(121-05-01) Lunch and Recruitment
Lunch and Recruitment
Summary: In which Aerys reunites with a favorite cousin, Aevander tries to convince Saskia to sign on with the Targaryens and Elionys gets her girl.
Date: May 1, 2014
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The morning is already hot, and the day humid, as rain doesn't so much fall as it does seep, making everything unpleasantly damp. Even so, Elionys Targaryen can be found standing outside, beneath the eave of the Golden Maiden Eatery, waiting. A pair of guards standing on either side of her. "…so then he asked me to go on a boat, if you can believe it," she chatters to one of her guards who doesn't so much actively listen as he does endure the non-stop stream of conversation. "Not that I mind, I think it ought to be great fun." The guard only nods.

She can actually shop for once and Saskia isn't quite sure what to make of it. Trinkets and small treasures never held her attention, combs and ribbons are soundly ignored, it isn't until she reaches the blacksmith's stall that she pauses to eye a few scabbards and sheaths. Her hand reaches up to push her damp and sweaty hair away from her face and eyes before she wipes her brow. Bloody weather. With a scowl due to the uncomfortable heat, she reaches over to pick a scabbard when she hears Elionys' voice. Lifting her head up, she watches the Targaryen princess curiously, taking in some bits of the conversation before placing the scabbard down and making her way towards her.

The heat, Aevander can ignore for the most part. It's the pressing dampness, like a soggy cloth draped over one's face, that he finds quite intolerable. The Targaryen, clad in his usual black, makes his way towards the Golden Maiden in search of something cooling to drink and, perhaps, the relief of bing indoors (though indoors can be just as stifling). Upon noting Elionys and her guards out in front of the eatery, he smiles and offers her a bow. "Cos, good afternoon. Are you awaiting friends for a luncheon?"

Coming from the direction of the high tower, another wet or seemingly getting wetter dragon is easy to spot. His strides are purposeful-and compared to the light colours that are popular in the reach the black and crimson of Targaryen easily makes him a blip, as if his light and grey hair did not. It seems he is head off in the direction of the Starry Street and it's housing, but could easily be diverted. Which seems to happen as some older gentleman is quick to holler out. "Ser AERYS BRIGHTFYRE!" a better choice of a name to be called, does have the knight stopping and turning.

"I saw you joust Ser, at the Tournament in Lannisport. You was young then, but you unsat the reigning champion of the day. Ser Merret Crakehall, the Brindleboar." A slight smile shows on the Prince's face as he turns to engage, apparently this Targaryen is not above offering his hand and a few kind words to the smallfolk.

Today Elionys is clad in a sleeveless crimson gown, a light, flowy material that is loose save for where it's cinched at the waist with a belt comprised of dozens of thin golden chains. "Honestly Riderick, you never-…" she's just about to get to proper scolding for her guard for his laconic reply, but her eyes land on Saskia and she finds herself at once distracted. "Mi— uh, Se- Saskia," she finally settles on, lifting a hand to wave at the approaching controversial sort of, possibly, almost knight. "I was just saying earlier that I needed to speak with you, wasn't I?" Riderick, the guard, only nods. "Come, you must join me, I was just about to go get something to eat."

Aevander's arrival summons another bright smile. "Cous, yes and no," she replies, though exactly what she means isn't explained. Instead she moves right past it. "Will you join me too?" The call of yet another Targaryen presence diverts her attention, one hand shooting up to lift and wave to her uncle, not calling out to Aerys, but waving him over at least.

As she is called out and invited for food, Saskia flicks her eyes towards the fine establishment and her lips quirk into a wry smile. Sure? Why not. "Thank you, your highness," she offers with a bow, then another aimed at Aevander and his arrival. "Your highness." She is supposed to say that, right? The call of Aerys' name pulls her attention briefly as she peers at the older man, her stance becoming a touch uneasy. So many high highborns, she feels a touch out of place. "I am not one to deny good food at any moment," she adds towards Elionys, "you never know when it'll be your last." She seems to find that humorous.

"I would be delighted to join you," Aevander agrees, his own smile growing a little wider and warmer at Eionys's invitation. His head turns a little so he can regard Saskia, his expression more curious than anything as his gaze flicks over her person. "Mistress knight," he greets with a small nod for the girl's bow. Aerys, busy receiving accolades for his youthful exploits, is given a small wave from Aevander as well, in the form of a raised hand. Heyo. Targs amassing over here.

The words are short, and the older dragon peels away, leaving the other man with a smile enough, apparently the faint flickering hand in wave was enough to catch his attention while he was talking. Aerys changes course from heading on towards Starry Street, to find his way over to Aevander, Elionys and Saskia. The later of the three earns a look and a touch of amusmenet to dance across the older man's face before he is looking back towards his niece and great nephew. To the first, (and obviously more important) Elionys a wide smile is given as arms extend. Public displays of affection are not something Aerys frowns upon and so he will wait for the dutiful hug.

"My dear, you've blossomed well." Hello. A grin wide and honest keeps hold before eyes find Aevander. "And look at you, alive. Have you settled your guest problem-or any of the problems, yet?" A tilt of his head there as sadly- Aevander gets more cryptic business talk than hugs. as for Saskia a polite and muted nod is given, till introductions are made.

Elionys seems to sense that moment of discomfort from Saskia, but rather than give her a chance to flee from the sudden influx of nobles, the Princess steps up to the newly knighted woman and tries to link her arm with Saskia's. "Wonderful! I think we've much to talk about, don't you?" Still she sounds cheerful, and that cheer holds as she looks back to her cousin. "Good. You can help me convince my new friend here," she cants her head to the side, in Saskia's direction, "That she wants to work for me." Aerys' approach brightens her smile once more, and for the moment she releases the arm — assuming she was able to take it to begin with — and steps up to her uncle to give him a swift hug and chaste peck on the cheek. "Uncle, I'd heard you were here! I was starting to wonder if people were just spinning tales."

At Aevander's words, her eyes crinkle at the corner though she tries her best not to look /too/ amused. Saskia, however, keeps her mouth glued shut as she offers another bow towards Aerys. She completely forgets about introducing herself, at least at first. When she notices that she is expected to say something she offers a quick, "Saskia," of what? Crap. "The False Knight," she offers in self-deprecation. Her arm is easily taken and Sera stiffens dramatically, keeping her other hand as far from her pommel as possible - look! No harming the princess! She can't help but grin at Elionys' enthusiam however and she tilts her head in assent. "Of course, as the princess wishes."

"Ser," Aevander greets as Aerys joins them. "Repairs are underway," is his cryptic answer to his relative's cryptic query. He looks over at Elionys, brow lifting bemusedly as she announces her intent to get Saskia into her employ. "Well, I shall do my best, cos." To Saskia he adds, with a small tut, "Surely we can find you a better title than that."

"I believe, I've seen everyone in town, save you and Maelys." he adds with a faint smirk. Well, there are other Targaryens in town he's not seen either. The hug is big and tight, before Elionys is released and chaste kiss is returned. "My favorite niece-you keep such fine company." he adds, before looking over to Saskia "Oh." a pause as eyes narrow in brief scrutiny. "You're the one the Septon was railing against." A whistle there. "Well, I say-for a false knight you polish well." look compliments all around! "I guess you would be Ser-or perhaps Ma'am?" but whatever light teasing there is, there's no decision on title. just flat "Saskia. I will remember this."

And there is a brief nod given to Aevander. "I heard some disquieting news, that we might be tied up in this Black Peacock mess." he adds bit softer and moreso to Aevander, after subtle lean in. Pulling back he looks over at Saskia now linked arms with his niece and a nod given. "Aye, I imagine we can. Perhaps over wine. I'm famished." Food does not seem to be on the menu, but surely he could be roped into some.

"You're the best," Elionys informs Aevander, smiling before she is given and returns the hug, and once done, she withdraws and returns to Saskia's side, retaking that arm. You're not getting away this time, missy! "Will you join us in getting something to eat, Uncle? I was just about to make these two come in with me, because I've only had my guards as company all morning and neither one of them talk near enough for my tastes." She gives Saskia's arm a gentle tug toward the door, though pauses to look back at Aerys. "Who believes we're tied up in that mess?"

"No matter which you offer they have worse still," Saskia returns with a grin towards Aevander. "It comes with the tits-." She stops cold as she realizes she may have been a bit too informal with the Targaryens. She clears her throat and glances towards the guards, though thankfully Elionys soon has her by the arm. "Something I hope Princess Elionys considers," she finally finishes as she glances towards the woman who has her in her grips. Saskia offers another respectful nod in Aerys' direction. "Yes, I am. I try to keep myself as polished as possible." She's got the money for it now.

Aevander blinks at Saskia and then bursts out laughing. Perhaps he'd smack her on the back, as bros do, except the etiquette around a smallfolk warrior woman is still a little unclear to the dark-clad dragon. "Mmm," he hums, glancing over at Elionys. "I think she'll do very well, eh? Mistress Knight, I am afraid, when you come to work for my cousin, it may be our name causing you trouble until the reputation of the Targaryens in Oldtown can be tidied and some time has passed." Which causes him to look over at Aerys, frowning a little at the mention of some connection with the black peacock. "That would be news to me as well, ser."

'Who does?" Aerys asks with a faint raise of a brow back towards Saskia-given he second comment a brow arches just so, before he is looking back towards Elionys head tilted in a silent question as he goes to get the door for the party. "And what is on the list for your polishing, Mistress?" Aerys asks back now, clearing his throat so as to urge moving. "Let me put it this way. One of our family may have aided in this fellow not being caught by now, as he was freed from the Florent's possession?" And there is a look back to them. "If either of you know anything about this. I'd have you tell me before this ransom nonsense continues. Already I've seen placed that one will not be paid." a nod. ENTER EVERYONE.

When Aevander laughs, Saskia actually seems to relax a bit and a little smile curls the corners of her lips upwards as she follows the trio into the eatery. She continues to stand awkwardly, however, letting Elionys lead her around as deemed necessary since etiquette is a very foreign concept to her; in fact she tries to protray that to the Princess with a helpless look once inside the fine establishment.

The rough talk doesn't appear to bother Elionys, or at least she doesn't react to it, which may not be the same thing, but no one is getting scolded so that's something. She turns to continue into the eatery, moving through the door with Saskia still on her arm. The guards follow, as ever. "One of our own helped him to escape? When was that?" she asks, moving immediately for one of the larger, open tables. "Has he been caught since the kidnapping happened?"

Aevander swallows down a small groan for the news that a Targaryen helped this thief escape, and then closes his eyes for a moment as a piece of gossip, a few weeks old, makes its way to the forefront of his brain. Still, he says nothing. Instead, he leads the small party to a round table with four seats. He pulls one out for Elionys and then considers Saskia a moment, somewhat unsure, again… but in the end, he leaves the female knight to see to her seat and only tugs out his own chair.

"No, this was before. One of house Florent caught him, and then a cousin." Names not being mentioned to protect. "Demanded his release as he is a nobleman." that much he knows. "Then he got away, while they argued over it. If this gentleman is indeed a nobleman, he may have just lost his noble testicles in this idiocy." A sigh thre as he comes further into the room, a table pointed to, and he is going to claim it, whether it has a reservation or not. Why? Because he's a godsdamned dragon. He can do so. Buut, Aerys does concede to Aevander's choice.

Aerys sits down, before looking to the others. "I need to ask this cousin for the identity so we can put an end to this madness. If it come alight that we as a House aided this individual-then this happened?" The shit storm will be somewhat thick. "I cannot wait till the tournament season picks up. We'll be the least focus of gossip."

When Aevander looks between her and the seat awkwardly, Saskia turns pretty awkward herself. Finally she reaches for the seat just as he gives up, pulling it back and settling down on it heavily. Stretching out her legs, she sits with her knees apart before moving to place one ankle over the other. She stops midway, looks at how Elionys seats herself and instead copies the other woman. Ah-huh, this should do it. Femininity On.

Elionys exhales quietly as she settles into the seat that was pulled out for her, brows furrowing. If she knows anything, she's not saying a word right now. "I don't know if that's true, Uncle, not if Maelys participates in them, and I'm told he's doing much better now, he's going to heal from his injuries during the trial." She is a prim and proper young woman, at least here, seated at the table, back straight and legs crossed at the ankle.

The younger male Targaryen idly observes Saskia seating herself, one hand lifting to rub at his mouth as she shifts and adjusting the way she sits. It's an itch on Aevander's upper lip and not at all an attempt to hide a smile. Surely. Glancing over at Elionys he makes a small sound as she announces that Maelys will live. "Ah. How very fortunate," are his words. His tone is a bit more 'well, crap'.

There's a raise of a hand and a shrug to that particular line of thinking. "I'll have you know, that for all the crowds that hate him, it will do him well. They will come to watch him fight to see if someone will kill him, or if he will kill someone else." Aerys offers. "It'll be good for the vendors, if not good for us. But our house will not be included in his gossip-save that he shares the name Targaryen." A look up from a quick examination of the table and Aerys blows out a sigh. "I'll ride against him, if I must." stated before he is looking curiously towards Saskia and a smirk emerges. "I heard it was done martially, your knighting?" A bit of a change in things there. "Did you enjoy it?"

"My knightin' or the martialin'?" Saskia asks Aerys with quirked eyebrows before she shifts her weight a bit to sit a bit more comfortably. This sitting position needs to get a bit used to. "The joustin' I have always enjoyed, your highness, any martialin' really." She then tilts her head. "As for the Knightin'. Ser Fulk has done me a great honor, but he sorta has done himself an even greater dishonor. He doesn't want to recant the Knighthood," and so she shrugs, a wry grin creeping across her lips. Who doesn't like getting under people's skins? "So I will do my best in honorin' his wishes." She glances towards Elionys next, "but if the princess wishes to have my service, it may be best she knows that I come with a lot of bad words trailin' my shadow; especially with this Knighthood attached to my name. I do not wish to sully her name. No one will take me seriously, and most even less so, except for a select few. I don't care myself but you may have more to worry 'bout."

"You may think that, Uncle, but I have been scolded already for his actions," Elionys replies on the subject of Maelys, though her shoulders gather in a shrug that suggests she isn't too concerned. Her hands fold neatly in her lap as she listens, glancing to the side at Saskia. "My reputation is not so weak as to have something like that destroy it, so don't concern yourself there. Aside from this, I can't say as I have too much of an opinion on whether or not it should be done."

"The Targaryens have long had women warriors among their number, some that were Dragonlords no less. The idea of a female skilled with sword or mace is not one that alarms us," Aevander replies. "Knightdom is a brotherhood, and supposedly the Seven would keep it that way… but there are an assortment of things the Seven suggest that our family chooses to dismiss. For myself, I cannot say I find your knighting upsetting. But, I confess, besides the North and Dorne, I have not observed many female warriors outside our family. How is it you came to begin, ah, 'martialing'?"
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"There is something fun about riding something between your legs and stabbing someone with a spear eh?" Aerys jests before chuckling slightly. "As for your past-I will let m niece decide what is best for her. I am know my own choice and if she wants advice I will give it. However, she is her own woman, and if she wants you." A faint smirk there before he leans back "My only advice to you, Saskia would be do not dishonor her. I am fond of her." he adds briefly, before is drumming his fingers along the wood. "Is Ser Fulk in someone's service?" curious thought there, but it is waved off. Whatever else was to be said eyes catch sight of somethign or some one. "Excuse me a moment.." And the Prince is rising up-and apparently sneaking off to get wine and mildly flirt (or harass. the girl might not like Targaryens) with some serving woman.

Saskia pauses for a moment as she studies Elionys, peering at her as if to make sure the Princess is absolutely sure. Finally her ice-blue eyes flick towards Aevander as he mentions the women warrior in the Targaryen family line. That causes Saskia to blink in surprise, she was not expecting that at all. "Really?" She breathes. "I mean I heard but well," she grins as she shakes her head. "Understood." When Aerys mentions riding something between her legs and a lance in her arm, Saskia's lips twists into a fierce little grin before she quickly wipes it away, ahem. "I would never," she offers to Aerys before quickly bowing as he departs. She watches him leave then glances at Aevander once more, a curious look that quickly shifts towards Elionys. "As long as you understand, your highness, then I will be honored to serve you."

"See, you'll fit right in," Elionys assures Saskia, appearing to have made up her mind on the matter long before this conversation, but even so when the female knight relents, the Princess leans close to take her hand, if she can, and give it a squeeze. "The matter is settled. Now," the hand, if it was taken, is released, "Do you need a place to stay? I'm certain that we've room somewhere. I can't put you in with the guards, it wouldn't be appropriate, but I'm sure we can find some room to keep you in. Isn't that right, Aevander?" she asks, looking to her cousin with a cheerful smile. She looks around to Aerys as he gets up to go, shaking her head slightly. "He will never change," she reports, but it's with a certain fondness, rather than any judgment.

"Lovely, then this calls for wine," is Aevander's decision, his hand lifting in the air to call a server over who is quickly given the task of fetching a bottle of red. "I am sure we can find a place for your new 'man', cos. Welcome, Saskia."

Saskia's hand is easily taken, hers a bit rough and calloused thanks to the sword. "Thank, your highness." At the question of a place to stay, Saskia pauses before she shakes her head no as she murmurs, "I've been staying at the Tooth'n'Nail." The mention of not staying with the guards actually elicits a little grin from Saskia, perhaps more than a little amused that she is causing such confusion with her position. She glances back towards Aevander at the offer of wine and looks relieved and eager to get some in her. At his welcome, she grins, ducking her head a bit as she looks away.

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