(121-04-29) Musing on Mayhem
Musing on Mayhem
Summary: A rather motley crew discusses various theories on the abduction of Garvin Tyrell and Arion Florent.
Date: April 29, 2014
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Quill and Tankard — Hightower And Citadel

This is the common room of the Quill and Tankard, that famous Oldtown Inn that has never closed in five hundred years. The building is a noble old half-timber structure with plastered stone between the enormous old black beams. It sits on a small rock of an island at the edge of the Honeywine River, and is accessed by a little footbridge, or by water-taxi.

Rivermen and seamen, smiths and singers, priests and princes, Lords and sellswords, travelers both noble and small, and the novices and acolytes of the Citadel - all come for a taste of the fearsomely strong apple cider that makes this inn so beloved by Oldtown's people. There is a pleasant buzz of chatter, cups and tankards being filled and refilled, and general laughter.

The fire in the hearth allows for a merry glow and a comfortable warmth from Oldtown's breezy, misty cobblestone streets. Benches and tables offer places to sit, and there is a deliciously toothsome smell in the air of food from the back.

!!! Currently at least two City Watchmen are stationed here at all times. They will be quick to arrest those who offer violence to anyone. !!!
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Ahh. 'Double' ale. The ale the serious drinkers know about. Another smile to the barmaid as she drops it off and she give Jacsen a wary enough smile but doesn't linger to chat. No one in their right mind could blame her.

"I suppose that is a point, My Lady." the Maester offers before taking a swig without even waiting. "Ahh." Slamming the book open, he has a series of scribbled notes that are written in the hand of an overworked man. It's one of those rare moments of serendipity as he is able to answer both their questions at once.

"Considering this will be part of my service to /Lord Garvin/ Tyrell and the House Tyrell in general, I sincerely hope so." At least, that's what the Maester says. His tone indicates he'd probably be happy if they'd all ended up on a leaky boat in the middle of the sea.

"My cousin, his brother, has replied to the man who calls himself the Black Peacock. Something about chopping him up should he find him if he doesn't return Lord Arion in a timely manner. I believe he may be going to the Hightowers as well." She reaches for the flagon and begins to pour herself another drink when Sera hears what the Maester says. She can't help but laugh, a tense one but a laugh nonetheless. "I was mostly being sarcastic, so there is a possible way? You Maesters truly are a treasure. So you work for Lord Garvin? Do you happen to know the punishment should a highborn lord kidnap two other highborn lords?"

A glance is given between Jacsen and Sera for a moment, as he is refilling his glass now. Keeping toppoed off in order to keep up. A long sip, and then he is setting the cup down. "I believe the penalty is death-That is most certainly an act of agression." Aerys adds from his vantage point. "And were this an unprovoked, and unsanctioned move by one noble-then likely his family would disown him and he would be a brigand." Leave it to a prince to know these things.

"I am familiar with Lord Arion, My Lady —?" Well, he guessed her station allright. Jacsen says this smoothly enough as the chains jingle, his fingertip trailing over the unfurled page as he traces his writing, leaving a slight ink-smudge in the process and his scowl turns upside-down in a show of a toothy smile.

To the Prince now, "I defer to your wisdom on these things — I too believe this is that sort of High Crime." He snorts into his ale. 'Black Peacock. The only proper response is to cut off bits of him slowly and feed them to the Hightower's dogs."

"Ah, well, it all depends," comes a new voice from a figure who was enjoying a nice, early-afternoon glass of wine on the terrace. 'Ser' Eomer Meadows walks over to the little collect of Maester, Lady and Prince, canting his head as he tries to peer into Jacsen's book. "A common man who kidnapped nobility would be executed most certainly. But another noble… mmm, well. That would all depend on station, alliances, which house was the greater… it gets complicated when there's power involved. Hello." He flashes a quick grin. "What's going on then? Black peacocks loose in Oldtown?"

"Sera, Sera Florent," she offers to both of them before placing her elbows on the table. She then moves to place her chin on top of them both, holding her head up as she watches the Maester scribble. "I do hope we get to pick how to punish him," she murmurs thoughtfully as she considers the many ways she'd do it. Her teal colored eyes flick up towards Eomer as he brings himself to the group, her lips curling lazily upwards. "Well a Targaryen did come to defend him when I had him captured," she offers lightly. "She seemed to have known him so he does at least have some weight."

"Yes, well the Hightowers will likely take their time about it." Aerys responds with a faint smirk. "I'd say cut off the man's namesake and give to a gutter child as a toy." A grimace there as a little wine dribbles out onto his coat, which has a hand to come up and brush away. "Bloody.." murmured curses follow suit before he is looking back towards Sera. "Of course if it is one noble Lord, and he somehow retains his nobility, it's either Death or the Wall." so there are choices.

And there as a new member joins the conversation, Aerys passes an amused look to Eomer Meadows, before a motion is made to pull up a chair. "He is right. For instance, lady-Should your cousin have asked to duel me-I could deny him as I am royalty and not look a fool. " a pause there. "I wouldn't, I am rather fond of those, but you know what I mean." And with that he is turning to Eomer "And who might you be-that knows of the law, Lord?" curious that he could be a master for all he knows.

"Ah I believe one, but I am not familiar with this particular infestation." Though at mention of a Targaryen, there is a groan from the cups ans a look back towards the table. "Really? Why am I surprised?"

"I'd just settle for something that does not waste all our time. With /all due respect." Jacsen adds, again putting a little touch of deference on his obviously displayed hate and annoyance. "I feel like I'm suddenly surrounded by the Father's wisdom in your presence. Sometimes, you might understand, I can forget what that is like."

As a Maester who spent a lifetime in service, he is first, for all his sourness, to indicate that he indeed knows his place. "But —" He cuts himself off, momentarily to study Eomer who just put his hat into the fray, studying the man curiously. There's a slight glint in his eye. "I believe you are right about that thing. M'lord. Complications.

The door to the tavern opens and a guard in the colors of House Blackmont holds the door for Zerina as the Dornish lady steps inside. Honey colored eyes scan the room with a shy gaze as she makes her way over closer to the fireplace trying to find an empty table. The guard follows looking around at those here and glaring at those who get to close to the lady. Zerina finds a table close to the fire and settles gracefully into a chair. She gestures with one dainty hand for a server and requests a glass of thier best dornish wine. She waits paitently for her drink looking around at those here equal parts curious and shy.

"There are always complications," Eomer agrees as he smiles over at the Lady at the table. "Sera Sera Florent," he repeats, offering her a deep bow with a little, flourishy twist of his wrist. It may be more impressive for the fact he manages not to spill his wine on anybody. "Ser Eomer Meadows. It is always a pleasure to be in the presence of beauty, but doubly so when she is of fine breeding and keen mind." He draws out the offered chair, plopping into is as easily as if he hadn't just invited himself over and butted into somebody else's conversation. Glancing to Aerys he replies, "I studied law. Well, for a time. But a Targaryen? Really? Well, when nobility defends a thief it's either because the thief is also nobility or otherwise knows something the defending noble means to keep concealed. So. That is interesting."

"Either way, a Targaryen should not defend a thief, unless said thief saved-" And there Aerys blows out a sigh. "Oh for fuck's sake." And there he is looking over to Sera Sera Florent, with a bit of scrutiny. "May I ask, which Prince or Princess interviened when you had this bloody thing bound?" clearly the thought of his kin leading to two noble lords in the reach to be kidnapped does not sit well with the older Dragon. The newest entry to the tavern isn't spied though-the Dornish do stick out rather badly within Oldtown.

"Eomer Meadows.." and there Aerys seems to be in some concentration to see if he knows or can place the name-though it appears as not, as he is quick to drink again. "Law has it's benefits."

As Eomer mocks her introduction, Sera can't help but laugh as she sits back, reaching over to grab her wine for another sip. "Well, it was said he was of Noble blood, while she stood next to and the thief, for a good ten or so minutes in trying to defend him. Then, when he manages to escape due to our arguing, she recanted her story and claimed he only /looked/ like her friend. As you can see I am not sure I buy it, how good of a friend can someone be if you do not recognize him while he lays next to your feet?" She is obviously still very bitter about the situation; bitter women don't forget easily. "He could have been captured and trialed by now, but no, instead he has my cousin and Lord Garvin kidnapped. I hope he was worth her efforts."

When Aerys seems to recognize something in her words, Sera narrows her eyes as she watches him. "Why? Who do you think it is, your highness? But if you must know it was Princess Visenya, the dragon rider."

"Lord Eomer Meadows." Maester Jacsen repeats, chains jingling as he nods into his ale. Eyes narrowing ever so slightly. And oh look, a Blackmont just walked in! The sour, silver-haired Maester slumps further in his seat and clutches his cane.

He finally turns back to the two closest to him, gauging the Targaryen's reaction to all this with unfeigned interest and then finally to Sera. "So My Lady — I see we share a common cause." He swills another gulp from his tankard. "The first and most obvious question would be to ask — how did this unfold in the first place? What made this bleeding fool decide that it was an idea to just up and kidnap two members of two of the Reach's oldest houses, in the /heart/ of the Reach? Does he think he's going to run off to Dorne, now?"

Zerina looks to the nearby table where the group is talking. She can't help but overhear a few bits of what is said namely thief and something about a kidnapping. Once she has her wine she will rises and slowly approach the group offering apolite curtsey before she speaks. Her tone is polite if somewhat hestiant. "Forgive me for intruding but did I hear you say a Lord was kidnapped?" She looks to each of them his face a mixture of confusion and concern. He gaurd follows her over standing behind her and to one side where he can be easily seen in case there is any ill will directed at his charge.

"Ser Eomer Meadows," he so named corrects cheerfully before taking a swallow from his own cup. He peers over at Zerina as she approaches the table and holding up a hand that brandishes a pair of fingers. "Two lords, my dear. Who would have imagined? Though from the things I hear of Lord Garvin, kidnapping the lad may be enough punishment in and of itself." Sip. "Do sit and join us. This gossip is far too juicy not to share with all and sundry. We've a Targaryen dragonrider added to the plot, now."

"If he does.." The Targaryen states, with a shrug. More wine is now being applied liberally, which should be another point in Sera's stead. Even if she is not winning she is gaining points. "I know the name, not the Princess." Aerys answers, when it is time to refill again. Licking his lips, the knight leans a little on the table and simply stares at Sera. "She demanded you to release him? Can you explain-" Ah yes the Maester is in on this as well. Good. "Yes-this all seems to have escalated quite clearly. If a noble, was he looking to start a war between his House and the whole might of the reach?"

At Jacsen's question, Sera dips her head thoughtfully. "I was wondering about that. Could it be a petty revenge for when I caught him? But then why /steal/ from two Lords of such family beforehand? Was it a statement? Or have we encountered someone from a House we have wronged without realizing it? Not that we don't all have enemies…" She trails off to lift her eyes at Zerina's arrival as she gives her a rueful grin. "Good day, my lady. It is a rather unfortunate event." She then looks back towards Aerys as she continues, "Well yes. As to why she would demand such a thing, well, y'know what they say, flip of a coin…" she trails off as she gives Aerys a wicked grin over the rim of her tankard before she takes another sip. "Or perhaps she is indebted to him."

"There are many ties between the Houses Florent and Tyrell, but only /one/ tie of this sort." Jacsen says slowly as he musters as much tact as he possibly can in this situation. It's obvious of which he speaks, even though he doesn't actually speak it. He doesn't have to.

That 'double ale' is being drunk down to a single already. "It might also be personal." That was a cryptic comment.

"Ser Eomer." Jacsen corrects as he nods his head, Maester's chains jingling. "I believe I was unaware of some things and for that I apologize." This place has gotten quite crowded as he eyes the Dornish lady, and the Targaryen. He lets the two speculate over the wider political implications of all this. "I doubt it's a /Wild Political Play/." Except for this little offering.

Zerina looks to Sera with an expression of concern she manages a weak smile in return for that grin. "It does seem very unfortunate yes and most distressing for the families involved as well." She looks to each of them before her eyes rest on Sera once more. "I gather one of the lords taken was from your family My Lady." She sips her wine and seems to consider joining them. "Would you mind if I joined you perhaps if we all put our minds to work we can solve this or at least figure out why the Lords were taken? I am Lady Zerina Blackmont by the way, a pleasure to meet you all though I wish the circumstances were better." She offers another little curtsey and will wait for permission before taking a seat at their table.

"Eomer." Aerys begins with a look back over to the other knight. "Are you the one known as the Knight of cards?" curious that-but he is not pursuing. Instead there is a look over towards Sera, before his bottle is passed over. "Here." he says as means of a gift-though clearly none that would inspire courtship. A few coins are left on the table-more than enough to cover drinks for those seated. And carefully the Burnt Dragon is rising. "I believe, wine will only add to the sickness in my stomach. If you all will excuse me, I must attend to my House." As it seems indirectly or somewhat directly they have played a hand in this. A look is given Sera. "Since You are one of the afflicted parties by this-may I come and call upon your family?" there one hoary brow is raised. "I would see the right thing done, in concern to your cousin."

At Jacsen's words, Sera lets out an unladylike snort, "Don't I realize it," she mutters, "And it has crossed my mind more than a few times, Maester. Do your books speak of that?" Her lips curve upwards as her cheeks flush from the wine. "Must be boring with your vows, surely some of you study the indecent just to ease the pressure. Why else would you willingly take such vows?" With that she leans forward once more to brace her chin against her delicate fist. "Lady Zerina Blackmont? Ooh, I like your coat of arms," she murmurs excitedly before nodding. "Yes, my cousin Lord Arion is one of the victims, and I am seeking council with these wonderful men to see what can be done that hasn't already been attempted." Sera moves to take another sip before Jacsen's last words causes her to snicker into the cup. Aerys' offer, however, draws a genuine smile from the redhaired woman as she lowers her cup. "Ser Caelin and I would love nothing more than to have you over, your highness. You are welcome to come any time you deem suitable."

"Oh, think nothing of it, maester," Eomer replies magnanimously, "Happens all the time. I can't imagine why, but ah well." He rests his chin in his palm, listening as theories of 'why' get bandied about. "Hmm, I like personal. Personal makes sense. If this thief knows Lord Garvin or Lord Arion, or somehow believes they would wish to help him escape, perhaps it seemed a less, well, suicidal to him than to everybody else ever." He sucks in a breath, brows shooting upwards. "Perhaps the three of them are in on the plan together!"

Zerina settles into a chair at the table and offers her a small shy smile. "Thank you My Lady and please accept my deepest sympathies for what happed to your cousin. I will pray he is returned safely and unharmed. Now how did this come about? Surely no common criminal in Oldtown would dare think they could kidnap two lords and escape with their head still attached to thier neck? This sounds like a very daring and perhaps unpredicable thief…was there any hint of a motive. Do you know his name or anything about his identity?" Zerina seems concerned and determined to solve this those honey brown eyes are fairly calm but one can clearly see she is thinking full speed as well.

"The world is full of too many things to be an expert about, and the world is contained in the Citadel's library." Jacsen notes to Sera dryly in a tone that indicates the answer is probably 'yes.' But he's not saying it outright. "Our vows of service make for a good life. Better than some other avenues. Which is a nice way of saying there's always some poor bastard on the ladder below you." He coughs a little while downing some ale. The apologetic half-offer was made to Eomer and he ackwnowledges the response with a simple nod. He wordlessly slides over gesturing towards the Blackmont lady indicating there is room for her. And finally, Aerys Targaryen is eyed flatly by the Maester. "Prince, if I say, you seem like good company befitting your station." Which is again a nice way of probably saying 'thank the Gods you're not crazy like all those other Dragons'. Maybe.

"Well, when Meryn's seed blooms as well as you do, I do not see why I should not." compliment paid to the Lady before a slight bow is given. "I'll provide word, so that you and your cousin will feel fit to recieve me. I don't require much. Just good wine." he adds with his own grin before he is looking back towards the Maester. "Luck to you all in this endeavor. I will see what I can learn, in order to help you out. You have my word as a Targaryen." which in the Reach might not mean much now, as it once did. Still Prince Aerys offers it before offering a kind enough nod to Lady Zerina and then he is sliding by Eomer, a queer enough look-between amusment and consideration is given before he is making for the door. He does pause halfway and spares a glance to Jacsen. "Thank you, Maester. Hearing that here, means much-given things." One hand sifting through pale hair as the overcast day throws no shade upon exiting form.

At Jacsen's words she can't help but snicker into her cup before taking another sip. Sera then glances towards Eomer as she winces. "I surely hope not, that would not be good for any families involved. Disaster." She watches Aerys leave for a moment before turning her focus back to Zerina. "Well, this thief seems to have taken a very special interest in Lord Gavin and Lord Arion. First he steals from them, then he comes again to steal more, and now he kidnaps them. Don't you find it odd how he has focused on these two gentleman over all the others? Maybe there is indeed a conspiracy…"

"Mmm," Eomer agrees as he watches Aerys depart, "because young nobles in lust have a reputation for being rational, logical sorts. That's what all the ballads say." He has another swallow of wine, which sadly finishes it off. He frowns down at the cup and then looks around to see if there is any available bottle with which to refill it.

Zerina blinks in surprise. "You mean he has targeted them repeatedly?! Why was he not stopped after the first occurance or the second?" The Lady looks shocked by this and shakes her head. "Well there certainly seems to be a pattern here. Perhaps the two Lords arranged this or perhaps the thief targeted them for a reason? Did they slight him or insult him? Has he been seen with them before? Do we even know who this thief is? If we could uncover his idenity that might give us a clue…"

As Zerina questions, Sera lets out a tired sigh as she rests her head heavily on her hand. "Things have been done. I have hired a sellsword and personally went to capture him. I had him but I was interrupted and was ordered to let him go; while arguing my case he had escaped." She shrugs her shoulders helplessly at that before sliding her teal colored eyes towards Jacsen. Her hand, however, reaches out to offer the wine flagon to Eomer so he may refill his cup. "Remind me not to be in lust," she informs Eomer oh-so-seriously.

To the departing Aerys, "Seven blessings, Prince!" The Maester appears to be heartened by the man's presence for what it's worth. As much he's able. To Sera now, as he downs the rest of his ale and simultaneously trying to flag down the barmaid with a raise of his cane. It gets attention.

"Well, considering the state of the rest of the household I am in, I assume that things could always side down a few more rungs on that ladder." Jacsen has a way of saying things like this that are, if one considers words alone, perfectly polite but delivered in such a way that a listener could easily discern every manner of vile profanity implied. And then he returns to the topic at hand. "I think there are ways to deal with every situation that don't cause massive amounts of grief and trouble for those around them."

"Remind a beautiful lady not to be in lust?" Eomer repeats, his brows rising even as his head shakes. "My lady, I could never to the world such a grievous disservice as that." He reaches for a bottle of wine, whoever it belongs to, and refills his glass. "This smacks more and more of conspiracy. A thief that targets the same men repeatedly and now kidnaps them? No, I say he was hired by Lord Garvin and Lord Arion to 'rob' them and create an alibi, so when they were kidnapped, it would seem more believable. Well. To them." He considers, a finger tapping his lip. "Isn't Visenya Targaryen Garvin's betrothed? perhaps that is why she helped this thief escape."

Zerina looks to Sera and the lowers her eyes. "I am sorry my lady….I did not wish to cause you discomfort I was only trying to get the facts so I might be able to offer my help. If you would like I will have some of the guards of House Blackmont help with searching for them?" Zerina peeks up at the red head nervously and sighs softly. "I care for my family deeply and I can only imagine how worried you must be. Family is important and I will gladly offer my and my houses assistance to help bring your cousin home safely…if you will allow it that is." Zerina frowns at the suggestion Eomer makes. "Wait…are why would Lord Garvin and Lord Arion want to be kidnapped together? Are they….I mean um are they lovers or just friends? If they are lovers this could give several other reasons for the thief to take them…being paid by the Lord is one..there is also the reasons of homosexual pregidious and jealousy…Maybe the thief has an interest in one or both of them as well?"

"Trust me, I am no good when I stop listening to my head and start listening to my-…heart." Yea, that works for now. "I keep falling for the same trap," she mutters in annoyance before glancing back towards Eomers. "It would make sense, but why create such an elaborate plan that can have their friend killed? As you said the law is severe when it comes to kidnapping highborns, even by other highborns." Zerina's suggestion of the three of them in an armorous affair actually has Sera's face turn green. "By the seven gods please…That would be even worse. Why kidnapping though? Surely they understand the consequences of such an action is severe."

Loryn wanders into the pub in search of a cold drink and smiles when he sees the beautiful Sera there. Hoping her face isn't turning green just now because he entered. He'll wait until she notices him until he offers her a bow. The others he doesn't know.

"Maybe he just wanted attention. You know how /some/ people are." Jacsen finally opines, as more ale comes. He smiles wolfishly. It's a creepy, unsettling look from a creepy, unsettling mann. His spindly fingers curl around the tankard. He does however look towards the Dornishwoman and her suggestion. "Hmmm." He considers. Eomer gets similar consideration. "I'm sure we can all ask this fool once he is drawn out. I would wager that Highgarden isn't in the business of just paying ransoms without some kind of reckoning down the road."

"Really?" Eomer asks of Lady Sera. "I am so sorry, my dear, what trap is that?" He grins at Zerina as she supposes the pair might be lovers, and though he says nothing, that smile does invite a certain level of agreement with her supposition. "Well, the young lords are not known as the most rational sorts and… seven hundred gold dragons for both? That is a tidy sum of money. Perhaps the three of them wish to run away and want a means to provide a little treasury for the escapade."

"Cousin Caelin is already reckoning, reckoning like there is nothing more to reckon for." Sera starts to snicker at her own words as the wine seems to get to her head a bit, her cheeks flushing a bit. She spies Loryn as he walks in and she offers him a wide smile. "Lord Loryn!" She greets before she turns to her three companions. "His cousin, Lord Garvin, is the second victim!" Ooh, celebrity-status. She then snort-laughs in an unladylike manner at Eomer, "Seven hundred gold dragons won't last Lord Arion or Lord Garvin even half a year. Lord Arion spends more on himself than any Lannister woman has ever spent."

Loryn quirks a brow when he hears the remark abot his cousin and approaches the table. "Have you had news from our cousins?", he asks Sera curiously, inclining his head in a vague greeting towards the others.

Zerina sips her wine nodding to Sera. "Yes it would be quite disgraceful for all involved if they were but I was simply stating a possiblity it may not be so. Until the thief is found and questioned all we have are speculations and rumors to go by." She goes silent now sipping her wine and looking thoughtful and concerned as she ponders the possiblities and listens to the conversation as it continues on.

"Well, but seven hundred dragons could get them somewhere where they might earn more. Gambling can make a rich man richer, if the cards are kinds," Eomer offers. He lifts his glass to greeting Loryn as the man arrives. "My condolances on this whole peculiar episode."

"I'd like to think that this particular brand of luck and this particular brand of foolish have poor odds when one looks at the greater picture. A man has only one head to wager." Jacsen notes in kind as he notes the arrival of Loryn Tyrell. It's a welcome presence to be certain. "My Lord — I was merely — examining the evidence we have so far." The Maester serving House Tyrell appears a bit more reserved now, too.

"Only that Arion's brother plans on dismembering the thief should he take too long in releasing him. The usual." She lets out a sigh at that then takes another sip from her tankard. Placing the tankard down hard, Sera shakes her head. "I do not see them as gamblers either; they probably would run away to be playwrights and mummers, but who knows? They are both people who never had a hungry day in their lives, I doubt they could last long if that was the case." She then nods in agreement with Jacsen. "And I also tend to find that the simplest answer is usually the correct answer."

"Does the city really believe that my dear cousin and his companion have been kidnapped?" Loryn seems actually surprised by that, then shrugs. "I suppose it's one of their follies, since Garvin did ask me to take over his part. Which I did." Judging by the young lord's long face, it didn't go as swimmingly as he had hoped for. Invited or not, he pulls up a chair to join the group and orders an ale for himself.

"Well, but there you have it," Eomer argues. "It those who have never experienced want who are the poorest at planning for it. They thought seven hundred dragons would be enough until they could make their fortunes as actors or playwrights or what have you. Which means they'll come crawling back home, hungry and repentant, outside of a fortnight." Then he laughs and points to Loryn. "Ah, you see? You see? Damn me, I should have put money on this theory."

Zerina sips her wine in silence listening quitely as the conversation goes on. Finally she speaks. "Perhaps it was staged…but what of the thief? Was he hired or was there another reason…it could also be someone trying to make a statment of some sort…though what that would be is up for debate. They could very well have been taken against thier will. We don't know for certain." She takes another sip of wine and inclines her head to Loryn. "Did Lord Garvin give you any reason for his absence? And what of Lord Arion?" She looks to Sera curiously now.

Loryn just dropped what looked like an unpleasant bomb. Maybe a bomb loaded with sharp, unpleasant bits of truth and the long and short of it is Maester Jacsen just groans. And drinks. Another heavy sigh is directed towards the open page and his head droops a little. A sidelong glance is shot at Eomer. His statement about bets and wagers is met with a grim nod. "For a gambler, Ser, those are some very safe odds." To Sera now — "Unfortunately that is correct, My Lady." Unfortunately.

When Loryn mentions Garvin's message Sera narrows her eyes at him. "While how are we supposed to know that? The only thing we know is that we received a note asking for a ransom. If this is all one massive joke, well, it is done in poor taste and they all deserve to be punished regardless." Seriously, making her waste her time worrying and complaining when she could be doing something else. "And at this point a whipping hardly seems worth it. No, if it is a prank I will be very, very, very annoyed." She then peers at Zerina before lifting her shoulder. "The last I heard he was moving into the Whimsy."

"He didn't tell me much.", Loryn tries to clarify, "He just commented on how it would be a good idea if I learned his part since big parts need an understudy who can step in at any moment's notice. I just thought he wanted to do me a favour - perhaps even let me take his part at one performance with him just pausing. But him asking me this and him disappearing two days later - it doesn't seem like a coincidence. It also appeals to his sense of drama. The thief could be someone from the troupe.", he adds thoughtfully, then shrugs, nodding to Sera. "I suppose it's one of these 'we're wild and free and beyond constraints and rules' things." He blushes a bit.

"Ah, yes, yes…" Eomer nods as Loryn continues. "And Lord Garvin moved into the Whimsy, what, days before this kidnapping? For no reason anyone seems to know, save he felt like it. I think he moved to a place where there would be no guards to kick up a fuss when he and Lord Arion were taken. It is all far, far too convenient to be anything but a ruse. What thief, common or noble, would up and abduct two noblemen for no reason in the thick of their own territory? No, this peacock fellow is another lover or otherwise a hired schill."

Zerina finishes off her glass of wine and rises to her feet offering the group a polite curtsey. "I should be going now. Excuse me. I hope this matter will be settled soon though." She inclines her head to each of them smiling shyly before she starts for the door with her guard following behind her.

"I simply defer to the wisdom already presented." the Maester offers tersely and dryly. Oh yes. It's dry. Maybe a bit of ale will help, and he tears into his.

"I guess there is not much to do until he is caught or the lords are found. Perhaps the Targaryen Prince may be able to help us." She looks back towards Zerina and smiles as she gets up. "I should be as well," she murmurs, placing her hands squarely against the table as she moves to stand up. Sera is a bit unsteady on her feet, but thanks to people's shoulders and heads, she manages to find her balance by leaning against those closest to her. "It was a pleasure to meet you all, and I do hope we see each other again, under much better circumstances."

Loryn gets to his feet quickly. "Let me walk you home, Mylady.", he offers to Sera, feeling that she is wobbly on her legs. "I should be on my way as well."

Zerina pauses glancing to Sera as she also rises. She seems about to speak but then Loryn offers to take the lady home and the Dornish lady seems satisfied with this offering them both a smile before she exits out the door and onto the street with her guard behind her.

Eomer, too, seems about to offer the Lady an escort home… when a much more appropriate one presents himself. Eomer does not go so far as to snap his fingers, but a brief flicker of consternation skiters across his features and he drowns the small pang in another gulp of wine. Then he glances over at Jacsen and considers. "You ever wager, maester?"

"I believe circumstances can only get better from here. But it was more pleasant than I could have hoped." Jacsen says with a tired, grumpy tinge to his face, even though his words appear quite polite and deferent. "I will be in contact if I find anything as well."


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