(121-04-29) Slithery Delivery
Slithery Delivery
Summary: A package arrives for the twins. Nobody shrieks or squeals or anything. DEAD CALM.
Date: Date of play (11/05/2014)
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The 29th of April, 121. Not an uneventful day, by any means; Ser Quillian the Blackrood is held captive by that horrid Targaryen Prince. Lord Pansy is still missing, the household still waiting on a raven back from Lord Lorant. Wildlings are being thrashed by the very errant northern houses who let them flee south.

And two girls have a package to open.

They've already asked for their lovely cousin to attend them for a spot of afternoon tea (and likely gossiping), when the small box arrives. It's around six inches wide, and a foot long, tied with a pretty green bow and addressed to Kesha and Keyte. The card on the outside reads "To help my dearest friends with their pest problem. ~A"

"I hate to think what lies within," one twin complains, as she nestles blankets appropriately for nest-making. It's that kind of afternoon, apparently.

"On the one hand," Kesha opines from her chair, a finger pressed to her lips as she studies the box in question, "it would be rude not to open it. On the other hand, it probably contains something horrid that should be left right where it is." She clearly has…high? opinions of Aevander. Or something. "What is supposed to help with out pest problem?" She considers, tapping her lip before lowering the hand with a sigh. "I don't suppose he would be nice enough to send us a kitten." She eyes her twin, attempting to burrow into a blanket nest, with some suspicion. "You are going to make me open it, aren't you?"

"If it were a kitten, it would be mewoing by now," comes a voice from the doorway as Johanna steps through, having bypassed the whole business of being announced. She lived here for a time, and apparently that allows — for the moment — certain freedoms. Also it may be that she lied and said she had things to get from the room that was hers, and still contains some of her things. The things that make life simpler. "Why would you be getting a box with a cat, or any other creature, in it?"

Tugging down a few pillows to add to her nest, Keyte lets go of a little laughter. "Johanna!" Her greeting is bright, and now that her little fortress is complete, she pats the spots beside her in invitation. "Yes," she tells Kesha mock-solemnly, "Yes, I am. Go on, then! I highly doubt it's a kitten." In explanation, she asides theatrically to Jo, "We may have sent him a rat."

"Don't you get boxes with creatures in them? I assumed that was just something everyone did," Kesha answers Johanna in a way that is not very helpful at all, so maybe it doesn't even qualify as answering. She doesn't remark on the ease at which Johanna has shown up without warning. They did invite her. "If it is is something awful I'm throwing it at you and that fortress you've built up is not going to help," she warns her twin, though she seems in no hurry herself to open the box. She gives it a little poke with a finger. "I think it moved."

"Hello," Johanna greets the two of them with that one word, quite possibly because she isn't sure which is which just yet. The invitation is accepted, and she crosses from the door to the spot that Keyte pats, settling there. "Do I? No, I can't say I do. I have gotten parts of creatures before," she admits. "Though not anything living."

"Ew, parts of creatures sounds worse than whole ones," says Keyte with a wrinkle of her nose. She passes Johanna a pillow, eyes flitting back over to watch the box and her twin. "Did it? So it's alive, then. Do you think he sent the rat back? It's not scratching, is it? Go on Kesha, hurry up and open it!" Her impatient bouncing might just be enough to mark her as Keyte, rather than Kesha.

"Hello." Kesha is never very helpful in explaining who is who and this occasion is no different. "Parts of creatures?" That is worse, Johanna! The twins are at least, apparently, in agreement on this. "If he sent the rat back I will be very disappointed in a complete lack of creativity. I mean, he didn't haven have to catch it." Not that they necessarily did, either, but that's besides the point. "If you wanted it opend so quickly then maybe you should not have decided to foist the task on me while you hid." Just for that, she takes he sweet time opening the box. Are you annoyed yet, Keyte? How about now? Eventually even she tires of doing everything in slow motion and just opens it and…stares into the box, very still. Uhm. "You don't suppose he'd try to hurt us, do you?"

"They can be useful," Johanna points out, though exactly how and what parts are useful, she doesn't say. Her eyes go back to the box, brows lowering slightly as she considers the size and shape of the container. "Who is it that you've sent a rat to, and that's sending you creatures in return?" she asks, not looking that concerned that something deadly might jump out. Of course, she's not the one holding the box.

"I'm not hiding," Keyte protests very stubbornly, as she clutches another pillow to her chest. It's non-traditional hiding. Technical hiding! Her face is still left out in the open! "That's disgusting," she very matter-of-factly informs Johanna about the usefulness of parts of creatures, adding, "Ser Aevander." Irritation flashes across her features for Kesha moving so slowly. "Stop iiiiit," whines the older twin, "I know you're doing that just to annoy me. Just untie it already…" As her sister stills, Keyte leans forward with her pillow, trying to peer apprehensively at the box — from her safe distance. "No," she deadpans, "Why?"

"…how?" Kesha wonders, looking slightly less disgusted than her twin but altogether more suspicious, if also a little intrigued. At least until she actually opens the box itself once she's finished aggravating Keyte about doing so and can actually see its contents. "Oh, good," she says, once she's been assured that Aevander isn't going to actually send anything truly dangerous. She breathes a sigh of relief, relazing somewhat, and reaches into the box. "Because this," she explains, tossing a snake at her twin's unconventional hiding spot.

It's a techinical hiding spot, it's just not a very good one, because actual hiding places don't allow for things like snake flinging. Johanna doesn't really scramble away, or at least that's what she'll claim later, but she does somehow quickly find herself a good few feet away from that spot she was just sitting a few moments ago. It's like magic.

Magic? What's not like magic is the way Keyte squeals, as a snake comes sailing toward her. And continues to squeal, as she wriggles and scrambles amidst blankets to try and escape said snake. "IT'S A SNAKE," she screeches helpfully, in case either of the girls or, you know, anyone in the rest of the entire manse missed that little tidbit. "OH MY GODS IS IT GOING TO BITE ME?!"

Oooooo, it's a snaaaake. Kesha would preen a little that she's the only one not scrambling around, but she did throw the thing away from her, so it's not like she's exactly without issue. The snake itself goes flying through the air, completely confused as to how it seems to have gained the ability to fly in the last minute, to land on the bed and bounce a bit on the blankets and mattress. It's little tongue flickers out, trying to get a sense of it's new surrounding amidst flinging blankets and screeching girl, hissing softly enough it can't be heard over all the cacophony. It's dark shape wriggles. Wriggle wriggle. "YOU SAID IT PROBABLY WOULD NOT BE DANGEROUS." This is what you are missing moving away, Johanna.

You know how after you see something creepy crawly, or slithery in this instance, and suddenly senses are heightened so that every little unknown brush or tickle is suddenly another creature out to attack you? This is what happens to Johanna as she, even at this new distance, jumps abrutly to her feet, shaking out her skirt, which produces nothing. Except maybe a moment of embarrassment. "It's probably not poison," she says, voice pitched just a little higher than usual.

"I DIDN'T SAY TO THROW IT AT ME," Keyte squeals in reply, finally managing to find her way out of the tangle of bedding in a very clumsy way. She reaches out to snatch her pillow away from the snake's reach, and skitters backward another step or two for good measure. "You are really and truly and literally the worst twin ever," she hisses at Kesha, channeling her inner serpent to fix her sister with a venomous stare. Maybe she caught snake-germs. GODS. Her breathing is laboured from the fright, and it's only after a good few heavy sighs that she presses Johanna: "Are you sure?"

Kesha puts a hand to her mouth, trying to cover her giggling at the sight of all the jumping and flailing she's managed to provoke courtesy of Aevander. She really is the worst twin ever. Luckily for her, the bar for 'worst person ever' is set very high and tossing a (likely not even poisonous) snake is a very minor crime, indeed. Although with Targaryens around, she might not even be the worst twin. "Well maybe Daevon or Visenya or or someone else will take you and you can be their twin!" Because that's how it works, obviously. Gods only know where the snake has slithered off to in all of this, or is trying to slither off to.

Johanna doesn't go so far as to stand on anyting, but she does move away from anything that the snake could be hiding beneath. "Probably. I don't think he would send anything dangerous. Unless he didn't know it was. So it might be." She's not helping at all.

"That's not how it works," Keyte retorts smugly, "But I bet they don't throw snakes at each other, Kesha." She's started to peer around cautiously, lifting each of her feet in turn to triple-check that the snake hasn't come with her off the bed. (Spoiler alert: it hasn't.) "That's not very promising," she complains of Johanna's answer. "Where did it go? Can you see it?"

Despite her glee, Kesha's feet aren't touching the ground anymore. She's not getting snaked, thank you very much. "No, I imagine they just throw tantrums so you'd fit right in." Because she's on such high moral ground after tossing a snake at her own twin.

"Is that it?" asks Johanna, pointing at some spot close to Keyte. It might be it, it might not, but for just a moment she thought it was. Or she's messing with Keyte. That's possible too. She backs away further, closer to the door. In case she needs to flee. Fleeing might be necessary.

IS THAT IT? I DON'T KNOW. Keyte skips back in a flurry of skirts and slippers, grimacing as her eyes dart toward the spot Johanna's pointed out. "I don't know," she whines, heavy on the vowels. "Also, I do not throw tantrums," she clarifies for Kesha, unable to spare a glare that way because: snake. "I don't think that was it. Is it still in the bed? Somebody check!"

"Is it moving?" Kesha asks, possibly under the impression that snakes are never still and thus movement will answer if it's actually the snake or just a shadow. "I'm sure you have a bridge for sale, as well," she tells her twin with a dramatic roll of her eyes. Please. Tell it to someone who will believe you.

"Oh, for—" The rest of this is muttered under Johanna's breath, and is likely some sort of curse invoking a descriptive part of one of the seven. She seems to steel herself and move forward, toward Keyte and the bed. "Just watch for it," she says, both hands reaching out, then cringing back, then reching out, then cringing back, then reaching out again to grasp a blanket and flip it back as best as she can with as little contact as possible.

Keyte growls in response, since she can't spare a moment's glance away from the bed and possible snakeage to poke her tongue out at Kesha. Really, growling. How uncouth. "I'm watching," she assures Johanna through gritted teeth, her voice unintentionally still a little growly, oops. At each cringe, she flinches, finally letting go of another squeak as her cousin flips the bedding. "I think I see it," she exclaims, pointing to a suspectly-shaped wrinkle under the blanket. "There, there!" Note how she is not diving forth to capture the thing.

That poor snake. Just when it's managed to find a spot where there are no screaming or flailing girls, Johanna manages to flip a blanket and upend it's tiny snake world once again. It flick-flicks it's tongue out and tries to squirm away once it's been uncovered. "See? Moving." Kesha says proudly, like she discovered the thing. Well, discovered it a second time.

Deep breath. Deep breath. Okay guys, Johanna is going in. "Get the box," she says, then lurches forward to try and snag the snake somewhere near the head, without actually touching the head. "GET THE BOX! GET THE BOX!" she says. She doesn't shriek. She'll go to her grave saying she didn't shriek (though she totally did) while holding the slithering, squirmy source of all this trouble out as far from her person as she can.

"GET THE BOX! GET THE BOX," Keyte echoes equally shrill, her own slippered feet apparently glued to the floor. She is not getting the box. She is, however, watching with terrified eyes as Johanna attempts to snag the snake. Does she shuffle back another step? It's not to get the box. Just in case anyone thought it was.

OH MY GODS. "Ahh!" Kesha flails a little bit in a way that is terribly inelegant and frankly rather ridiculous looking as she is shrieked at from all sides. Wide-eyed, she scambles to grab the box in hands that shake after having been startled and thrown into sudden motion. At least she meets Johanna halfway. Sort of. In that she gets out of the chair and holds the box out away from herself. HERE, HERE.

OH MY GODS IS RIGHT! Johanna can take a look at a gaping wound without flinching, but somehow this small, scaled thing on her hand is enough to set her into a bit of a panic. "BRING IT HERE!" she says. She shrieks. She rushes forward with her arm held out and the squirming creature, you know, writhing, and hissing, and probably seriously confused. She misses the box sith the first thrust of her arm, possibly nearly slapping Kesha in the face with the snake, but the second time (provided the box isn't on the floor at this point) she hits the mark, lets the snake go, and puts a good half-dozen feet between her and the container in short order.

Terror gives way to comedy, and as an observer of Johanna thrusting a snake in her twin's face, Keyte can't help but to start giggling. JUSTICE IS SERVED. She hides her growing smile behind two hands, keeping her distance from the creature and the flailing girls. Oh yes, she takes another dainty — springy, perhaps? — step back.

"Johanna!" Okay apparently now it is finally time or Kesha to do some shrieking of her own, but what does one expect when she is NEARLY SLAPPED IN THE FACE WITH A SNAKE? "No!" She shoves the box more at the Oakheart like that will get the message across. "IN THE BOX, PUT IT IN THE BOX!" Of course as soon as she manages to actually get the snake in the box, the Tyrell girl drops the whole thing — box and snake hitting the rug with a dull thump — before she jumps back from it because what if it gets loose again and comes for revenge.

"I'M SORRY, I'M SORRY," Johanna shrieks as she nearly snake-slaps her cousin the face, watching with horror as they both let go of the box and it hits the floor. "CLOSE THE LID!" More shrieking. Of course, she isn't going anywhere near the box with the terrible, horrible, very bad beast inside of it, no matter how much she wants it to not escape. Nope. Nope nope nope.

Keyte's still giggling, doubling over at the waist in her mirth. "Oh my gods," she breathes through her bubbly gasps of laughter, accidentally falling over onto her hands and knees. Yes, it is that funny. She crawls along the floor toward the box, a little braver now having watched the little serpent thrust about by her kin. "I'll get it," she laughs, "Don't step on the box and crush it! Get out of the way!" Said little serpent is coiled within the box hissing, probably scared out of its mind having been dropped so suddenly. Who could blame it.

"I DON'T HAVE THE LID!" Though she is not longer shrieking, Kesha is still loud as she yells back at her snake-slapping cousin. It's a wonder no one has burst in on them yet to find out just what is the matter. Although by now, possible everyone of the household has learned better when the Tyrell twins are involved. "Oh, quiet," she snaps at Keyte, making a face at all the giggling the other girl is doing. The snake is all yours then.

Johanna backs away another couple steps, because… reasons, okay, all while repeatedly wiping the hand that handled the snake off on her hip. As though the creature left behind some kind of residue. "Yes, all yours," she agrees, giving the box and her giggling cousin a sour look. Yup, she's Quill's sister alright.

"Stop shouting," Keyte continues to laugh, lifting her chin to peer into the box as she gets closer — not too close, mind. "If you don't have it, where is it?" The lid, of course. Having determined that the snake is still inside the box, she looks up expectantly at her sister. Well?

"You stop shouting!" Kesha saps, just to be contrary, hugging herself. "I don't know. It's around. I took it off." The lid, that is. She isn't carrying it around, you know. Rather, she's eyeing the angrily hissing box with an understandable wariness. Although at least it seems to be all settle no—"I think it's trying to climb out!" Or she's paranoid.

IT'S TRYING TO ESCAPE. Johanna isn't going to stick too close if that is going to happen, she already touched the damnable thing once, which was more than enough for one lifetime. "Stop it!" she insists, from across the room.

"Well find it!" Seriously, Kesha. Keyte has some seriously wide, impatient eyes going on here. But then there's more shrill syllables being flustered about the room, because the snake is escaping, and OH MY GODS she quickly checks the box and squeals: "GET THE LID! GET THE LIIID!"

"Why do I have to do everything here!" Kesha half-yells and half-whines, throwing her arms up in the air and then skittering around. She curses under her breath — well, probably not under it enough. Anyway, she finds the box lid fallen from the table and under a chair, snatches it up and slams it triumphantly in the snake's snooty little face. "You are hopeless!" She huffs at Keyte.

It's Johanna's turn to laugh at the spectacle of snake induced panic from the safety of (near) the doorway. "We have to get him back," she declares, though only once the lid is on the box and the world seems a less terrifying place than it was only moments before. "That gods forsaken bastard will pay," this is added, probably for dramatic flare, though it lacks some of the fire necessary to make it sound like a proper threat. It's a good thing Aevander isn't here, she'll have to work on it.

"I would have captured it, if you'd just given me the lid," says Keyte, despite having scrambled back along the floor to make room for lid-slamming. She certainly flinched at the impact. (Poor snake!) "I am not," she insists, getting to her feet and dusting off her dress needlessly. Smoothing it. There. "You are hopeless!"

Somewhere in the dark box comes a dissatisfied hiss. Poor snake. "All you did is hide and scream and giggle — YOU are hopeless!" Kesha retorts, wrinkling her nose at her twin. "Ugh. Yes, he is going to pay for this one. A rat was not enough, clearly." She sounds more cranky than strictly threatening.

It's only when the lid is securely in place for a good few moments that Johanna dares tread further into the room again. "Send him something that bites, since he was so kind to send you the same," she requests, though beyond that she hasn't any suggestion yet.

"No you," Keyte retorts right back, continuing the cycle of accusation. She's smiling, though, and trying to suppress another giggle. "Did it just hiss? Oh my gods, I can't believe he sent us a real live snake," she gushes, hands pressing the air from her chest in a sigh. "What are we going to do with it? Send it back? — You're so right," she nods at Johanna's suggestion. "Somethings that bite, more than one!"

"No you!" This could potentially be endless. "Well, we did send him a rat. I suppose this was a…step up. Down. Something." Kesha crosses her arms with a huff and a sigh. "This time he should suffer longer than the brief moment of opening a box…" He's lucky the rat didn't chew it's way out. Her lips purse thoughtfully. "Not poisonous, though." They can at least manage that. "Do we know anyone who needs a snake? It's to bad no one is here, anymore. We could just leave it in a room."

"You could send it to someone else," Johanna suggests at once, eyeing the box for a moment. "With the card, if it doesn't mention your names on it, so that it implicates someone else." You know, just to further kick up trouble. "Someone he's friends with?" she goes on, brows lifting. "So they think he sent it to them."

Really. Endless. "No, you!" Keyte's starting to get a little vexed by the whole thing, though, her arms set rigidly akimbo as she holds her ground. (You just know she's going to give up soon.) Expression softening, she oooohs with appropriate awe at Johanna's next suggestion. "We could send it to that Prince who's holding cousin Quill?"

"No! You you you!" Endless. At least the topic of what to do with the snake is somewhat distracting. "Does he have friends?" Kesha asks of Aevander, evidently suspecting that he doesn't. How nice of her. "Isn't that Prince Ryzayle or whatever one of those people who does things with stuff?" This comes with hand gestures. THINGS with STUFF. "He'll probably kill it."

"He might," agrees Johanna with a slight nod, not seeming that concerned for the life of the snake. "If you don't want the snake killed, you should probably send it to someone else. Though he might keep it, being rather snakelike himself. You should probably find a better target, or put something else in that box to send to him."

"Fine, me," Keyte allows ever so graciously to her twin. YOU'RE WELCOME. "Maybe the Dornish would like another snake for their manse," she says with a shrug. Who knows what the Dornish like. "Let's send for some wine while we think it over?" Because all good decisions are made with the help of wine!

"We aren't supposed to send it to someone who would like it." Honestly, it's like you haven't ever pranked before, what are you doing? Kesha sighs the long sigh of a very put upon yet patient sister. "That, however, is a grand idea." Finally. They will send for wine and decide what to do about the snake-in-a-box, among other things.

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