(121-05-04) Asking a Favor
Asking a Favor
Summary: In which Laurent imposes on a friend.
Date: 05/04/2014
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Lower Garden, The Hightower

It is a lazy morning in Oltown, but shaping up to be a beautiful day. Ser Laurent Tyrell has sent word days in advance asking for an appointment, and arrives now to meet with his… If not close friend, certainly more than acquaintance. Co-conspirator, perhaps. He is well dressed, after the Tyrell fashion, in a brocade jerkin over a loose shirt, with sturdy, tight-fitting trousers. A shapeless hat completes the ensemble, accented with a feather. The outfit tends toward earthy brown, accented with green, and he wears a sword belted at his waist. A servant announces him, though he strides past the man with not tought for graces, looking about the garden for his host.

Having placed himself at one of the benches, with a table with some food on it nearby, Brynden is watching the view out there as he waits for Laurent to arrive. He seems a bit thoughtful as he gazes out from there, humming a little to himself as he does.

"Ser Brynden," Laurent calls out to the Hightower knight, long legs carrying him quickly toward the man. "Thank you for seeing me." The greeting and gratitude are offered in his typical, sullen tone, making both seem somehow like a complaint. "A fine morning, isn't it?" Even his comment on the nice weather sounds sour.

Turning as he hears Laurent's greeting, Brynden offers him a nod. "Ser Laurent. It is a fine morning indeed. Have you eaten yet?" Waiting for a few moments to hear the answer, before he smiles. "I was in no doubt that I should make time for you when you asked to see me. How may I help you?"

Laurent snorts a brief laugh at the question, shaking his head. He settles heavily into a seat opposite Brynden, leaning forward. "I have a favor to ask you," he says, reaching for a hunk of bread with a nod of thanks. "It's my youngest brother, Loryn. A pain in my ass," he growls, frank and straightforward. "But that's the way of things with family, isn't it?"

"Ah, the aspiring actor?" Brynden nods a little as he seats himself, "I have met your brother, although he may not have been at his most sober at the moment." A brief pause, as he offers a grin at the last part, taking himself some of the bread as well as some cheese. "As for younger brothers being pain in the ass, I can't really say. You would have to ask my older brothers about that."

"They've an easier time of it than I do," Laurent says with a brief, ugly grin, reaching across the table to clap Brynden on the shoulder. "Their younger brother has sense." He tears off a piece of the bread's crust, chewing it as he goes on. "Loryn was a squire, before he was an actor, but he thought his knight treated him badly — mayhaps he even did," Laurent allows with a shrug of his broad shoulders. "But I would see him a squire again, this time to someone I trust. That way, if he complains, I know that he is in the wrong." Clearly, he hopes for that trusted someone to be Brynden.

Brynden grins, "Thanks for the confidence. I'm not sure if my brothers always think I have too much sense, though." Nodding a little as he hears the rest of it. "He mentioned something about that. As well as saying you were looking for some stupid knight to take over that task, or something like that." It's spoken quite lightly, before he nods again. "Someone you trust, you say?"

Laurent nods, scowling at the description of his brother. His cheeks redden, but likely from anger more than embarrassment. He will have words with Loryn, from the look of things. "I was hoping I might persuade you to do it," he admits, "But I understand if you'd rather not. My brother is a damned, stubborn fool. He might make a fine knight one day too," he allows, frowning, "But he has a way to go, yet. I understand you likely have a squire already, and a second squire is an expense. I would see to that, if you need. Don't think otherwise."

"He has potential, it would seem. And as for being stubborn, I've heard some people using similar words about his older brother too." That last part said a bit lightly, before Brynden nods as he hears the rest of what's being said. "I'm greatly honored by the trust you put in me," he replies, before he nods once more. "If you think I'm the right man for that task, I'll do it," he says.

The Thorn seems ready to plead his case further, but is surprised into silence at Brynden's acceptance. "I'll owe you," Laurent says simply, nodding. "You have my thanks, Ser Brynden," he says, placing the rest of the hunk of bread in his mouth, then speaking around it as he chews. No manners. "And we share enough history that you know me for a loyal friend, I think." He offers a wry grin at that, a light expression, given that it comes with thoughts of violence and what might have been treason, but for victory in the trial.

Brynden nods as he hears that. "I'm glad to be able to help," he replies, before he adds, "And yes, when people have the kind of history we share, they get to know who their friends are." Spoken a bit quietly, that last part.

"Indeed they do," Laurent says, emphasizing his words with an open palm on the tabletop, which he uses to push himself to standing. "When should I send Loryn to you, then?" He smoothes his jerkin with one open hand as he stands, hooking the thumb of his other hand into his baldric as he steps back from the table, preparing to take his leave.

"I will just have to speak briefly with a few people to get something of the practical nature taken care of, so anytime from later today and onwards would work well," Brynden says, offering a bit of a smile now.

Laurent nods his head, accepting. "On the morrow," he says, frowning thoughtfully. "I'll spare you his company one more evening, Ser. A small kindness — the least I can do." He turns toward the door then, calling over his shoulder, "You have my thanks. Let me know how I might repay you." And that said, with no more formal farewell, he quits the garden, bound for home.

A letter sent to Loryn, related

You are to be squired to Ser Brynden Hightower. I told him of your abandonment of Ser Malrik, and that Ser Malrik had treated you poorly. Ser Brynden is a good knight, and a friend. You will find yourself in better hands, and you will treat him with the respect he is due. Report to him on the morrow.

The Word of Ser Laurent Tyrell
Penned by Medgar Osgrey, Steward

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