(121-05-02) So What Happens Now?
So What Happens Now?
Summary: Brynden visits Quillian in his confinement, and the Blackrood is released.
Date: 02/05/2014
Related: Follows A Brief Appeal and Hightower at Breakfast. Also related to the rest of the Quillian/Ryzael stuff.

Cool air, the storm that's been brewing for several days over the town finally broke. In doing so Oldtown has been bathed in rain and cool air, making it enjoyable outside and in. Currently, in his Spartan room, Ser Quillian stands, looking out his window, content to stare into the wet.

Footsteps outside the door, stopping outside of it, then the sound of the lock being opened. That is followed by Ser Brynden stepping through the door, gaze moving around the room very briefly, before it stops on Quillian. "You know, if you were wanting to spend some time in the Hightower, you could have just asked me, and I would have made sure you could have a guest room. Far more comfortable, those," he remarks, words kept a bit lightly.

Quillian turns around and blinks. A grin soon forms as the knight crosses to greet the Hightower. "Next time I will, or I'll invite you to the Holdfast for ale." Hand offered. "Good to see you Ser. I apologize for my stay, but I frightened a dragon."

"It would seem you did, yes. And it had to be the one that ended up reacting in the wrong way, didn't it?" Brynden replies, shaking the offered hand now. "I would have come sooner, but I fear I did not know you were here until your sister came to see me last night."

Quillian nods, "Aye, I likely shouldn't have warned the family, but I hold his cousins in some regard." A shake of the head, before his hand drops. "Johanna did?" A beat given "Good girl." There the Blackrood waits, leaning against the sill. "So what happens now? I believe Ryzael seeks my life through cheap means."

Brynden smiles momentarily as he hears that. "What happens now? Well, my suggestion would be that you go home, give your sister a hug and enjoy an ale or something like that." Letting that hang there for a few moments, before he adds, "And while he might seek that, it would seem that his cousins hold you in some regard as well. I just came back from having a talk with a few of them."

There's a look given to Brynden, before he pushes back off the sill. "I shan’t argue with freedom, Ser." Quillian says, before he pauses. "That surprises me." A small frown, but it vanishes. "For this," says the Blackrood "I owe you Ser. And I'm good on repaying my debts."

"It would seem that Ser Aevander had investigated the matter as he heard about it, and his conclusions was the same as what I thought when I was told about it all." Brynden replies, before he offers a smile. "And thus, Ser, you are hereby given your freedom back. I'm sorry things turned out so it was taken from you."

Quillian grins, before moving fir the door. "Well then, I owe him a drink." A bow is given as he moves to step out of his 'cell' "Thank you again. Now if you'll excuse me, I will see to my effects." And he's off!

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