(121-04-28) I Leave You Alone for Five Minutes...
I Leave You Alone for Five Minutes…
Summary: Aevander goes to the marketplace and comes back to some agitating news.
Date: Arpil 28, 2014
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It took the messenger a bit of time to find Aevander, as the market was fairly crowded and in a town with Lannisters, Lockes and various other pale-haired families, finding a Targaryen in a haystack isn't as easy as one might think. But, he is found (at last) and the message is delivered. And thus, Aevander heads back home at a clipped pace to see what, precisely, requires his urgent attention.

Daevon's pacing by the time Aevander returns, waiting for him. "Ryzael's arrested Ser Quillian."

Aevander stops short as he steps into the manse and hears this news, blinking rapidly. "He… on what grounds?"

"He had them written up," Daevon says. "All legal like. I'm not sure."

"Who is them?" Aevander asks. "Written up to be given to who? Perhaps you'd better start at the beginning and explain exactly what happened."

"The King?" Daevon asks. "I do not know. All I know is that Ser Quillian came in here. They argued. Quillian apologised and then demanded Ryzael apologise to his sister. Ryzael said he would accept an apology from his sister. And then Ryzael arrested Quillian. I cannot say I understood how it escalated and I was not in the room the entire time."

"Ryzael arrested Quillian under what grounds?" Aevander asks. "Do you know? Or did he simply presume he could because he's a Targaryen and Ser Quillian is not? Where is the man, now?"

"Ryzael has him, somewhere," Daevon says. "I wasn't clear on the grounds. He said the complaint and offences were real and legal. I think it was Ser Quillian threatening him."

Aevander stares ceilingwards for a long moment, sucking in a slow breath and letting it out again. "Somewhere. Here in the manse? Or in Maelys's home?"

"He originally intended to hold him in the manse," Daevon says. "I do not think they are here anymore though. Maelys' home may be a possibility, or the building Ryzael owns himself."

"Well, then we'd best find him before his 'real and legal offenses'," those last words spoken in a tone that suggests Aevander his unconvinced they are either, "find Ser Quillian mysteriously dead in whatever room he is being held. Who else was witness to this? I will have to hear Ryzael's reasoning, but I want the reports of witnesses as well. The Hightowers will have to be informed. Possibly the king." Aevander lifts a hand to pinch at the bridge of his nose, "Though I am loathe to pester him with something so idiotic."

"He wouldn't kill Quillian like that," Daevon says. "Ryzael is already informing the king. I think if you could persuade your friend, Lady Johanna to apologise for her insult, that Ryzael in turn would apologise and then we could be done with this matter."

Aevander presses his lips together and shakes his head. "I am doubtful the Lady Johanna would consider being further harassed good reason to apologize, but I will speak to her. Ryzael is informing the king. He told you this plainly?"

Daevon nods. "Yes he did."

"Ryzael holds deep admiration for a man who slaughters, rapes and keeps slaves," Aevander replies, "and he has already implied to me once that he might just poison the Blackrood if he becomes too troublesome, so I am less convinced than you that he would not 'kill Quillian like that'. One can only hope he possess the common sense not to try while holding the man captive." He gives another small shake of his head. "I will do what I can to discern the facts of this incident and write to the king as well. And when this is resolved, I swear…" he rubs a hand over his face, "I think it may be my turn to run away from home."

"I know, Aevander," Daevon sighs. "Come to Braavos with me? I have little doubt that Ryzael would kill Quillian if he wished to. At the moment though he won't, not while he holds him prisoner."

"Braavos?" Aevander queries. "No, no, I'll find somewhere tropical where there are other ways to thrive than simply by the sword. Besides, we'd only fight if we travelled together. Who else was present when Ryzael arrested Quillian?"

"Some servants," Daevon says. "And Ryzael's guards. Try Dorne. It's wonderfully hot there."

"Possibly," Aevander allows, "Though I don't expect our peaceable relations with them will last much longer, so perhaps not. Which servants?"

Daevon lists the names of the servants who were in the room with them.

Aevander nods and heads out to find them and speak to Lady Johanna.

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