(121-04-29) The Demands
The Demands
Summary: In which Toran responds to Elionys' royal demand for his presence, and threats ensue.
Date: Date of play (29/04/2014)
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Maidenday Gardens

Though Elionys didn't specify a place for this meeting, it's not particularly difficult to find the Princess today. A trip to the manse will have him directed to the Maidenday Gardens, and there it's easy enough to find her, or at least to spot the Targaryen guards that stand outside the pavilion beneath which the younger woman has taken shelter from the drizzle. At present, save for the guards, she is alone, occupying herself with a flower that she twirls between her fingers while she waits.

Toran slips into the gardens quietly. For once he is not dressed as the Black Peacock but as Lord Toran Serrett. His hair is brushed and neatly styled his outfit is a dark green trimmed in a golden cream color, the colors of his house. He looks every inch a respectable lord rather than a thief. He strides into the gardens calmly and silently his dark gaze seeking out the princess that summoned him. He approaches the pavillion and stands at its base bowing low and gracefully to the Princess before he addresses her. "Princess Elionys….I do believe you summoned me?" He offers her a charming smile and tilts his head to one side studying her curiously. "You look lovely today your highness. You honor me with your very presence but I am curious as to why you summoned me. Perhaps you will tell me?"

One of the several guards present around the pavilion clears his throat when the Lord approaches, and it is this subtle announcement that has Elionys' eyes lifting from the bloom trapped between her fingers. "Lord Serrett, thank you for responding so quickly." She is seated, but she makes no such offer of comfort to the Lord, setting the flower down in the open space on the bench beside her. The pavilion is draped in vines, and offers limited ways in and out, and all of those potential exits are manned by Targaryen guardsmen, both as unobtrusive and quietly menacing as especially skilled guards often are. "We've met before, you and I," she says, hands folding neatly in her lap. "So I imagine you must have an idea as to why I would summon you, but very well, let us play this game. I summoned you due to the distressing news that two nobles, a Tyrell and a Florent, have been kidnapped and are presently being ransomed back. Have you any thoughts on that matter?"

Toran inclines his head smirking faintly. "You know who I am Princess if you wish to make a game of this I am certainly willing to do so. Or I will be direct with you if you would prefer that. The choice of course is yours….I am many things but I do try to be a gentleman when I have the option." That charming smile returns. He stands just outside the entrance to the pavillion not entering just yet knowing he will be trapped if he does so. He fixes her with an intense look. "So what will it be Princess? Do you want to dance around this issue with pretty words or can we get to the reason why I was summoned here directly?"

"I do, just as you know right now, you are in an uncomfortable position," Elionys tells him, gesturing to the place inside the pavilion once more. "Come in out of the rain, and this conversation can be a pleasant one, though ultimately just how pleasant is up to you. I think though, that you would rather our conversation be a quiet one, lest we be overheard and you find that this game of yours is up. With, I am fairly certain, a rather grim ending for you."

Toran seems to consider his options a moment ans then steps inside the pavillion. "I will do my very best to ensure this is a pleasant conversation for us both your highness. But yes discrete and quiet would be the best way to go about things if you would be so kind." He smiles once more though faintly this time. "Now you would not have called me here if you did not have a good reason I am sure…and while I know which of my actions caused the summons what I do not know is what you want of me and your reason for summoning me." He props against a nearby post across from the princess and raises a brow. "So please enlighten me if you will? What do you want from me Princess Elionys?"

"It was one thing, Lord Serrett, when you were playing these cutpurse games of yours," Elionys tells him, more softly now that he's beneath the shelter of the pavilion. "That can be overlooked, and even that incident at the citadel," she states, words soft, but there is a strength beneath them, an unyielding undercurrent. "But now you have taken it a step too far. Likely, several steps too far. So here is what you are going to do," she informs, rather than requests. "You are going to release those men back to their family without being paid the ransom, I don't care how it happens. Stage it so that they're able to escape, dump them in the street, but you will do so without doing them harm, and without being paid. You will not claim that you were paid. If you do these things just as stated, I will not inform the Tyrells, the Florents, or the Hightowers, nor will I inform the King of who this Black Peacock truly is. However, as I am doing you this tremendous favor, you find yourself rather steeply indebted to me, and will one day repay me for this mercy I am showing you." She smiles, but the warmth and sweetness so often behind those smiles is lacking. "If you choose to refuse this mercy, I fear you will force my hand, and I will have to act in protection of the men you took."

Toran eyes Elionys a long moment his expression perfectly calm and then he laughs softly the amusement breaking through into his eyes and then he smirks. "Well it seems I have been outplayed….by a Princess no less. Well played Princess. May I say I'm very impressed though next time I will take better care to hide my identity from those who would work against me. Very well you have my agreement in this…" He steps forward towards her coming to stand just in front of her. He bows politely. "Though this is quite a blow to my pride perhaps the beautiful princess would be so kind as to allow me something to help heal the wound to my ego? I will ask for no gold nor anything that can be bought and I will gladly return the two Lords and pay my debts to you plus some. But I would very much like a gesture of goodwill in exchange…since you hold all the cards you are entitled to refuse me but I pray that you will not. I will be quite glad to offer payment to the families for troubling them so as well if you will grant me this one thing?"

When Toran approaches, the guards tense in preparation to act, should it prove necessary, but Elionys remains perfectly at ease. Or at the very least, she appears to. "I would suggest you come no closer, my lord," she suggests, gaze sliding over to the nearest guard, then back to Toran. "You have been outplayed, and you are owed nothing, as I am already being very generous to you, but very well. What is your request?"

Toran smirks lowering his head a little. "No I have lost this game and you have won it. You are in control and I am entitled nothing." He looks up once more and smiles that charming smile. "Though now is a poor time to ask you for favors I think….I will wait until the odds have evened out somewhat before I make any requests of you Princess. You will just have to wait and discover what it is I want from you now." He winks and then turns to walk away. "I'll see thaat the hostages are out of my care in two days time. I will not take ransom from their families and they will be turned over unharmed just as you demanded."

"No," Elionys' words are suddenly sharp, getting to her feet at once. "No, you will release them by the end of today. You have had your fun and games, Lord Serrett, but now they come to an end. You will release them today, unharmed, and without pay, or claims of being so paid, and your identity is safe. Those are my terms. As to what you may ask for in future, should the day come that you are ever owed, as unlikely as that is, I look forward to hearing what it is you imagine you deserve." She steps forward a pace, one brow lofting higher than the other as she looks at him. "Do you accept my terms?" Not that she's offered a lot of choice, but she does at least have the decency to pretend there are acceptable alternatives.

Toran is already moving past the guards his back to Elionys. He turns around to face her and raises a brow. "What have I done to deserve such harsh demands I wonder? Do you truly care so much for those two foolish Lords? Or is it the fear that I could just as easily take another Lord or Lady as my hostage if I choose? I can't help but wonder but you have set the tune and now I must dance yes?" A smirk slowly spread across his lips as he continues to speak. "Unless I find another way out your demands will be met Princess never fear about that." He bows mockingly with a wicked smirk and turns around once more his steps quick as he makes his retreat. He calls out as he leaves. "Oh and Princess…I don't deserve much but I do take a great deal of things I happen to want."

"Lord Serrett, you will remain until I say otherwise," Elionys' tone is as firm as it has ever been, though she makes no move after the Lord, allowing him to pass the guards — who could likely easily restrain him — unmolested. "What have you done to deserve this? Lord, I am a Targaryen, and as such I take it as my duty to see the people of this realm, foolish or otherwise, protected. You have kidnapped two members of the nobles houses of this realm, and asked for money for their safe return, if you cannot see what it is you have done, I am not going to waste my time attempting to explain it to you." She draws breath and lifts her chin slightly. "If you cannot find another way out of it? So you do not agree to our terms. Very well." Her gaze turns from the Lord then, to one of the guards present. "Riderick, see those letters sent out, will you? It appears the Lord lacks the honor necessary to abide by our agreement."

Toran's steps go still as the Princess mentions letters being sent out and his shoulders go stiff. Then slowly he turns around to face her his eyes blazing black with anger and determination. "You give me no choice then Princess. Very well I will meet your demands as you have stated them. But you will find that I am not happy about this. At all." He gives her a look that can only be discribed as predatory anger. He stands tall his broad shoulder squared defiantly as he stares her down unblinking. He will agree but its obvious he isn't happy about it at all and some form of retribution may very well be forthcoming. "I will go and prepare to release my captives now if you have nothing else to say to me?"

There is a moment there where Elionys' countenance turns positively icy, which is a rare thing from this Princess, but soon the ice melts and she smiles in the face of his anger. A saccharine smile. "What is the anger of a peacock to a dragon, Lord Serrett?" she questions, soft, sweet, and entirely rhetorical. "As you cannot be trusted, I must further amend our deal. You will take my guard with you, out of uniform, of course, and at your side he will remain until the hostages are released. Should you break from him, I will send the letters. Should you harm him, I will send the letters. Once the Lords are released, he will leave you be, unmolested, to do whatever it is you believe you must do. Riderick, get ready to go with my new friend here. Good day, Lord Serrett." With with that, the Lord and criminal is dismissed.

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