(121-04-26) Communication
Summary: In which Aevander and Daevon try to get better at said thing.
Date: April 26, 2014
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Dragon Door Manse

This is a grand and enormous manse maintained by the Targaryen family for royals and their guests when they happen to wish to stay in Oldtown.

The house faces the prestigious Starry Street. The first story is protected by narrow high windows that stop people from seeing inside, but the windows on the back wall and the four upper stories are tall and wide, making the manse bright and airy over all.

The first floor's main hall is brightly lit with lamps to make up for the shortcomings of those windows, and the walls are covered in rich tapestries depicting dragons, and the acts of Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters. There's a grand dining room separated from the entry hall by a great arch formed by carved stone dragons, and another such arch leads to a smaller, though still huge by most standards, sitting room. Everything is opulent, beautifully made, and as luxurious as befits the royal family.

There are other sitting rooms up in the floors above, as well as bedchambers, game rooms, and even private baths. Like almost all of the houses in Oldtown, it shares two walls with its neighbors on either side, but the servants quarters, kitchens, and servant's stairs buffer the house proper from any noise that could possibly leak through the thick stone walls.

There's a large and gracious walled garden in the back, and wide windows open to it. Those on the upper stories have balconies.


Daevon's left Visenya to rage for the most part, knowing you may as well scream at a hurricane for all the good it will do. He's dressed casually, in comfortable clothing as he searches for his brother.

It doesn't really take that long to find him, in part because if the din upstairs doesn't fully carry, the general panic of the staff surely does, and it only takes one query to learn Visenya has locked herself in her room and having an episode. Aevander has a book tucked under one arm and is looking for Daevon while Daevon is looking for him. They meet in the dining hall. "What happened?" he asks when he comes upon his brother.

"I had a dream," Daevon says. "She did not take it well. I think she saw in it something other than it was." He sighs. "She just snapped. It may be that she forgot to drink her tea, she's been that worried about Maelys and so busy with other things."

Aevander's brows lift. "What dream?" he asks, "and what tea should she have taken? I'll try and bring a cup up to her when she's worn herself out a little."

"She's been taking a new tea to help control her moods," Daevon says. "It's been working. She's been a lot calmer lately. I'm sure once she's in her right mind again she'll speak to the Maester or Ryzael and have them work on the dosage. I'm not sure what the exact blend is. I think she keeps it in her rooms." He sighs. "I know you don't believe my dreams. She's been concerned about you and how you're behaving. The dream seems to have added to her fears. She wanted me to write a letter to father. If I'd known she was so upset I'd have agreed to for all the good I think it would do."

"You had a dream about me?" Aevander asks with a soft laugh. "Then I'm surprised it troubled her at all, for how low she holds me in her regard at present. Why a letter from you, then? What did she want said that she could not put to paper herself?"

"Aevander, she loves you," Daevon says. "And your opinion matters to her. You've done very little but disapprove of her though. Just as you disapprove of me, and Ryzael, and… you don't seem to have a good word to say about most of us. Is it true that you didn't even ask Ryzael for his side of events first, you just accused him?" His words are soft.

"I witnessed some of his behavior firsthand and got the rest of the events from Sapphyra," Aevander replies. "Please, I would rather not discuss Ryzael. Can we return to Visenya and why she is currently destroying her room? If I'm to try and speak with her later, the details of what caused this episode will be helpful."

"But you didn't ask him," Daevon says. "It is relevant for we were speaking to Ryzael at the time. It's an example of accusations first. You do the same with me, and with Visenya, any reasons we give are dismissed. It hurts when we hold you in such high esteem."

"I assure you, Ryzael holds me in no such esteem," Aevander replies with a small shake of his head. "Do you know he offered to tutor me in the ways of courtesy and politics? Because I did not see the events as he did." He gives a small shake of his head, lips pressing together in brief consternation. "Visenya does not give reasons, only accusations. I am not sure I even know how to talk to her anymore."

"She has fits," Daevon says. "And she cannot seem to control them. What she says during them is not what she believes in her right mind. She was saying you hate her. She thinks you plan to steal her eggs. She wants to move out because she's scared of you. That you plan to keep her prisoner, prevent her from sending letters. When she calms down she won't see things that way. She's jealous of Elionys and how Elionys can do little wrong in your eyes, while the rest of us do no right. We don't really know how to talk to eachother either, do we?" He nods. "Ryzael does not," he agrees. "Perhaps the two of you could teach eachother much."

"Mmm," Aevander says of Ryzael, neither agreement nor disagreement. Only that thoughtful noise. "Elionys and I have been friends for a very long time. We've written letters to each other since we were children. Perhaps we just understand one another better." He pulls out a chair, sinking into it and sagging against the back. "I have no plans to keep Visenya prisoner or keep her from writing letters, even if the ones she chooses to write are ill advised. And I am sure Visenya would swallow those eggs rather than let another soul near them, though I do admit, the idea of Visenya in such a state as she is now, with dragons at her command, is somewhat terrifying."

"Visenya's been your sister for longer," Daevon says. "And she's been given a heavy burden to bear with her fits. She'll make a better warrior than you, you know. She's diligent with it, doesn't complain and she's showing a surprising amount of patience. Aevander, you need to find some way to bond with her, some way to approve of her, don't let your only words be criticisms. She sees that all as hate. You know she had it worst of all of us, and that while she may appear strong what she desperately needs is love and approval."

"I am sure she shall, have you been training her, then?" Aevander asks with a lift of his brows. "She could kill a man or two with an arrow. But she could raze a town with a dragon, and however she might repent after her rage left her, it would not bring back the dead. Tell me I am wrong. Tell me you think Visenya with dragons is not a terrible disaster in the making."

"She asked me to," Daevon says. "She's been waking up at the same time as me and we've been training outside. She's been practicing further when I'm not around." He gazes at Aevander. "She could kill a man now if she chose to. Have you ever known her to hurt anyone badly though? Have faith in her, brother. Know that she battles her own monsters, but she gains strength through our love. It's far easier for her when she realises we do love her. She could raze a town now if she wished. Has she done so? I've killed more men than she ever will."

"I don't think she could raze a town now, actually," Aevander replies with a quirk of his brow, "unless she has an army of which I am not aware. But I am glad to hear she is dedicating herself to the pursuit of something and relieved to hear that you will only refuse to help her when she is not the one making the request, directly. Thank you for training her." He stretches out his legs and lets his eyes close. "I am at a loss, brother. Truly I am. I do love Visenya, but I cannot praise her for poor behavior, and she will accept nothing less than total approval. If I do not offer that, then it must mean I hate her, am against her, only wish to make her suffer. What am I meant to do when she behaves so callously? Smile and reward her so that she will feel loved? Will that solve it?"

"Aevander, she's perfectly capable of setting fires," Daevon has. "If she wishes to set fire and burn things down then she simply would. Or she would throw flames. She has more control than you give her credit for. She's always been learning healing. I wonder if Ryzael will help her there. He showed me a few things." He sighs. "If you'd asked me to give you lessons then I would have, Aevander. But the request needed to come from her, and until she made it I didn't even know if I'd agree. If she'd not shown the diligence she has I likely would not have." He shakes his head at Aevander. "That's not what I'm asking of you. But there are times she does good and you barely seem to notice. Whereas if she acts up, she at least gets your attention even if it's negative attention. Ask for her help, or do something with her, or approve of the good things she did."

"Oh, don't be obtuse," Aevander argues, "There is a large difference between igniting one building with your hands and igniting many at once with a giant, winged beast possessing teeth and claws. No, I asked you to give her lessons, and you refused." He cants his head, eyes opening again. "When has she done good that I did not notice?"

"Aevander, you're still not listening to me," Daevon says. "When has she ever harmed anyone? When has she ever killed someone? When has she ever seriously maimed someone? Even her servants. Do you have the same concerns about Elionys, who might I remind you attacked me. Do you worry of her hurting people? You need to have faith in Visenya. And stop worrying for a future that is not yet here. When the eggs hatch then we'll deal with those concerns, until then it's pointless." He shakes his head. "When has she ever done anything that you would consider good?" he counters. "When have I? I'm tired of all this arguing, Aevander. Don't you see, your criticisms are just pushing her away and feeding her paranoia."

Aevander arches one brow and regards Daevon in silence for a beat. "As a man who has seen battle, tournaments and is known as one of the best warriors in the land, can you tell me, sincerely, that you consider Elionys's action towards you to have been an attack?" He considers Daevon's question. "Visenya has thrown objects at my head," he offers, "though I did manage to duck them. My concern is that once the eggs hatch, it will be too late to do anything. That's like saying 'when the house is on fire, we'll just start looking for water, then'." He rubs a hand over his face, thumb and forefinger pressing at his eyelids as they close, again. "I tire of this arguing as well, brother. And I think you are right, whatever skill I once had at helping you or Visenya, I have it no longer. Perhaps, if I am only making things worse, and I think it might well be so, it would be better if I returned to Dragonstone."

"If she had been anyone other than another Targaryen she could have been killed for laying hands on me in such a way," Daevon says. "Not that I would have had that done. Simply because she lacks skill does not mean what she did was any less of an attack. Brother, if I were to slap you know, and then starts pushing you, would that not be an attack? Duels have been started for less. And no, it was not one I was ever in any danger from. But look how you defend Elionys, while you attack Visenya." He shakes his head. "Not so. When the eggs hatch she will be busy caring for the new hatchlings. She will have much to learn. But I trust her. I trust that as long as she has your love that she will not try to destroy everything. I fear Maelys' influence upon her." He shakes his head. "I did not say for you to return, Aevander. I would not want that. I think that we need to find new ways of seeing eachother, of communication. Do you want to return?"

"Elinoys has you and Visenya to attack her," Aevander replies, "continuously and without apology. I am not sure what more I could add." He gives a small shakes of his head as their uncle is mentioned. "Damn Maelys," he murmurs, "not even the decency to die when all signs demanded he ought. Visenya has my love, if not my approval at present. It is clearly not enough."

"Aevander, when did I attack Elionys?" Daevon asks. "I do not even know her. I have had little chance to speak with her. All I know is that she does not particularly like me, perhaps even hates me." He sighs.

"Every time we speak of her you either accuse her of having been irrationally hostile towards you or you try to push me to spend more time with her in one breath while chastising me for being sympathetic towards her with the next," Aevander replies. "She does not hate you or Visenya. She feels alone, here. Isolated. In no small part because of how Visenya treats her. I hate to see it."

"Aevander, she was irrationally hostile towards me," Daevon says. "I do not hold it against her. I am not chastising you for being sympathetic to her. Just that you treat Visenya with the same degree of forgiveness as you do her. Instead of seeing all that Elionys does as good, and all that Visenya does as bad. I never see her, Aevander. If I did I would speak with her but she is rarely around when I am."

"Then seek her out, it is hardly difficult. If I can manage it, I am sure you can as well," Aevander replies. "I do not think her behavior was irrational, though it was impulsive. My squire was beat black and blue trying to feed a dragon you ill-prepared them for. I don't see all Elionys does as good and all Visenya does as bad, but Visenya wants understanding and compassion despite consistently cold, callous behavior. But she refuses to offer even an ounce of compassion or understanding to anyone else. Everyone she regards must prove themselves worthy of being above her hostility, but at the same time, she expects all of us to give her the benefit of the doubt, no matter how she acts or what she says. Elionys does not berate me. She does not call Visenya a slut or ugly or spit insults about how any kindness I show Visenya must mean I wish to crawl up her skirts. She does not tell me I am against her when I disagree with her. She does not fake her own death for her own gains or write half-mad letters to the king behind my back. You are right, I have known Visenya longer, but that earns me nothing in our sister's eyes. I am but a jailor, an egg thief, a monster waiting to put her in a cage. It is… exhausting."

"Aevander, I told him what to do," Daevon says. "I told him to take the sheep there and then leave them. That's all that was needed. I also told him, to seek out the dragonseed boy who was researching dragons and their food for me. Your Squire was going after that dragon regardless of whether or not I asked him. But I did fuck up, I know that. If I'd time, if we'd not been at odds, I would have spoken to you. But truth be told, when he came to me, I was just relieved that it was one less thing to worry about." He sighs. "I know Aevander, I know it's exhausting. And when Visenya was attacking me and not you, you were the one there supporting both of us, trying to make it right."

"Aegon can be an idiot about dragons," Aevander allows wryly with a slow sigh out. "Well, at least the two of you re training together. That's progress of a sort."

Daevon nods. "It is. Aevander, I love you. I admire so much about you, you know. I want to stop all this fighting and arguing with you. And I'm just not sure how. How do we fix things?"

Aevander shakes his head, one hand lifting from the chair's arm and thumping down again. "I've no idea."

"I'll go to a play with you," Daevon says. "And play cyvasse. And read a book and write a letter. All at the same time. Or get drunk and pick some fights."

Aevander huffs a soft laugh. "I'd wager you'd be very good at that last one, if you applied yourself," he replies with a twitch of a smile. "But I don't need you to do any of those things if you don't wish to. I just… need you to stop looking for any excuse to cut and run."

"I do not like writing letters," Daevon says. "It's not an excuse. I will leave, eventually. Likely I will leave many times. I'm not like you, I can't settle."

"I wish you would not," Aevander replies. "When you say such things, what I hear is 'no matter what I say, the truth is I'll be off again, soon, and leave you to manage the rest of the family alone, again'."

"I didn't realise that," Daevon says. "I can't stay forever, Aevander. This is the longest I've ever stayed in one place save for Sunspear, since I left Dragonstone. It will not be soon and it will not be forever but it is inevitable. So let's not fight about it, please? You could come with me, you know."

"Could, I, now," Aevander replies with a shake of his head. "And what would Cerys and Visenya think of that, pray tell? The both of us abandoning them together. No, you will go whenever you decide to, and I will hold them as they weep for it. Don't make empty offers, Daevon. It's unkind."

"Cerys will be married," Daevon points out. "Perhaps Visenya will be too, or she'll come with me. It wasn't an empty offer, Aevander. I don't make those."

"And what of your bride?" Aevander asks.

"If she is forced into marrying me then she'll come with," Daevon says. "If not then she'll be in Sunspear as she should, with her family all around her."

"Does Mariya know this is how you feel about the arrangement?" Aevander asks, "That she is being forced and you expect her to find a way out of it rather than consenting to be your wife?"

"We've spoken," Daevon says. "I did not say I expected her to find a way out."

"Then why do you?" Aevander queries, resting his elbow on the table and his chin on his palm.

"I wouldn't put that burden on her, Aevander," Daevon says.

"You didn't put it on her, brother," Aevander replies, "Our King and her Queen have done that. Are you so sure she does not wish to wed?"

"Yes," Daevon says. "She said so."

"I think she may love her country better than you think," Aevander replies, "and i fear all this trying to 'free' her may only shame and distress her in the end."

"I know she loves it," Daevon says. "And Aevander, I will do nothing without her in regards to this. So you spoke to her then? I would not wish her shackled to a marriage with me."

"I did," Aevander agrees with a small nod. "I wanted to gauge for myself her feelings and see how she was being treated as a 'guest' of the Garden Isle."

"What happened?" Daevon asks.

"She seemed well, overall, if eager to be released, though she asked that the negotiations for her release be left to her sister who means to speak to Ser Quillian," Aevander replies, "and she told me that she was glad, if she was to marry politically, that it was to you, because she considered you an honorable, admirable and worthy man. She said she placed the needs of her country and the wishes of her mother above her childhood aspirations, and that she had every intention of marrying you as both our lieges had decreed. When I mentioned that you would do what you could to help her, if she wished to do otherwise, she seemed worried at the thought. Perhaps she feared you might decline to marry her."

"Will you join us in our marriage bed too, Aevander?" Daevon teases. "And try and work things out there?"

"There, little brother, you are quite on your own," Aevander replies, lifting his hands, palms out, as if to deflect the very idea.

"I must insist, brother," Daevon continues to tease. "If you are so insistent in ensuring this marriage is a success after all."

"I think adding a third person to your wedding bed is, rather, a way to ensure the marriage will not succeed. Brides are very particular about that, I am told," Aevander counters with a smirk.

"You know many Dornish women, do you?" Daevon asks with a laugh.

"Well… I know a few women," Aevander replies. "And in that respect, I think there are no borders."

"You should visit Dorne sometime, brother," Daevon smiles. "Or ask Ser Arrick to tell you all about Paramours. He was intent on telling Harry about them."

"Oh, I'll be sure to add it to my list of things I ought to do before I die," Aevander replies with a smirk and a shake of his head.


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