(121-05-03) Family Meeting
Family Meeting
Summary: Aevander calls one. It goes.
Date: May 3, 2014
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Family meeting. Visenya isn't sure if she likes the sound of it. Still, she sits down primly at a table in the library to await her brothers.

Aevander arrives shortly after Visenya, a servant carrying a tray of light foods and wine follows after. So either their older brother is in a good mood, or he's trying to soften a blow.

Daevon steps in to the room and takes a seat.

Visenya glances to Aevander, the servants, and then Daevon. She folds her hands neatly in her lap, and waits.

Aevander seats himself as the food is laid out for the Targaryen siblings to pick at as they like. He nods and gestures that they may go, which they do. "As we've all been discussing with each other, separately, communication seems to be a bit of a stumbling block when it comes to this family. I thought it might be worthwhile if we started meeting all together, perhaps once a week or so, in an attempt to improve things. It's time to voice concerns or question or resolve anything that rankles, in the hopes that we might take care of such things rather than circumvent one another and make them worse. Cerys is invited, as well, but this week, she was <insert some reason here cuz she would have ICly been invited, but her player hasn't been about>. And I thought we might include Elionys and Aerys, as well, after this first one. And Ryzael."

"Should we not invite all of the Targaryens?" Daevon asks. "If they so wish to come? Otherwise there might be a few upset feelings of people being excluded. I think it would be nice, but not a meeting, that sounds too formal and dull and so very serious."

"I think this is an excellent idea, Aevander." Visenya says to her older brother. "Sometimes things are dull." She seems to be saying this to Daevon, "But we must muddle through." There's a pause, "If there's nothing else that needs to be said I have news regarding the Ryzael Oakheart situation."

"Yes, Aemon, Princess Jaehaera… if there's any other names I've forgotten, of course they're welcome," Aevander replies. "We've a number of us here, rather suddenly. I find I lose track." Looking over at Visenya he says, "There are a couple of things I'd like to touch on as well, that situation one of them, so certainly, Visenya, share your news."

"Ah what news?" Daevon asks. "Ser Brynden came here himself to tell Aevander that Ser Quillian had been released without punishment."

"I visited Ser Quillian. He says if he duels Daevon he will not seek to harm him, and may even be persuaded to duel for first blood." Visenya says. She twists a delicate ring on her finger, "The man will obviously still seek a duel with Ryzael, and if Daevon does not duel him then he will ask Maelys to champion him." She spreads her hands out wide, "Now, I know the prospect of a dead Maelys might please you both, but Maelys could just as easily make the Blackrood dead. Which would not be an advantage for us."

"I had not realized Maelys was so well restored that he could duel anyone," Aevander replies. "Last I heard our uncle was recovering but still bound to his bed in the citadel." He puffs a breath out. "The issue I have with Daevon dueling for Ryzael, is that I happen to agree that Ryzael was in the wrong. First, in how he behaved in public and, second, in this attempt at arresting Ser Quillian for issuing a formal challenge. I would like our cousin to take a lesson from his actions, and I fear, if we step in to defend him for his poor behavior, none will be learned."

"Yet once again he does not take this proposal to me," Daevon says. "Instead he brings it to you. I cannot champion Ryzael in this matter. And if Ser Quillian has issue with me, I would have him speak with me personally. Or he could write me a letter." He shakes his head at Aevander. "Ser Quillian did not issue a formal challenge. Ser Quillian threatened to geld Ryzael."

"But Daevon does not agree." Visenya points out to Aevander before she looks to Daevon, "Of course he didn't ask you. He didn't bring it up. I did. He has no issue with you. Indeed, he said he likes you."

"Ser Quillian spoke crudely in a letter written to myself and, I believe, a couple other members of the household. It was not even sent to Ryzael," Aevander replies. "I took it to mean Ser Quillian intended a challenge if no apology was forthcoming, because who would be fool enough to state a threat to a member of a superior house, on paper, to Ryzael's relatives, before acting on it?" His brows lift and a corner of his mouth quirks. "At any rate, after speaking with the servants and guards of our manse who were in attendance when Ryzael issued the arrest, all confirmed that Ser Quillian both apologized and recanted the words in the letter and then issued a formal challenge for a duel. At which point our cousin had him arrested for doing so."

"If he wishes to duel me then he should ask," Daevon says. "But I can not champion Ryzael. Maelys, or one of his men can. I am the Maiden's Knight, regardless of whether or not Ryzael's words were justified, Ryzael is not a maiden." He listens to Quillian. "They also told you of the insults that Ser Quillian kept slinging at Ryzael?"

Visenya throws her hands up into the air in disgust. "Fine. Solve it as you please. It is no longer my problem." She casts Daevon a peevish look, "But no one should come to me when Maelys, who is very close to being fully recovered, kills Ser Quillian, and the Reachlords are whining and crying about how horrible we are."

"They did, brother, but insults, if ill advised, are not a crime worthy of arrest," Aevander replies. He glances over at Visenya and sighs softly. "I will speak to Maelys and see if he will not see reason on this issue. If not, and if Ryzael refuses to champion himself, then I suppose I shall have to do it." He reaches for the wine, pouring himself a glass and taking a generous swallow.

"Maybe if you'd spoken with me first," Daevon suggests to Visenya. "But I'd have told you the same thing. If Ser Quillian has issue with me he can speak to me personally." He looks at Aevander. "You would champion Ryzael?"

"The way you defended Ryzael I assumed that you would want to do it." Visenya says to Daevon. "But, as usual, instead of being helpful in any way you do the exact opposite." She lets out a frustrated little sigh, "Of course he would. All he has to do is be hit a few times, then yield. Ryzael is at fault then."

"I will do what I can to keep our uncle from killing Quillian Oakheart," Aevander replies wryly. "If that means championing a cousin whose cause I do not find just, then so be it." With a glace to Visenya he says, "I would not throw the match, I have that much respect for dueling, at least. But it is fairly likely I will lose, Ser Quillian is the superior swordsman."

"That's unfair, Visenya," Daevon says quietly. But he's said his piece.

Visenya snags a glass of wine off of the tray, and gulps down a good portion. She sighs, "Ask me about unfairness. I've likely more experience with it then you do." She nods to Aevander, "That may be for the best." A pause, and a grimace, "You mustn't let yourself become too injured."

"Quite likely," Daevon agrees, sadly. He gets himself a glass of wine and sips it, not touching any of the food.

"Oh, I think I'll live," Aevander replies, "and I expect Ser Quillian will let me surrender if he was willing to let Daevon do the same. I'll speak to Maelys. Let us hope, before he does anything rash. er. Than usual." Sip. "Any other concerns or thoughts either of you would like to raise?"

"I'm sure he will. A dead Prince will look just as bad on them as a dead Reachmen on us." Visenya twirls the stem of her glass between her fingers. "No. Not really." She smirks, "I hear the Pansy is still missing. Can the Tyrells not wrestle up the ransom?"

Daevon downs his glass and pours himself another.

"Ah, well, that happens to be a topic I wanted to speak with you about," Aevander replies as Visenya brings up the missing Tyrell. "I have been given the someone concerning news that you… may have encountered this 'Black Peacock', Visenya? Some weeks ago when Sera Florent and a hired man had captured him. It was said that you demanded his release and the ensuing argument allowed him to escape." His brows lift. "Can you speak to the truth of these statements?"

"Sera Florent was illegally arresting a man. A Serret Lord related to the Lannisters, I believe. The /nobleman/ was beaten, and was being manhandled by some thug she had hired off of the street." Visenya says, "I demanded she stop what she was doing as she was hauling him off to his manse. I did suggest he be released as I believed what she was doing was illegal. Then I suggested that we take him to the Hightower instead. In that time he escaped. I even had my guards pursue him." She rolls her eyes, "She's a damned liar."

Aevander regards his sister for a long moment before he nods. "Very well, then that is what I shall tell those who inquire about it, if rather more politely. How is it you came to know this Serrett lord?"

Daevon's listening and drinking.

"I recognized him from a tourney in King's Landing, although I do not remember how. Perhaps he was a squire?" Visenya shrugs lightly. "We only ever left the Island a few times for them. I could have been mistaken. It doesn't matter. Who the hell is she to run my name through the dirt?"

"Remember our agreement, please, dearest, if you mean to speak with her about it," Aevander replies gently. "She is missing a cousin, after all, and if she thought the man she caught was the same as the one who kidnapped Arion Florent, I can see how she might be upset."

"I've no intention of speaking to her." Visenya says, "I might have been wrong about the identity of who she was imprisoning. But, that doesn't make me responsible for his escape. She was, technically, doing something quite underhanded."

"I'll speak with her," Daevon says. "Actually, I believe the two of us should speak with her cousin, Ser Caelin. He is an old friend of mine, and Arion's brother."

"Ah. Well, if this fellow was the same thief, it does look poorly for us if he escaped and now has kidnapped a pair of nobles. Especially considering Garvin had been speaking ill of you. But, no matter, I will quell the rumors as I hear them," Aevander replies. He finishes off his own drink and refills his glass. Should have brought more wine and less food, it seems.

"Everything I do looks bad." Visenya says with a roll of her eyes, "It seems anyone can do as they please to me, and it doesn't matter. No one gives a damn."

"I think you did right," Daevon says. "You saw a noble being attacked and you stepped in to defend him. You were determined to ensure proper justice was done. That wasn't the story that I was told by Lady Sera."

"Well, you did right if it was an innocent noble," Aevander replies. "Where the trouble comes in is if you mistook a common thief for a noble and thereby facilitated his escape. Unfortunately, as the man fled and no accusations of wrongdoing were brought to the Florents, I suspect this may have been the case. But, your intentions were good and the mistake was an honest one, and I will do what I can to mitigate."

"Sera Florent has no authority to arrest anyone in Oldtown. I didn't do a damned thing wrong." Visenya points out with a frown, "She should have went to the Hightowers and had them make the arrest in the first place. When I asked her why she didn't wait for the city watch to take care of it she said she was tired of the Hightowers and the Targaryens doing nothing, and had decided to take matters into her own hands. SHE is at fault. Not me. You need to do more than mitigate."

Aevander arches a brow. "And what is it you suggest I do, Visenya?"

Visenya lets out a frustrated sound, "Tell people what she did. Actually DEFEND me for once, Aevander."

"She certainly doesn't have the authority to order a noble to be beaten," Daevon agrees.

Daevon adds. "How is this any different from what Ryzael did? Save that Ryzael did not order a man to be beaten and manhandled. Yet you defend Ser Quillian without even being present."

"It wasn't a noble, Daevon, Visenya just mistook him for one," Aevander replies. "I will speak to Sera Florent. Visenya, you had best come with me, as I am not walking back and forth from manse to manse based on who is telling the story. Clearly, they differ. I would have you on hand to explain where Sera Florent is mistaken. Do you think you can do so with civility?"

Daevon's frowning darkly as he downs some more wine.

Visenya shakes her head. "No. I don't think I can." She finishes off the wine in her glass, and stands up abruptly. "Someday, I hope to marry a man who will actually defend me. It will be a refreshing change of pace." That said, she turns on her heel to walk out.

"Visenya," Aevander calls, "I did have one more thing to discuss. Would you care to be present, or shall we resolve it without you?"

"Visenya," Daevon says. "I defended you against them and their accusations. Are you certain you were mistaken? Would you like for me to demand an apology from them for maligning your name? For blaming this on you when it clearly was not your fault."

Visenya stops, turns around, and stalks back to the table. She fills her cup up with more wine before sitting down. Her scowl softens slightly, and she shakes her head at Daevon, "No. It will only make a bigger mess."

"Ok," Daevon says quietly. "But I will ask them to stop. I did direct them to ask you directly."

Aevander waits until Visenya sits, draining a little more of his wine. "The last topic I'd like to cover is that of your guest, Daevon, the Lady Yael Blackmont. I had thought she was being hidden here at her request, but she informs me that the secrecy was your idea." Sip. "I feel, with the Dornish being released and her husband soon to be freed if he is not already, it's time she returned to her own people. However, the fact that she's been hiding here for weeks makes this complicated. She said she proposed a means to you. Might you share what it is, Daevon?"

Visenya gives Daevon a grateful look, and a nod. Then she looks at him expectantly as Aevander gives him the floor.

"I already told you that," Daevon says. "I offered her my protection. Secrecy was the best form of protection and to keep her safe until her husband's release. I will speak the truth. I dreamed of her. I knew she was alive. My dreams guided me to ensuring her rescue. She has been recovering from her ordeal."

Aevander sighs softly, but perhaps he is simply too tipsy or too exhausted to protest. "Very well," he agrees. "Then let us return her to the dornish tomorrow."

"The lady proposed an idea?" Visenya is never too drunk or tired to protest!

"Aevander, she's my guest," Daevon says. "I asked her if she'd speak to you of the best way to inform people." He nods at Visenya. "Yes, to make the most of my dreams."

"Well she suggested I ask you, so one of you will have to actually explain the plan, unless I am meant to simply guess at it," Aevander replies.

"What was the plan?" Visenya asks, echoing Aevander's question.

"I asked her to discuss it with you, since you're far more politically minded than I," Daevon says. "She did not tell me any details. Just that I should speak of my dreams." He's frowning.

"Perfect," Aevander murmurs, giving up and lifting a hand to pinch at the bridge of his nose. "Then I shall ask the Lady Blackwood. Again. And tomorrow, she will depart."

Visenya listens, and drinks more wine.

Daevon keeps on frowning. He's really unhappy but rather than voice his annoyance he stares at his drink.

Daevon turns to his sister. "Visenya, how would you do it? I didn't see the point in making some sort of announcement. She's been my guest, that's no one's business but mine. She's been recovering from her ordeal, her husband's been imprisoned and her family have only just returned from returning Ser Osric's bones. Should I go out there and announce to all she's been found and was my guest?"

Aevander takes his turn being quiet and drinking his wine. Oh, look. It's empty. REFILL TIME.

"I don't know." Visenya admits to Daevon. "I do know that the Cockshaws, the Hightowers, anyone else who lost family or friends, and their allies may hold her in some ways responsible for this. They may see us protecting her as standing with the Dornish again. It's…well, it's tricky, Daevon."

Daevon nods at Visenya. "She says that it was not the Dornish behind the attack." He looks between the two of them. "Oh. Perhaps she knows who the Blackmont body was. I never thought to ask. I know I need tread carefully. I'd rather not voice any of this until after I've found the house in the forest that she was imprisoned in. Maybe Ser Brynden Hightower and one of the Cockshaws would accompany me."

"I am not sure any Cockshaws or Hightowers will believe her, Daevon," Aevander replies. "All she can say is that the man who held her said he was a reach lord. She never saw his face. She does not know where he kept her and has no clues to offer as to how we might find the place. A story like that, heard by someone skeptical who is already certain the dornish are the culprits, will call it nothing but a desperate lie."

"Perhaps," Daevon says. "I am still going to look." He sighs.

"Then look, but don't expect any Hightowers or Cockshaws to be interested in helping," Aevander replies.

"Do you think I don't know this?" Daevon asks.

"Well, you suggested asking them to join you, so I did think that, yes," Aevander replies. "But that was all I wished to discuss. If there's nothing else either of you wish to mention or any other concerns you wish to voice, then I suppose we're done."

Daevon sighs. "I do not wish to have any more of these meetings. Goodbye Aevander."

Aevander considers for a long moment before he nods. "Goodbye, brother."

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