(121-05-05) Squire Reporting for Duty
Squire Reporting for Duty
Summary: Loryn becomes a squire again, ready to serve Ser Brynden
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Battle Island, in front of the Hightower.

A servant would inform the residents that Lord Loryn Tyrell has come to see Ser Brynden. The young Tyrell is waiting outside, under a tree to shield himself from the summer rain. He's wearing plain black pants and boots and a red silk shirt with golden flowers embroidered all over, clinging damply to his young person. He also looks rather sullen while he waits, studying the Hightower itself.

Stepping out from the Hightower, Brynden looks around for a few moments before he spots Loryn under the tree. "Ah, Lord Loryn. Welcome." It is offered with a bit of a smile, as he approaches now.

Loryn looks rather wary and perhaps even a bit sheepish when he recognizes the man vaguely from a recent drunk encounter at the pub. Yet he bows stiffly and unsmilingly. "Ser Brynden. My brother informed me you wish to aid my quest to gain my spurs and employ me as your squire. He asked me to come and see you and… well…" He shrugs listlessly. "Begin, I suppose."

Brynden nods as he hears that. "That is correct," he replies, before he offers a brief grin, "More sober today than the last time we met, I hope?" That part said a little lightly, before he nods again. "Before we begin any training in full, tell me more about the training you have had so far. What kinds of weapons did you use the most, and such?"

"It is morning yet.", Loryn points out stiffly, "And before we begin, I need you to know that I have no intention to give up the stage. The run of the Bear and Maiden Fair has ended for now, but Garvin is writing a new play with a big part for me and I will be in it." He juts his chin out stubbornly, studying the older man carefully for a reaction - and not answering his questions for now.

Quiet for a long while as he studies the younger man a bit more carefully, Brynden raises an eyebrow for a few moments now. "Then we will have to make a deal about this." Carefully watching for a reaction in return now.

Loryn can do the eyebrow-rising thing too, though with an expression of suspicion in his eyes, paired with his stubbornness. "A deal? What deal?", he asks Brynden defensively.

"First of all, I will expect you to put serious effort into your training. Partially out of respect for both your brother and me, but most of all out of respect for yourself." Brynden says this rather carefully, keeping his eyes on Loryn's eyes now. "In return, I promise that I will do what I can to make sure the training and your stagecraft will not interfere with each other."

Obviously this takes Loryn by surprise - having expected quite a different answer from the man. "Well, uh… yea… sure, I suppose. That's okay, fair, yea.", he stutters, relief spreading all over his face. "There'll be some busy rehearsal days before the opening, but otherwise, sure, no problem. I… uh… well, I'm not bad with a sword.", he adds, now remembering the earlier questions, "And I do jousting. It's fun. Bit of a show too, isn't it? I don't like the mucky stuff. Axes and such. Coarse weapons for smallfolk." He wrinkles his nose in disdain.

Brynden nods a bit as he hears that answer. "Good. I don't know if he's told you, but your brother sees quite a bit of potential in you. And I actually think that you having something else to think about besides this might actually help, if it's done right." Nodding a bit as he hears the part about the training, "Jousting can be fun, yes. Not that fun when you go flying from the horseback and land on your back, but stuff happens, after all. And there will have to be some training with axes and such as well, although I prefer swords myself too." The two of them are underneath a tree outside the Hightower, out of the way of the summer rain.

"Well, yes, unhorsing is painful, but winning with a lady's favour tied to my lance is ever so sweeter.", Loryn beams happily, trying to appear all nonchalant and casual as if he's ridden in dozens of jousts already. He makes a little face at the prospect of returning to axes, but the man has shown himself surprisingly pleasant so far and he's not going to piss him off now. So he just nods and asks: "Am I to live here with you, Ser Brynden? Or can I stay at Garden Isle?"

Sheathed in dark-blue silk, a little clingy and flimsy in the wet weather, Valerity Redwyne comes hurrying into the courtyard, laughing and breathless as she attempts to escape the rain. Her slippers have joined the parcels in her basket in an attempt to keep them from the rain, so it's barefoot that she dashes through the raindrops, veering to take shelter under the same tree where we find out heroes, a brief respite from the downpour. "Cousin Brynden!" she greets the Hightower knight, taking down the ruin of her elaborate hairdo as she speaks. Nothing for it now. Might as well let it dry out. "What lucky young man's being availed of your wisdom, here?"

Unable to hold back a chuckle as he hears that, Brynden nods a bit. "That is true." When he's about to answer the part about the living arrangements, Valerity makes her entrance, and the Hightower turns to her with a smile. "Cousin," he greets her in return. "This is Lord Loryn Tyrell, Ser Laurent's younger brother. He is just starting his training as my squire. Lord Loryn, meet Lady Valerity Redwyne." A smile is offered back to Loryn now. "I have made sure quarters are readied for you here, so at least for most of the time I think you should be staying here, but I have no problems if you stay at Garden Isle at times as well."

Loryn turns to the newcomer with a curious expression and bows deeply. "Mylady, a pleasure to meet you." Once again a looks a little dismayed when Brynden tells him he'll be staying at the Hightower, but he nods his head slowly, giving in without much of a fuss. "Alright, Ser Brynden, I suppose it makes sense if I am to serve you. May I ask… what are your duties for me? Except for training together?"

"Oh, a squire!" says Valerity, beaming. "He's precious, cous, congratulations. I think he has your eyes." Oh, no, squire. Just a bow is insufficient. She stretches out a slender arm and presents her hand for kissing. Then, "Aren't you one of Lord Garvin's thespians, Squire Loryn?"

Brynden smiles. "Thank you," he offers to Valerity, before he nods a bit at Loryn's words. "Well, care of horses and armor will be included, of course. But some of the other duties I will have to think a little about as I learn more of your training with your former knight."

Loryn blinks, a little irritated when the woman holds out her hand to him. What? Oh! He grasps her hand a little clumsily to place a soggy kiss on its back, before handing it back. "Yes, Mylady, did you see my performance at the Whimsy? I stepped it for my cousin Garvin when he disappeared, taking over the lead.", he reports proudly. He basks in the memory of his proudest moment for a bit, before Brynden brings him back down to earth. "Well…", he says carefully, "He made me prepare meals and wash his clothes and all sorts of crap… we were out on a long campaign by the Trident though, not here and I hope you have servants to do all this stuff for you?" Here's hoping. "I don't mind the horses, but I mind stinky clothes."

"I heard they threw oatcakes at you," says Valerity with a sympathetic tsk. "But chin up. I'm sure you'll be a better squire." She sits and fans out her skirts to dry, fingercombing her long, dark hair. "You'll need to demonstrate chivalry, of course, as well. It's not all horses and leather and metal. A knight would never refuse the request of a lady — neither should a squire." She turns a dazzling smile on her cousin. "I'd be happy to help Squire Loryn along with the occasional lesson in chivalrous manners, Cousin Brynden." See those dimples? There's nothing whatsoever evil about them. Honest.

"There will probably be less of those duties here than out on a campaign, at least," Brynden replies, before he adds, "But should things end up with us having to go out on some sort of campaign, it might happen there, of course." A brief pause, before he adds, "And speaking of your cousin, has anyone found out something more about his whereabouts?" A brief pause as he hears Valerity's words, raising an eyebrow a little now. "Well, I'm sure that an occasional additional lesson in those can't hurt," he says, finally.

"THe outcakes were thrown only during the first performance, when people quite rightly expected to see my cousin.", Loryn explains a little indignantly, "Afterwards I became a roaring success and they threw Laurels for me." He doesn't look very convinced when the young woman speaks of teaching him chivalrous manners. Pfff. Instead he focuses on Brynden again, with a little sigh. "Not really, Ser. Though the Lady Sera and I plan to go out searching for him today. In fact I should soon be on my way - with your permission of course.", he adds a little sourly, "I will also have to pack my things and bring them over, along with my horse and weapons."

Valerity claps her hands together gleefully when Brynden gives her permission to run Squire Loryn through his paces. "Oh, good. We'll have such fun." She raises her eyebrows. "Lady Sera Florent?" ORLY. "How terribly interesting. Are you going to be searching house to house, like the city watch? Or wandering aimlessly around in the wilderness?" Then, to Brynden, confused, "Won't it do a terrible disservice to the young lady's reputation to be going about unchaperoned with our handsome, virile young squire, cousin?"

Nodding a little as he hears Loryn's reply, Brynden offers a quiet smile. "I would not want to keep you from trying to find a missing relative," he replies to the squire, before he nods a bit at Valerity as well. "I'm certain they will be bringing guards, and the lady's retinue, of course."

"Yes, the Lady Sera Florent. Her beloved brother is missing too.", Loryn points to Valerity, "And yes, of course we will have guards with us. Two people can hardly search a whole city, can we?" Perhaps he's blushed a little bit when she mentions virility and stuff, but he tries to not let it show, looking to Brynden again, smiling. "Thank you, Ser. I will be back with my things tomorrow morning the latest and … we can start."

Guards and a retinue — to wit, professional cock-blockers. Valerity looks very much relieved. "Of course they will, how silly of me. But it brings up an excellent point, Squire Loryn: a lady's reputation is entirely in your hands. It's a very sacred trust, and though she may be willing to risk it to be alone with you or some other mad nonsense, you must exercise your superior judgment as an aspirant knight and guardian of the weaker sex. Never let her." She stands, inspecting her slippers to see if they're dry enough to wear. "A lady's reputation, once damaged, can never be repaired."

"You think they are in the city, then?" Brynden replies, before he adds, "Let me know when you return. Tomorrow at the latest." Nodding a bit as he hears Valerity's words, he looks to her for a few moments, before he nods as he looks back to Loryn. "She speaks the truth. Make sure the lady's reputation will not be damaged."

"Of course, Mylady. Ser.", Loryn tries to be all mature and reassuring about it as he bows to them both. "I shall return upon the morrow the latest, Ser Brynden. A pleasure to have met you, Mylady." Nope, he won't try to kiss her hand again. Instead he manages little smile before he turns to leave and walk out from the tree into the rain.

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