(121-05-01) Anyone Home?
Anyone Home?
Summary: Loryn checks out the new holdfast and converses with Johanna.
Date: Date of play 01-05-2014
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The new holdfast differs greatly from Garden Isle, the place not nearly so lavish, and far more martial. Private rooms, at least some of them, are entered through the open air of the courtyard, which will prove interesting come winter, especially since getting to the dining room requires the same thing. Other areas of the fort-turned-house can be accessed from the outside as well, as from within through the dining room, but it's outside that Johanna can be found. Just outside of the room that apparently serves as hers, looking as though she's about to head to the dining hall. The house is — excluding a number of men that serve as guards, and and a number of men-at-arms — relatively empty of people, what with Angharad living elsewhere, Quillian locked up in the Hightower, and Laurent off out of the city.

Loryn had been swallowed by the Whimsy apparently, learning and rehearsing Garvin's leading part within a few days and then celebrating his ass off after the shows. But he has not forgotten the fact that half his family has gone to live elsewhere and this morning finally finds him at the holdfast, telling a guard: "You've GOT to be shitting me, man?!" He shakes his head as he looks around and wanders onwards, "What's Laurent thinking? Does he think at all? IS ANYONE HOME?!", he calls out out, seeing a female dash past nearby. "Johanna, is that you?"

Johanna's swift steps are halted as she turns to look at the source of the call, dark brows jumping. "Yes, it's me. Are you the one doing all that shouting?" she asks, glancing around, though her gaze swiftly returns to him. "If you're looking for your brother, he's not here. He should be back soon though, but I'm not sure exactly when."

"Shouting? I am not shouting!", Loryn proclaims - apparently he's already picked up the other actors' mannerisms and overly loud kind of speaking. "Honest, Johanna, why are you living here with Laurent? Why is HE living here, when we have one of the nicest houses in the whole city?", he frowns, looking around, shaking his head. "Is there a drink to be had at least?"

"My brother lives here," Johanna replies, then heistates and makes a face. "Well, he will be living here, providing that the damnable bastard Targaryen decides to release my brother because he's too much of a coward to accept a proper challenge. Can you believe that? I thought Dragons were meant to be so brave, but no, he hides behind his title like a child behind a mother's skirts." There is visible disgust in her expression, but it's dismissed with a shake of her head. "Yes, there is drink to be had. This way," she says, motioning for him to follow as she leads he way to the dining room.

"Well, you should be living at Garden Isle, it's a much more pleasant place for a young lady.", Loryn replies while he walks with her, "What news of your brother then? And has anyone heard anything about Garvin? And did Greydon turn up here already?". Yup, he's peppering her with questions, since there's so much he has to catch up on.

"Should I?" asks Johanna, pushing in the door to the dining room and stepping through, then out of the way for Loryn to move past. "I haven't seen Garvin, nor anyone else, but that doesn't mean much, if I'm honest. I've kept busy trying to get anyone in the Hightower to see me, which has proven as tricky for me as it has for everyone else trying."

"Yes, you should.", Loryn insists, "It's a bit lonely there now. I mean. Plenty of space for me and for parties. But still. Could do with some more chicks around the place." He steps into the dining room to look around, one brow quirked upwards. "I seeeeeee…", he murmurs under his breath, then looks at Jo again: "What's with the Hightower?"

"I don't want to abandon my brother," Johanna replies as she moves to the sideboard or cabinet, or whatever it is that contains the wine, and pours herself some, and some for Loryn, all without bothering to ask him what he wanted. It's red. Hopefully he likes it. "I don't know where they are, if that's what you're asking. My brother is imprisoned there right now though, for trying to defend me."

Loryn takes everything, red, wine or probably even blue. "You upset the Targaryens?", Loryn asks curiously, "Do you want me to put in a good word for you? They must receive me. I'm a Tyrell after all."

Johanna snorts with derision as she carries the cups back, one held out to Loryn. "The one that I've insulted is close to, and a huge supporter of the man that killed your father," she states bluntly. "He tried to strike me in the street over my opinions on Maelys Targaryen. That and the Princes opinion that the outcome of the trial of the seven didn't serve justice. You ought not seek them out, unless you want to wind up in the hightower too, or faced with the Prince of Ashes."

Loryn snorts at that. "And what'd he do?", he challenges sullenly, but decides it's wiser to let the subject drop. After all they an still pick on the Dornish instead. "That Dornish princess is still with us apparently. It's all a rather mysterious affair. Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I hadn't done better to stay up north as a squire. Or gone to Highgarden. Have you ever wondered what you'd want to do with your life?", he muses suddenly.

"Do to you what he's done to my brother," Johanna replies with visible annoyance, ignoring the fact that he's moved on to a different subject for the moment. "Lock you in the tower and hide behind his status." She draws a breath and takes a drink of her wine, shoulders gathering in a shrug. "What would I do? What I am doing now, I suppose. Educating myself."

"Well, the Targaryens may not rule forever.", Loryn suggests somewhat hopefully, eyeing her for a moment, tilting his head. "You never wonder or doubt whether the things you do are right for you? Especially when people get mad at you and tell you you're being an idiot?"

"Of course I wonder about it," Johanna replies, but it's delivered gently. "I wonder about it, and worry sometimes that my choices will upset my family, but so long as I am wise about it, and do what duties are expected of me, there isn't much room for anything to be said. What makes you ask this now? Do you question your own choices?"

"Nah, I'm grand.", Loryn replies quickly - perhaps too quickly. But he tries to look cool and unaffected. "I'm having a BALL at the Whimsy, honestly. The audience knows now that Garvin's off and nobody's pelting me with oatcakes anymore. In fact people come to see ME on stage. I got admirers waiting for me afterwards, strangers wanting to buy me drinks. It's amazing, honest!", he tells her, eyes shining, before he sighs again. "If only my stupid family would get it."

"Loryn," Johanna's tone is gentle as she watches him, perhaps noting the swift way in which he answered. "Your family loves you, but they do not understand, because you appear to be behaving quite selfishly," she points out, trying to be delicate, but perhaps not quite so delicate as others might manage. "Simply having the name Tyrell means you've a weight and duty upon your shoulders, along with the privilege it affords you, but to them, I'm sure it appears as though you are shirking the first in favor of the second. I can see why it might upset them."

"Pfffff, duty, my arse.", Loryn replies in his very mature fashion, accompanied by a sullen look at Johanna: "If the name of House Tyrell is such a big deal, what of Garvin then? HE is heir to the whole bloody Reach and what of his buying a theatre, staging plays, flaunting his improper relationship for all the world to see instead of getting married to produce more heirs? If he can do as he pleases, why could I not? I'm not half as important as he is after all…"

"Garvin is a farce," Johanna's words are a harder now, lips pursing a moment. "He will eventually figure out that he has made poor choices and find that he will have to work twice as hard to get anything done, because no one will take him seriously. Ever. This, what he's doing here? He is damaging your family name and reputation along with his own. You are not half as important, perhaps, but you could be twice the man he is, or more. Be better than that."

Loryn sighs deeply and doesn't respond for quite some time. "When I heard about him starting a theatre here, I had not known about his… private inclinations. Not that I'd mind them - if they remained private. It is true, I don't want to be compared to him - not for all the wrong reasons. It makes it harder to feel happy about being successful on stage… but it's still what I'm happiest doing. So…" He shrugs helplessly.

"If they were private, this conversation would be very different," Johanna remarks, quiet just long enough for another drink of wine. "But they are not, and remember, when you bind yourself to a sinking ship, that ship will drag you down too. Be careful, Loryn, that you do not drown."

"But I don't wanna give up acting, I love it.", Loryn insists and puts his wine down with an expression as if he just sipped on pure vinegar. "Everything just sucks.", he complains, leaping to his feet, "Garvin and Laurent are just ruining my life! And I should go now. If I run into Laurent now, I'll punch him."

"You won't run into Laurent," Johanna points out, not getting up to try and stop him. "He's not in Oldtown." She sighs and shakes her head slightly. "Loryn, if you insist on acting, do something else that will make you stand apart from him. Don't make that your only identity here."

"Like what? Earning my Spurs?", Loryn smirks, "Ser Loryn Tyrell, the Knight of the Stage?" He chuckles, then shrugs. "Who'd take me serious THEN? A knight does not belong on stage. But I know I have to get my spurs - otherwise you'll force me to be your slave.", he winks, remembering their wager well. "I just wish… acting hadn't become blurred with Garvin's indiscretions."

"Why not? You would be a knight, and a Tyrell, let someone say that of you, and then you can challenge them for their insults," Johana points out with a smile. "I wish for you it hadn't become so blurred with him, but it has. It has, and at least for now, it is unlikely to change. I know that orders won't do much for you, if they did you would have bent to your brother's will already, but I ask you, please, find a way to set yourself apart from him so that you aren't lost in the shadow of Lord Pansy. It's not a flattering shadow to stand in."

Loryn nods slowly, remaining silent, while he lets those thoughts circulate through his brain for a while. Then he suddenly smiles. "You're pretty smart for a girl, you know, coz? You've given me a lot to think about. But I should go now… soon time for another performance and whatever else, I'm not letting the Whimsy, my fellow actors or the audience down by dropping out suddenly."

"No, it would not do to let them down," Johanna agrees, inclining her head slightly. "Go on then, but come visit me here again, will you? It's lonely here without everyone. Or I'll come by Garden Isle, some of my things are still there anyway."

Loryn smiles. "Yes, come visit me… it's too quiet there anyway.", Loryn urges her, then he bows and heads out.

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