(121-04-28) Some Bad News
Some Bad News
Summary: In which Aevander informs Johanna that her brother has been arrested.
Date: April 29, 2014
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Day rolls into evening, and Johanna awaits the return of her brother, a return, as it happens, that isn't going to come anytime soon, time spent wandering the halls of the new and largely vacant manse, and settling in the dining room where she picks at a meal, and drinks a fair amount more wine. She is in process of pouring more of that liquid meal when a servant comes in to announce a guest, and then, shows Aevander in.

Aevander steps into the dining room, looking a bit too somber for the news to be good. “Lady Johanna,” he greets with a small nod. “May I join you a moment?”

This doesn't bode well, but Johanna pushes back her chair and rises all the some. “Of course, Ser,” she replies, gesturing to the one of the many chairs around the table. “Would you like some wine?”

No, no, that’s all right,” Aevander replies with a small breath out and a shake of his head. “My lady, your brother is unharmed. But… my cousin, Ryzael, has… arrested him.” His jaw works in silence a moment to give Johanna a chance to absorb that. “I have heard his statement as to his reasons. I mean to speak to Ser Quillian and the those who witnessed the event so as to determine the truth of it.”

Johanna's mouth tightens as the news is shared with her, full lips pursing into a line. "I see," she replies, and then takes another drink, because drinking is necessary after that bit of news. "Why, precisely, was he arrested?" she asks. "Last I heard, my brother meant to go over and challenge him to a duel. I did not realize that was a crime, even for a Targaryen? Or is it only acceptable when a Targaryen does so, and then defiles the body afterward?" It's unfair, taking it out on Aevander, but he's here, and she is upset.

“Ryzael claims Ser Quillian did not challenge him to a duel, but rather threatened him with bodily harm. He cites the letter your brother wrote which… was rather crude and threatening, I will admit. When I read it, I assumed it was his way of announcing his intention of dueling if Ryzael would not offer an apology. Ryzael saw it otherwise,” Aevander replies. He keeps his own voice carefully controlled and bland as he offers this news.

"If my brother meant to just hurt him, he would have simply done it," Johanna states in a tone that is sharper than she intends it to be, eyes closing as she exhales. "Quill may be many things," she goes on, tone gentler now, "But he is not an idiot." She takes another drink, because…wine. "So my brother sought to defend my honor against a violent Targaryen, and instead of apologizing, or accepting the challenge, he chooses to hide like a coward behind his name while he has my brother arrested. Is that about the sum of it?" she asks.

“I know my lady,” Aevander assures gently. He puffs out a slow breath. “I cannot say for certain until I have spoken to your brother and the other witnesses, but… yes. I suspect that is, indeed, what likely happened. I will see it put right.”

"I appreciate that," Johanna replies with a quiet sigh, looking over at Aevander again. "What does he want out of it? He must be after something if he's arrested my brother, because I sincerely doubt that he’s afraid for his life."

“Ah. Well…” Aevander presses his lips together in slight consternation. “He may be. A touch. I, ah… threatened him a bit, you see.”

"You…" Johanna's dark brows jump up, as though she can't quite believe it. "You threatened him?" This makes her laugh, a sudden, amused sound in the midst of this rather quiet house. "Good on you. What did you say?"

Aevander clears his throat softly. “I informed him that if he did not apologize and Ser Quillian challenged him to a duel, I would make it known that any who offered to champion his cause would make an enemy of House Targaryen. Ryzael is very skilled with bandages and potions, but he has spent very little time studying weaponry. I had hoped it would force him to swallow his pride and make amends.”

"Ah," Johanna laughs again, nodding. "Now it all makes sense, he was fearful that he would have to face my brother on his own, and too prideful to apologize. I would say I felt bad for him, except I don't. He deserves every bit of fear, and more, and I sincerely hope that this ridiculous show he puts on reveals him for the disgusting coward that he is."

“He is certainly not making my job of improving our reputation in this town any easier,” Aevander agrees with a soft sigh. “Ryzael will turn Ser Quillian over to the Hightowers. If your brother did no more than issue a challenge, I will press them to release him, which I expect they will only be too eager to do.”

"No, he is not," agrees Johanna with a shake of her head, retaking her seat at the table now. "Between he, and Prince Maelys, I would say the reputation grows more tarnished by the day." She draws a breath then, nodding. "Good. If he's with the Hightowers, at least I know he's not in that-…" he lips purse again, "In his care."

“I think your brother is quite safe. Even Ryzael is not so foolish as to arrest a man and then attempt to harm him,” Aevander replies. “My lady, is there anything I can do for you or any further questions I might answer? If not, time presses, and I have a number of guards and servants to speak to before the end of the day.”

"Are you so sure of that?" Johanna asks in a dry and somewhat dubious tone. "He doesn't strike me as the most socially aware guy, and that might be the exact sort of thing he'd do, because his bloated ego tells him that he's entitled." She exhales through her nose then, shaking her head. "No, I don't believe I have any questions. Should I think of any, I will be certain to write you. At least you can usually be relied upon to be reasonable."

Aevander’s brows lift faintly at that last little dig, but he only offers Lady Johanna another deep nod in parting. “I will send word when I have learned more. Good evening, my lady.”

Johanna exhales again, a soft puff of breath as she shakes her head. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean that as unkind, it was meant to— well, to tease, I suppose. I should have added a request that you don't drink and get into any duels yourself, or something along those lines." She takes another gulp of wine, because at this point it seems like a good idea, especially when joking about someone else getting drunk and saying stupid things. "I have much sympathy for you and your whole," she makes a circular gesture with the hand holding the cup of wine, "Ordeal. With your family. Mine isn't near so bad, but it's trying enough. I wish you luck in your continued efforts to survive yours."

“Ah, well, yes. There was that,” Aevander allows for that whole fighting-Viggo-when-he-was-more-wine-than-man episode. “I did fight the thing, though,” he feels compelled to add, “and nobody was arrested. Even when I lost.” He smiles wryly. “Your pardon, my lady. I am afraid my sense of humor has been somewhat tried by the day’s events, and I am not entirely myself.”

"You did," Johanna agrees with a wan smile that's hidden again behind the tilt of her goblet. "You did, and you accepted the outcome, and you didn't threaten the life of the man that challenged you. You're a shining example when sat beside that pathetic excuse for a dragon."

“I would feel flattered if a stray dog wouldn’t seem a shining example when set beside that particular cousin of mine,” Aevander replies around another puff of a laugh. “I am sorry this has befallen your brother. I will set it right. I give you my word.”

"Thank you, Ser Aevander," Johanna actually musters up a bit more of a smile for him, possibly because her eyes are taking on more of a glazed quality. "It is greatly appreciated."

“My lady,” Aevander offers with a small bow. He reaches out to offer Johanna a quick squeeze of her hands in his. And then he does retreat to see about speaking to a number of guards and servants.

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