(121-04-24) Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes
Summary: Lexander brings Johanna to the Tooth and Nail, where Finnuala reads Johanna's fortune.
Date: 04/24/2014
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Tooth and Nail - Oldtown

It is a summer evening. The weather is cool and overcast.

This squalid winesink never closes — somebody broke the front door, probably with an ax, years ago. It doesn't latch, and it'd not even a complete door. Bad weather can leak in through its broken edges. There are a few battered tables, and stools and benches or just empty barrels to sit on. The furniture, such as it is, doesn't match and is probably mostly stolen. It doesn't last long in here. The place has a dirt floor strewn with straw and rushes. They don't appear to have been changed for decades and they emit a dank smell.

The drink is cheap, the food cheaper, and the whores may be cheapest of all.

For a penny one can sleep, or do any other thing, on the second floor. It's drier up there. However, it is all one room and there are neither beds nor a limit to how many 'guests' are sold lodging there each night.

It is an overcast evening and like every night at the Tooth and Nail, the clientele are swarthy and suspicious. Fights break out seemingly at random and then break apart just as easily. There is cursing and waywardness and all the things one might expect to find at an undercity winesink. In the back of the room, in a corner where the shadows gather the most, sits a lone woman. Her clothing is a bit brighter than the rest of the patrons, but she still keeps a half drunk mug of whatever strong liquor the so-called barkeep serves. It does not seem as if she waiting for anyone, but it also does not seem as if she expects to spend the evening alone.

In wanders a brute of a man, seeming as broad as he is tall, with a scarred face and a thuggish aspect. He's clad in leathers, worn and thick, and wears a blade at his side. To those that know him, then entrace of Lexander Charos a moment later is no surprise. Lex too is dressed to fit in with the crowd in the winesink — in dark leather and gray wool he looks a common, if handsome, sellsword. One hand reaches up to sweep a wide-brimmed brown hat off his head as he comes through the door, and he pauses at the threshold to let his dark eyes adjust to the room. His free hand reaches for the woman at his side, a protective gesture, but habitual — as though the two were long accustomed to one another, and this an offhand mannerism.

The woman and Lexander's side seems all to happy to remain close to him, as she wanders so far outside of her element as to find herself in an entirely alien landscape. Johanna is bereft of all things that would mark her as a noble, any jewelry and her clothing is simply made in earthy tones, and even patched in a few places, and a hooded cloak that she wears up just high enough to cast shadows across her face, though the lovely, pale skin and full mouth are still visible. "What is that-…" she is about to say smell, but her words drop off as a particularly unfriendly looking — and smelling, if we're honest — man walks by, making her edge closer to the man beside her.

The entrance of Lexander and Johanna are noticed by Finnuala. As a lone woman watching the doorway, it would be hard for her to miss them. She studies both of them for a good few minutes - their body positions and reactions to the environment and each other - before smirking slightly. She waits a few moments before waving a lazy hand at Lexander from her place in the corner. Whether he sees it or not is up to him. She has no intentions of moving.

The wave does catch Lexander's attention — he's an observant sort, and that's just the kind of thing he's looking for. He pats Johanna's back with one hand, and points with the other, then ushers her across the room toward Finnuala's corner. On the way he snags three mugs off the tray of a passing waitress, which is the source of a few cross words exchanged between them, though once he has them balanced in one hand and tosses her a handful of coppers with the other it calms her somewhat. The table she was bound for still eyes him angrily, but that doesn't seem to concern the Essosi rogue near so much. At the bar, however, his longtime companion is concerned. The brute sips from a tankard, watching the three men glare at Lex.

Just as it is with the way Lexander interacts with her, it's plain to see that Johanna is just as familiar, and comfortable with the man that escorts her through the room. She follows him, pausing as he snatches the drinks, and goes on likewise unconcerned about the men at the table, though it's more likely that she doesn't notice them, as it is she's simply not concerned.

Finnuala, however, is quite observant and waves at the waitress to put the next round of drinks for the slighted table on her tab. They know that she is good for it. As Lexander and his companion approach, she gives the pair a welcoming grin. "You realize you often cause more trouble than you solve," is the greeting she gives to the sell sword/middleman/Essosi in a good natured way. "I often ask what good is it to invite you to my table." However, she has already done so, meaning there must be a reason. To Johanna, she asides, "I know you know better to be in his company."

"What good is it," Lexander protests, cheerfully. "I bring free drinks!" He puts the evidence down in front of her, taking a seat near the fortune teller. "Finnuala," he says, with a nod that's meant to introduce the woman to his companion — whose introduction he leaves to herself, because he is entirely without manners. "Finn is an old friend," he claims, lifting the mug he chose for himself to his lips, though its taste wrinkles his nose.

"Knowing better doesn't always mean doing better," Johanna remarks as she nods to Finnuala, lips turning up at the corners in a slight smile. "It's nice to meet you." She accepts the drink taken for her, but it's then set on the table without taking so much as a sip, and instead settles in a seat on the other side of Lexander.

"Free." Finnuala glances at the table that she just put on her tab in order to ensure no more trouble and rolls her eyes. The things one does for old friends. Plucking one of the well earned mugs, she places it next to her half filled one. Just because she is not finished with her own drink does not mean she won't claim another. "Yes, I would also say it is nice to meet you, however our friend has given my name and has quite pointedly not introduced you. It would polite to at least give a false name. If you'd prefer I could call you Blue Eyes."

"That's what I call her," Lexander says, brightening as though Finnuala had stumbled on a secret of theirs. "Always have. She's a fortune teller," he says, turning his head to regard Johanna. "Didn't I tell you?" Whether it's truly a nickname he uses or not, he does put on a good show of it.

"You may," Johanna replies, hands lifting to draw back the hood only slightly, careful to keep herself angled so she isn't quite visible to the rest of the room. Not that many here are likely to know her, but it seems safer that way. "You did tell me so, and now I suppose I'm forced to believe it. I apologize for my earlier doubt," though rather than apologize to Lexander, that part appears to be aimed at Finnuala, and is quickly followed by more of a smile.

"I'm sure," the said fortune teller replies dryly. Noticing Johanna angling away from the crwod, Finnuala gives the woman a bit of a reassuring smile. "It takes a man of little imagination to call a woman by a defining characteristic." The jab is most likely because she was forced to pay for more of Lexander's drinks. However, at the mention of fortune telling, the lady reaches below the table and pulls out a deck of well worn cards. "So, I see this was not merely a social call and to show a young woman the shadiest side of Oldtown." She places them on the table in front of them, taking a thirsty swig of her drink. 'I should have known that Lex always has an agenda."

Lexander leans forward, both elbows on the table now, his mug hanging dangerously tilted from two fingers, over the floor. "If you think her blue eyes are her defining feature," he claims, "Then you've yet to see her defining feature." He shakes his head, still wearing that devil-may-care grin that he brough to the table. But he's left to protest further as the assault continues, drawing a laugh from the Essosi. "I rarely have an agenda, Finn," he says, feigning hurt. "Put the cards away, if you like. I only thought to introduce Blue Eyes to an old friend, and in the doing I might have called you by your defining characteristic, Fortune Teller."

Johanna seems about to comment as well, but Lexander's comment entirely derails that attempt, and instead she's left silent, blushing a bit, and perhaps even a tiny bit pleased. Her hands move to the mug before her, and even lift the thing, but it never reaches her lips, just hovering there in the space between mouth and table before lowering again. "You need not bring out your cards, if you do not feel so inclined," she assures Finnuala.

Finnuala glances between Johanna and Lexander with a raised eyebrow. Though, all she does is snort. "If Fortune Teller is my defining characteristic, then you truly do not know what to look for." As an aside to Johanna, she mock whispers, "Get yourself someone else who knows. It makes all the difference." However, she does not yet put the cards away. "And yet, they are already out." She makes a noncommittal wave over them. "Never believe what he tells you. He always has an agenda. However, I am happy to oblige."

"You wound me," Lex protests again, though his heart isn't in it. "And it would be unseemly to name your defining characteristic in front of my Blue Eyes, hm?" Mirth plays across his features at that, and a raise of his brows might be a playful challenge of sorts aimed at Finnuala. He falls silent though when she waves a hand over the cards, conscious that the show is about to begin.

"Oh no, please," Johanna's blue eyes turn on Lexander, though rather than anger, it's amusement. "Please, share her defining characteristics. I would love to hear what you have to say," she says, smiling a big, toothy smile. Watch out, she bites. The teasing, if that's what it is, ceases and her gaze turns back to the woman with the cards, curious.

"It's my personality," Finnuala tells Johanna evenly. It's more than likely she is joking, but the delivery is dry enough that she could assume that the others would take her seriously. Gesturing to the cards, she tells the woman, "Cut the deck. And tell me, what might you wish to know about your future?" Since it is just the three of them, without anyone looking over their shoulder, her tone is casual. However, Lexander is right and would know the tune. The show has begun.

"I can't now," Lexander protests, shaking his head as he looks to Johanna, his dark eyes wide. "She's begun — I'm not to speak, after she's begun," he goes on, well after she's begun, looking to Finnuala as though she might support him in this. He gestures toward the cards a moment after Finnuala does, urging Johanna to try her hand at it.

"Mmhmm," is all Johanna says in answer to Finnuala, though it lacks in any genuine annoyance. She leans forward, careful of the mug in front of her, to cut the cards, then straightens as her hand withdraws. "Mm. I suppose knowing something of how this business with the dragon, a prince, not the creature, will turn out," she says, glancing at Lexander. "Can you tell me whether or not the fight will go in my favor?"

"Oh, do not worry on my behalf," Finnuala tells Lexander with a sweet smile. "Compliments tend to make the cards speak truer tales." In other words, he'll get no help from her. However, once Johanna has cut the deck, despite her jest, her expression turns serious. "Of course. I can tell you the likely outcome, though the cards are not meant for merely yes and no answers. They are for guidance and reflection. They are watchwords." Once the deck is cut, she pulls out the top three card and lays them face down on the table, glancing up to make sure they are prepared.

Lexander looks from Johanna to Finnuala and back, finding himself without allies. And so, smiling, he plays his hand. "In that case, dearest Finnuala, you are sitting on yours." This is good enough, to Lex, for a fine laugh indeed, which he drowns in whatever stale smelling swill fills his mug. He even manages to do it without a grimace.

The reply from Lexander makes Johanna laugh quietly, picking up her mug and sliding it the short distance necessary to leave it in front of him. "If it can't be yes or no, then I would simply know what there is to know, or be warned about around this incident with the Targaryen Prince, and what is likely to be a duel between that man, and my brother."

The answer is given a little more than a smirk. Now she has more important things to do. Pointing at the cards, Finnuala says, "Since you seek simple answers, I have done a simple reading for you. These represent the different aspects leading up to the fight in question. This is the past, the inciting incident." And with that, she flips over the card. It reveals a man mourning over spilled cups on the ground. "This all came about because of previous sad events, the result of a defeat." The next card is flipped over, revealing a man holding up a disc, others at his feet. "And regardless of what happened there, you are set in your way and will hold on to it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, you are holding on to a principle and will not back down." The third card is turned - three men on horses, the card upside down. "So, here is what you truly wish to know - the outcome. What I see is that there is victory in your future, but it may not be the end that you wish for."

Lexander's joking dies off when Finnuala begins to flip the cards. He leans close, eyes on the fortune teller as she works, studying each card in turn. As each one is explained, his dark eyes rise to watch Johanna's face, taking in her reaction before falling back to see the next card revealed.

Johanna is interested, even fascinated as she looks down at the guards as they're turned and the meaning is explained, but it's hard to say whether or not she believes any of it. A little nod is given to each answer, but nothing else, it's not until the last has been turned over that she glances over at Lexander, both brows inching slightly higher. "Interesting."

Finn lets the fortune and the cards sit for a moment before she gathers them back up again. She does not place them immediately in her pouch by her belt, but she does take a long pull from her original mug, setting it aside and finally taking the new one in hand. She does not ask what, if anything, hit home in the cards, but she smiles and then nods. "The cards are always interesting. Though, I am sure the setting just as much so for one unaccostomed."

"That they are," Lexander says, nodding. His grin has been replaced by a thoughtful expression, which he turns to share with Blue Eyes. "It seems favorable," he admits, though he seems reluctant to say it. "One never knows, though, with these things."

"Yes, I imagine I will still just have to wait and see," Johanna remarks with some vague amusement, head bowing slightly in Finn's direction. "Thank you for the reading, all the same. I've never had one done before." Obviously.

"It is all what one takes from the reading. My own interpretation would be caution. The fortune's card portrayed Victory, but inverted. That is usually a sign for either good coming from ill or ill tidings taking on a more fortuitous meaning later on." Finally, Finn stows away her cards, "Unfortunately, they are rarely a good tool for a simple answer. The fortunes seem to look favorably upon you, no matter the outcome, however."

"They must," Lexander agrees, his good humor shining through again as he adds, "For her to find herself in my company, hm?" One flat hand slaps the tabletop gently at that jest, or perhaps he didn't meant it as a jest? Difficult to say; Lex is not a humble man. "Thank you, Finn, for reading the cards on her behalf."

"Yes, they certainly must," Johanna remarks as she aims a grin over at Lexander, though her eyes soon return to Finn. "I will remember that and try to heed your advice. Thank you, again," she says, and just as before, it remains impossible to tell whether or not she believes it at all.

Another undignified snort emanates from Finn, echoing around the mug that she drinks from. "Luckily she did not ask the cards about you," she tells the pair. "But, you are most welcome. I would be glad to read for you any time. I am sure I owe Lexander a favor here or there. Or perhaps now he owes me one." Whether Johanna believes in the cards or not is not really any difference to the fortune teller and she does not seem to mind what she thinks either way.

Lexander frowns at the thought of favors, shaking his head. "You know I never keep track," tells Finnuala, who knows very well that he keeps track. Of everything else, at any rate, so it stands to reason that he might keep track of this. "Mm. I hate to leave good company," he says, grunting as he pushes to his feet, "But Blue Eyes and I ought to be going, hm?"

Johanna's cards:

Spread - The Three Fates
Deck - The Golden Tarot
Past: Five of Cups
Present: Four of Coins
Future: Six of Wands (Reversed)

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