(121-05-01) A Brief Appeal
A Brief Appeal
Summary: Johanna tracks down Brynden Hightower and makes a quick appeal on behalf of her brother.
Date: Date of play (01/05/2014)
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Early evening finds Brynden heading down the stairs and starting towards the dining hall of the Hightower now, coming from the suite he shares with his wife. Whistling a little to himself, rather absently, as he makes sure not to collide with whatever persons are in the hall here now.

Johanna is just coming in again, it's entirely possible that he's heard of her frequent visits over the last few days, and again she's present, requesting to speak with, well… any Hightower that can help her, at this point. It's at that point she spies Brynden and moves around the servant to approach Brynden directly.

Still not aware of anyone approaching, Brynden keeps on whistling for a little bit, before he looks around and finally spots Johanna. His whistling coming to an end, he offers her a polite nod now. "My Lady," he greets her, before he adds, "Good evening."

"Good evening, Ser," Johanna manages a small smile for him as she takes a few steps nearer, though she remains at a polite distance. "I was hoping that I might be able to speak with you, if you have a few minutes to spare?"

Brynden nods a little as he hears that, studying her a bit thoughtfully for a few moments. "With me? How may I help you, My Lady?" Sounding a bit curious now.

"Yes," Johanna replies at once, almost sounding relieved. "I fear I've been trying to get meetings with other members of your family, but it appears that they are quite consumed with their work and-…" She spreads her hands in a helpless sort of gesture. "My brother is currently imprisoned in this tower," she explains, "Because he challenged a Targaryen Prince to a duel over trying to strike me. He now claims that my brother made threats, but my brother is no fool, he wouldn't send a warning to someone he intended to harm. Your family rule here, I would, well… I would like to see it dismissed as ridiculous, because a challenge to a duel is hardly a threat, no matter how poorly worded it may be, it is still a challenge."

Blinking a few times as he hears Johanna's words now. "What? Your brother is imprisoned…" He trails off, listening to the rest of what's being said. "Which Targaryen Prince?" he asks, after a few moments of pause. "And I agree, if he had intended to cause the man harm, your brother would never have sent a warning ahead." Nodding a little as he hears the rest of it. "A challenge to a duel is something the one being challenged can refuse, so I agree that it should not be seen as a threat…"

"Yes, he had my brother arrested and imprisoned here," answers Johanna, nodding at once. "Which I admit is a relief, because at least I am certain that he should be safe while in your care. It was Prince Ryzael Targaryen," she supplies, the tension in her shoulders easing somewhat at the answers he gives. "I agree, completely. A challenge can be refused, he is a Prince, if he wishes to refuse it, that is his choice, but a challenge is not a crime. Is it possible to see my brother released?" she asks, hopeful. "I'm certain that he would agree to whatever terms were set by you, should you require any for the time being, but he's an honorable man, there is no reason to lock him up as though he were a criminal."

Brynden nods as he hears the name of the Targaryen, before he adds, "Have you spoken to any of the other Targaryens about this matter, My Lady?" Waiting for a few moments to hear the answer to that question, before he adds, "I will talk with your brother as soon as possible, and hopefully we can have him out of here soon. There will have to be a few conditions, possibly, but I will speak with your brother about those."

"I have spoken to Aevander Targaryen, and he agrees that the situation is a ridiculous one," Johanna's brows furrow slightly as she relays this, shaking her head. "I'm sure if you speak to him, he will confirm that as well, or I can ask that he write you? However you would like it done." She inclines her head respectfully at the answer that follows. "I understand, and I'm sure that Quillian will too. I greatly appreciate your help in this, Ser."

"I should probably speak with Prince Aevander as well, just so nobody can say we did not listen to the Targaryens as well," Brynden says, after a few moments of pause, before he adds, "And you're welcome. Your brother is a good man, I know that from experience."

"I understand, if I were in your position, I would do the exact same thing," Johanna tells him, a tired smile aimed up at him. "I truly do appreciate all of your help, this is such a relief just to see some progress on the matter."

Brynden smiles, nodding a little as he hears that. "Let us hope we can get the rest of the matter taken care of as soon as possible," he replies.

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