(121-04-29) Boxed Blackrood
Boxed Blackrood
Summary: Aevander visits the captive Quillian to learn his version of the events that led to his incarceration.
Date: April 29, 2014
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Though it is no cell, it serves as one. A simple enough room befit a knight. Currently seated within is one Quillian Oakheart, his jack, off leaving the main in his doublet, lounging, as his booted feet are propped up on the table in his quarters. A small book left in the room, is open and that-is what currently has his attention. Apparently Quillian has adjusted easily to the captive lifestyle.

The Blackrood's quiet repose is interrupted when the door of the man's room opens and a guard announces "Ser Aevander Targaryen to see you, Ser Quillian." The Hightower man moves out of the way to allow the blond and black-clad dragon to step inside and quietly nudge the door shut. "Ser Quillian," he greets with a polite nod. "I hope you are well. In body, at the very least."

A glance up as Aevander comes in, and Quillian has the mind to at least put his boots down and rise up. You do that when respected royalty comes in the room. A wry enough smile shows on his face. "Ser Aevander." he replies in kind before he turns to look around. "I'd offer you a seat, but all I have is one chair and a bed. And I am no Garvin Tyrell." A smirk before he props himself on the table instead. "Have you come to make demands of me as well? It seems your family is in that mein." A sniff there. "Your brother, feebly tried to defend me." he adds. "So, I should give the Maiden knight some credit, but somehow common sense did not enter in and he allowed this to happen." A laugh there. "Truly know-I respect your house and love our King. But I hate your kinsmen. And they are building fires to that hate."

"The seven be thanked there is only one Garvin Tyrell," Aevander agrees with a shake of his head. But his smile fades as he listens to Quillian's words. "I have only come to hear what happened. I've spoken to Ryzael and listened to his version of the events. I ask to hear yours, and if you will give me the names of any of your house who accompanied you, I will speak to them as well. I love my family and I will protect their good name." One brow lifts. "By separating the chaff from the wheat, if it is necessary. So, I must hear all of the facts."

Quillian laughs. "How is it, I've managed to only meet the bastard dragons?" he wonders before he is motioning for the other knight to take the chair as he has the table. "I will, if it will sort this out." A sigh there. "I came to the manse to make good my promise to challenge. As such, I left my squire outside incase something should befall me-I'd not have a Meadows lad murdered on my account." A roll of his shoulders. "Also notified my family and a few friends, as I do not trust a man who would strike a woman and order my men from their post." he adds before looking up.

"Upon entering I was shown to the Library where I told Ryzael, that we would have words, and he seemed surprised I came." A chuckle there. "I will admit, I was not polite, but I demanded an apology or else he would see challenge. He then called in your manse' guard force and said I had threatened him and it was legal what he was doing. Horse shit-it was cowardice pure and simple. He said I threatened him bodily harm in a letter which your brother showed him." And there eyes narrow. "To which your brother did not a thing-for surely as you and I know, that was to notify you both of my intent to challenge. If I was going to kill or wound your precious prince I would surely not write to you before." A sigh "He said if I apologized for it, he would let me go. I had no intention of killing your guards, so I apologized and then formally challenged him, in front of your brother and your house guards. He claimed this still a threat and had me arrested."

A shake of his head. "I insulted him, I will not deny-but that is no crime."

Aevander takes the offered seat and smiles faintly. "You do have a reputation for being a bit of a bastard yourself, ser. Perhaps like calls to like. Or, I may just hide away the good ones when you are about." His hands lace loosely together as he listens to Ser Quillian's account, nodding now and again. Aevander puffs out a soft breath as the Blackrood finishes his explanation, lifting a hand to rub it briefly over his face before it drops again. "Ryzael insists you threatened him bodily, but if all he has as proof is the letter you sent to me, I do not believe it is a crime to be a bit of a shit on paper. Especially not when those words were later replaced with an apology. I will speak to my men and servants as well as your squire. If they corroborate what you have said, I will inform the Hightowers and I believe they will release you. If not, I will write to my family in King's Landing. If you have but issued a challenge, I will see you released. I cannot promise Ryzael will offer any sort of apology, but my family will provide recompense for the insult you have suffered." Aevander pauses a moment before he continues on, "As for my brother, he sent for me and I could not be found. I understand your frustration with Ser Daevon, but I ask you speak of him with a little more courtesy. If he has not acted as you might wish, neither has he done wrong."

"Aye, I do." Quillian repsonds. "But, not with any of our own countrymen. Just those fucking roaches." he adds. He saves his bastardom for the Dornish, thank you. As for Aevander's words there is a nod. "I do not expect her will, but that is why I have given him the chance of a challenge. He can either be a man and simply learn one does not strike women-or he can be a coward and hide behind his name." Though of course there are perfectly sane reasons to not duel landed nobility if one is royalty. "Ser, I can promise you. I spoke of challenge and withdrew my previous so that there would no be clouding the issue, which he is clearly fond of. He said m sister insulted a prince-I say she insulted a criminal." likely he speaks of Maelys. "I never drew steel, nor did I lay a hand on him. I did tell him that he would see more than words, should he not apologize, in reference to my challenge." A nod there. "I would appreciate that, and call you a fine man if though it happens."

And there he looks towards the window and laughs. "No, He did not do anything wrong, but he did nothing." Save came for Aevander. "Were it my home and one of my kin acting falsely to you or him, I would have stepped in, despite our disagreements concerning the Dornish."

"One of which is now betrothed to my brother," Aevander reminds with a quirk of a smile, "so there is some desire to maintain amicable relations with the Dornish, ser, within my family. I know many in the Reach suffer wounds, old or more current, from those of Dorne, but as royalty, we must strive to maintain the peace between our two nations, despite those offenses." He exhales softly. "Ser Daevon is a good man, but when he is off the battlefields and the lines are less clear, sometimes he stumbles."

Quillian snorts. "Oh I know. I was there." added with a quirk of his mouth. "I myself have a Dornishwife. Should Daevon know how to use her, he won't tire of her, that is for certain." And there he draws silent. "Perhaps you should tell him, the battlefield is ever there. It just changes terrain." Perhaps a motto Quillian uses himself.

"Perhaps so," Aevander agrees, easing back his chair so that he can stand. "I thank you for your time and your patience, ser. I will send word as soon as I have spoken with your kin and the rest of the manse servants that were in attendance."

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