oh? Indeed?!" Loryn looks hopeful, "Let me know how I can be of assistance, Mylady. Shall we ride out to see if your theory is right? I am on horseback and I can easily call upon a few Tyrell guards to acompany us."

"Well," she starts off with a glance towards the door. "I can bring a couple of our guards, I haven't spoken to Caelin yet," a look at Loryn before she continues, "but I want to know for sure. We have to go to the harbor front first, there are a few men I know who seem to have a finger in every pie in Oldtown."

"The harbour front?" Loryn eyes her dubiously for a second, "Dare I ask how you know men at the harbourfront?" Perhaps he shouldn't. But now the word is out and so he slowly walks towards the door, getting ready to leave while he expects the answer. Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to stop him in his tracks though.

"I frequent there when I am looking for sellswords," Sera returns lightly as she flashes him a quick grin, following him towards the door as well. "Flynn, Anys," she calls out towards the guards loitering by the doorway, "Join us please. We're going to peacock hunting," the two give each other a bit of a confused look before it registers and they grin. Sera turns back towards Loryn with another smile. "My grandmother had the best recipe for roast peacock."

Loryn looks just as confused at the talk of peacock hunting. But then he's too distracted by watching the lady move and see the light reflect in her red hair to really listen to what she's saying. "Well… sure. Whatever.", he stutters and starts down the stairs into the courtyard. "While you get ready, I'll summon my own guards. I will be back within a few minutes.", he promises and mounts his horse again to dash off to Garden Isle. And indeed, it will take only some minutes until he returns with two Tyrell guards in tow. And saddle bags with provisions. He's not going to touch any of the questionable stuff sold in the harbour when he gets hungry.

When he comes back he'll find Sera already on her horse, a dapple grey mare, while she talks to Flynn and Anys quietly; likely trying to explain her joke. At the sound of Loryn's approach, Sera turns her head and smiles broadly at him. "Good! You're here, lets hurry off. I haven't been this excited since, well, since I nearly caught him. Hopefully this time we can do better together." She urges her horse forward towards Loryn as the two Florent guards fall in place behind her.

"Well, we do make an excellent pair, don't we?", Loryn replies with a smile and all the subtlety of a brick through the window. He turns his horse around and waits until Sera has caught up with him, so she can ride ahead and lead their way to wherever it is she wants to go. The two Tyrell guards bringing up the rear behind the Florent guards - making for a quite impressive entourage in the narrow streets of Oldtown.

Heading towards the Harbor with such an entourage is sure to capture some glances. Noticing that, Sera heads towards the edges of the Harbor and dismounts as she looks to Loryn. "We should leave the horses and the guards here; they can keep an eye on us but discretion and a low profile will get us further." She flashes a quick smile towards Anys and hands him the reigns of her horse.

Loryn looks at his flashy Tyrell outfit, today a burgundy-red surcoat embroidered with golden flowers. Low profile indeed. But at least he's also wearing a dark-brown cloak for protection against the rain, so he wraps it closer around his person to hide the brightly colored garment underneath, once he has dismounted. The Tyrell guards look a bit worried. "One of us should go with you, Mylord. Your brother would want it so." "Well, I don't care what my brother wants. And we'll be back soon. So wait here. It's an order!" Loryn replies crankily, then begins to head off, hoping they will do as they're told - and that Sera will follow him.

"Just keep your eyes on us," she offers towards the guards before turning towards the ships. She slips with Loryn in tow to the center of the crowd, her eyes scanning the people before she nudges Loryn and nods in the direction of a rathery…salty and haggard looking sailor. "That's him," she murmurs, "the one wearing black and blue." She then moves towards him, slipping between the passing people easily.

Loryn's eyes widen a little and he casts a side glance at Sera. "The people you know…", the young Tyrell murmurs under his breath, but follows her, trying to appear all broad, tall, menancing and protective of his woman as they approach the sailor.

At his words, Sera slows her step, turning to look towards Loryn, "What?" Her eyebrows quirk upwards before she smiles softly. "It isn't usually smart to come alone, but they wouldn't dare touch us in our own city. It's only when we are not here that you should be worried." She looks back towards the sailor as she scrunches her face. "I haven't met him before, I was told to talk to him by a barmaid…" Did she forget to mention that before?

Loryn opens his mouth, perhaps to debate and contradict the assumptions that only the Florents could keep the city safe. But it's not the moment for an argument, so he goes quiet again, frowning at the revelation that she talked to a barmaid. But he just sighs and appraches the sailor. "Hail, fellow, well met!", he greets chirpily, trying not to sound too much like someone in a play.

At Loryn's greeting, Sera can't help but chuckle, trying her best to keep a straight face but failing.

The sailor turns his dark eyes towards Loryn and Sera, regarding the woman first for a long moment before turning to Loryn. "Well me'," his voice is grating but intelligeble at least. "Wha' can I do ya for?"

Sera glances towards Loryn, quirking her eyebrows to see if he is going to answer the sailor as a slow, wicked grin curls her lips upwards.

"My… uh… companion wishes to speak with you.", Loryn explains, falling silent as he ponders whether companion was the appropriate word to choose. And so he chews on this particularly big problem, while leaving the actual talk to Sera.

The sailor ogles Sera appreciatively, his eyes focusing a couple inches lower than her mouth when he asks "Oh yea?"

Well that was interesting. Sera quirks her eyebrows at Loryn with a grin at his word of companion before she looks back to the sailor. Noting his eyes, she crosses her arms under her breasts and clings tightly to herself, forcing the upper swells of her milk-white breast forward; might as well emphasize the goods. "I hear you're good friends with Aleesa at the tavern, the Tooth and Nail?" she asks, hoping that would ring a bell. "She told me you are a good man to talk to."

Of course the result of emphasizing her goods is that the sailor isn't really listening to her. "Tooth'n'Nail? Aye, know the place.", he mutters through his bushy beard, "What's a fine missy like yesself doin' in the place? Fallen girl? Lookin' fer a job?"

"Looking for something," she returns with a laugh, glancing towards Loryn briefly before she turns back to the sailor. "She tells me you have a little raven that whispers sweet words. I was wondering if this raven has managed to see anything interesting happen on the 28th, or thereabouts."

"28th what? Missy, I dun' even know what today's date is. How long ago? What's I've seen then?" His eyes, that briefly followed her look to Loryn, then wandered back to her face, are resting once again some inches further below. "What's some information worth to ya?"

"Well, I will give you a hint, it involved a very tall man, incredibly so," she peers at the sailor with narrowed eyes. "I have a few stags laying around, enjoy the bawdy whores, my treat." Her grin turns postively predatory as she flashes him her pearly whites. "Now tell me what you can and I will be sure it is only the best service for a dear man such as yourself."

"Mebbe I'm in the market fer something prettier than the bawdy house.", the sailor leers and Loryn's hand quickly moves to his side and the hilt of his sword, accompanied by a fierce glare. "Buzzkill.", the sailor spits into the youth's direction, then looks at Sera again. "Might've seen a real tall man, luggin' some suspicious stuff around, yea… maybe…", he begins and holds out a very big rough paw, palm upwards.

At his indication of what he may really want, Sera actually looks flattered deep within her look of digust. "While I commend you on your excellent taste," she grins towards Loryn, though she does take a step closer to the Tyrell. "I think its best if we finish this-…" She reaches into a hidden coinpurse in her belt, pulling out three silver stags. She moves to place one in his palm but makes sure he sees the other two. "What else?"

The sailor's paw closes around the stag and it quickly disappears into his pocket. Then he scratches the back of his head. "Well, all I saw was a real tall guy, bit of a circus freak really, yannow, lugging these big bags around. I mean, we get to see cargo here all the time, but I says to my mate, Jemmy, Jemmy, that ain't looking good, that looks like bodies. But Jemmy says, better not stick our noses in shit like that. So we goes to the pub. Think the freak was headed up Harbour Street with his bags…" He holds out his paw again.

"Much better," Sera returns with a bright smile in the sailor's direction. "Thank you," she murmurs as graciously as if she were speaking to the King himself, dropping the two other stags in his hand. "Keep an eye out for them, if you see him again please tell Aleesa." With that she turns back towards Loryn, quirking her eyebrows at him. "Harbor Street…Think its him?'

The sailor shuffles off as soon as he's got the stags in his paw and Loryn exhales with relief. "I'm not liking this at all", the young Tyrell mutters with disgust in his voice, then shrugs. "But it sounded legit… and it's the only thing we got, isn't it? So let's head up Harbor Street… see if we can find more people who've seen something? I could…" He blushes a bit, "I could ask some of the girls working the area… they might have seen something."

To be continued…

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