(121-04-28) Kidnapped!
Summary: Lord Pansy and the Bashful Fox are taken hostage by the Black Peacock!
Date: 28 April 4014
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Laurent was not present IC in this scene, but rather acted as Storyteller.

Apex - Whimsy Theatre
Mon Apr 28, 121 ((Mon Apr 28 15:04:39 2014))
It is a summer day. The weather is cool and drizzling.

The third story above the stage is called the apex, and it's here that the theater's owner keeps his office. In contrast to the disarray of the tiring house, the apex is kept neat and orderly. A large table surrounded by matching chairs holds stacks of parchments and ledger books. Other, more comfortable chairs and cushioned benches are arranged around a lower table, creating a relaxed area for socializing. In one corner of the room is a monstrous bed with coverings and drapes of heavy purple velvet.

There are windows with diamond-shaped glass panes that look down upon the amphitheatre, though it's impossible to see the stage itself, due to the heavens roof. The yard and gallery can be viewed, however, and the windows have drapes that can be pulled closed for a little privacy. There's also a small door giving access to the castle walk, though actors generally use the stairs outside the apex to reach the third level of the stage.

The performance is long over, and the theater is empty. Nyran, Armand, and both of Garvin's Purple Cloaks are off having fun at a tavern. Garvin is just returning from a late supper, looking sleepy and more than a bit tipsy, and he slowly climbs the stairs up to the apex. He didn't have a chance to speak with Arion before the play tonight, and after, he had to settle a dispute between two of the vendors who sell oatcakes in the forecourt. Who knew running a simple playhouse was so much work? Once he reaches his little sanctum, he tosses his hat in the general direction of a chair and makes his way toward the bed in the corner, eyes half closed.

Arion is standing in a corner of the room looing anxious about something. His bottom lip is swollen as he has been worrying it for a few very long minutes. When he sees Garvin enter he sighs softly smiling but it doesn't reach his eyes. He looks regretful and pained. Slowly he approaches the Tyrell and speaks softly. "Umm Garvin….we need to talk." He looks over the sleepy Lord and runs a hand through his hair smiling sadly. "Though maybe it should wait untill you've rested first?" He steps close to Garvin standing just out of reach and looking like someone just told him to kick a puppy. He seems depressed but resigned. "I cannot help with the plays or act anymore Garvin…I want to but my brother being here changes things and not just that. We had a talk and I realized something." A tear escapes Arions eyes and he lowers his head looking distraght. Whatever is up the Florent obviously isn't dealing with it well.

Garvin perks up at soon as he hears Arion's voice, his back straightening and eyes beaming sunshine. He starts toward the young Florent, arms open, but stops just short of embracing him. His expression falls from elated to concerned, brows furrowing. "What is is, love? Your brother won't let you act anymore? But…what will you do? You're a great actor! I'm writing a role just for you in the next play. Depriving the world of your natural talent is a sin! Would it help if I spoke to your brother again?"

Arion shakes his head slowly a few tears hitting the floor as he speaks. "No that will not help anything. I'm sorry Garvin." He looks up with moist eyes filled with love and pain. "No matter what I hope you will know that I do love you and that I'm doing this to prevent us both from hurting more later. My brother had a talk with me and made me realize something. I can't keep you as my love…I want to by Seven Gods I do! But my brother and cousins are right. We will never be accepted as lovers and someday I will have to marry….Garvin I am a loyal creature. I can't marry someone I don't love and I won't hurt them or you by trying to love you both at once. I'm doing this because I don't want to hurt you later on…I'm sorry. It is the last thing I want to do now but I can no longer be your lover." Broken eyes looks down at the floor and Arion trembles slightly as he seems to be waiting for Garvin to yell at him or curse him.

Garvin's face slowly drains of color, as he stares at Arion for a long moment, jaw hanging slack. This is the last thing he expected to hear tonight. Or any night, really. He begins swaying just a bit, eyes losing focus, and he stumbles to a chair before he falls over. His mouth opens and closes a few times, but no sound escapes him. He begins to shiver, but his face remains the shade of curdled milk. Any moment now, he's sure, he'll wake and discover this was only a dream brought about by his own fears and insecurities. If he's lucky, he'll find Arion peacefully sleeping beside him. All he needs to do is wake up. Or at least remember to breathe.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toran=Stealth Vs Garvin=Alertness
< Toran: Success Garvin: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toran=Stealth Vs Arion=Alertness
< Toran: Good Success Arion: Failure
< Net Result: Toran wins - Solid Victory

Toran has had someone watching the theater for a few days now. Now with the place mostly empty it doesn't take much effort to send the rest off on thier way. Toran makes his way up the stairs with six men. The tall thief's face is covered by the hood of his black cloak. His men wear similar cloaks only in crimson with a black feather on the back. The thief singals to his group and they spred out two blocking the exit while Toran advance's on Garvin and Arion. "Good Evening Lord Garvin and Lord Arion." Toran speaks to draw their attention while his two free men try to slip up behind Garvin and Arion with ropes in their hands. They will try to catch and bind them while Toran distracts them.

Arion is not better off than Garvin and he is focused on staring at the floor and trying to hide his tears. He glances up at Garvin seeing that hurt and shocked state and his knees buckle under him a as he sinks to the ground on his knees and starts sobbing silently. "I don't want to do this Garvin I hate myself for it…" He doesn't realize that there is a thug standing just behind him with ropes in his hands. He is so caught up in his misery the thug will have a very easy time of binding him never mind catching him.

Garvin is slow to react to the sudden invasion, his head taking a long time to turn toward Toran. His mouth hangs open, while his eyes blink with excruciating slowness. The scene before him seems surreal, just part of the jumbled world of dreams, and he offers no resistence when the men begin binding his hands. He just sits there blinking, his head turning back toward Arion just as slowly. "Wake up now," he says in a small, weak voice. "Any moment now, wake up."

Toran blinks at the state of affairs he just walked in on. He frowns looking to Arion and then to Garvin and smirking faintly. "What happened? Did I come at a bad time. My apologies but don't worry we'll sort this out at my place yes? We'll have three whole days to do it to!" Once his men have their hands and feet bound Toran steps forward towards Arion and kneels down with two strips of black cloth in his hands. He tries to blindfold Arion and then he will tilts the Florent's chin up looking him over taking the other strip of cloth and trying to gag him as well. Meanwhile the two men he brought up with him stand nearby ready to react in case Garvin wants to run away.

Arion is very slow to react to the voice and he doesn't even seem to process that he and Garvin aren't alone until he can no longer see. His head snaps up and he tries to move his arms only to find them bound along with his ankles. Before he can scream the cloth is placed in his mouth muffling any sounds. He seems panicked for a moment but when he realizes he can't escape he slumps in defeat head his head bowed and the blindfold wet from his tears.

Garvin's eyes narrow, and one can almost hear the little mouse running on the wheel inside his head, as he tries to process what's happening. "Arion?" he says, voice still small, his throat dry. He tries to focus on Toran then, nose wrinkling. "What is the meaning of this? Unhand us at once!" His struggles are weak and come too late, his wrists and ankles securely bound before he even begins to move. "There's no money here, tonight's receipts have already been taken away. You're wasting your time. Release us now, and you'll be allowed to go on your way."

Toran takes a long look at Arion and ruffles his hair gently before he rises. "Now I know for sure…I don't like crying boys anymore than crying girls." The men he brought grin a bit at this statemnt. Toran crosses the room. He pulls two more strips of cloth from one of his pouches and stepping over to Garvin intending to do the same with him. One of the men takes a large sturdy sack and places Arion's prone form inside before hefting it up over his shoulder. Toran grins at Garvin's words and he tries to gag him first before securing the blindfold. "No you don't have money here Lord Garvin believe me I checked…but your familes will pay me for your safe return I have no doubt." The thief grins and steps back to admire his work as the other thug will step forward to bag Garvin up. "Now lets get moving men the others wil have the wagon ready by now."

Garvin struggles and squirms more strongly now, his protests muffled by the gag. Soon his world is dark, and without the comforting sight of Arion to give him strength, his wriggling become weaker, so he's easy to bag.

Harbour Street
Mon Apr 28, 121 ((Mon Apr 28 16:50:35 2014))
It is a summer day. The weather is hot and fair.

A narrow cobblestone street overlooking the Docks, snaking northward into Oldtown Square at the heart of the city, and curving westward to the harbourfront. Lined with aged stone buildings, these support the weight of timber-framed over-hanging houses that look none too steady. The dockside can be seen quite clearly from the street, with the Whispering Sound beyond.

The shops here deal with the business of the sea. Fishmongers with carts and stalls, heaped full with fish of all kinds, cry their wares. Taverns and brothels await the coin of sailors fresh from the docks.

An array of strange temples, with stranger gods depicted upon them, are tucked away at the far end of the street. Opposite from them stands the slightly shabby-looking Sailor's Sept.

It is long past the dinner hour, and Harbour Street is near as deserted as it gets. The occasional group of sailors wanders from a tavern to a brothel, or a brothel to a ship. Small crowds of men and painted women sometimes spill from the common room of a pub out onto the street, but there are no crowds of shoppers, no fishmongers hawking their wares. Toran rides on the wagon's board, one of his henchmen driving it, while the rest of the small group are spread out. Two walk ahead of the wagon a short way, and three a bit further behind, doing their best to look casual. All seems well until the wagon passes a particularly raucous group of sailors wending their way out of a nearby tavern, their voices carrying easily to the cart.

Garvin can hear the horses clopping away on the cobblestone — that direction must be the front of the wagon. So Garvin squirms and wriggles and rolls in the opposite direction, trying his best to roll off the wagon's rear end — or at least until he runs into some obstacle along the way or at the end. And when he hears the raucous group of sailors, he begins screaming as best he can into the gag, trying to draw anyone's attention.

Toran is on high alert spotting Garvin as soon as he starts to move. There are a few barrels in the wagon to obscure the view of the two sacks that are present so at least the sailors likely can't see where the muffled noise is coming from. Toran moves quick lifting himself up and placing a boot in front of the rolling sack to keep it in place. With his foot he tries to roll Garvin backwards and takes a seat on a barrel instead of his former seat he calls out to the man driving. "Careful now!" The man seems to take this a singal and speeds up a little. Toran kicks his foot backwards into the sack that now rests between his foot and the barrels The man watches the sailors carefully but with a calm expression inclining his head to them if they happen to look his way.

Still tied up in the other sack Arion is motionless and curled into a ball. He hears the sailors but other than a soft whimper he doesn't mke any noise whatsoever. He seems to have given up on getting away or getting free just holding very still inside his cloth prison.

"Oi there, Lord," one of the sailors, a gap-toothed devil, calls out to Toran. He does at least have the decency to snatch his hat off his head as he hails a man nobly born. "What've ye got in the sack? If yer men are sellin' it, we might buy. Our copper outlasted our rum!" His fellows, four of them, laugh raucously.

Garvin yelps in surprise at the kick, curling himself up protectively, or at least, as much as he can in such confining conditions. The sound of the sailor, though, has him squirming and writhing, making as much noise as he can through the gag. He may be pinned between a foot and a barrel, but he can still struggle and kick at the sack holding him.

Toran grins at the sailor. "Sorry my good man the sacks are the results of my last hunt. Wolves, fully grown. I have an interest in taming wild animals so it would be a shame to give them up now. They aren't for sale." He reaches for his pouch. "Still its a shame you ran out of rum and I'm feeling generous after such a good hunt. Here buy yourselves some more rum or whatever you wish. Now we need to be going. It wouldn't do to let these beasts loose at the docks." He tosses a decent purse filled with silver and copper at the man and gestures for the driver to speed up.

<FS3> Toran rolls Charm: Success.

The gap-toothed sailor snatches the coin purse out of the air, seemingly on the point of calling out something further, but eyes Toran with a bemused expression when he feels the heavy clink of coin in his hand. Whatever response he makes is lost to the rumble of the wagon's wheels, though the laughter of his mates can be heard over it.

Arion shifts a little as he hears the muffled sounds of Garvin crying out. He wiggles around a little but Toran's voice has him going still again. He whimpers once more but doesn't make any another sound or movement.

Wolf?! Garvin struggles all the more. The indignity! To his knowledge, there's never been a Stark anywhere within the Tyrell family rosebush. One day, Toran will pay for this insult!

Toran smirks as the wagon rolls on leaving the sailors behind. He gives Garvin another sound kick and then the wagon disappears down the streets rolling onwards to its destination.

Hidden Room - Rat-Trap Manse
Mon Apr 28, 121 ((Mon Apr 28 17:32:14 2014))
It is a summer day. The weather is warm and drizzling.

This room is quite unlike the house its located in. It actually looks as though someone has made their home here. The walls are plain grey stone and the floor are fresh dark wood with colorful rugs placed on them. A dark wooden table with four chairs stands near the entrance and a few cupboards against the nearby wall hold food and wines. There is a huge four poster bed of dark wood against the far wall with sheets and soft pillows in different of shades of black, grey, and red. A red couch is placed at the foot of that large bed.

The only thing about the room that seems foreboding is the cell in one far corner. Steel bars form a cage just large enough to hold three average sized men and a heavy lock is placed on the cell's door. Along the walls many candles burn in there wall scones offering plenty of light to compensate for the lack of windows. The door back into the house is not hidden on this side, and the small iron bar that works its latch from the outside is clearly visible and easily lifted.

The wagon is unloaded and the two hostages are brought inside an old house. They can likely hear the floor creaking followed by a clicking sound and a door opening. They are brought into the room and placed down before the goons hired to help Toran head back out and the door shuts locking into place. Toran takes Arion out of his sack and sits him up right on his knees checking the bindings on his arms and ankles before doing the same for Garvin. He moves around a bit then pulling off his cloak and pouring himself a glass of wine. He glances over at the two gagged and blind folded young men with a smirk. "Well that was certainly fun wasn't it." The sound of a glass being set down is heard and then he moves back over taking off Garvin's gag. He moves over to Arion and does the same. "There now you can talk…if you scream I'm gagging you both again though. It’s not like anyone can hear you in here besides myself but I don't like noisy captives." He starts to remove Garvin's blind fold now so the other can see his face.

Garvin's first words are, "I heard wine being poured." If his mouth and throat were dry before, the gag did nothing to help. Once the blindfold is removed, Garvin blinks against the return of light, giving his head a shake. "Wine, please." He looks around until he spots Arion, letting out a small breath of relief at seeing him alive and relatively safe. Then he searches for his captor, dry tongue playing over drier lips. "It's not too late to end this, whoever you are. Release us now, and I vow you won't be harmed…much."

Arion shifts a little as he hears Garvin's voice. He is still blindfolded but at least he can talk. "Garvin?" He says uncertainly turning his head to one side in the direction the voice was coming from. "Are…are you unharmed?" He is obviously concerned and it shows even with his eyes covered. He shifts his arms a little looking towards where he thinks Toran is. "Yes if you release us we will be merciful we promise."

Toran chuckles softly. He tilts Garvin's chin up to look at him. He has left his cloak on a chair and now wears a simple black mask that covers his face from his forehead to just below his nose. He smirks behind the mask and touches Garvin's cheek lightly caressing it with an amused look in his dark eyes from behind that mask. "Why would I stop now? I have you both right where I want you. You will behave until the ransom is paid and then you will be returned unharmed that is the deal." He straightens up a dgoes to remove Arion's blindfold. Once thats done he goes back to the table where he left the silver goblet filled with arbor red. He sips from it idly watching the two of them with a wicked smirk.

Garvin twists his face away from Toran, letting out a small growl. Once he's able, he knee-shuffles closer to Arion, saying, "I'm here. Aside from some bruised ribs, I think I'm all right. Are you harmed? Wait a moment…." He narrows his eyes at Toran again, nostrils flaring. "I know…." He stops himself, frowning for a few moments, then speaks again. "I know our families will pay, but they'll also make you pay. This is an outrage. You must know that every member of the City Watch, plus all the Tyrell and Florent men, will be mercilessly hunting you."

Arion blinks as his eyes are revealed. His head turns to watch as Garvin shuffles closers to him and he also moves closer leaning aginst the Tyrell lightly for moral support. He looks to Toran and his eyes harden into a glare but he lets Garvin do the talking for now content to just lean there and nibble his bottom lip in worry. His eyes are somewhat red from all his earlier crying and he looks tired, his anger and Garvin's support being the only thing keeping him awake and upright.

Toran laughs at Garvin and smiles wickedly his eye glinting with predatory danger. "I don't think you understand the situation Lord Garvin. You are in my lair…bound and helpless. If you family or the guards do find you here I'll use your life as a bargaining chip so I can get away simple as that. I hold all the cards at the moment and you would be wise to remember that." He stalks forward wit the wine glasss still in hand his movements graceful and predatory as he leans down to leer at Arion. "You both are helpless and its only my mercy that keeps you conscious. I could drug you both until the ransom arrives and have you sleep the whole time….would you prefer that?" He looks to Garvin. "Or I could toss you into that cage and have my way with the pretty blond while you watch…there are a number of things I could do to you both." He grins mischievously.

Garvin's eyes widen, his face first paling, then reddening with anger. "Don't you dare touch him! Do whatever you want with me, but leave him alone." His eyes seek Arion's, filled with affection and concern, then return to Toran. "I'll do whatever you want, willingly, so long as you don't harm Arion. But if you do harm him, I swear by all the Old Gods and the New, there won't be a bolthole anywhere in the world that will hide you from my wrath."

Arion meets Garvin's eyes and blushes a bit his eyes warm with affection and wonder as the Tyrell jumps to his defense. He looks to Toran with a glare. "We stand together…if you hurt Garvin I'll see that you pay dearly for it ending with your life. I care for him and you won't touch him without incuring my wrath." He looks to Garvin and smiles softly his gaze softening. "Thank you…" It is said softly and the tone is gentle and sweet as he looks at the Tyrell with fondness and love. He leans in closer to the other lord leaning aginst him and giving Toran another glare.

Toran smiles softly at the pair and chuckles slightly. "Oh don't worry lovebirds…I don't rape people. If you both won't submit willingly then I have other options." He gestures to the cage. "I can put you in there or you can have the bed…with me. I'm not going to force you though its your choice." He looks to Arion as he leans closer to Garvin. "You two are so cute together its ashame you can't get married and make it official. You make an adorable couple." He grins at them. "So! Your options are. One the cage where you get water and bread three times a day. Or two your both promise to be good and not escape and I let you have the bed with me, real food and a some of my best wine while we wait." He raises an eyebrow behind his mask. "Well what is your choice?"

Will Arion choose the cold cell or the warm bed? Can Garvin survive without wine? Will they escape from Toran's clutches? Do they want to? How will the Tyrells and Florents react to the ransom demand? When they learn about the kidnapping, what will Chuck and Bob do? These questions and many others will just have to wait until the next episode of As the Rose Turns!

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