(121-04-28) Reasons Why
Reasons Why
Summary: Ryzael explains to Aevander why he arrested Ser Quillian.
Date: April 28, 2014
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It's been a bit over an hour since Aevander was called back to the manse, so it must come as little surprise to Ryzael when it's his turn to receive a missive from a servant. Simply the request that Ser Aevander, who can be found in the Dragon Door Manse, wishes to speak with him as soon as might be arranged.

Ryzael comes down stairs, pausing in his other preparations, in search of Aevander after receiving said message. He moves unhurriedly, though with purpose. When he finds Aevander he enters, giving a brief incline of his head in greeting. "I got your message." he says mildly. "I am fairly certain I know what about, but I won't presume."

Aevander, when found, is sitting int he dining room, sipping a glass of wine. He pours a second cup as Ryzael arrives, setting it out for the other man. "I am fairly certain you are correct," he agrees with a small nod. "Daevon informs me you've had Ser Quillian arrested, but he didn't seem to know what transpired much beyond that. What happened, Wisdom? How did this come about?"

Ryzael takes a breath, shrugging his shoulders. He slides into an empty chair before nodding his head. "It is pretty straightforward, Ser." he says, his tone a tad weary. "His letter contained direct violent threats. Which of course is illegal." he continues. "I told him plainly then that I respected his feelings and protectiveness over his sister. And for that reason would give him a chance to end the matter there and then, by apologising and walking away to leave it. However, that his sister was in the wrong, and deserved what she received." he says. A pause for breath, for consideration, then he speaks again. "He refused and grew more insulting. I gave him this choice twice, and urged him to accept it, and he refused. So. I felt left with little alternative." he says. "I have little desire to harm the man for familial loyalties, however, I won't be threatened and bullied over them either."

"I see," Aevander replies with another small sip of wine. "It was Daevon who summoned me back when he witnessed this transpiring. He seemed to be under the impression that Ser Quillian did apologize. But you maintain he only escalated his insults? In what manner did he threaten you?"

Ryzael quirks a brow, shrugging his shoulders. "He fulfilled only half of the requirement. One was to withdraw the matter between us completely, and the other was to apologize. He only did one, and was very insistent and insulting in continueing to demand the other. As for the threat, it was quite plain. He threatened to geld me, in his own hand." he says. He makes a mildly dismissive gesture. "I have a peaceful resolution in mind, yet, we shall see what it comes to. If he will not bend the knee, then, he will force the escalation of the matter himself. It is not what I really desire."

Aevander has another swallow of wine as he considers. "We have no power of law, here, save what we can intimate through our name. It is the Hightowers who arrest and detain in Oldtown. Have you informed them of what you have done? Do you intend to inform the king? I would also like the opportunity to talk to Ser Quillian myself and hear his version of the matter. Will you tell me where you have detained the man so I might speak to him?"

Ryzael quirks a brow, taking in a breath and then letting it out. "I had already written to the Hightowers about his threat and requesting he be taken into custody. They have not yet acted on it, obviously. Then Ser Quillian sought me out here to continue his behavior. I see no reason I should continue to bear insults and threats to my person directly to my face without action. He is the manse for the moment, yet I intend to turn him over to the Hightowers shortly. All things considered I feel I've acted more mildly than many would have given the circumstances." he says, before taking a pause. "Anyway, once he is turned over to them the matter will be something to proceed as any other charge, I'd imagine. Unless he meets my terms, to withdraw my complaint. Which I will speak to him about before sending him there."

Aevander finishes his cup of wine and refills it from the carafe before he speaks. "I see," he says again. "Well, I appreciate your calm candor in informing me of these events. Is there anything further of which I should be aware?"

Ryzael shrugs and shakes his head. "Not particularly." he says. "Yourself? I understand your low opinion of me. Yet I would think you would not find such behavior acceptable either. Or do I continue to over estimate your family pride and loyalty?" he says, giving a curious and measuring look towards Aevander.

"I cannot give my opinion until I have spoken with Ser Quillian. It was my understanding, by his own hand, that he intended to challenge you to a duel if you would not apologize for the insult you visited on his sister," Aevander replies. "If you arrested him for a crudely-worded challenge, I cannot approve of that. Nor would I find that it spoke to the measure of our family's courage or chivalry if such challenges are met with arrests rather than acceptances or outright dismissals. He is an Oakheart. You are a Targaryen. It would seem somewhat craven, but you can ignore a challenge from a lesser house if you so choose. If he did not challenge you to a duel, but rather threatened to attack your person directly, I still cannot say I find the choice of acting as lawkeeper appropriate, but certainly it would seem more understandable."

Ryzael shrugs, sighing a bit. "You can read the letter, if you like." he says as he comes to his feet. "I will have a copy sent to you. Anyway, if there is nothing else I believe I'll see about seeing this matter divested to the Hightowers, in the immediate sense."

Aevander lifts a hand and gives a few small flicks of his fingers, a corner of his mouth quirking as he 'dismisses' Ryzael in the same manner that the Wisdom is so fond of using, himself.

Ryzael gives a mildly bland expression towards Aevander in response, yet otherwise simply makes his exit.

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