(121-04-25) A Request for Advantages
A Request for Advantages
Summary: Ser Tironos requests a meeting with Lady Johanna to ask for her assistance in a personal matter.
Date: Date of play (25/04/2014)
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He had sent the request a few days ago, and it had been granted, now to see if he could get what he wanted here. After arriving at Garden Isle manse, and being escorted to meet with lady Johanna in the gardens, Tironos ducks down as he enters the gardens through the entry, whether it is required that he duck or not it seems to be a habit for him. Though once in the gardens it becomes clear why it could be such a habit as he returns to his full height of six foot eight, and continues to follow his escort to Lady Johanna.
Dressed in noble attire with a green doublet with the red striding huntsman of House Tarly embroidered across his chest. He appears to be unarmed, even surrendering his dirk on the way in, though he does have an iron and black iron link dangling from leather thongs worn on each wrist like bracelets, and a pale steel link hanging from his belt to the left of the buckle.

It's an easy enough thing to find Johanna, she's seated beneath the large oak tree at the table provided there, a goblet of wine before her. When the very tall man is shown in, both dark brows creep up with some small measure of surprise, or amusement, but after a moment she motions towards the open chairs. "I apologize it's taken so long to get back to you, Ser Tironos, it's been a strange few days. Please, make yourself comfortable."

Tironos bows his head respectfully and says, "Not a concern my lady. Since the Trials and everything else I expected things to be a bit busy here. If I might be direct in my reasoning for requesting this meeting?" as though asking permission, and actually awaiting it.

The hand drops to the table beside her goblet of wine, watching Tironos with a subdued curiosity. "If I am honest, Ser, I prefer it when people are direct. It saves so much time," she tells him, which serves as permission for the request.

Tironos nods and says, "I was speaking with an acquaintance, Lord Garvin, and he mentioned a prisoner being held for ransom. It is a bit of a personal matter, but I would like to speak with this prisoner in private, now I know they are being held for ransom and would not dare to bring them to harm. I was informed that Ser Quillian is the one who's favor I must gain for such a meeting. I am here to ask if there is any assistance you can give me in gaining his permission to those ends."

Johanna picks up the goblet for a sip as she listens, but as she hears it, both brows creep upward. "Are you referring to Ser Arros, or do you mean to say you wish to speak with the Princess of Dorne privately?" she asks. "I am going to be honest with you, Ser, she is a hostage and though she is afforded comfort and a degree of freedom due to her position, it seems unlikely that you will be allowed a private audience with her." She pauses a moment, goblet returned to the table. "Why do you wish to speak with her privately? What matter could you have with Princess Mariya that you would need do so?"

Tironos nods and says, "You assume correct, it is the Princess I wish to speak with. Though it is only a discussion I wish to have with her nothing more. It is a family matter. I have heard rumors, and wish to hear her side on the matter that is all. I merely ask for privacy to try and gain a more honest answer from her. I do not seek her to feel pressured to answer a certain way, and being surrounded by guards or the like could cause her to refuse to speak at all. Now to be clear, by privately i do mean your own forces, if she has any servants or the like with her they may remain, and I will surrender anything that could be considered a weapon if required. As I have said, I seek only to speak with her and I am willing to submit to whatever conditions deemed required of me."

"If you seek to have a conversation with her outside of the ears of the Tyrell household, I find it more likely that you will have to wait until the ransom is paid," Johanna tells him with a helpless, open palm gesture. "This is not her house, as I said, and while here she is under the protection of my brother. You may give your word as much as you like, Ser, and I may even believe that you mean it, but I don't know you and should anything happen to her while in this house, it would reflect poorly upon my brother. I will not give you, or anyone else, further reason to dislike my brother. He is already loathed well enough by the people of Dorne for the death of Ser Osric.”

Tironos nods and says, "I do not begrudge you that. I have nothing against you, your brother, your House, or even Princess Mariya for that matter. Truth be told i don't expect an audiance for the reasons I have said, I have always tried to hold myself to the standards of honor and respect, but that only goes so far. Even among those that value such things. As to waiting until she is freed, I believe I would have better odds of convincing you and your brother to perform at the Whimsey then being allowed to speak with her after she is freed."
Takign a breath he adds, "As to the ears of House Tyrell, it isn't so much that I am concerned about, it is that I wish the most honest answers as possible rom her personally. That is why I do not wish guards to be present, though servants or the like listening in for your House I have no issues with. I plan to speak with your brother regardless of how great or small my chances, I simply wished to see if I could glean any information from you that might improve my chances. Though if you would not aid me, I do not hold it against you and I will not try to force the matter beyond my word and and request. If there is no point in continuing this conversation I apologize for wasting your time and will be on my way. If you wish to question me before making a judgement either way you are free to do so, I have nothing to hide about my intentions or goals."

"I don't know why you believe it would be so difficult to see her after she is released," Johanna admits, sounding bemused as she looks up at him. "She will have the freedom to visit with who she likes, and I will be frank with you, Ser, if she would refuse to visit with you then, I am uncertain as to why you think we would foist your company on her here." She pauses to take another sip of the red wine. "What rumors do you wish to ask her of?"

Tironos says, "As said a family matter. I have heard rumors of the death of one of my kin, a cousin I believe. Though I've not had much contact with my family in some time until recently. I heard of a Targaryen being involved and that she might know them, if true then she might know what happened, or might be closer to a first-hand account then anyone else I may have access to. I simply wish to know what may have happened nothing more. The fact I am of House Tarly is likely to restrict my access. I believe I met her once in the city before the Trial, but I wasn't aware of the connection at the time. Fortunately I tend to introduce myself as Ser Tironos leaving off the Tarly. I do not know how she will react to my request, but I have no intention to force the issue over a matter as simple as curiosity."

"If it isn't a pressing matter, and it doesn't truly sound as though it is," Johanna replies, sitting back in her chair as her hands fold in her lap. "I don't see my brother permitting it. I'm sorry. Your best bet, if you truly believe that you won't get an audience with her afterward either, will be to write her and request the information. I don't know why you believe she would be too afraid to answer those questions here in this house, but if you're determined that it is the case, I'm not sure there is anything I can do to help."

Tironos shrugs and says, "It never hurts to make the attempt, and she may not be bothered, I cannot say as I don't know her well enough. Though she is being held hostage, she could believe it to be some form of trick or the like. I'll make the attempt with your brother anyway, as you say it is likely to fail but as I said, no harm in the attempt. I thank you for your time my lady." as he offers another respectful bow of the head, "If there is nothing further I'll be on my way. Good day to you.”

"If you cannot say that is how she will react, may I suggest you stop presuming she will and simply attempt to speak with her in the presence of the guards?" Johanna suggests in a rather bland tone. "If she doesn't answer, or refuses to see you, then you know and you can move forward from there. If you truly do want to speak to her, rather than just make a show of it. She is a hostage here, yes, but I don't know why she would think you coming to her to ask about some vague, possibly deceased relative could be a trick, or why we would have any interest in it at all. This situation is far too convoluted, I think you may want to work out precisely what it is you need to ask before you approach my brother." She offers a thin, polite smile, "Good day, Ser.”

Tironos nods once more and says, "My concern is more that she might believe I seek her harm due to being a Tarly, though if so then guards might be of benefit, I shall consider it, thank you." as he turns to head back the way he came unless stopped.

That makes Johanna laugh there, and she rises, though she makes no effort to follow. She does call after him, though. "If you think that, Ser, then why in the seven hells are you pressing for a private audience with her, without our guards present? That seems far more likely to end badly for her, than to do so with the household guards there."

Tironos says, "My hope is she isn't aware I'm a Tarly, in which case she might be at greater ease. Regardless I will think over matters before approaching your brother. As I said, I seek no harm to her. I consider myself a man of reason, a knight of honor, and a noble of respect. Though it is true not all would feel the same, an alternative may well suit my interests better. Perhaps a request for an audience, with the option of requesting the guards leave with your brother's permission if she seems to prove unresponsive due to their presence instead of mine. If it is mine, then the guards may well help ease her concerns. Thank you for the advice, there are times my logic overlooks such viewpoints. I blame it on being raised by Maesters." offering a good-natured smile as he starts walking once again.

This time Johanna doesn't make any effort to stop the large man from leaving, she retakes her seat at the table, picks up her goblet of wine and merely watches him go.

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