(121-04-24) A Romantic or a Fool?
A Romantic or a Fool?
Summary: Ser Tironos meets with Lady Jeyne to discuss messages they have both received of great importance to their mutual future.
Date: Date of play (16/04/2014 and 24/04/2014)
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An upper-class inn in Oldtown, providing lodgings to the rich and nobility visiting the city who don't have a family manse.

It was still a shock for the giant Tironos, but he still held the proof in his hand as he made his way to the inn Jeyne said she was staying in town when they spoke they spoke a few days ago when he had offered guestright due to the late hour. Entering the establishment Tironos makes his way over to the one on staff and asks, "I would like to speak with Lady Jeyne. If she is here could you let me know where she is or send someone for her if she is in her room? If she isn't here could you inform me where she might be?" in a calm, casual tone, the parchment with the freshly broken wax seal still in hand as though letting it go might change what it says.

Jeyne had received the parchment as well, a twin to his almost except for a few of the words. She was stunned to say the least and as the messenger had left, she had left the confines of her room and had fully intended to walk over to Sunset Manse with her entourage who follow her down the stairs only to see him already there. Her eyes move to his, then the the parchment in his hand.. then hers.

As the staff member starts to speak Jeyne descends the stairs, the movement catching Tironos' eye as he turns to face her and bows respectfully at the waist, "My lady. I had received a message from my father and sought to see if you had as well." Mocha eyes shifting to her hand he adds, "Am I correct in assuming that has the same message as my own?" eyes shifting back to her face, perhaps trying to gage her reaction. Tironos is actually dressed in better finery then he normally wears, perhaps the most expensive clothing he owns, largely in reds, the doublet however is green with an embroidered red striding huntsman covering much of his torso, the sigil of House Tarly. The links are still present, black iron on a leather thong about his left wrist, iron hanging from the right wrist, and the pale still dangling from his left hip. It is clear he has gone out of his way to look as presentable as possible, proudly displaying his house's colors and sigil as though for some formal event. The message still in his hand.

So, the last thing on Jeyne's mind as she had opened the door to the messenger was finding fate, signed, sealed and delivered to her right during the day. Who knew that fate dressed so nicely? Biting her lip, she tries to get a handle on the urge to just approach him, there was something there, drawing her in, reeling her towards him just as surely as if he had ensnared her with a hook. Finding her steps suddenly taking her nearer wasn't a big surprise, she was accepting it by now. This was where her life was going and she wouldn't back down from it, she couldn't. Once she is near enough, she moves to stand in his path, still biting her lip while turning vivid aquamarine eyes towards his, the surprise practically emanating from her. "Hi." Bright smile, "I'm… yours." Swallowing hard against the sudden raw emotion threatening to escape.

Tironos nods and says, "It would appear so, much to my surprise. I am honored to be betrothed to you, though if you do not wish it I can try and speak with my father to discuss options. I do not wish to see you suffer in a betrothal or marriage you would not enjoy. I do not have as much to offer as most after all, aside from my loyalty and my attempts to understand." in a solemn voice. H doesn't seem to care who might be watching or listening to him in the inn, his tone serious, his manner seemingly genuine.

"I…" Jeyne hears him offering her an out, or options, and feels as if he does not wish to have her as his wife. She lowers her head and looks down at the parchment in her hand. "If.. if that is what you wish, Ser Tironos, then who would I be to stop you from obtaining your wishes?"

Tironos says, "I wish you happy. I would be blessed to wed you, but I ask if that is what you desire. There could be another you would wish more, I would not wish to get in the way of your happiness. If you wish to marry me as much as I would be honored to marry you then the betrothal shall stand, and hopefully will be as blessed as it can be." smiling broadly, as though to show he truly is happy by the prospect.

"Oh.." Jeyne whispers softly. "I…" Who or how would she choose, were she able to find a husband for herself? "I would be honored, Ser Tironos, to be your wife. I would wish to marry you very much, if you are certain you would have me?”

Tironos nods respectfully and says, "In light of this news I have a bit of a confession to make. My father requested this match because I asked him. The time we have spent talking I have enjoyed more then any other in my life, and in the spirit of honesty the mishap left me more concerned and scared then I thought possible. After that it pained me to think of harm coming to you or not having you in my life.”
Taking a breath he continues, his voice calm and serious, his expression equally so as his eyes never leaves her's, "For the first time in my life I found one that I find beautiful beyond words and interesting enough to hold my interest for hours, combined with complimentary hobbies and traits. For those reasons I dared to all but demand my father arrange this match, I would have discussed the matter with you first, but I was unsure if father would even read my request much less grant it. I did not wish to get your hopes up for something I was uncertain would happen.”

Taking a deep breath he continues, "I felt you had at least some interest in me or I would not have made the request of my father, but I was uncertain. You told me once you much of a chance to learn what you enjoyed in life, I did not wish for you to feel you are being forced to do something you do not wish. That is why I offered the choice, such as it is, even if it meant shame for me. I may not always show it properly know that my heart is already yours my lady.”
He then offers his hand and asks formally, in front of all present, "Lady Jeyne, would you honor me by accepting my request to be betrothed so that we may spend the rest of our lives together?” Some might call him a fool, others romantic. Its clear he is offering her the choice to accept, as he said, so that she is choosing what she personally wants not what she thinks others want her to do

"Beautiful beyond words?" Jeyne echoes his sentiments in an almost breathless voice. There is an awe-filled look about her, wide, luminous eyes, vibrant smile, her chest rising and falling as she forces each new breath. He had wanted her so badly he had almost demanded the match with her? Tucking her lower lip between her teeth, she listens to him, unable to forget how incredibly sweet and charming he had been each time they had met. As he offers his hand, she blushes delicately and lifts her eyes to his. "Oh, Tironos, I think I could never be happy again were I to deny the request.. I would be honored. So truly honored."

Tironos nods deeply and stands once more and says, "Then our betrothal shall stand my lady. I do have one final offer to make you. No offense or insult intended towards this fine establishment, but a lady of your caliber deserves to live in at least a small manse more then an inn. If you would accept I would like to offer you the chance to stay in my guest quarters for the duration of our betrothal. Your maid may stay there with you also, and a place provided for your guard in my servants quarters. Though I must add that the other day I received a surprise visit from my sister and she has already been offered the room as well, though i do not believe it will be too uncomfortable for you both to share the room with your respective entourages as it is only a temporary measure. Consider it as a form of extended guest right if you wish. What do you say?”

As soon as he mentions the betrothal standing, Jeyne brightens even more visibly. "Of course, Ser, no offense taken at the offer. If you are quite certain that I will not be intruding on your newfound sister, then I would be more than pleased to accept the guest rights you offer. It would be a great pleasure."

Tironos nods respectfully and says, "Then i shall leave you and your entourage to collect your belongings and ensure the room has been prepared. I look forward to seeing you again soon my betrothed." smiling softly and offering another atypically formal bow as he turns to depart unless stopped or delayed.

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