(121-05-02) Hightower at Breakfast
Hightower at Breakfast
Summary: Brynden pays a visit to the Dragon Door Manse and brings news of Ser Quillian
Date: May 02, 2014
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The sun is up, though the morning is still young enough that eating breakfast is not untoward. Which is good for Aevander Targaryen, as that's what he's currently doing. Seated in the dining room, amid an assortment of dishes of morning fare, he's munching on bread slathered with butter and jam as he scribbles down the rough draft of a letter with his other hand.

Not one of the places he's been many times, but this morning has taken Brynden Hightower to visit the Dragon Door Manse. Arriving there, he told the guards that he needed to speak with Aevander, and was shown in. Looking around, his gaze focuses on the man he's come here to speak with. "Ser Aevander. I'm sorry for disturbing you during your breakfast," he says, words kept softly for now.

Aevander swallows his mouthful of bread, setting the rest down and wiping his fingers clean. "Ser Brynden, please come in and be welcome. Join me, if you would care for a bite, and tell me how I might assist you."

Stepping further into the room now, Brynden offers a brief smile. "Thank you." Moving over to take a seat now, he nods a little. "What brings me here is the matter involving Ser Quillian. His sister came to speak with me about it last night," he replies.

Aevander nods, perhaps unsurprised by this. "Yes, I see. I dispatched a letter to yourself, Ser Gwayne and Lord Olyvar, expressing my own beliefs on the matter. It was received, I hope?"

Daevon's had breakfast, many hours ago and so it's just about time for brunch or so it would seem. He's very simply dressed, all in black still, as he wanders into the room to find something to munch on.

"It was. Thank you." Brynden replies, before he adds, "It helped clearing up a few things around the whole incident." Looking over to Daevon as the man enters, offering him a polite nod now.

Aevander glances over and offers Daevon a nod. "Good morning, brother," he greets, "Ser Brynden, you are familiar with by brother, Ser Daevon, I presume?" He has another bite of bread before moving back to the topic at hand. "What questions may I answer for you then, ser, in regards to Quillian Oakheart?"

"I believe we've met on the tourney field," Daevon says of Brynden. since he's not been shooed out he gathers himself some bread, smothers it in butter and then jam.

Brynden smiles, nodding a bit as he hears Daevon's words. "That is true. I hope you are well this morning, Ser Daevon?" Nodding again at Aevander, he adds, "My main reason for wanting to speak with you was to thank you for the letter, since it helped clearing up a few questions. And I wanted to let you know in person that I will be releasing Ser Quillian today."

"Of course," Aevander replies with an easy smile. It brightens a little further for this news, and he gives a sharp, pleased nod. "Excellent, Ser Brynden. I am delighted to hear it. You have my thanks."

"Might I ask what is being done about the whole incident?" Daevon asks.

Brynden nods as he hears Aevander's words. "You're welcome, Ser Aevander. It is the right thing to do, after all." Looking to Daevon, he nods, "After having gotten some information, including from your brother here, we will be releasing Ser Quillian from our custody," he replies.

Daevon decides to wisely remain close-lipped and nods at Brynden's response. He takes another bite from his bread.

Aevander has another bite as well, chewing and swallowing before he looks over at Daevon and inquires, "'What is being done', in what respect?"

Daevon shakes his head in response to Aevander. "It would seem what is being done is Ser Quillian is being released."

Taking a small piece of food as well now, Brynden nods a bit slowly as he listens to the two Targaryens for now, letting them discuss the matter now.

"Ah, yes," Aevander agrees, finishing off the bread and wiping his hands clean. he has a swallow of water to chase it down. "You are quite welcome to breakfast with us, Ser Brynden, before you go. How are things on Battle Island?"

Daevon goes back to eating, not helping with the conversation in the slightest.

"Things are mostly quiet at the moment, I believe. I have spent much of the time recently together with my wife, I must admit." Brynden replies, before he looks over to Daevon again now, offering the man a smile. "While I probably should have said so at some earlier point, Ser Daevon, I believe it is still a good time to congratulate you on your betrothal?"

"Ah, good, I'm glad to hear it," Aevander replies with a small nod. He fills a mug with some sort of morning tea as Ser Brynden addresses his brother.

"Ah, thank you," Daevon replies to Brynden. He doesn't have the look of a man thrilled to be betrothed and that seems to be the most diplomatic answer he can come up with. In fact there's something clearly bothering him.

Brynden nods as he hears that. Although the non-thrilled look makes him smile very briefly. "I believe I know some feeling similar to what you might be feeling now," he remarks a bit quietly. "Things may still work out well for you, trust me on that."

Daevon looks at Brynden, thoughtfully. "Thank you," he echoes again.

Aevander smiles faintly as he blows on his tea. "That is my hope, as well," he adds.

"It is my greatest hope that my brother will find someone to marry soon," Daevon says with a smile. "I'm sure married life will suit him wonderfully well."

Brynden smiles, nodding as he hears that. "At least from my brief time having experienced it so far, it helps putting things into perspective," he offers, taking another bite from his food now.

"Is it," Aevander asks bemusedly. "Is that your greatest hope? Brother, you need larger dreams. But, it is good to hear that marriage suits you, Ser Brynden."

Daevon smiles and nods at Brynden. He then continues to tease Aevander. "I was asking Mariya if she has any sisters or cousins who're as of yet unwed. Did you know she plays that dratted game you love? And that she also loves reading. And that Dorne has a great deal of culture, and tasteful entertainment. I'll bet she even writes sometimes."

Brynden smiles as he listens to the two brothers now, unable to hold back a chuckle as he does.

"Does she, now? Well, then perhaps she can teach you, brother. You may find you enjoy it once you begin," Aevander replies.

"I hate it," Daevon says. "It's a dreadful game. I know the rules well enough and that doesn't stop you from beating me. I think you should play her instead." He looks to Brynden. "Do you play?"

"Which game would this be?" Brynden asks, after a few moments of pause now. "If it's Cyvasse, I play a bit, although I'm far from having mastered the game, I believe."

"It is," Aevander agrees. "I ejoy the challenge, the strategy. My brother does not share that interest, as you can see," he replies with a chuckle.

"It's a terrible game," Daevon smiles as he repeats this assertion."

Brynden chuckles as he hears that. "Not all things are for everyone, I believe. Which is probably a good thing, since it creates a bit of diversity."

Daevon smiles at Brynden. "Indeed. Perhaps you'll play a game against my brother sometime? He's greatly in need of doing more fun things, and while I question anyone who calls cyvasse fun he seems to think it is."

"Just so, Ser Brynden," Aevander agrees. He polishes off his tea. "Some other time, perhaps," he says of cyvasse as he pushes his chair back. "For now, I've a few other things to see to. A good morning to you, ser," he says to Brynden. "I shall see you later, brother, I'm sure." With a nod to each of the men, he heads out.

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